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THE ECONOMY & WORK Introductory Sociology Instructor: Ed Brent Copyright (c) 2000, Edward Brent “No man is born into the world, whose work Is not born.

workers. –An NBC news show accused Wal-Mart of selling clothes produced by 9-yr old workers in Bangladesh sweatshops. (Newsweek, February 15, 1993). Factories in/The New York Times. Sunday, December 22, 1996, 3-1, 3-10, 3-11.) 6/7/2016 In fact, on an average day in the United States, 17 people die in such/- Disagree 5- Strongly Disagree 6/7/2016 Professionalization “A profession is a conspiracy against the layman.” --George Bernard Shaw 6/7/2016 Professionalization Many occupational groups are trying to /

Federal government- related fraud issues: Prevention and detection Jesse Morton KPMGs Federal Advisory Practice, Director, Fraud Risk Management May 18,

Managing Fraud Risks in Federal Programs, Jul. 28, 2015. Fraud risk assessm ents 9 © 2016 KPMG LLP, a Delaware limited liability partnership and the U.S. member firm of / think the “unthinkable” Refresh the assessment regularly and treat as an ongoing exercise 11 © 2016 KPMG LLP, a Delaware limited liability partnership and the U.S. member firm/to acquire an interest in an enterprise, and conducting business through such acts. 5.Conspiracy to Defraud the Federal Government with False Claims (18 U.S.C. 286) –/

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us  About About  The Curriculum The Curriculum Information e-booklet goes on-Line 11/03/2016 Information Assemblies with HODs 26/02/16 – 18/04/16 (Students Only) / roots in the past. Great or mistaken decisions; combinations of developments; conspiracies or complete mess-ups all played their part!  Back to History/the Ballot, MyBnk Enterprise Lab, Ignite Potential and Fearless. Citizenship in year 9, 10 and 11 is delivered through the GCSE RS course Key Concepts: Commitment Responsibilities Conflict /

My dear people of God, PREAMBLE & WELCOME We welcome you all to the Third Session of Our Sixth Synod in the name of the risen Lord Jesus Christ! We.

they were unfazed by these persecutions, they connived with the heathens and the traditional government to stop the Church. The conspiracy was to take every taxable man of Ntueke origin before the Ogwugwu Okwa shrine for oath-taking. Ogwugwu okwa is /- 03-12-15 8.Ezinne Rebecca Nwafor Amazu (85yrs) – Cathedral – 19-11-15 9.Madam Edith Udunma Ojiekwe-(94 yrs)- Umuopia- 04-01-2016 10.Sir Daniel Okpara Sunday Dike- (79yrs)- Dikenafai – 15-01-2016 11.Sir Dike Bernard O. Egbuchulam – Mbaitolu – 27-01-16 12.H.R.H/

DHS to Proceed With Spy-Satellite Surveillance Program Despite Privacy Concerns (October 1, 2008) The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) plans to.

http://www.computerworld.com/action/article.do?command=viewArticleBasic&articleId=9 116138&source=rss_news http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/10//Eee- Boxes--/news/111691 http://blogs.zdnet.com/security/?p=2016 http://www.vnunet.com/vnunet/news/2227855/asus-warns-infected/-Laden Spam Pretends to be Windows Security Update (October 11, 2008) New spam messages are spreading, purporting to /in New York on charges of access device fraud and conspiracy to commit access device fraud. The indictment alleges that /

They Had It Coming: Retributive Justice and Attacks on European Jewry Steven K Baum and Florette Cohen-Abady 23rd International Conference of Europeanists,

merging of medieval European anti-Semitism with modern Arab hostility to Israel conspiracy theories concerning Jews anti-Zionism the demonization of Israel linking of events / different translations out there). English Al Jazeera (3/28/06): Israel responsible for 9/11 attacks Al-Usbu (Egyptian Newspaper) (1/1/05): Suggests Israeli nuclear test caused/Scott Ceremonially Signs Legislation to Support Israel www.flgov.com –April 6, 2016 39 BDS = Anti-Semitism Selected References Baum, S.K. (under review) The /

Collectivity in small systems ! Collectivity in small systems ! Collectivity in small systems ! Collectivity in small systems ! (depends on what you mean.

!!  how much jet-quenching/quarkonia melting would actually be expected ?? 2015 QM Koyasan 9 Syst. error in MB ~ ±10-20% J/  ’ R pA vs p / ?) by higher density ? 2016 Taxco Mexico WS J. Schukraft 10 Thermalisation study 1601.03283 HBT radii pp, pA, AA 2016 Taxco Mexico WS J. Schukraft 11 R CuCu RHIC ≈ 2R / matter with density gradients (1502.05572)1502.05572  CGC+CR+.: weakly int. dense IS matter + some conspiracies (also in AA !!)  ??? Why should we care ?  leave the comfort zone of infinite size /


participation and roles in society.” Healthy Aging in Canada, p. 11 As an older adult ages, society’s assumptions and stereotypes greatly/are seniors, the number is expected to rise significantly by 2016 Healthy Aging in Canada, p. 2-3 What does Canada/ pregnant, think they’re dead, kidnapped, transported by aliens, conspiracy theory, etc.) Don’t pay attention to or recognize family/ the risk for nursing home placement” McCall, 2004, p. 9 Sleep Issues “Sleep disturbances in the elderly, and the subsequent /

Examining U.S. Climate Policy Ruth Greenspan Bell Director, US Climate Policy/Senior Fellow

to a vote, cooler heats apparently prevailed. The bill dropped the word "conspiracy", and described climate science as "questionable" rather than "flawed".final version / welfare. Challenged in court & in Congress Greenhouse Gas reporting rule (9/22/2009): Suppliers of fossil fuels or industrial greenhouse gases, manufacturers/trucks & medium-duty passenger vehicles, model years 2012 through 2016. Comment period closed on 11/27/2009. Reconsideration of Prevention of Significant Deterioration Permitting /

The US Constitution and United States Code Employment of US Armed Forces in Support of Homeland Defense/Security 1 The US Constitution and United States.

US Armed Forces in Support of Homeland Defense/Security 11 COCOM JTF Cdr TAG T10 T32 SecDEF POTUS DUAL STATUS/Training 4.Chapter 7: Service, Supply, Procurement 5.Chapter 9: Homeland Defense Activities The Secretary of Defense may provide / a State, any insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination, or conspiracy, if it-- (1) so hinders the execution of the /In addition, key Analytic Agenda products, including Homeland Defense 2016 Multi-Service Force Deployment and Homeland Defense & Civil Support /

“Faith, Work, and Economics” Fad or Foundational for NCD? Part One: Let’s explore a robust biblical and theological perspective on FWE together! Gary G.

poor (penes); his righteousness endures forever.” 2 Cor 9:9 (cf. Ps. 112:9). The penes, the “working class,” do “/ a traveling seller of fine cloth (Acts 16:11-15, 39-40). She served a specific clientele/Campaign & Church Liaison, EFCA Visiting Professor, TEDS – NCD Conference, April 2016 Practical Tips from EFCA Pastors: Churches / Communities were Made to Flourish Part /World (2015) Dallas Willard and Gary Black Jr., The Divine Conspiracy Continued (2014) Marvin Olasky, The Tragedy of American Compassion /

Our Contact Information: Mark Higley, Vice President - Regulatory Affairs O: 888.224.1631.

National Health Expenditures: 2016-2024 For 2016-24, health spending is projected to grow at an average rate of 5.8 percent per year (4.9 percent on a per/ start date, if start date is different from the date of the order Update 11-2015 standard language, policies being updated The detailed description of the item(s) / that low”… The reality is – and acknowledging there continues to exists a “transparency” (conspiracy theory??) issue where the industry will not be able to view the actual bid submissions, /

By Bruce Zagaris Berliner Corcoran & Rowe LLP 1101 Seventeenth St, N.W., Ste. 1100 Washington, D.C. 20036 (202)293-2371 (direct) 1.

MONEY BETWEEN INDIA AND THE UNITED STATES Hyatt Dulles March 26, 2016 LEGAL WAYS TO MOVE MONEY BETWEEN INDIA AND THE UNITED STATES k/REPORTING INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORTATION OF CURRENCY 9 The CMIR regulations impose reporting obligations on two types of persons: /or monetary instruments. II. REPORTING INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORTATION OF CURRENCY 11 Where and When to File Every recipient who has a/monetary instruments involved in or traceable to the offense, or a conspiracy to commit the offense. IV. REPORTS OF FOREIGN BANK AND /

Welcome to the Upper School Information e-Booklet

roots in the past. Great or mistaken decisions; combinations of developments; conspiracies or complete mess-ups all played their part!  Back to History Home/and Ofqual, GCSE PE qualifications are changing for first teaching from September 2016. The DfE has published the final assessment objectives, subject content and activity/Commitment Responsibilities Conflict Reconciliation Citizenship in year 9, 10 and 11 is delivered through the GCSE RS course Year 10 and 11: PSHEE is delivered in two different ways/

NACCA Legislative Overview 2013 1 Legislative Overview 2013 for Limited Jurisdiction Courts Presented by Justice of the Peace Scott Pearson Reno Justice.

County and if the increased rate is first imposed before July 1, 2016. Section 3.5 of this bill imposes conditions on allotments to police departments/ involuntary servitude and trafficking in persons. Examples: Section 30 increases the penalty for conspiracy to commit sex trafficking, involuntary servitude or trafficking in persons, and section 46 /483.875, 486.161) NACCA Legislative Overview 2013 Slide 759 SB 503 Sections 9-11 and 18 of this bill allow the Department to charge existing fees for licenses/

NACE Legislative Overview 2015 1 NACE LEGISLATIVE OVERVIEW (2015) Presented by Joe Tommasino, Esq. Las Vegas Justice Court

sexual act or sexual conduct with another person; or (q) Any attempt or conspiracy to commit an offense listed in this subsection. NACE Legislative Overview 2015 Slide 50 / relating to the estate of a deceased person. (NRS 132.185) Sections 9 and 11 of this bill amend this definition to include all persons whose interest in an/. NACE Legislative Overview 2015 Slide 637 Miscellaneous Initiative Petition 1 Marijuana * On 2016 ballot pursuant to Article 19, section 2 of the Nevada Constitution. NACE Legislative/

Government 102 An Advanced Examination of United States Government Part 6 by michael-herbert: keehn

documentary, JFK to 911: Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick, currently (2016) available on YouTube. The Memo Lieutenant Commander McCollum had written a memo / [>>>] Official Story Cont. S5 “But for some reason a bunch of crazy conspiracy theorists demanded an investigation into the greatest attack on American soil in history. That/ question is ultimately of ‘little practical significance’ [little = HUGE]. Still, the 9/11 Commission did brilliantly in answering all the questions the public had, except most of /

Statistical Inference and Regression Analysis: GB.3302.30 Professor William Greene Stern School of Business IOMS Department Department of Economics.

to 2000 Sold before 1995 or after 2000 38/120 Evidence: Two Dummy Variables Signature and Conspiracy Effects The statistical evidence seems to be consistent with the theory. 39/120 Set of Dummy /Romance 3=Comedy 4=Action 5=Fantasy 6=Adventure 7=Family 8=Animated 9=Thriller 10=Mystery 11=Science Fiction 12=Horror 13=Crime 53/120 54/120 CRIME is the/20022124 to 2012 20032123 to 2013 20042124 to 2014 20052524 to 2015 200625 4 to 2016 200727 3 to 2017 2008273 to 2018 2009273 to 2019 2010275 to 2020 Deferrals /

Bedtime stories for STEM By Tom. What dating was like before Match.com.

have gotten the message  Public inquest concludes Russian State Involvement – report issued Jan 2016 – Russia threatens to sue  Litvinenko last words  Chairman of the Palestinian Liberation /death run from the silly to various conspiracies Aha!  On July 4, 2012 Al Jazeera presented the results of a 9 month investigation  They discounted all the/geo- antineutrinos but with an statistics of +/- 30%  But then on March 11, 2011 a great event improved their statistics and allowed them to count the geo-/

The Peoples Free Energy Show Episode 2 Dirty Games.

CAT in Florida for a commercial customer do to be finished by the end of February 2016 E-CAT, COLD FUSION & LENR The E-CAT and the Pons & Fleischmann Palladium /of death as a brain aneurysm. "Meyers death was laced with all sorts of stories of conspiracy, cloak-and- dagger stories," said Grove City Police Lt. Steve Robinette, lead detective on the/ protect myself, my family and my device while bringing it to Steven Greer? (Post 9/11 TSA in a high security country like America is not the ideal place to bring a/

Welcome to the Upper School Information e-Booklet

roots in the past. Great or mistaken decisions; combinations of developments; conspiracies or complete mess-ups all played their part!  Back to History Home/and Ofqual, GCSE PE qualifications are changing for first teaching from September 2016. The DfE has published the final assessment objectives, subject content and activity/Commitment Responsibilities Conflict Reconciliation Citizenship in year 9, 10 and 11 is delivered through the GCSE RS course Year 10 and 11: PSHEE is delivered in two different ways/

DMEC Boston Chapter Meeting October 16, 2014 Dan Shaughnessy, Chapter President.

states) Prohibit the consideration of any unlicensed or sanctioned physician or health practitioner Criminalize conspiracy to commit SS Fraud Doctors, Lawyers, interpreters, SSA employees 54 H.R. 5260/do about 2016 DI shortfall? Trust Fund Reallocation Since 1956 it has been done 11 times In light of the projected depletion of the DI Trust Fund in 2016, the /UI in favor of the higher SSDI benefit SSA estimates a savings of $2.9 Billion from 2014 – 2023 60 Unemployment Legislation Cont. House Bill H.R. /

Exam 4 1. Long-term insurance category A financial services providers have a licence to sell: Assistance policies Risk policies Investment policies Health.

skills at required levels to perform financial services of a high quality 9. Peter has just been appointed as a representative to sell health-care/June 2016 Jack may render services under supervision until he completes the regulatory exam requirements for his categories, but not longer than 31 July 2016 11. /combat: Illegal gambling Drug dealing Organised crime, money laundering and criminal gang activities Conspiracies to commit major offences 36. The Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) is investigating Tom/

O.J. SIMPSON By: Danielle Kelly. Family: Simpson, pictured with Nicole and their children, Sydney Brook and Justin Simpson being a broadcaster after.

counts of burglary, robbery, assault, and conspiracy Criminal Record Part 2  9/19/2007: Judge in Simpson’s burglary /9/4/2009: Nevada Supreme Court denies Simpson’s request to be let out of prison pending his appeal  10/22/2010: Nevada Supreme Court upholds Simpson’s convictions for kidnapping with a deadly weapon and other charges in his 2008 Las Vegas armed robbery trial  11/ :// youtu. be / J 2- vm - L _ dk 4 Coming to theaters in 2016: The Framing of O. J. Simpson SONGS ON O. J. SIMPSON O. J. Simpson/

Fatal consequences of human greed - Human smuggling causing the death of 71 migrants Dr. Gábor Schmidt prosecutor – County Prosecution Office of County.

, torture of the smuggled persons, armed or businesslike commission, criminal conspiracy, OCG 15th September 2015: amendement to the CC: more severe/ Hungarian-Austrian border on the 26th August at 9.15 am and stopped shortly afterwards on the /, prosecuting other organizers and facilitators End of summer 2016: finishing the investigations and charging Difficulties of the investigations/ cases (Parndorf and Gols) – contact: PO Eisenstadt Germany: 11 related criminal cases (PO Passau and Dresden) – suspects of /

OMI Demonstration with USPACOM

Attending meetings because their organization has no idea what else to do with them Conspiracy Theorists. Convinced that your assessment is a cover story for a secret plot /Draft Implement Plan Workshop 6, 9 Dec Assessment v.7 (JSAP) Assessment v0.9 (JSAP) FCIB Brf, Feb Assessment v1.0 Develop Implementation Workshop 7, 11 Feb OCS Action Plan As/ OMI Demo Phase III OMI validation and transition to enduring capability PoP: June 2016 – May 2017 OMI is FOC JDAL billets and POM actions complete Transition from/

Session #410 I Care, You Care, We All Care About Medicare: A Year in the Mirror and Through the Looking Glass.

Are there mechanisms to enforce policies? Yates Memorandum On September 9, 2015, Deputy Attorney General, Sally Quillian Yates, issued a/ the government § 3729(a)(1)(G) THINK: Overpayments  Conspiracy = any person who conspires to commit a violation of the/  Actual damages – TREBLED!!  Civil monetary penalties of $5,500 to $11,000 PER CLAIM! (And can apply even if no actual damages)  Attorneys /. Escobar,136 S. Ct. 582 (U.S. 2016)  MISLEADING MATERIAL REPRESENTATIONS BY OMISSION:  Implied Certification/

1 INTERNATIONAL COMPLIANCE October 21, 2014 Washington, DC WILLIAM J. YONGE Morgan, Lewis & Bockius Condor House, 5-10 St. Pauls Churchyard | London EC4M.

seek to prevent accounting practices designed to hide corrupt payments. 9 How can I or my company be held liable under/penalties: $25 million fine per violation or twice the gain/loss 11 What are the consequences of an FCPA conviction for individuals? Anti-bribery/ the performance of, an existing duty. 26 RELATED LAWS Conspiracy Racketeering Mail and Wire Fraud Travel Act Money Laundering Certification /will be directly applicable EU-wide from 3 July 2016 MAR will replace completely the current EU Market Abuse/

HEALTHCARE REFORM – A LOOK INTO THE CRYSTAL BALL Steve Markesich, CPAM Yale-New Haven Health System Philadelphia/Keystone Chapters September 21, 2010.

of mental disease for adult enrollees who require stabilization of an emergency condition (effective 10/1/11 – 12/31/15). 2013  Increase Medicaid payments provided by PCPs for 2013 and 2014/ aged 65 and older for tax years 2013 through 2016.  Increase the MC Pt A tax rate on wages by 0.9% (from 1.45 to 2.35) on earnings/. Arizona, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Nebraska, and Nevada have also applied. The conspiracy of the hypocrites?  The states of lined up for one simple reason: This program /

K45: Strategies - Technology Reducing / Eliminating / Reversing Atmospheric Greenhouse Gases.

support. More widespread ending of subsidies scheduled for end of 2016 Solar PV Accessible Power Potential, Including Cloud Cover Solar PV/Risk Assessment: Data Analysis and Market Research," released on 11/20/2011, estimated there are currently 1,199 proposed /we need more Drastic Measures… D. GeoEngineering (No, not the conspiracy buff’s “spraying the populace” nonsense. The word first came into/ typical agriculture practices World population is projected to reach 9.5 billion by mid-century. Our planet can,/

Coral Gables JUSTICE ADVOCATE PROGRAM The Justice Advocate Program is a collaborative effort between the City of Coral Gables City Attorney’s Office, the.

Hernandez F-14-20172-B -Burglary (Unoccupied Conveyance) – -Grand Theft – -Grand Theft Conspiracy -Bonded Out. -JA has provided Initiation Form to SAO for inclusion in file. -JA / conditions. -Defendant failed to complete Pre-Trial Intervention and Trial is Set for 04/11/2016 BASALO, LUIS ALBERTO F-15-23635 Armed Carjacking (PBL) Att. Premeditated Murder (2/ Division Chief regarding upcoming report and hearing dates of 4-29-16 and 5-9-16. Pinault, Dominique F-14-8412 Defrauding an Inn Keeper (Biltmore Hotel)/

Beyond Meaningful Use: Lessons Learned and Implications for the Auditor Phyllis A. Patrick, MBA, FACHE, CHC, CISM NEHIA Conference December 3, 2014.

2015 Stage 2 Advanced Clinical Processes 2016 Stage 3 Improved Outcomes Phyllis A. Patrick & Associates LLC www.phyllispatrick.com 11 Clinical Transformation Meaningful use represents the /283 eligible hospitals have attested. Of the EPs, 213 attested unsuccessfully; and 9,638 attested for Stage 2. Most popular menu objectives: For EPs – / including protecting electronic health information. 44 “False Claim” “Engaging in a conspiracy to defraud by the improper submission of a false claim” FCA strengthened by/

Sanctions: How to Comply and Manage the Risk Guy Soussan Commercial Risk Europe, Brussels, 19 November 2015.

of sanctions regimes of other jurisdictions (e.g. the US) 9 Specific (Re)Insurance-related Sanctions  (Re)insurance of listed individuals/Brokering the coverage or facilitating a service or risk transfer 11 Particular Challenges For EU (Re)Insurers  Ultimate knowledge /M to violate sanctions laws – Broad jurisdictional reach of criminal conspiracy statute – $232.7 million settlement with DOJ and BIS:/ Actual Implementation Day is uncertain – not likely until 2016 24 Timeline of Important Dates 25  The Iran/

Comprehensive Review of the UCC An information workshop (Rev. Dr. Linda Yates Truro Presbytery, April 23, 20151.

finished yet Spending on Aboriginal ministries to be maintained from 2016 – 2019, thereafter set percentage from M&S establish process/April 23, 201528 Funding Spend only what is received, $11 million in cuts – more cuts needed if College and / need a category 3 remit Will need legislative changes in 9 provinces if Federal Act amended. Not- for-profit path / Spirit will make impossible things, possible. When you default to “conspiracy” think “incompetence.” In general, people are making genuine mistakes, or/

Piers Corbyn ARCS (IC) Physics (1 st class), FRAS FRMetS*; Msc (QMC) Astrophysics, Founder & Director, WeatherAction *originally student member then WeatherAction.

WeatherAction Holdings plc was a corporate member RMS The Long Range Forecasters Feb26th 2016 Exeter University, Devon UK What doesnt & does cause Climate Change, extreme / 96% flux in and out of sea/land requires a conspiracy of nature to follow man ’ s activity. This is /origin – 155d, 11yr, 22yr… Beats between Lunar-nodal crossings (9.3yr) & the magnetic (~22yr) cycle of the sun drive/front page) St Jude 28 th Oct, 99mph gusts (storm force 11) measured at the Needles on Isle of Wight; hit Denmark - gusts/

Jeremiah Prophecies Under Jehoiakim Jeremiah 7-16 Lesson 133.

29 Jeremiah 7:24- 26, 30-31 Jeremiah 8:5-6, 12 Jeremiah 9:3-6Jeremiah 11:9- 10 Jeremiah 12:10–11; 13:27 Took counsel from sorcerers, built graven images instead of temples, and/ rocks. I think that is more literal than some of us think!” (13) Mormon news room 2016 Sources: Suggested Hymn: #319 Ye Elders of Israel Video: No Regrets (5:38) 1.Old //jeremiah-balm-of-gilead/ Jeremiah’s warning in vain: 11:1-14 “The Lord pointed out to him that there was a conspiracy among the Jews and that they had turned back to /


عميد 6 Colonel عقيد 7 Lieutenant Colonel مقدم 8 Major رائد 9 Captain نقيب 10 1st Lieutenant ملازم أول 11 (Lowest rank) 2nd Lieutenant ملازم JULIAN DATE CALENDAR (LEAP YEAR 2008, 2012, 2016 etc) DAY JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP/ 78 - Accessory after the fact. Article 79 - Conviction of lesser included offense. Article 80 - Attempts. Article 81 - Conspiracy. Article 82 - Solicitation. Article 83 - Fraudulent enlistment, appointment, or separation. Article 84 - Unlawful enlistment, appointment, or /

CBRN Disaster Management Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sharma Additional Director, Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences, Programme on Chemical.

collapse of the dollar by promoting gold as exchange medium Phase 5 (2014-2016): “declaration of Islamic caliphate” leading to change of int. balance of power/,500 fatalities; 10,000 injuries 9. Radiological Attach – RDD 180 fatalities;20,000 contaminations 10. Explosive Attack IED Bombing 100 fatalities; 450 hospitalizations 11. Biological attack – Food Contamination 300/ from secured laboratories To obtain and transport it would entail and organized conspiracy and more a kind to an act of war than an act /

FRONT COVER RANK NAME UNIT MOTTO o one is more professional than I. I am a Noncommissioned Officer, a leader of soldiers. As a Noncommissioned Officer,

144 143 142 141 140 139 138 137 136 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 DAY 349 348 347 346 / MAY APR MAR FEB DAY JAN JULIAN DATE CALENDAR (LEAP YEAR 2008, 2012, 2016 etc) 365 364 363 362 361 360 359 358 357 356 355 354 353 /Article 78 - Accessory after the fact. Article 79 - Conviction of lesser included offense. Article 80 - Attempts. Article 81 - Conspiracy. Article 82 - Solicitation. Article 83 - Fraudulent enlistment, appointment, or separation. Article 84 - Unlawful enlistment, appointment, or separation/

Public Relations Society of America 2015 International Conference PoweRful Connections: Shaping Our Future “The Immigration Crisis and Public Relations.

Pros/Cons of accepting immigrants: Security Europe betrayed by migrant crisis conspiracy: Hungary PM. (2015, Oct 30). Agence France-Presse./refugees who arrived last weekend. (2015, September 11). The Indian Panorama. Global reaction The Latest:/ News Service. Refugee crisis to cost Austria 1 bn euros in 2016: ministry. (2015, Oct 14). Agence France-Presse. European Union/PRODUCER, BUSINESS IN SOCIETY PRSA 2015 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE NOVEMBER 9, 2015 | ATLANTA GEORGIA UNDERSTANDING GLOBAL PUBLIC OPINION /

Monopoly and Antitrust. Inefficiency of Monopoly Competitive Outcome P = P C = MC Q = Q C Monopoly Outcome P M > P C = MC Q = Q M < Q C MR D MC QMQM PMPM.

trusts) Every contract, combination in the form of a trust or otherwise, or conspiracy, in restraint of trade or commerce among the several states, or with foreign / = +1.0 ? Impact of Strategies Correlation between payroll and winning: 2010-11 Coase Theorem Initial allocation of player rights does not affect distribution of talent SportCorrelation/ $15 billion 2008 Beijing: $42 billion 2010 Vancouver: $9.2 billion 2012 London 2014 Sochi 2016 Rio de Janeiro Cost of 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Bid budget/

Maryland Consortium for Adjunct Faculty Professional Development (MCAPD) Ninth Annual Fall Conference “The Heart of Engagement” Anne Arundel Community.

run for reelection in Pennsylvania’s 2 nd Congressional District in 2016.”  “….. Given how strongly Democratic his District is –/3. Individual Income tax (Ctd.) (Source: Detroit Free Press, March 11, 2015)  “George W. Smith, a certified public accountant at George/In 2008, Snipes was acquitted of felony tax fraud and conspiracy charges, but was found guilty of misdemeanor charges. Snipes / they have inside.” Source: Washington Post Business Section, August 9,2015. “The secret to inspiring the next Tim Cook” /

Proposed Topics for Possible Guidelines Revisions September 21, 2015 VIRGINIA CRIMINAL SENTENCING COMMISSION.

by the Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission shall not become effective until July 1, 2016. The Commission will review these guidelines and complete its review by December 1/9%19 201438.9%11.1%50.0%18 201550.0%10.0%40.0%20 Compliance with Sentencing Guidelines for Vehicular Involuntary Manslaughter (§ 18.2-36.1(A)) FY2008 – FY2015 (preliminary) Note: Cases with scoring errors were excluded from the analysis. Possible New Guidelines Offenses 33 Currently, convictions under § 18.2-23(B) involving conspiracy/

The Precautionary Approach in Coastal/Ocean Governance: Beacon of Hope, Sea of Confusion, Dilution and Illusion Professor David VanderZwaag Canada Research.

including 4 severely hazardous pesticide formulations, and 11 industrial chemicals) –Focus on trade controls not/ * Mirex * Toxaphene * Polychorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) * Dioxins and Furans –9 chemicals listed in Annex A for elimination, but various exemptions allowed *Only 2/ 133) explicitly mentions the precautionary approach *For the 2016-2020 timeframe, the Plan of Action calls for the/ WWF Mediterranean) >ICCAT might be called “the International Conspiracy To Catch All Tuna” (Carl Safina, Blue Ocean /

Www.mcguirewoods.com Click to edit Master title style www.mcguirewoods.com Demonstration Of An Effective Antitrust Compliance Training Program Presented.

804-775-4393 hfeller@mcguirewoods.com March 8, 2016 Association of Corporate Counsel Charlotte Program McGuireWoods | 2/4 CONFIDENTIAL C.Joint vs. Unilateral Conduct D.Proof of Conspiracy McGuireWoods | 5 CONFIDENTIAL II.Specific Prohibited Practices A.Price/ Customers Events and Trade Association Activities McGuireWoods | 9 CONFIDENTIAL IV.Hypothetical Market Scenarios 1.Can you ask/quality standards for their products? McGuireWoods | 22 CONFIDENTIAL 11.Can competitors work together to secure the passage of /

GREEN MONEY & POWER Peace - Justice – Democracy - Ecology.

over governments by controlling money and its issuance.” James Madison1751-1836 Conspiracy theorist? “Governments make the mistake of giving too much power/ creates the coins. It can make 4 quarters, which costs 11 cents each to make, takes them to a bank and gets/ Banking 10 Ducats (1621) minted as circulating currency by the Fugger Family[9] CAPITALISM The booms, busts and scams. Tulip 1637 & South Seas 1720/central political issue for Democracy 1000 B.C.E. to 2016 C.E. “I have two great enemies, the /

Lurking Intangibles and Business Enterprise Value © 2015 Gaylord A. Wood, Jr.

Group 2014) Course 833? (2011) Business Enterprise Value (BEV) 11 th. Edition of The Appraisal of Real Estate: “A value enhancement/ ‘business value’ primarily by MAI’s. A second edition included 9 more articles on the concept Jeffrey Fisher / William Kinnard Dr. /value from the overall value conclusion. I am the original conspiracy theorist; I note that Dr. Fisher was a founding trustee/Example: David Ortiz “Big Papi” 2015 salary: $16,000,000 2016: $10,000,000 Contract expires in 2018 Question: What could he /

Ward County Sheriff’s Department 2015 Annual Report.

past year. 8 Patrol Division Traffic-Related Activity 9 Accidents Traffic accidents remain the most common calls /activities. Their activities include street-level drug buys, drug conspiracy investigations, drug search warrants, intelligence gathering, informant utilization/the Civil Process Division for collection. As of January 2016, all but 2 delinquent accounts have been resolved./1257 people. In addition, the Sheriff’s Department conducted 11 extraditions in 2015, picking up prisoners in several different/

Information Security & Cybercrime status and way forward (writing on the wall) Sherif El-Kassas CTO SecureMisr December 20, 2011 12011/12/20.

579360-egypt-and-saudi-snared-in-dangerous-botnet 2011/12/20 9 http://www.zdnet.com/ 2011/12/20 10 http://www./ 2011/12/2015 http://www.almasryalyoum.com/node/481121 2011/12/2016 2011/12/2017 http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2010/07/atms-jackpotted/Into Brazil Grid Last Thursday http://news.slashdot.org/story/09/11/17/2245241/Hackers-Broke-Into-Brazil-Grid-Last-Thursday 2011//cyber-attacks-cabo on trusting trust a local perspective 2011/12/2026 Conspiracy Theories! 2011/12/2027 2011/12/2028 http://www.f-secure/

Litigation Updates re: NCAA

in Sports Business Current Status September 2014 – NCAA and 11 Conferences filed Motion to Dismiss and remain pending Discovery and/standing and meets the terms of the agreement. Effective in 2016-17, all financial aid agreements offered to incoming student-athletes /? Relevant Law: Sherman Act §1 – ‘Every contract, … or conspiracy, in restraint of trade or commerce … is declared to be illegal’/ judgment motions made by both the plaintiffs and the NCAA June 9, 2014: Case was moved to trial June 27, 2014: Trial/

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