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Copyright 2006 by Pearson Education 1 Building Java Programs Chapter 9: Inheritance and Interfaces.

by Pearson Education 61 Shape interface An interface for shapes: public interface Shape { public double area(); public double perimeter(); } This interface describes the features common to all shapes. (Every shape has an area and perimeter.) Copyright 2006 by Pearson Education 62 Implementing an interface A class can declare that it implements an interface. This means the class contains an implementation for each of the abstract methods in that interface/

Figure 2 – Annual burned area recorded in Portugal during the period 1975- 2007 Results Parameter Period 1 (1987 -1991)Period 2 (1990-1994)Period 3 (2000-2004)

5 – Fire proportion models for periods 1987-1991, 1990-1994 and 2000-2004 Table 1 –/classes, (c) slope classes, (d) roads proximity classes, (e) population density classes (f) perimeters of fire events, (g) layer indicating forest classes enclosed within the fire perimeters In period 3, 4 fires had area greater than 20000 ha. They represented 15,40 % of the burnt area in this period. Severity of fires has increased over the last 33 years (figure 2). In 2003 burnt area extended over about (near 450000 ha) and/

Let’s Play 3 rd Grade Algebra and Data Patterns.

perimeter, you multiply the sides. 4 cm 2 cm A. She was finding the area of the rectangle. Al found the perimeter of the square below by adding 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 = 20 cm. Which would be another way to find the perimeter of the square? A. 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4/ asked 24 students but forgot to record the number of votes for golf. What number should be in the chart for golf? A. 3 B. 2 C. 12 D. 24/that shows what “specials class” students like. How many students like both music AND art? A. 5 B. 8 C. 10 D. 13 MusicArt/

Area & Perimeter. Area Area: The space that an object covers. We measure this by multiplying the length of one side by the width of one side. For example:

in square units. 8 x 3 = 24 sq in The area of the rectangle is 24 sq in 8 3 Perimeter Perimeter: The distance around a shape. We measure perimeter by adding up all the sides. For example: The length is 8 and the width is 3. Go ahead and label the two missing sides, and then add all 4 sides together. 8 + 8 + 3 + 3 = 22 in You/

Similar Polygons (10.7) HW: 10.7 (1-8, 13-22). Essential Question: How do the areas and perimeters of similar shapes compare?

finding area/perimeter ssolving for missing dimensions given area Trapezoids (10.5) ffinding area/perimeter Kites/Rhombuses (10.6) ffinding area/perimeter ssolving for missing diagonals given area Composite Shapes (10.5) ffinding area of a composite shape Similar Polygons (10.7) FFinding scale factor, perimeter ratio, and area ratio SSolving for a missing area or side given a ratio  You will get 20min at the beginning to class to/

1 Angles Area and perimeter 2 Algebra 3 4 Triangles 5 Statistics 6 Probability 7 Solids Graphs 9 Bearings 8.

1 Angles Area and perimeter 2 Algebra 3 4 Triangles 5 Statistics 6 Probability 7 Solids Graphs 9 Bearings 8 Angles FoundationHigher Check B D C A Lines AB and CD are parallel. EF is perpendicular to AB. Angle FAE = 47 o Statements 1.Angle AFC is 47 o/This table shows the ages of people in a village. Statements 1.The ages of 25 people are recorded 2. The modal class is 20 < x ≤ 40 3. The best estimate for the median is 50 Which statements are true? S tatements 1 & 2 are true. Statement 3 is not true. The /

Math 6 Final Exam Review. Question #1 The line plot below shows the number pets that students in one class own. Pets Owned by Studentsx xxx xxxx xxxxx.

pets? Question #2 The stem and leaf plot below shows test scores of a math class. Stem Leaf 10 0 9 0/area of a rectangle is 18cm². What is the width if the length is 3cm? Question #13 What is the degree of rotational symmetry of this figure? Question #14 A drawing of a deck has scale of 1 inch equal to 5 feet. The actual deck’s perimeter is 55 feet. What is the perimeter/for a cylinder? Question #17 How many inches are in 15 feet? Question #18 What is the volume of a Pringles can with a radius of 4 cm and/

MicroSolve Commercial

parallels that in the Section, Occupancy, and Components for the building as a whole. Basements frequently have separate uses and occupancies. Basement section allows for specifying specific uses. Basement: Basement Levels:______________________ Basement Perimeter: ______________________ Basement Shape: ______________________ 1-Appx Sq 2- Sl Irr 3- Irregular 4- Very Irregular Basement Occupancy Class Type Area Depth Grade Depreciation 1 2 Occupancy: See Codes Class: A,B,C,D,S Type/

102 slides Pondering and Patrolling Network Perimeters Bill Cheswick

is his castle, but most people can’t afford the moat You can concentrate your equipment and your expertise in a few areas It is simpler, and simpler security is usually better – Easier to understand and audit – Easier to spot broken parts 17 of 102Pondering Perimeters What’s wrong with perimeter defenses They are useless against insider attacks They provide a false sense of security – You/

Lesson Plan – Rectangles Mental and Oral Starter Pupils to complete the ‘heard the word’ grid. Main Activity Using mini white boards ascertain pupils prior.

talk through the instuctions with the class. Discuss the learning outcomes and remind pupils to choose the rectangles or compound shapes that will challenge them. Plenary Pupils to reflect on the success criteria for the Habits of Mind and Maths Objectives Objectives and Habits of Mind Level 3 - To understand the difference between area and perimeter. Level 4 - To find the area and perimeter of a rectangle by counting squares. Level 5/

MULTIPLICATION WORD PROBLEMS BOX METHOD 3.4. Raynie has 6 boxes of MatchBox cars. There are 10 cars in each box. How many cars does Raynie have altogether?

perimeter. Perimeter: ______ inches Find the perimeter. Perimeter: ____ feet Find the perimeter. Perimeter: ____ feet Find the perimeter. Perimeter: ____ cm Find the perimeter. Perimeter: _____ feet Draw any figure that has a perimeter of 24 centimeters Draw any figure that has a perimeter of 18 centimeters Draw any figure that has a perimeter/ for the meeting? _________ Draw a figure that has an area of 14 square units. Fill in the number grid. 532 Draw symbols to make each statement true. = $4.98 ____ $4./

Spring 2009 1R. Smith - University of St Thomas - Minnesota CISC 210 - Class Today Making security decisionsMaking security decisions IntroductionsIntroductions.

for attacks or other failures –Recover from problems –Reassess goals and trade-offs Spring 2009 5R. Smith - University of St Thomas - Minnesota So what will the class look/ the protections you intend to useIdentify the protections you intend to use 4.Implement your defenses 5.Monitor your defenses 6.Recover from attacks Spring /Smith - University of St Thomas - Minnesota Physically securing an area What is a secure perimeter?What is a secure perimeter? –Contiguous - no breaks –A barrier - actually blocks /

Inheritance Contents 1.Fundamentals 2.Generalization 3.Constructors and Derived Classes 4.Visibility Modifiers 5.Abstract Classes 6.Interfaces.

* Math.PI * radius; } } Abstract base class Shape Implemented by concrete derived classes that override the abstract methods area( ) and perimeter( ) Call base constr. first Inheritance Abstract classes An abstract class: “abstracts out” common behavior from a set of related classes that in the general case cannot be described by a common algorithm. Provides a common interface for the client to any one of the classes in this related set. Although/

Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Object-Oriented Design (OOD)

class (API)API –Look for methods such as setTitle(), setSize(), setVisible(), resize(), etc –Many of these are “inherited” from “parent” classes. We will discuss this concept in our Inheritance lecture. Frames contd JFrame mainFr = new JFrame(“Area and Perimeter of a Rectangle”); Create the frame by instantiating the JFrame class/). You create a grid layout by instantiating the GridLayout class. The example here shows a GridLayout with 5 rows and 4 columns. Layouts: BorderLayout Has five “regions” into which/

 2002 Prentice Hall. All rights reserved. 1 Chapter 10 – Object-Oriented Programming: Polymorphism Outline 10.1 Introduction 10.2 Derived-Class-Object.

: IShape.cs 2 // Interface IShape for Point, Circle, Cylinder Hierarchy. 3 4 public interface IShape 5 { 6 // classes that implement IShape must implement these methods 7 // and this property 8 double Area(); 9 double Volume(); 10 string Name { get; } 11 } Definition of IShape interface Classes implementing the interface must define methods Area and Volume (each of which take no arguments and return a double) and a read-only string property/

SenseSwarm: A Perimeter-based Data Acquisition Framework for Mobile Sensor Networks Demetrios Zeinalipour-Yazti (Open Univ. of Cyprus) Panayiotis Andreou.

a polarized, non-colliding and aggregate motion. 8 Presentation Outline  Motivation – Definitions  The SenseSwarm Framework Task 1: Perimeter Construction Task 2: Data Acquisition Task 3: Data Replication Task 4: Query Execution  Experimentation  Conclusions & Future Work 9 Task 1: Perimeter Construction Problem: How do we construct the perimeter for N sensors? Centralized Perimeter Algorithm (CPA) Collect all sensor coordinates Calculate Perimeter Disseminate Perimeter Disadvantage: Collecting all/

This show is intended for students who were absent from class on the day of the task.

Do you think that would be the result for any fixed perimeter? In other words, if I gave you a new fixed perimeter (for example: 50 ft), would this same shape give you the maximum area? NO YES When you look at your graph, you will notice that the area increases and then decreases. This happens because the base and height switch. This will always happen when calculating/

Building Java Programs Interfaces, Comparable reading: 9.5 - 9.6, 16.4, 10.2.

Building Java Programs Interfaces, Comparable reading: 9.5 - 9.6, 16.4, 10.2 2 3 Related classes Consider classes for shapes with common features: Circle (defined by radius r ): area=  r 2,perimeter= 2  r Rectangle (defined by width w and height h ): area= w h,perimeter= 2w + 2h Triangle (defined by side lengths a, b, and c) area= √(s (s - a) (s - b) (s - c)) where s = ½ (a + b + c/

TIPM3 Grades 2 and 3 February 15 Monica Hartman. Agenda Homework and Lesson Sharing Geometric Measurement – relating area to multiplication and addition.

for evaluating the truth of the student’s claim. Engage the student in exploring the truth of the claim. Chinese Teachers Approach 1. Justifying the students’ claim as correct (16/72). First Level of Understanding: Disproving the claim (50 of 72) Second Level of understanding: Identifying the possibilities Third Level of Understanding: Clarifying the conditions by exploring the numerical relationships between perimeter and area and/

Gifted and Talented Research Project Program Outline Students and their Work Teacher’s Diary and Reflection Teaching Project.

and three-dimensional solids and their areas and volumes. They use these relationships to determine perimeters, areas and volumes of a range of shapes and objects. They use and calculate rates in their everyday experience. Mathematical Reasoning Level 4 At this level students continue to formulate and test conjectures in the areas of space, number, measurement and chance and data. The emphases are on providing evidence for conjectures and arguments, systematically testing these conjectures and arguments for/

3 Meters If the figure below is a square, what is the perimeter of the figure?

perimeter of the figure? 3 Meters Factor the following quadratic? 3 Meters Two cartons weigh 3x – 2 and/ 2x – 3. If the average weight of the cartons is 10, the heavier carton weighs how much more then the lighter carton? 3 Meters In the scale drawing of the floor of a rectangular room shown below, the scale used was 1 centimeter = 4 meters. What is the actual area/the area of the square, in square feet? 7 2 Meters For /class. How many students are in the class? 1 Meter In the figure below, points A, E, and/

Mapping the Location, Extent and Severity of Fires in the United States MTBS - The Monitoring Trends in Burn Severity Project

image w/perimeter  Thresholded dNBR image w/perimeter  Statistical summary MTBS Methods – Data Summary & Reporting Burn severity data are summarized with key geographic strata  Summary of severity acres by:  NLCD/Landfire land cover classes  Administrative ownership  Watersheds  Geographic Areas  Summary of severity acres by fire, state and national extents Reporting documents and trend analysis summaries are generated at end of reporting cycles for current year and historical fires/

1 CSE 331 Review of Object-Oriented Programming and Java slides created by Marty Stepp also based on course materials by Stuart Reges

they contain material you are expected to remember from CSE 142 and 143. For additional review material, consult Ch. 1-6 of Core Java. 3 Primitives vs. objects; value and reference semantics 4 A swap method? Does the following swap method work? Why /Suppose we have 3 classes Circle, Rectangle, Triangle.  Each has the methods perimeter and area. Wed like our client code to be able to treat different kinds of shapes in the same way:  Write a method that prints any shapes area and perimeter.  Create an array/

CS305j Introduction to Computing Inheritance and Polymorphism 1 Topic 26 Introduction to Inheritance and Polymorphism "One purpose of CRC cards [a design.

area=  r 2 –perimeter= 2  r  Triangle –area= (1/2) b h –perimeter= side1 + side2 + side3 CS305j Introduction to Computing Inheritance and Polymorphism 17 Common behavior  Lets write methods getPerimeter, getArea, and draw for all our shape types.  Wed like to be able to treat different shapes in the same way, insofar as they share common behavior, such as: –Write a method that prints any shapes area and perimeter. –Create/

Trapezoid Borrow a Mathematics Chart from Mr. Rosas and use the centimeter ruler to measure the perimeter of the figure below to the nearest centimeter.

. First HalfSecond Half 18 36Mr. Rosas’ Class Mrs. Jones’ Class How many more points in all did Mr. Rosas’ class score than Mrs. Jones’ class? 49 28 Hexagon 3. Riddle A square has a perimeter of 12 inches and an area of 9 inches. What is the length of one side? Octagon Solve. 4. Cecily collected 19 bags of aluminum cans for a school recycling contest. Each bag contained/

By Hannah Erickson. Choose a question AreaPerimeter and area VolumeStory problems TrianglescirclesRectanglesStory problem #1 circlesSquaresTrianglesStory.

perimeter? A: area B: perimeter Story problem #3 If Colin had 100 books in his bookshelf, and he sold 65 of them, then he sold 32. how many books does he have left over? A: 3 B:7 C:9 Story problem #2 Marta has 25 cookies for a class of 12. how many cookies does each student get? A: 2 B:1 C: 2 and/A:7 B:9 C:4 What is the formula for the volume of prisms ? A: b x h B: h x w C: b x h x w What is the formula for the volume of a triangle? A: ½ x B x h B: ½ x b C: b x h What is the formula for the volume of a /

Week 18 DCA Review Grade 8. The two rectangles shown below are similar. Find the length of segment EF. F E H G A B C D Perimeter = 78 in 24 in 8 in.

PERIMETER of the new square? If a square with an area of 36 square units is dilated by a scale factor of ½, what will be the area of the new square? John bought 3 shirts for/? 5 meters x 4 meters 3.5meters A bag of lollipops contains 8 grape, 6 strawberry, and 11 green apple. If/and rolling a number greater than2? Mr. Jones is playing a game with his class. He will spin one time at the end of class. If the spinner lands on a multiple of three, the class gets to leave a minute early. After 3 days the class/

Chapter 12 1 TOPIC 13B l Buttons and Action Listeners Window Interfaces Using Swing Objects.

these quantities } Chapter 12 10 The complete code for the CALCULATE BUTTON handler private class CalculateButtonHandler implements ActionListener (1) { public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)(2) { double width, length, area, perimeter;(3) length = Double.parseDouble(lenthTF.getText());(4) width = Double.parseDouble(widthTF.getText());(5) area = length * width;(6) perimeter = 2 * (length + width);(7) areaTF.setText(“” + area);(8) perimeterTF.setText(“” + perimeter);(9) } Chapter 12 11 l Must create the/

1 Enhanced Class Design -- Introduction  We now examine several features of class design and organization  that can improve reusability and system elegance.

the Geometry interface. each of which implements the Geometry interface. Java Solution:  The following classes implement Geometry, therefore, to implement the area() and perimeter() methods.  each class is required to implement the area() and perimeter() methods. Circle 1.public class Circle implements Geometry 2.{ 3. private double radius; 4. 5. public Circle() // constructdor 6. { 7. radius = 0.0; 8. } // constructdor 9. public Circle (double r) // constructdor 10. { 11. radius = r/

Do Now : Finish graphing your test grade and your class grade. MAKE SURE TO ALSO REFLECT IN THE REFLECTION AREA!! (Time: 6 minutes) Guiding Questions:

will be using in class!!) Digital Scale Used in Science Used in everyday life… Spring Scale Graduated Cylinder Used in Science Each group will have a scale, spring scale and graduated cylinder. You will practice finding the mass, weight and volume of a / Answer the following questions: 1.What is a graduated cylinder used for? (list two reasons) 2.Calculate the following for the shape: A.Perimeter B.Area C.Volume 3. What is the main difference between mass and weight? Height: 4 cm Length: 6 cm Width: 3 cm

Keep your spirit class… Hai hai hai hai hai.

class… Hai hai hai hai hai  A trapezoid is a quadrilateral with exactly one pair of parallel sides. Exercise 1  Determine the perimeter and area of trapezoid below! AB C D 10 cm 6 cm 12 cm E Exercise 2  Mr. Karyo has a land which shape is isosceles trapezoid. The length of its parallel sides are 100 m and/of the height and parallel sides of the trapezoid! Exercise 3  Determine height, and parallel sides of trapezoid below!  A = 324 cm  a = 2b  t = (a + b) /2 AB C D t cm b cm a cm Exercise 4  The /

 Answer the following in complete thought sentences.  You can use your notes from the other day.  What happens to the side lengths, perimeter and area.

 Open your books to Stretching and Shrinking, Page 42.  Get your sheet of graph paper from last Thursday from your class’ exit slip box.  Have out paper and pencil and be ready to work. For parts (1)-(3), draw a /perimeter of rectangle A. The new rectangle is 10 by 20. The new rectangle is 2 by 4. The scale factor is ½. Sketch this rectangle on your paper. For parts (1)-(2), draw a triangle similar to triangle B that fits the given description. Find the base and height of each new triangle. 1.The area/

CS 108 Computing Fundamentals Notes for Tuesday, September 22, 2015.

scanf("%f", &num2); if ( 0 ) // After running add a ! before ( 0 ) and 0 { // and rerun if (num1 > num2) printf(" The first number s greater than the second. "); else printf("/4. Ask for width.……………….……………………….….. PCF #3 5. Read/record the width ………………….…………….….. PCF #3 6. Calculate area (area = length * width ).………………….… PCF #4 7. Calculate perimeter (perimeter= 2 * length + 2* width)…. PCF #5 8. Display answer ……………………………………………. PCF #6 9. Terminate …………………………………………………. main( ) *****************/ In-class/

Architecture for Math Students Chip Webber Jo Martinson.

the area and perimeter of rectangles is specifically targeted in this lesson. Materials The materials required for this class are a little prohibitive because of the time required to prepare them. For each for each group of students I used: 1- 12"x12" piece of corkboard 2 - 10" sections of wall 2 - 8” sections of wall 2- 6" sections of wall 2 - 5" sections of wall 2- 4/

Quick Start Expectations 1.Pick up new HWRS and fill in HW: SS p. 38-42 #5-7, #16-17 2.Get a signature on HWRS 3.On desk: journal, HWRS, pencil, pen 4.Warm.

give half the class the rectangles (Section A, 1-4) to work with and half the class the triangles (Section B, 1-4.) Then have team report out their findings. Rectangles (mouths) J, L, and N are /Area: J = 16 L = 4 N = 36 The perimeter of the larger rectangle is the scale factor times the perimeter of the smaller rectangle. (You have increased all sides by the same factor!) The area of the larger rectangle is the “square of the scale factor” times the area of the smaller rectangle. Triangles (noses) O, R, and/

Splash Screen. Chapter Menu Lesson 3-1Lesson 3-1Writing Expressions and Equations Lesson 3-2Lesson 3-2Solving Addition and Subtraction Equations Lesson.

Check (over Lesson 3-5) Main Idea and Vocabulary California Standards Key Concept: Perimeter of a Rectangle Example 1: Find the Perimeter of a Rectangle Example 2: Real-World Example Key Concept: Area of a Rectangle Example 3: Find the Area of a Rectangle Example 4: Use Area to Find a Missing Side Lesson 6 MI/Vocab perimeter area Find the perimeters and areas of figures. Lesson 6 CA Standard 6AF3.2/

Formal Foundations for Software Evolution Programming Technology Lab Tom Mens

size add: addMany: January 2001© Programming Technology Lab 13 4. Support for FW Refactoring Refactoring conflict ! After merging, size in NestingFolder /area,«operation») P 1 = AddEdge(area,radius,«uses») P2P2 P1P1 P2P2 Undefined source conflict Syntactic conflict if P 1 and P 2 are not parallel independent G Circle «class» area «operation» perimeter «operation» radius «attribute» «uses» > G2G2 Circle «class» perimeter «operation» radius «attribute» «uses» G1G1 Circle «class» area «operation» perimeter/

Bell Ringer 2-2-11 1. Calculate the Perimeter of the figure. 2. Calculate the area of the figure. 7 in 2 in 4 in.

4 in 1.Calculate the Perimeter of the figure. 7 in 2 in 4 in 2 in 3 in P = 4 + 4 + 7 + 2 + 3 + 2 P = 8 + 9 + 5 P = 17 + 5 P = 22 in 2. Calculate the area of the figure. 7 in 2 in 4 in 2 in 3 in A = (4)(4/and word problem. 2. The problem of the week must follow the Read, Think, Solve, Justify format. 3. When you are finished, turn them in. 4. They are due Friday. Reach for/ work at the end of class. Changing Dimensions A rectangular prism has a length of 2 ft, width of 3 ft, and height of 4 ft. If the width is/

2 D AND 3 D SHAPES & FORMULAS MYP 2 E.O.G. Prep THIS TIME IS TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. Attendance to Finally Friday is partically dependenr on your behavior.

AE class in the afternoon. 2 D AND 3 D SHAPES & FORMULAS Click on the link. Area and Perimeter of a Triangle 2 D AND 3 D SHAPES & FORMULAS CLICK ON THIS LINK HTTP://WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/WATCH?V=Y_-CONZMITO HTTP://WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/WATCH?V=Y_-CONZMITO Squares and rectangles Perimeter is the distance around a figure. For a rectangle or square, we can find the perimeter using/


of the MARTA stations sandyspringsga.gov Land Use Planning – Action Items  Develop more detailed small area plan for the Perimeter Center area  Develop report and associated map compiling what is zoned, built and the remaining entitlements for project in the Perimeter Center Area  Develop revised, longer zoning process for major projects – based upon project size and/or location  Increase density around MARTA transit stations, reduce density outside of MARTA station zone/

Geometry Unit 1 Basics of Geometry. Lesson One Introduction Do Now  Find the slope of the line between the two points: (2, 4) and (5, 30) Objectives.

1, 2, 6 Objectives  Find the perimeter and area of four figures: Square – Rectangle – Triangle – Circle  Honors know VOLUME  Use a general problem solving plan Homework  Pg 56 (21-31) ALL  Pg 56 (32 - 36) ALL  Pg 57 (41-48) ALL   HONORS  Pg 57 (# 49) Lesson 9 In Class  Page 51 – 54 Examples 1 – 4  Page 55 (#’s15-20)  Perimeters & AREA’s  Circle  http://www.mathopenref.com/

Week 6 Drafting 1309: Basic CAD Andrew Amini Professor Drafting and Design Engineering Technology, HCC.

and circumcised in a circle are shown below: Drawing Commands 4 DIVIDE-Creates evenly spaced point objects or blocks along the length or perimeter/this class: A (All): The entire drawing is shown on the screen C: Circle specify the center point for a/and displays the total cumulative measurements of subsequent areas that you specify. You can pick points and select objects to obtain the calculation. For example, you can select two objects to obtain a total area. Subtracts areas and perimeters from a total area/

1st IEEE WoWMoM Workshop on Autonomic Wireless AccesS 2007 (IWAS07) - 18 June, 2007 An automatic Procedure for Neighbor Cell List Definition in Cellular.

Area Approximation: class 2 algorithms Pattern approximation: the perimeter of a potential neighbor is approximated through a series of segments. For the new cell, the segment linking the center and a perimeter point is considered; if it intersects one of the perimeter segment of the potential neighbor, the coverage areas/ Self-configuration module Send multicast data IGMP Membership_report ACK/NACK IGMP Membership_report 4 6 7 5 Network Database Neighboring eNodeB IGMP module Self-configuration module /

Analysis and Modeling in GIS

For a shapefile, you need to apply Calculate Geometry to an appropriate column in the attribute table (or convert to a geodatabase) . The shape index can be calculated from the area and perimeter measurements. (Note: shapefile and shape index are unrelated) Spatial Measurement: Calculating the Area of a Polygon 10 5 2,3 7,7 7,3 6,2 4,7 Area=(2 x 4)/2=4 Area=(3 x 4)=12 Area/ market segments--yuppies, nerds, etc (class.) creating soils or zoning map (class) Implement in ArcView 9 thru ArcToolbox>Generalization/

11th Grade TAKS - Released Tests - by Objective

for the fund-raiser? A 339 square feet B 1,357 square feet C 4,071 square feet D 12,214 square feet G.E1 (B) Correct Answer - C July 2004 #4 G(e)(1) Congruence and the geometry of size G(e)(1) Congruence and the geometry of size. The student extends measurement concepts to find area, perimeter, and/ in technology classes is 9 to 8. If the total number of juniors and seniors enrolled in these classes is 51, which of these best represents the percent of students enrolled in technology classes who are seniors/

Review perimeter and area

Review perimeter and area Quiz Objectives (checks) Understand, select and use units of appropriate size and type to measure angles, lengths/distances, area, surface area and volume. Solve contextual problems that require calculating the area of triangles and parallelograms. Prepares for: 0506.4.2 Decompose irregular shapes to find perimeter and area. Remember!!! Perimeter - all sides added together Area of square and rectangles - A = length x width - A = l x w Remember!!! Area of parallelograms - A = base x/

AP Computer Science TOPICS TO DISCUSS.equals() == instanceof operator compareTo Interfaces Abstract Classes.

name, double side) { super(name); mySide = side; } public double perimeter() { return 4 * mySide; } public double area() { return mySide * mySide; } Uses the keyword extends Implements all the abstract methods from the Shape class. Uses the super to access name from the constructor. Adds its own instance variable mySide Tester class for Shape import java.util.Scanner; public class ShapeTester { public static void main(String[] args) { //cannot do this/

/* program to find area of a ring */ #include int main() { float a1,a2,a,r1,r2; printf("Enter the radius : "); scanf("%f",&r1); a1 = 3.14*r1*r1; printf("Enter.

4 Area of Rectangle 1 : 24.00 Perimeter of Rectangle 1 : 20.00 Enter length, breadth : 8 5 Area of Rectangle 2 : 40.00 Perimeter of Rectangle 1 : 26.00 Automatic Local Variables Scope : visible with in the function. Lifetime: re-created for every function call and/Static Global Variables Scope: Visible to all functions with in the file only. Lifetime: exists till the end of the program. Storage Classes – Scope & Lifetime #include void showSquares(int n) { if(n == 0) return; else showSquares(n-1); printf(“%d /

Week # 5 MR Chapter 6 Fluid Flow Through a Packed Bed of Particles Tutorial # 5 MR #6.1, 6.3, 6.5, 6.7, To be discussed on March 4, 2015. By either volunteer.

Tutorial # 5 MR #6.1, 6.3, 6.5, 6.7, To be discussed on March 4, 2015. By either volunteer or class list. MARTIN RHODES (2008) Introduction to Particle Technology, 2nd Edition. Publisher John Wiley & Son, Chichester, West/area =  A; wetted perimeter = S B A; S B : Particle surface area per unit volume of the bed. Total particle surface area in the bed = S B AH For packed bed, wetted perimeter = S B AH/H = S B A Darcy (1856) Carmen-Kozeny eq.: Turbulent flow: A Sv = 6/x General equation for turbulent and/

Inheritance. 2 Inheritance allows a software developer to derive a new class from an existing one The existing class is called the parent class or superclass.

MysteryRomance Inheritance The child class inherits the methods and data defined for the parent class To tailor a derived class, the programmer can add/4.0 ); p[3] = new Employee( "bob", 29, "Boston", "617-555-1212", 100000.0 ); if( p[3] instanceof Employee ) ((Employee) p[3]).raise(.04 ); printAll( p ); } generics public abstract class Shape implements Comparable { public abstract double area( ); public abstract double perimeter( ); public int compareTo( Shape rhs ) { double diff = area( ) - rhs.area/

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