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What’s Missing for Effective Stem Cell Therapies Practical Clinical Approach 1Dr Janethy Balakrishnan Bokström.

maintaining healthy skin when we mention diseases such as psoriasis, skin cancer and dyspigmentation. Langerhans cells which originate from the bone marrow undergo numeric/cell function. 64Dr Janethy Balakrishnan Bokström Cytokine storm Osterholm. New England Journal of Medicine, 352 (18): 1839, Figure 3. May 5, 2005/ Bokström Integration of the Pillars of Anti Aging Medicine Hormonal optimization (BHRT) Biological and cellular therapy Cellular detoxification Toxic metal Detoxification - Chelation /


Anti-neoplastic drugs It is the drug that is used to eliminate the cancer cells without affecting normal tissues (the concept of differential sensitivity). or Chemotherapy is the use of drugs to inhibit or kill proliferating cancer cells, while leaving host cells unharmed, or at least recoverable. 10/24/2014 6 chemotherapy General Rules for the chemotherapy Adjuvant therapy: Additional cancer/ Vesicant Chemotherapy Extravasations. THE JOURNAL OF SUPPORTIVE ONCOLOGY, 8(5), 212-215. 10/24/2014 chemotherapy 31

Rehabilitation of Post- Mastectomy Syndrome Eric Wisotzky, MD Director of Cancer Rehabilitation MedStar National Rehabilitation Network Assistant Professor.

wall, shoulder, upper arm, abdomen, and/or back following breast surgery with reconstruction for breast cancer. Therapy Techniques: PRPS Stretching of pectoralis and serratus Manual release of tissues around implant/tissue expander Intercostobrachial Neuralgia/ Syndrome: Oral Medications Anti-depressants –Venlafaxine showed significant pain relief vs placebo Tasmuth, Tiina, Brita Härtel, and Eija Kalso. Venlafaxine in neuropathic pain following treatment of breast cancer. European journal of pain 6.1/

Journal Club 埼玉医科大学 総合医療センター 内分泌・糖尿病内科 Department of Endocrinology and Diabetes, Saitama Medical Center, Saitama Medical University 松田 昌文 Matsuda, Masafumi.

Journal Club 埼玉医科大学 総合医療センター / Management of Hyperglycemia in T2DM, 2015 Diabetes Care 2012;35:1364–1379; Diabetologia 2012;55:1577–1596 3. ANTI-HYPERGLYCEMIC THERAPY Therapeutic options: Oral agents & non - insulin injectables - Metformin - Sulfonylureas - Thiazolidinediones - DPP-4 inhibitors / are conditions serious enough to require medications or lifestyle management and may include arthritis, cancer, congestive heart failure, depression, emphysema, falls, hypertension, incontinence, stage 3 or worse/

Chinese Medical Journal 英文医学投稿需注意的事项 郝秀原 中华医学会 中华医学杂志英文版编辑部.

0 1 78: Gong K, Zhang Z, Sun X, Zhang X, Li A, Yan J, Luo Q, Gao Y, Feng Y The nonspecific anti-inflammatory therapy with methotrexate for patients with chronic heart failure Am Heart J 2006 J a n ; 1 5 1 ( 1 ) : 6 2 - 8/0.0027), respectively. CONCLUSIONS: Postoperative prophylactic radiotherapy improved the 5-year survival rate in esophageal cancer patients ….. Ann Thorac Surg. 2003 Feb;75(2):331-6 Chinese Medical Journal The largest such study to date. The conclusion of The Annals peer review process was /

Pediatrics ASSESSING AND MANAGING SYMPTOMS AND CO- MORBIDITIES In Children with Cancer Melody Brown Hellsten DNP,RN, PPCNP-BC, CHPPN Texas Children’s Hospital.

78% indicated that their institution had standardized approach to CINV prophylaxis Anti-emetic choice varied widely among respondents Results from 36 COG institutions with/ et al. The Measurement of Symptoms in Children with Cancer. Journal of pain and symptom management. 2000;19(5):363-377. Collins JJ, Devine/trial of megestrol acetate as an appetite stimulant in children with weight loss due to cancer and/or cancer therapy." Pediatric blood & cancer 61(4): 672-679. Dupuis, L. L. (2006). "Development and /

Innovation ● Investigation ● Application

heparins (LMWHs) Oral Anticoagulants New Agents: e.g. Fondaparinux, Direct anti-Xa inhibitors, Direct anti-IIa, etc.? Prophylaxis Studies in Medical Patients Relative risk reduction 47%/AA et al. JTH Suppl Abs O-T-002 Oral Anticoagulant Therapy in Cancer Patients: Problematic Warfarin therapy is complicated by: Difficulty maintaining tight therapeutic control, due to / magnesium salts to reduce oxaliplatin-related neurotoxicity. Journal of Clinical Oncology 2007;25(25):4028-4029 Randomized, in a /

4/2/2017 The NCI Office of Cancer Centers Learning Series Complementary and Alternative Medicine Cancer Research and the National Cancer Institute Dial.

cancer survivors 461 diagnosed within the last 12 months 1786 diagnosed > 12 months prior Results: Cancer survivors use CAM more frequently than individuals without a cancer diagnosis (39.2% vs. 34.9%, p<0.001 *Fouladbakhsh JM, Strommel M. Journal/ therapeutic ratio of standard and investigational anti-cancer therapies Research on lifestyle modifications (e.g. diet, exercise, mind-body approaches) for their impact on cancer outcomes (e.g. response to conventional cancer therapy, survival) Types of NIH Grant /

{ Targeted Cancer Therapies How they work and the future of medicine.

are released from the mitochondria  The intrinsic pathway hinges on the balance of activity between pro- and anti-apoptotic signals of the Bcl-2 family The Extrinsic Pathway  The extrinsic pathway involves transmembrane death receptors /medicine) Questions?  http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/Therapy/targeted http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/Therapy/targeted  http://www.nature.com/cgt/journal/v20/n4/full/cgt201313a.html http://www.nature.com/cgt/journal/v20/n4/full/cgt201313a.html /

LIFE CELEBRATING HEALTH John Parks Trowbridge M. D. 1 Historical Perspectives on the Development of Chelation Therapies John Parks Trowbridge M. D., FACAM.

anti-coagulation (hematology “lavender-top tube”) (Bulletin of the Georgetown University Medical Center) LIFE CELEBRATING HEALTH John Parks Trowbridge M. D. 18 1947 Charles Geschickter was first physician to administer (nickel)- EDTA to a human being (attempt to treat breast cancer/ M. D. 29 1950s - 1960s Norman E. Clarke, Sr. reported clinical findings in peer-reviewed journals “Father of EDTA Chelation Therapy in America” LIFE CELEBRATING HEALTH John Parks Trowbridge M. D. 30 1955 Norman E. Clarke, Sr./

Young Women Get Breast Cancer Presented to: Cancer Support Group Presented by: Dr. Petra Ketterl and Dr. Katherine Anderson. Date: May 4, 2011.

Kft.38 Hormonal Therapy © 2008 Rising Tide, Kft.39 Hormonal Therapy Hormonal therapy –SERMS (Selective Estrogen Reuptake Modulators): Tamoxifen –Aromatase inhibitors – Aromasin, Arimidex, Femara Selective ER Modifiers (Anti-estrogens) Reduces recurrence of ER/PR + breast cancers Not used / Apr 2;169(14):1299-302 –Breast cancer patients should be tested for vitamin D levels, since vitamin D may be related to cancer incidence and to bone disease. Journal of Clinical Oncology, 2007 ASCO Annual Meeting /

Enablement of Method Claims Encompassing the Immunotherapy of Cancer Gary B. Nickol, Ph.D. Supervisory Patent Examiner Art Unit: 1646 United States Patent.

, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. 6 th Edition. 2001. Chapter 18, page 307). Even when going from animals to human clinical trials, in vivo therapy with anti-angiogenic compounds can present a degree of unpredictability. For example, Clamp et al. (British Journal of Cancer, 2005;93:967-972) reported that three phase I trials using recombinant human endostatin in a total of 61 patients with advanced/

5/9/20151 PALLIATIVE CARE SOUNDS AND SENSES IN THE GARDEN Charles Sourby, MS Ed. Bonsai Gardens, Seed Starting, Aroma Therapy, Plants of the Bible, Garden.

aspects of palliative care are also applicable earlier in the course of the illness, in conjunction with anti-cancer treatment.” Conference On Care Near The End Of Life, Harvard Medical School. Division of Continuing Education,/T.M. (1994) Assessment Tools For Recreation Therapy: Redbook #1. Revensdale, Washington. Idyll Arbor, Inc. pp.117-125 5/9/201544  Cimino, J.E. (1997) Commentary: Non- abandonment, physicians and nurses as allies, New York, The American Journal of Hospice & Palliative Care (Vol14 [3/

Raymond Steptoe Senior Research Fellow Diamantina Institute for Cancer, Immunology and Metabolic Medicine University of Queensland, Princess Alexandra.

of signalling through receptors or growth factors -prevents growth of cells HER2/neu HerceptinBreast cancer VEGF AvastinColorectal cancer (CRC) EGF-R CetuximabColorectal cancer (CRC) -limitations -loss of antigen expression - large quantities required/expensive - surface molecules only – limits repertoire Passive (adoptive) immunotherapy Adoptive cellular therapy (ACT) -provides an exogenous source of anti-tumour T cells Patient’s own T cells are activated in vitro and retransferred/

Symptom Clusters in Patients with Advanced Cancer: Cachexia, Anorexia & Asthenia  Davis Wilkins, M.D. M.A.-Bioethics  Fellow, Palliative Medicine  May.

glutamine, nucleotides) (omega 3 EFA, L-arginine, L-carnitine glutamine, nucleotides)  Anti-cytokine approaches Anti-sense NFkappa-B Anti-sense NFkappa-B Soluble TNF-alpha receptors Soluble TNF-alpha receptors Cytokine antagonists (pentoxifylline, /therapy for cachexia in cancer?” Curr Opin Oncolo 2006 18:335-340. Del Fabbro. “Cachexia & Wasting: A Modern Approach.” JAMA Feb 7,2007 297(5)536— 7. Del Fabbro et al. “ Symptom Control in Palliative Care—Part II: Cachexia, Anorexia, and Fatigue.” Journal/

HIV and Cancer Sarah Wilcox Jan 2006. Case Report 36 yr old lady 36 yr old lady HIV +ve for 3 years (husband diagnosed at the same time) HIV +ve for 3.

. Herida et al 2003. Journal of Clinical Oncology 21(18): 3447-53. Lung cancer, a new challenge in the HIV-infected population. Lavole et al 2006 Lung Cancer 51: 1-11. Lung cancer, a new challenge in the HIV-infected population. Lavole et al 2006 Lung Cancer 51: 1-11. HIV-related lung cancer in the era of highly active anti-retroviral therapy. Bower et al AIDS 2003/

Cancer- Associated Thrombosis CAT Academic Day - Medical Oncology Jan 28, 2011.

0 Chew et al. Arch Int Med. 2006;166: 458-64 Cancer and VTE Cancer Therapy Cancer Therapy VTE odds ratio.  Surgery in Cancer pts 2x  Hospitalization2.3x  Cancer therapy Chemotherapy 6.5x Hormonal therapy 1.6x Anti-angiogenesis agents1.3x  Support Rx- Erythropoiesis agents 1.7x  /of Clin. Oncology Guidelines Recommendations for VenousThromboembolism Prophylaxis and Treatment in Patients with Cancer G Lyman, A Khorana, A Falanga et al Journal of Clinical Oncology Dec. 1, 2007, 25(34):5490-5505 ACCP /

Cancer-related Distress & Discomfort Management Education for American Indians & Alaska Natives Presented March 2010 South Puget Intertribal Planning Agency.

pain, can be managed. TRUE or FALSE: Discomfort is a sign that the cancer is spreading or has come back (recurrence). FALSE FACT: While discomfort can indicate that cancer has spread or that there is nerve damage from intensive cancer therapies, this is not always the case. Challenges to Recognizing Cancer-related Discomfort TRUE or FALSE: talking about pain makes someone seem like a complainer/


and given grade and rarity ratings. anti-tumor, anti-cancer, immuno-modulatory and immuno-therapeutic ₁ Ling zhi possesses anti-tumor, anti-cancer, immuno-modulatory and immuno-therapeutic ₁ qualities/Primo Research Center [NPRC, Seoul National University. Journal name: Protocol Exchange Year published: (2013) DOI: doi:10.1038/ beside the Western Medicine. “Integrative Medicine Combines Mainstream Medical Therapies and CAM Therapies for Which There is Some High-Quality Scientific Evidence of /

Breast Cancer: Alternative vs. Conventional Treatment

results. Attributed to Albert Einstein Chemo Effectiveness $93,000 and prolongs life by 16 weeks In the Journal of Clinical Oncology, the researchers report that the vaccine Provenge did not cause any serious side effects / Oral products Hyperthermia Anti-angiogenic products Debulking potentially needed for rapidly necrosing tumors Coffee enemas Lymphatic stimulus Low dose naltrexone Ninety Percent Reduction in Cancer Mortality after Chelation Therapy With EDTA ABSTRACT Mortality from cancer was reduced 90/

The Journal of Immunology, 2013 March 27; 190: , IF=5.52

The Journal of Immunology, 2013 March 27/cell CXCR3: functional Th1 phenotype PD-1 and LAG-3 expression decreased when Tregs were depleted and anti–PD-L1 therapy was given (Fig. 4B). IMI CONFIDENTIAL Results Changes in phenotype predicted changes in function. 19 IMI/ with cytotoxic drugs or radiation. 22 IMI CONFIDENTIAL Results 5. Disparate treatment requirements between primary and recurrent cancer. CD4+ T cells from tumor-bearing transgenic were sorted. Phenotype of tumor-sensitized cells before transfer. /

Palliative Care Practice Guidelines Thomas Palliative Care Services VCU Massey Cancer Center VCU Health System Original May 2006 Revised 2008 2010 2012.

qd or po q8h - If not on SSRI or SNRI anti-depressant, consider PO Sertraline 50 mg daily & titrate up / Oxford University Press... –LeGrand, S., Delirium in Palliative Medicine: A Review, Journal of Pain and Symptom Management Volume 44, Issue 4, October 2012, Pages 583–/guidelines for the prevention and treatment of cancer therapy-induced oral and gastrointestinal mucositis. Cancer 2004; 100: 2026. –Epstein, JB, Schubert, MM. Oropharyngeal mucositis in cancer therapy. Review of pathogenesis, diagnosis, and/

HERCEPTIN Herceptin [trastuzumab] Herceptin Small Tumor

100 200 300 400 Before radiotherapy 226ng/ml After Ref: Stemmler et al. Anti-cancer Drugs 2007;18(1):23-28 After radiotherapy for brain metastases, Herceptin levels/patient died before efficacy assessment P, pertuzumab monotherapy; P + T, pertuzumab / trastuzumab combination therapy; CR: Complete Response; PR: Partial Response; ORR: Overall Response Rate; SD: Stable /27;5700-5706 3 Chia et al, Journal of Clinical Oncology, 2008, p5697-5704 4 Tovey et al, British Journal of Cancer, 2009,1-4 5 Banerjee et /

Cancer Vaccines: A novel approach to cancer. Cancer Statistics Cancer still remains a major cause of death worldwide despite many therapies and treatment.

type of cancer; others may induce an immune response in several cancers. Cancers these vaccines are being studied in include: kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer, melanoma, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colorectal cancer. Anti-Idiotype Vaccines Based/ cancer: the case for novel therapies. The Journal of Urology. 2006;176: S76-S80. PMID 17084174. Cancer.org. [homepage on the Internet]. Atlanta: American Cancer Society, Inc.; c2006. [revised 2005 April 11]. Available from http://www.cancer./

Alberto Bardelli Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment

al., Cancer Res; 70(14) July 15, 2010 From gene targeted therapies to mutant targeted therapies Example 1: PIK3CA mutations Example 2: KRAS mutations PIK3CA mutations and resistance to anti EGFR MoAbs ? Sartore-Bianchi A et al., Cancer Res 2009 YES Prenen et al., Clin Cancer Res / wt (93.0%) wt (56.1%) Responders (n=82) Non-Responders (n=312) KRAS mutations Smith G, et al., British Journal of Cancer (2010), 1 –11 GEP GDI GDP GTP GTP GDP RAS (inactive) RAS (active) Effectors: RAF/MAPK/ERK PI3K/AKT GAP Pi /

Stratified Medicine & Immunobiology Prof Ben Willcox Director, Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy Centre

earns its spot in the ranks of cancer therapy” “…a tipping point in the fight against cancer” My research Cancer Immunotherapy in the news Type, Density and/ and Thorsten Hagemann; Journal of Cell Science 2012 (125, pp. 5591-5596 The tumour microenvironment: a core feature of cancer Hallmarks of Cancer: The Next Generation /tumours ? CRUK website blog, October 2014 Tumour “Removing the brakes” on the anti-cancer immune response – checkpoint blockade Unleash “pacified” T cells > Emphasis on understanding /

CANCErUS Edition #1 June 20, 2012 $4.95 Associate Professor Mick Foley on shark antibodies 10 Ways To Reduce Your Chance Of Cancer! Exclusive Interview.

period before each session. Chemotherapy: Is the treatment of cancer with anti-cancer drugs. Its goal is to destroy cancer cells with least amount of damage to normal cells. The drugs works by stopping cancer cells from growing and reproducing. It is used as a/ New Scientist 2011 According to New Scientist June 2011 two new drugs that have been dubbed as the biggest breakthrough in cancer therapy in 30 years have been discovered. The first is a drug called, vemurafenib. Half of all melanomas have been found /

1. Controversies in Prostate Cancer Radiation Therapy April 24, 2013 Lancaster General Health CME Curtiland Deville, MD Assistant Professor.

,000 men. –IMRT less GI “morbidity,” hip fractures, and additional cancer therapy Sheets NC, et al, JAMA 2012 MSKCC series of 1571 men –/for intrafraction motion: –RGRT (radiofrequency-guided RT techniques) –Rectal balloon –Bowel prep (anti-gas tablets and daily bm) –Consistent Bladder filling 15 16 17 18 19 20 / prostate immobilization/fixation Ensures reproducibility of rectal filling and spares posterior rectum Teh, Red Journal 2001 78 Gy IMRT plans without (left) and with balloon (right) Contours: rectal/

Keynote lecture 5: Priorities for clinical research in GI cancer Daniel G. Haller, MD Professor of Medicine Abramson Cancer Center and the Perelman School.

PFS CORRECT: Patients with metastatic colorectal cancer treated with regorafenib or placebo after failure of standard therapy Multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, phase III – Stratification: prior anti-VEGF therapy, time from diagnosis of metastatic /(including self-plagiary) Redundant publication of content Electronic journals allow for reader access to the literature, thereby eliminating need for republication in separate journals. Duplicate submission NY Times April 16, 2102: marked/

Panoramic view of Ovarian Cancer Baskent University School of Medicine Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Division of Gynecologic Oncology Ayhan.

history Alsop K et al, Journal Clinical Oncology 2012 Shrader KA et al, Obstetrics and Gynecology 2012 Pennington KP et al, Clinical Cancer Research 2014 National Comprehensive Cancer Network Guidelines 2014 Recommendation of/) or Small Incision laparatomy – ( metastatic,possibility of surgery?) Front-line therapy in EOC Surgery – (Staging -debulking) Adjuvant – (IV or IV+IP comb) Doubled vs Tripled – (anti-angiogenesis?)(PFS yes OS ?) Close follow up Staging Vertical incision Peritoneal cytology Exploration/

Internal Medicine Questions 2. Colorectal Cancer: Trends in Screening Prevalence, Incidence, and Mortality Screening continues to rise while new CRC cases.

cancer in the region. The authors hypothesized that concomitant or sequential therapy would be at least as effective as standard therapy and would provide a less -expensive alternative. However, the alternative approaches proved inferior to standard therapy/Fleischmann, MD, MPH AN ADDITIONAL PERSPECTIVE FROM the Journal Watch general medicine EDITOR-in-chief: In this /with an elevated blood pressure? (check one) A. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. B. Corticosteroids. C. Bromocriptine. D. Pseudoephedrine/

Tyler J. Curiel, MD, MPH Professor of Medicine UT Health Science Center San Antonio, TX Reversing Immune Dysfunction in Cancer.

., anti- CTLA-4 or DT plus a vaccine) Final Thoughts We need a better understanding of immune dysfunction in cancer. We need a better understanding of the immune effects of current agents. Willingness of investigators to try immune therapies will help, but they have to be convinced. Acknowledgements Curiel lab members National Cancer Institute Hayes, Voelcker, Rippel Foundations and Trusts, Eisai UTHSCSA endowments Cancer Therapy & Research/

Addressing the Needs of Breast Cancer Patients Ages 70 and Older UNC Telehealth Series; February 10, 2016 Hyman B. Muss, MD.

2006: Breast Cancer Incidence and Mortality Rates http://seer.cancer.gov/cgi-bin/csr/1975_2006/search.pl Average Age ~ 61 Breast Cancer 2013 CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians /Cancer Type/FrequencyTreatmentComment Hormone Receptor Positive ER and/or PR) AND HER-2 negative (about 70% of pts) Endocrine therapy for most Chemotherapy for some New Genetic based assays can help select who needs chemotherapy Most relapse > 5 years HER-2 positive ANY ER or PR (About 15% of pts) Chemotherapy AND anti- HER-2 therapy/

Supported by Eli Lilly and Company. Eli Lilly and Company has not influenced the content of this publication EUROPEAN CANCER CONGRESS (ECC) 25–29 September.

were poorly reported The reporting of AEs was inaccurate irrespective of the journal’s impact factor Consensus on how to report surgical AEs is needed /for evaluation Endpoints measured –Malignant sections: PD-L1 expression by immunohistochemistry using anti-PD-L1 (Anti-B7-H1, Anti- CD274) mAb Intratumoural and peritumoural lymphocytes infiltrate score (morphological analysis)* / mg/kg IV q2w PD Key patient inclusion criteria Advanced SCC anal cancer Failure of prior therapy ECOG PS 0–1 PD-L1+ (n=25) PD CR, /

Making An English Biomedical Paper: Why, What, and How

? Table? Photograph?) Generate figures of sufficient quality for your selected journal (journals frequently require figure quality of 600 dpi) Format your illustrations according to/regulate the cellular content of p53, may improve the efficacy of current cancer therapies. Discuss the different sections. Note that it is written in the /., Ph.D. Senior Editor, Cancer Research Re: Manuscript CAN-06-3066 Curcumin, a Dietary Component, Has Anti-Cancer, Chemosensitization and Radiosensitization Effects by Down/

Bisphosphonates in Cancer Management. “A Story of Success”

: Magnitude of The Problem; Skeletal Related Events. Patho-physiology of Bone Metastases. Bone Directed Therapy & Improvements in Quality of Life. Anti-Tumor Effect. Focus on Breast Cancer. During the next few minutes we are going to explore the prevalence of skeletal affection due/size as well as improvement in the attained rate of pathological CR. The neoadjuvant AZURE trial. published this year in the British Journal of Cancer. 15 27.4 10 15.5 11.7 5 5 6.9 CT CT + ZOL CT CT + ZOL Multivariate analysis/

Colorectal Cancer.

of control which can then lead to cancer Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP) http://www.nature.com/modpathol/journal/v16/n4/images/3880773f1.jpg FAP: Multiple/D, magnesium Aid in  risk NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) 20-50%  risk of colorectal cancer and adenomatous polyps; however, NSAIDs can cause serious or/ colon cancer http://www.dkimages.com/discover/previews/839/15012869.JPG Treatment-Radiation Therapy External Radiation: -used for people with colon or rectal cancer -treatments/

File #4 Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Oncology Rehabilitation: Web-based Learning for Physical Therapists Who Provide Rehabilitation to Patients with Breast.

plan Platelet Counts: < 20.000 : Palliation and Support (P&S) No anti-gravity exercise No resistive exercise 25-50,000 : Support and Restoration (S&R/Protocols depending on medical intervention Protocols depending on medical intervention 87 Breast Cancer Therapy begins 2-5 days post-op. Deep breathing & relaxation are /cancer. (Drum, 2003) 108 Study by Holmes in the American Medical Association Journal in 2005 Study followed the health of 122,000 female nurses, 2,167 were diagnosed with breast cancer/

1 Cancer Biology Pharmacy 754 Spring 2007 Arup INDRA Office: Pharmacy 325 Tel;737-5775

: Bcr-Abl Signal Transduction intermediates can be targets for anti-cancer drugs 88 Proto-oncogene Myc European Journal of Cancer European Journal of Cancer Volume 41: 2485-2501 (2005) 89 Myc and cancer 90 Turn off myc, tumors differentiate Myc onMyc off Osteogenic/expression of such silenced genes can lead to suppression of tumor growth or sensitization to anticancer therapies. B.Agents that can reverse DNA methylation include nucleoside and non-nucleoside inhibitors of DNA methyltransferase. C./

Colorectal Cancer Axel Grothey Professor of Oncology Mayo Clinic Rochester Axel Grothey Professor of Oncology Mayo Clinic Rochester.

rate (~ 1,200,000/yr) 4 th highest mortality rate (~ 608,000/yr) CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians 2011;61:69-90 Worldwide Developed Developing Sporadic Lynch Syndrome Familial Hereditary FAP; AFAP Mixed Polyposis/2012: Press release. Trial met primary endpoint of improved overall survival! ASCO 2012! Pertinent Side-Effects of Anti-VEGF Therapy Hypertension Arterial thrombotic/ thromboembolic events (ATEs) Gastrointestinal perforation (GIP) Bleeding Delayed wound healing (Proteinuria) Hypertension Arterial/

Xxx Realizing the Potential of Cell-Based Therapy Technology Nasdaq: CBMG Copyright CBMG, April 30, 2015.

2012 年肿瘤年报 "2003-2007 China annual tumor report; incidence & mortality of malignant lymphoma” 4.International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases, 2011 5.WHO; 2.Epidemiology and Dangerous Factors of Bronchitic Asthma 6.Market analysis /high profile immuno-oncology clinical trials, including anti-PD-1 therapy for advanced lung cancer  Department chair & program leader, Thoracic Oncology, Moffitt Cancer Center  Program leader Immunology Program, Moffitt Cancer Center  Professor of oncology, University /


Apr 9 2013 Overcome Trial N=90 Journal of American College of Cardiology January 2010 Limited Time to Start Therapy Journal of American College of Cardiology January 2010/survival, months32.115.0<0.0001 40 Median OS by Use of Anti-HTN Agents, HTN- induced Dose Reductions and HTN Status as Defined by/, 2009 Canadian Cardioncology, 2010 Conclusions Cardiologists and oncologists must collaborate Exciting new cancer therapies are being discovered, however, in order to maximize their potential, cardiac toxicities/

October 2012 Palliative Care Practice Guidelines Thomas Palliative Care Services VCU Massey Cancer Center VCU Health System.

& possible titration with monitoring of liver function & CYP450 drug interactions - If not on SSRI or SNRI anti-depressant, consider PO Sertraline 50 mg daily & titrate up to 100 mg after a week Consider Palliative Service/Acetate Versus Combination Therapy for Cancer-Associated Anorexia: A North Central Cancer Treatment Group Study. Journal of Clinical Oncology, Volume 20, Number 2, 2002; 567-573. –Inui, A., Cancer Anorexia-Cachexia Syndrome: Current issues in research and management, CA Cancer J Clin 2002/

Gazing into the Crystal Ball: How will Evolving Future Therapies Change how we Position Biologics for Use in IBD? William J. Sandborn, MD Professor & Chief,

Therapies for IBD: the Pipeline Anti-Selective Adhesion Molecule Anti-integrin antibodies Etrolizumab (anti-β7) AMG 181 (anti- β7) Anti-MAdCAM-1 S1P1 Receptor modulator (RPC1063) Antagonist to Janus kinase 3 (JAK3) Tofacitinib Anti-Interleukin 12/23 Ustekinumab (CNTO 1275, Stelara) Anti-Interleukin-23 Anti-interleukin 6 Anti-IP 10 antibody Eldelumab Clinical trials of JAK STAT inhibitors (jakinibs) in autoimmunity and cancer/and -21 Sandborn W. New England Journal of Medicine 2012 Tofacitinib for Moderately /

Side effects of Antioxidants over Cancer Therapy Zafer AKAN 1*, Talha Muezzinoğlu 2 1* CBU, School of Medicine, Dept. of Biophysics, Manisa Turkey 2 CBU,

highly reactive nature. However, there are an increasing number of findings suggesting that ROS can play role in anti- inflammatory and prevent autoimmune responses Reactive oxygen species (ROS)  Apoptosis induction by quercetin  Effect of / of Cancer  The right diet during cancer therapy with Sugar and antioxydant free feedings and Protein enriched products  Z Akan, et al,. Antioxidants may protect cancer cells from apoptosis signals and enhance cell viability. Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention/

OMICS International OMICS International hosts over 700 leading-edge peer reviewed Open Access Journals and organize over 1000 International Conferences.

of cancer drugs over the years; more than 70% of drugs have their roots in natural products Newman, D. J., and Cragg, G. M. (2012) Natural products as sources of new drugs over the 30 years from 198 to 2010. Journal Natural Products 75, 311–335 Anti-/the mean percent decrease in the number and size of polyps from baseline was 60.4% and 50.9%, respectively. Pre Curcumin maintenance therapy for ulcerative colitis: randomized, multicenter, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. 50 40 30 20 10 0 R ecur r en c e/

Optimizing Supportive Care in Cancer

Anti-angiogenics Major surgery Erythropoiesis-stimulating agents Transfusions Cancer-related factors Site of cancer Advanced stage Initial period after diagnosis Rao et al., in Cancer-Associated Thrombosis. (Khorana and Francis, Eds) 2007 VTE and Site of Cancer Adjusted OR Type of cancer/Rao, Bowers, Berlin, Tomita, Bridges, Ludwig British Journal of Cancer 102, 301-315 (5 January 2010) Clinical / otherwise specified. Moon, S. et al. Supportive Cancer Therapy, 2006 3(4):207-13 Primary Prophylaxis with MGFs/

Presented to Minnesota Futurists 16 January 2010 David Keenan

cancer-therapy.org/CT3A/HTML/13.%20Orive%20et%20al,%20131-138%20.html 2005 Examples of nanocarriers for targeting cancer A whole range of delivery agents are possible but the main components typically include a nanocarrier, a targeting moiety conjugated to the nanocarrier, and a cargo (such as the desired chemotherapeutic drugs). http://www.nature.com/nnano/journal/ identify live breast cancer cells that are likely to respond to an anti-cancer drug QD technology helps cancer researchers to observe /

Special Symposium of the Essex County Cancer Coalition September 22, 2011 Can Sex Lead to Cancer? HIV/AIDS and Cancer Drugs and Cancer.

Breakage – Right lubricant – “Rough” sex – Anorectal sex Condom Efficacy — Limitations (2) Initial trials of anti-microbial agents and spermicides led to increased HIV transmission rates. – Perhaps due to inflammation – Frequency of use/-associated cancers among persons with AIDS. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 2009; 101(16):1120–1130. [PubMed Abstract] [PubMed Abstract] Silverberg MJ, Abrams DI. AIDS-defining and non-AIDS-defining malignancies: cancer occurrence in the antiretroviral therapy era./

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