Ppt on 108 ambulance

David Russell, EMT-P 2-7433

February$10,232$3,065 March$5,398$5,971 April$9,328 $4,225 May$5,143 $4,225 June$9,108 $4,225 $83,119$50,702Total $6,927$4,225Average Negotiated Rates Quotes on “Out of Town Transports” Projected total for/ day Centralizing away from approximately 60 CM and SW Using better tools; defined procedures Negotiated transport costs saving thousands of dollars in ambulance costs Saving hundreds of hours of individual time per month Decreasing patient bed stay days by more efficiently moving patients “The Discharge /

Reducing the Medicalization of Maternal and Newborn Care July 2013.

and fluid  Electronic fetal monitoring  Routine nasal suctioning of newborn 8 Practices That Are Harmful  Restricting ambulation/positions during labor and choice of birth position  Lack of companion/family during labor  Over-use /(2001). Operative intervention in delivery is associated with compromised early mother-infant interaction. British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 108, 1068–1075.  Schroeder, M., & Pridham, K. (2006). Development of competencies through guided participation for mothers/

GISFI_CSeON_201212329GISFI#11, Dec 20121 Emergency Telecommunication Services in India Company:NEC Corporation Author(s):Ritesh Kumar Kalle, Sivabalan.

of language translation services –Code for disable persons like deaf and dumb who can not use voice calls Harmonizing various existing emergency call centre services : EMRI 108, State police control rooms Dial 100, Fire 101, Ambulance 102 etc Police requirements to be addressed: –Call back to ETS call originating phone (wired, mobile, IP phone) –Officer to Officer priority calling facility –Creation of/

EMS The current state of emergency care in West Texas.

EMS utilization. Assets  196 EMS Services  3705 EMS personnel 3094 paid staff 611 volunteers  258 EMS stations  539 Ambulances  2249 Average Calls per year Assets Coverage Air Medical Transport  There are 56 heliports in West Texas out of 554 /aircrafts, with 7 in West Texas. EMTF  Emergency Medical Task Force (EMTF)  4 EMTFs in 108 counties  Each EMTF has:  AmBus  Mobile Medical Unit (MMU)  Ambulance Strike Team (AST)  AmBus Strike Team (ABST)  Registered Nurse Strike Team (RNST) EMTF 1EMTF/

Lecture 3: Pediatric Considerations. Objectives On completion of this module, the EMA/Paramedic will be able to: u describe the components of the pediatric.

(age >2) -simple viral gastroenteritis is usually benign CTAS Level 5 Non Urgent CTAS Level 5: Explanation u often do not use ambulance u minor complaints u do not pose any immediate risk to the patient u degree of pain is minimal CTAS Level 5: Physiologic Assessment u/was tackled and now has severe abdominal pain. His colour is pale, he is diaphoretic and his V/S are BP 90/54, pulse 108, respirations 22. A large bore intravenous is started with N/S tkvo. Case #55 v You are dispatched to a residence for a /

Department of Health Northern Cape Key Challenges in Health Presentation to Select Committee on Social Services Parliament of RSA 23 June 2015 1.

and fully staffed control rooms Rolling programme to replace each ambulance after 3 years (or 300,000km) introduced in 2012/13. 60 ambulances are replaced each year. Shortfall in ambulances: 108 against 184 New control rooms constructed in Upington and Kimberley./ Plan is 199 specialised beds in the new NC Mental Health Hospital, 209 acute beds in general hospitals and 108 community-based beds – significant budget constraints in achieving this. Currently 107 specialised beds at West End Hospital. There/

Management of Ischemic Stroke - Dr Bhadresh Mangukiya - Dr Bhadresh Mangukiya D.M Neurology D.M Neurology 504,Param Doc House Lal Darwaja,Surat 504,Param.

 Practice staff should be trained to inform doctor immediately if patient calls with symptoms identifiable  Ambulance crews now trained to use FAST score to prioritise Calls and dispatch.  Act FAST call 108 ambulance. Section 1 Slide30 Onset to Entry (By referral method) ASIST data 1999 Pre Hospital care  Ambulance services,health care professionals and general public should receive education concerning the importance of early/

Quality, Performance and Finance Report May 2014

April 2014), indicates for the period December 2012 to November 2013 that CHSFTs overall SHMI rate is worse than expected at 108.98 and NTHFTs overall SHMI rate is worse than expected at 111.82 Remedial actions: CHSFT: A number of actions /year end by £935k.  Action Points The demand file has been set correctly for 2014/15. Finance & Activity North East Ambulance Services POD Analysis Contract Update This contract is a block, with activity driven element, penalties and a risk share arrangement Data Issues/

Saving lives from heart attack ‘Mission DELHI’ Delhi Emergency Life Heart-Attack Initiative.

patients Timely and consistent provision of pre-hospital thrombolysis and subsequent care to heart attack patients Advanced Heartcare Ambulance service Education and upgrading skills of healthcare providers Estabilishing systems for evaluation of the project Primary angioplasty considered /day Every 15 minutes one person suffers heart attack 3 km radius covers 30 sq km Data from 1298 and 108 ambulances (predominantly rural) 60% trauma; 30% maternal/pediatric 10% heart attack 20 sq km approx 1 lakh /

Kevin Hudson Programme Manager, Clinical Commissioning Information, NHS Somerset Detailed Analysis of Emergency Admissions in Somerset FULL RESULTS 0 2.

of hours service.  No observable correlation between growth of admissions & patient’s abilities to access GP Practices.  Ambulance conveyance trends appear mirror overall observations including observed demographic differences and change in mix.  Nursing home analysis show differences / which indicate components with highest growth. Different areas of priority appear for different areas of Somerset. 108 And in Summary it is possible to frame some key ongoing questions for those involved with Emergency /

General Data RB 25/M From Camarines Norte Roman Catholic Married, with 1 child R handed.

Blood chem (8/19/13) BUN 5 mmol/L Crea 95.5 ummol/L Alb 33 g/L ↓ Na 141 mmol/L K 3.3 mmol/L ↓ Cl 108 mmol/L ↓ CRP <6 Initial Labs UA (8/14) Yellow/sightly hazy SG 1.015/pH 7.5 (-) CHO/CHON RBC 15-20 WBC innumerable Cast: hyaline / S1 4/5 4/5 - ASIA Sensory: maintained - DTRs: normotonic Course in the Wards 9/5 – able to stand with one PKS >15 min 9/7 – able to tolerate ambulation using walker with PKS 9/9 – able to stand with || bars; s/p ingrownectomy Course in the Wards 9/10 – ASIA MMT: (R) (L) (R) (L) C5/

Sussex County Board of Supervisors Mission Statement: The Mission of the Sussex County Board of Supervisors is “To provide open and responsive leadership,

FY2013 – General Fund Budget Expenditures General Fund Expenditures_______FY 2012_________FY 2013_ Difference Board of Supervisors$112,508 $106,108 6,400 County Administrator/Finance$647,681 $555,79391,888 Building and Grounds$552,615$537,49615,119 Housing/ of guidelines and procedures for management and replacement of County Vehicle Fleet (County, Sheriff, School, Fire and Ambulance). X. Recommends that the County actively pursue and utilize any available Grants that meets current or future County’s/

FIRE FUTURES Draft Background Work Stream Pack

7,800 51,646 2009 30,088 11,867 1,543 8,224 51,722 Change 2004 to 2009 -1,738 +1,014 +108 +2,004 +1,388 Percentage change 2004 to 2009 -5.5 +9.3 +7.5 +32.2 +2.8 Less than / efficiency and effectiveness of the organisations and systems, supporting performance improvement, and developing an empowered professional workforce. They reduced the number of ambulance services from 31 to 12 (in line with Strategic Health Authority boundaries) to reduce duplication of resources and increase management capacity. The /

Current National and State Health Programmes (2008-2012)

Health services in HSCs, PHCs and Referral centres Provision of Diet to Antenatal women, Post natal mothers, and women who had undergone Sterilization Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy Maternity Benefit Scheme “108” Emergency Ambulance Service Provision of Specialist services Obstetricians, Anaesthetists for Emergency Obstetric Care and Paediatrician for Emergency Newborn care Gestational Diabetes Control Programme: Improvement of Quality of Health services in HSCs, PHCs/

The Musculoskeletal System Roman A. Goy MD Medical Officer ODP/Office of Medical Assistance September 1, 2015 [This presentation has not been approved.

Osteoarthritis of the knee s/p total knee replacement With complications infection, failure of revision And inability to ambulate effectively, For 12 months from onset 22 Meets Listing 1.03 Reconstructive Surgery - Arthroplasties Joint replacements (/axial compression or pseudo rotation Distraction test e.g. SLR Regional disturbances dysfunction, weakness, or sensory Overreaction 108 Axial Compression & Pseudorotation Photo courtesy of: http://revue.medhyg.ch/art/Images/22913_2.gif 109 Clinical Validation /


treatment. Currently only 52% of the population of people with epilepsy are seizure free. This 18% treatment gap equates to 108,000 people with epilepsy having seizures when with optimal treatment they could be seizure free. Too few adults are offered, or / recovered. If they are injured, or they have another seizure without recovering fully from the first seizure, call for an ambulance. HOW TO LIVE WITH SEIZURES safety and epilepsy HOW TO LIVE WITH SEIZURES Recommendations 1.Don’t forget to take your /

Region X Multiple Patient Management Plan Condell Medical Center EMS System CE July 2009 Site Code #107200E-1209 Prepared by: Steve Holtz, FF/PM Libertyville.

Indicate what are the closest appropriate hospitals you might use for transport Field-to-Hospital Communication Class 1 –Every transporting ambulance calls in their individual abbreviated reports Respect the radio/phone time knowing multiple calls need to be made –State: / secondary triage score Secondary Triage Practice Pt #1 - adult looking around, confused, grabbing at equipment. RR 26; B/P 108/60 Pt #2 - adult; eyes open when their name is called; yells out occasional words but not appropriate to the /

1 Region X Disaster Preparation ECRN 2012 CE Mod II Condell Medical Center EMS System Site Code: 107200E -1212 2 hours CE credit Prepared by: Sharon Hopkins,

Functions For medium or large scale events, the Resource Hospital serves as the communication link from field to hospital Transporting ambulances WILL NOT contact receiving hospital(s) prior to arrival Resource Hospital will receive field information and forward to receiving hospital/on the plans as written Be flexible Remember your goal: do the most good for the most people 106 107 108 109 Bibliography Region X Advanced Life Support Standard Operating Procedures February 1, 2012; Approved by IDPH 1/6/12 /

County Data and Beneficiary Resource Handbook

prescription part D benefit—all from their HMO network (instead of fee-for-service). Monthly premiums = $55, 69, or $108. Hospitalizations $350 each, & other copays apply. BCN ADVANTAGE (Blue Cross Blue Shield Network) 866-966-2583 A Medicare / Nutritious meals and community style dining in a pleasant atmosphere • Personal care assistance in grooming, personal hygiene, ambulation and manicures • Assisted bathing in a handicapped accessible shower is available • Beauty salon on site • Cheaper alternative/

EMTALA Update 2014 Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act

of the hospital considered DED (such as OB or pediatrics) Deficiencies Apr 2014 Nov 13 Jan 2014 Tag 2405 ED Log 130 108 115 2406 MSE 316 262 281 2407 Stabilization Treatment 155 128 135 2408 Delay in Exam 35 30 32 2409 Appropriate Transfer 168/or QMP need to see right away Parking of Patients 2007 Memo 2406 Parking of Patients 2006 Memo Helipad 2406 Helicopters and ambulances that enter the hospital grounds just to access the helipad to tertiary hospitals does not trigger an EMTALA obligation However, if /

 EMTALA Update 2011 Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act.

on call emergency coverage  ACEP report cited the 2008 report  ACEP has practice position on EMTALA also at www.acep.org 108 ACEP On-Call Physicians 109 110 111 OIG CPG for Hospitals  Remember the Department of HHS, OIG, issued “Supplemental Compliance Program/ if physician or QMP need to see right away 200 Parking of Patients 2406 201 Helipad 2406  Helicopters and ambulances that enter the hospital grounds just to access the helipad to tertiary hospitals does not trigger an EMTALA obligation  However/

Anne Ades University of Pennsylvania - Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics COI submitted, no conflict to declare.

- Clinical Tutor; University of Western Australia - Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine; St Johns Ambulance, Western Australia - Ambulance Service Medical Advisor COI submitted, no conflict to declare Tex Kissoon BC Childrens Hospital &/Medical Director; Virginia Commonwealth University Health System - Professor & Chairman, Department of Emergency Medicine; Richmond Ambulance Authority - Operational Medical Director U Michigan/NINDS - Principal Investigator, Virginia Commonwealth University site, NIH-/

Gneral Physics I, Lecture Note, Part 1 (Lecture 1-11)

the spring? General Physics 1, Lec14, By/ T.A. Eleyan Gneral Physics I, Lecture Note, Part 1 (Lecture 1-11) 76 [11]The ambulance (mass 3000kg) shown in the Figure(2) slides (wheels locked) down a frictionless incline that is 10 m long. It starts from rest at point/1 just after the collision? General Physics I, Lec 16 By/ T.A. Eleyan Gneral Physics I, Lecture Note, Part 1 (Lecture 1-11) 108 where General Physics I, Lec 16 By/ T.A. Eleyan Gneral Physics I, Lecture Note, Part 1 (Lecture 1-11) 109 Example: The /

August 2013 Reducing the Medicalization of Maternal and Newborn Care.

fluids  Electronic fetal monitoring  Oro-pharnygeal suctioning of newborn 8 Practices That Are Harmful  Restricting ambulation/different positions during labor and choice of birth position  Lack of companion/family during labor  Over/2001). Operative intervention in delivery is associated with compromised early mother-infant interaction. British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 108, 1068–1075.  Schroeder, M., & Pridham, K. (2006). Development of competencies through guided participation for /

Houston Fire Department FY2017 Preliminary Budget Presentation General Fund 1 Rodney West Interim Fire Chief Neil J. DePascal, Jr. Deputy Assistant Director.

Fees) +$0.6 / +18.8% Other 1.31.0 - Total$78.5$71.7$108.7$104.7+$33.0 /+46.0% 6 DEPT LOGO HERE IF DESIRED FY2017 - Revenues Highlights Revenues increased $33.0 million from FY16 – 17 – Ambulance supplemental payment program reimbursement from the State is estimated to be $21.7 million for EMS services provided/


, dressing, personal hygiene, eating, meal planning and preparation and housekeeping) Assisting the individual with ambulation and mobility Reinforcing any counseling and therapy subcomponent provided to the individual Assisting with the administration of/ Support Billable Activity assisting the individual with activities of daily living; assisting the individual with ambulation and mobility; reinforcing any specialized therapies subcomponent provided to the individual; assisting with the administration/

Condition Code Implementation Presented by David Werfel, Esq. Deb Gault Ann Singer.

–How and when to use Transport Indicators on claims –Application of the Medical Condition List for Air Ambulance Services Air Ambulance Transport Indicators and use of Medical Condition List Medical Condition List Lists Provided –Original List “Simplified” / ischemia, pulmonary edema. Dispatch Condition Code: None, ALS request On-scene Condition: 4/10 chest heaviness, BP 180/108, cardiac monitor and O2. On-scene Condition Code: 428.9 Cardiac/hemodynamic monitoring required enroute, ALS Billing – Non-/

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss and Its Implications for Middle School, High School, and College Band Directors Ashley Waller.

90 dB - Tractor/Lawn mower 110 dB - Leaf blower/Chain saw 110 dB - Leaf blower/Chain saw 120 dB - Ambulance siren 120 dB - Ambulance siren 125 dB - Causes pain 125 dB - Causes pain 140 dB - Loudest recommended exposure WITH hearing protection. 140 dB / that exceed the maximum allowable dosage during Indoor Drumline rehearsals (twice per week). Indoor Drumline rehearsals: Indoor Drumline rehearsals: 108.0% (NIOSH/ACGIH) 108.0% (NIOSH/ACGIH) 20.0% (OSHA) 20.0% (OSHA) During one 120-minute rehearsal, Director B/

Copyright © 2013 Wolters Kluwer Health | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Chapter 25 Mechanical Immobilization.

components include: –Below the knee: socket, shank, ankle/foot system –Above the knee: below-the-knee components plus a knee system Ambulation with a lower limb prosthesis requires strength and endurance Copyright © 2013 Wolters Kluwer Health | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins General Gerontologic Considerations Functional /effective  Steroid side effects can be devastating  Athletes and coaches susceptible to misinformation 108 Copyright © 2013 Mosby, Inc., an imprint of Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Status of Universal Health Coverage Assam (Dated 9 th January 2014) National Rural Health Mission Department of Health & Family Welfare Govt. of Assam.

the Emergency Referral services in the State, Govt. of Assam started “Mritunjoy 108 Emergency Referral Services” on 6 th November 2008.  280 nos. of Ambulances and 5 Boat Ambulances deployed in the State for referral transport including obstetric emergencies.  In /Referral Transport Facility: 102 Referral Transport Facility has launched during current F.Y 2013-14 and 120 nos. of ambulances already deployed in the state in 1 st Phase. Status of Steps being taken for Health System Strengthening - Initiative/

“Operating Plans for Nene and Corby Clinical Commissioning Groups” Thursday 21 st May 2015 Kettering Conference Centre Development Session.

Domain 4 We will reduce the proportion of people reporting poor patient experience of Inpatient care to: Nene from 123 to 108 by 2018/19 (15/16 118 – 14/15 121) Domain 4 We will reduce the proportion of people reporting poor / releases 18 beds for step up – avoiding 938 NELS Crisis Response falls Service Social care crisis response service & falls ambulance providing assessment 7 short term interventions – avoiding 360 NELS Primary Care Streaming & Ambulatory Care Provision of primary care streaming /

Chapter 25 Mechanical Immobilization. Some people are inactive and physically immobile due to overall debilitating conditions. Others have impaired mobility.

physical therapy to regain function and range of motion Debilitated clients require physical conditioning before they can ambulate again Some techniques for increasing strength and weight bearing include ◦isometric exercises for lower limbs ◦Isotonic for/Lesson 16.2: Nutrition for Training and Competition  A healthy personal exercise program combines both strengthening and aerobic activities. 108 Copyright © 2013 Mosby, Inc., an imprint of Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. Athletic Performance (p. 321) /


Comparative Analysis of Wait Times & Nurse Utilization Scenario Ambulance N=537 Walk-in N=3205 Nurse Utilization Baseline (1.5 Pooled RNs) 3.6 + 5.918 + 29 71% 2 Dedicated RNs + Regular Triage1.5 + 3.868 + 108 Walk in 90% Ambulance 25% 2 Dedicated RNs + Pre-triage1.4 /+ 3.79 + 13 Walk in 53% Ambulance 25% 2 Pooled RNs + Pre-triage0.68 + 1.662.25 + 3.7 39% Comparative Analysis of /

Philadelphia university

and Respiratory Arrest Electric Shock Wounds Bleeding Burns Fractures and Traumatic Injuries Poisoning Drowning Snake bites In calling for an ambulance make sure you give: or address form which you are calling The nature of emergency The number of people /important aspects of patient assessment. They are taken after the primary survey and the medical history. Based on them, ambulance personnel and receiving hospital staff can tell whether or not the patient’s condition is deteriorating. As a First Responder /

1 EMS and Legal Implications November 2012 Condell Medical Center EMS System Site Code: 107200E -1212 Prepared by: Sharon Hopkins, RN, BSN, EMT-P Revised.

are a felon! 96 Liability Biggest causes of EMS liability are preventable Biggest causes of EMS liability are preventable Ambulance collisions Ambulance collisions Can be open to civil and criminal liability Can be open to civil and criminal liability Operate your/loss of employment or leave without pay Punishment included misdemeanor charges and fines and loss of employment or leave without pay 108 Case #3 How do you validate attendance at your programs? How do you validate attendance at your programs? How /

Novantrone Main Presentation Version 7.0 - 10/3/2015 M-1 Mitoxantrone for Multiple Sclerosis (Novantrone ® ) Mitoxantrone for Multiple Sclerosis (Novantrone.

unilateral assistance to walk 100 meters Moderate disability in one FS or mild disability in 3-4 FS Normal1076530 Ambulation impaired Novantrone Main Presentation Version 7.0 - 10/3/2015 M-20 Study 901 - Exclusion Criteria /M.D. Professor of Neurology MCP Hahnemann University Novantrone Main Presentation Version 7.0 - 10/3/2015 M-108 Clinical Courses of MS Increasing Disability Time Relapsingremitting Secondary progressive PrimaryprogressiveProgressiverelapsing Novantrone Main Presentation Version 7.0 - 10/3/

Hills Community Centenary of ANZAC Committee Centenary of ANZAC 1914 -1915 This Site is under construction and will change in the future 1.

New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade settled next to it. At the end of twelve days the 1st Australian Division, infantry, artillery, ambulances, transport, and divisional light horse, was camped by the Pyramids ten miles from the centre of the city.” 90 First /lost their lives on this land they have become our sons as well.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mustafa_Kemal_Atat%C3%BCrk 108 109 Click to Open Photo Gallery Click to Open Photo Gallery There were great photographs taken at Gallipoli, some by the/

Segment Reporting and Decentralization

are illustrated in the table on the slide. You may want to refer back to this screen as you work through the question on the next slide. 3-108 Quick Check  How much ambulance service cost will be allocated to Mercy Hospital at the beginning of the year? a. $117,000 b. $254,400 c. $114,480 d. $119,250 How much/

1 Gunshots, Stabbings and Other Nefarious Acts… April 2010 CE Condell Medical Center EMS System Prepared by: Lt. William Hoover, Medical Officer Wauconda.

units requested, including FFL – ABC’s performed – Immobilization by c-collar, backboard & head immobilizers – Patient moved to ambulance – Patient exposed with multiple gunshot wounds discovered 69 Case Study #1 Bleeding controlled to entry & exit wounds with trauma / external appearances only Patient had small bone fragments that were pushed into the brain Patient required neurosurgery evaluation 108 Case Study #4 Report – Description of wound(s) noted including body region – Include type of weapon/


specific to a NMCB [ref. ABFC View] TRK AMBULANCE HMMWV TRK MAINTENANCE HMMWV TRUCK DUMP TRK TANK FUEL SERV MTVR TRLR TANK 400 GAL WATER MIXER CONCRETE 11 CU FT 108 construction ops 108 CONSTRUCTION OPERATIONS FUNDAMENTALS References: [a] Crew Leader Handbook /found on a Level III barchart. Construction Activities Start, finish and duration of each construction activity Critical activities Free Float 108 108.6 Discuss the Construction Project SITREP [ref a., pp. G-6]   A message SITREP must be submitted /

Heat Illness Risk Management

per company in large ice water cooler) NOTE: Wash wet sheets and clean cooler daily Coordinate for unit transport and non-military ambulance support (garrison or off-post). What support can they provide? What is their level of training? Do they have gate /where PVT Golf received 2-IV’s, required artificial respiration, and his temp rose to 108º F. Ice sheets were used and PVT Golf was evacuated by ground ambulance to an Army Community Hospital and was subsequently transferred to an Army Medical Center (AMC)/

© 2010 The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Segment Reporting, Decentralization, and the Balanced Scorecard Chapter 12.

or Budgeted Costs Be Charged? Budgeted variable and fixed service department costs should be charged to operating departments. McGraw-Hill/Irwin Slide 108 Sipco has a maintenance department and two operating departments: Cutting and Assembly. Variable maintenance costs are budgeted at $0.60 per machine/year? a. $121,200 b. $254,400 c. $139,500 d. $117,000 McGraw-Hill/Irwin Slide 113 How much ambulance service cost will be allocated to Mercy Hospital at the end of the year? a. $121,200 b. $254,400 c. $139,/

Midwifery Nursing II (150365) Labor and birth process Prepared by: Mrs. Raheegeh Awni 9/19/20151.

and developing settings led to its introduction worldwide. ( Effect of Different Partogram Action Lines on Birth Outcome VOL. 108, NO. 2, AUGUST 2006). 9/19/2015111 Amniotomy Or artificial rupture of the membranes (AROM), is usually /or lateral position because it promotes uteroplacental and renal blood flow. It increases fetal oxygen saturation. 9/19/2015121 Ambulation and positioning If the fetus is OP position, encourage woman to squat during contraction. This position increases pelvic diameter/

A modern thrombolysis service is superior to primary angioplasty Rob Henderson Consultant Cardiologist Trent Cardiac Centre Nottingham Rob Henderson Consultant.

symptom onset to treatment in recent trials Time from symptom onset to treatment (mins) Onset of pain to needle time East Midlands Ambulance Service Median symptom onset to needle 93 minutes N=117 Median symptom onset to needle 93 minutes N=117 EMAS PHT audit 04//at a NIAP centre …..careful case selection? Comparison of angioplasty and prehospital thrombolysis in acute MI (CAPTIM n=840) Steg, Circulation 2003;108:2851 Mortality at 30 days Interaction test HR 4.19, 95%CI 1.03-17.0, p=0.045 N=460 N=374 Meta/

Angiomax (bivalirudin) in Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD)

closure 0% ► Vascular repair 0% ► CVA 0% ► Post-procedure creatinine increase > 0.5 0% ► Mean sheath removal 108 minutes ► LOS 0.6 days (0-2) Knopf et al, TCT 2002 St. Joseph’s Hospital Registry Naples Endovascular Registry / the treating physician.  Secondary: · Activated clotting times (ACTs) · Health economics (sheath size, time to sheath removal, time to ambulation, time to discharge, use of closure devices) · Death · Bleeding · Myocardial infarction (MI) · Unplanned revasc or surgical intervention for /

Understand nurse aide’s range of function in rehabilitative/restorative and maintenance care Unit B Resident Care Skills Resident Care Skills Essential.

the operation of most power-driven hoists, including those designated to lift and move patients. 4.02Nursing Fundamentals 7243 108 U.S. Department of Labor Hazardous Order No. 7 (July2010) What do we do? NA student regardless /muscles –relieves pressure on body parts –increases joint mobility –improves function of digestive and urinary systems 4.02Nursing Fundamentals 7243 AMBULATING – WALKING 154 Effects on body (continued)Effects on body (continued) –increased independence leads to more positive self-image/

Kenneth Chelst, Ph.D. Leonard Matarese, M.P.A. City of Plymouth Emergency Services Data Analysis and Alternatives.

accident 31.41324 Seizure64.23130 Overdose/psych49.14253 Unresponsive person54.33843 Fall56.7114125 Illness and other55.1259289 EMS Total56.3736807 Huron Valley Ambulance – City Average Response Times – 6.4 minutes 12 City Police Department - Patrol 2 or 3 patrol units on duty /Full-timers in each station : 12 hours per day and 5 days a week –2 part-timers in each station the remaining 108 hours per week –30 paid on-call volunteers - More fire personnel when needed C: 14 full-time firefighters deployed in 3/



PAH Mohammad Ruhal Ain R Ph, PGDPRA, M Pharm (Clin. Pharm) Department of Clinical Pharmacy Salman Bin AbdulAziz University College Of Pharmacy.

SCr 1.2 mg/dL, AST 145 IU/L, ALT 90 IU/L, INR 2.1, and PTT 52 seconds; vital signs include BP 108/62 mm Hg and HR 62 beats/minute. Home medications warfarin 2.5 mg/day, ipratropium 2 puffs every 6 hours, salmeterol 2 puffs 2 / WHO classification,this patient has I.Class I PAH II.Class II PAH III.Class III PAH IV.Class IV PAH Functional class I–II, ambulated 380 m or greater (or 1250 ft) during 6- minute walk test, Functional Classification A.Class I- Patients with pulmonary hypertension but without resulting/

Internal Medicine Board Review (from MKSAP 13) Cardiology

Full anticoagulation in postpartum period Hemodynamic monitoring during delivery ABX propylaxis during delivery Early post partum ambulation Delivery by c-section #68 Early post partum ambulation Decrease risk of DVT paradoxical embolism #47 26 y.o. 30 weeks pregnant murmur /LA thrombus #75 28 y.o. female with palpitations (heavy beat then pause) no associated sx. HR 72 BP 108/68. Mid systolic nonejection click. EKG sinus no preexcitation. Echo posterior leaflet prolapse with mild late systolic MR. Holter/

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