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123 Oldham Road, Royton, Oldham, OL1 8NN R001 Introduction to Computer Systems – A Student’s Guide Cambridge Nationals ICT 2015 Exam Date: May 13 th 2015.

computer system is using a firewall, you will need to configure this to allow you to connect to the internet without being blocked. Go Back 123 Oldham Road, Royton, Oldham,/conditions, anywhere on or near the Earth where there is an unobstructed line of sight to four or more GPS satellites by a GPS device. Employees maybe /work related business only. Users must also use appropriate etiquette when using tools. Therefore emails must be completed in the appropriate manner with the subject,cc,bcc fields filled in./

Table of Contents Introduction Terms - Glossary Heuristic Review Information Color Coding used to detect severity of a bugColor Coding used to detect severity.

its emails, finding abandonment points will be much easier. The email isnt formatted nicely to look good prior to enabling picture download in the email. I would suggest making the email look much nicer when viewed without images since that’s how it’s going to be / down as well. Problem - High -Text in red color, size is too over emphasized. - Facebook, twitter icons cover the red line. - Bulleted points below it word “No” is redundant and “Free!” is also same as saying “No credit Card” required. Solution/

CMS HOSPITAL CONDITIONS OF PARTICIPATION (COPS) 2015 All Day Program What PPS Hospitals Need to Know.

of radiopharmaceuticals by trained nuclear medicine technicians in hospitals on off hours without a physician or a pharmacist being present  Medical Staff can include/ are on their website Conditions of Participation (CoPs) 59  Email questions to hospitalscg@cms.hhs.gov or CAHscg@cms.hhs.gov  Resource may/ harvesting grafts, transplanting tissue, administering anesthesia, implanting devices and placing invasive lines  But requirement to have this in writing in under optional list or well designed list 610/

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the answer provided. At end of each answer, have a “Back to Top” link Answers are provided on Slide 16 Open up Outlook with Mason Marlowe’s email address in the To line Answers to FAQ – Organisations (for slide 15) How do I order reports/ BOARD, EVERY USER ACKNOWLEDGES THAT ALL INFORMATION OBTAINED FROM THIS SERVICE IS PROVIDED WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, AND THAT/

1 Access to Confidential Data for Statistical Analysis Kenneth Harris, Director of Research Data Center.

data will not be made and user-supplied data will not be made available for analysis to anyone without available for analysis to anyone without the written consent of the user. the written consent of the user. 21 The Cost /construction. On-line scanning of users’ code On-line scanning of users’ code Valuable research tools and information readily available to the users. Valuable research tools and information readily available to the users. 105 Contact Information For general Questions/Comments Email: rdca@/

LIS650part 0 Introduction to the course and to the World Wide Web Thomas Krichel 2010-09-12.

be read as follows: There is email user krichel in a domain openlib.org to whom email may be sent. protocols to access named resources Computers connected to the Internet (“hosts”) use different application level protocols to do things. The most commonly used / is that multidirectional text would be impossible without it. Visual user agents start a new line at the beginning of block-level elements. generic block level element The element allows you to create arbitrary block level divisions in your document/

EMail marketing MBA 563 Week 6. Overview: eMail marketing The new Canadian anti-spam legislation (CASL)

generally prohibits: sending of commercial electronic messages without the recipients consent (permission), including messages to email addresses and social networking accounts, and text messages sent to a cell phone; alteration of transmission data /email preferences” Make sure the email is expected A recognized, consistent sender name “Branded” subject lines and subject line content Consistency between subject line and content Based on DMA “eMail Delivery Best Practices” Some tactics to help get your email/

Self-Learning Course. Orientation is required for each AtlantiCare vendor. This self-learning course is intended to cover the pertinent information from.

email or a phone call to request your password, Social Security number, or confidential information.  Be suspicious of any email message that asked you to enter or verify personal or financial information through a web site or by replying to the message itself. NEVER reply to or click the links in a message without/Reporting, Injury Reporting, EMTALA, Language Line and Emergency Codes. These topics help assure we address negative outcomes and take action to prevent recurrences. AtlantiCare uses advanced /

Connections for Access. FYI… It is important that students are aware that it would be beneficial for them to take notes throughout the lesson on points.

If two IrDA devices are connected through their infrared ports but only one has Internet access, the device without Internet access will be able to access the Internet through the other device. In this way, an Internet connection can be set up /shorthand that allows a server to break up different parts of a message into categories the other server can understand. Any email message has a sender, a recipient (or sometimes multiple recipients), a message body, and usually a subject line. Once that message goes /

Effectively Managing Your Email Ways to Manage Your Email that Save Time and Headaches Presenter: Andrew Sanderbeck.

an “urgent reply needed” when you don’t have time or the answer 3 Things to absolutely avoid in an email to co-workers and customers Copying a message or attachment without permission Copying a message or attachment without permission Using email to discuss confidential information Using email to discuss confidential information Forwarding chain letters Forwarding chain letters Thanks for Attending Join Andrew Sanderbeck for his online course: Hard/

Hatrak Scheduler Email UsOn Line Demo HATRAK SCHEDLER.

SUPERVISOR LOG IN – ACT ON EMPLOYEE REQUESTS Hatrak Scheduler Email UsOn Line Demo SUPERVISOR LOG IN – INBOX RETURN TO CONTENTS Supervisors have access to their own inbox from the Calendar (following a supervisor log in) The Inbox is a handy way to view Requests without first clicking on each employee they supervise to detect pending requests The supervisor can take action from the inbox by clicking the/

CPSC 481 Fateme Rajabiyazdi #W4. Visual Studio Download Visual Studio 2013 (Ultimate) from – MSDN Academic Alliance Software Center – IT email account.

IT email account If you don’t have one, go to CPSC help desk and ask Or email help desk/line */ /// This is how you describe methods Access Public: accessible anywhere Private: only accessible within the class Protected: only accessible within the same hierarchy Properties Members that provide a mechanism to read, write or compute the values of private fields They expose a public way of getting and setting values, while hiding implementation. The Keyboard value defines the value being set Properties without/

& #noiOnDemand If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please visit www.CandidateProject.org/help www.CandidateProject.org/help to read frequently.

LINES & #noiOnDemand 3. KEEP IT CONVERSATIONAL How do you sound when you write an email to coworkers? Snarky is ok. A formal letter isn’t. Have voices, personalities in your emails. It keeps things from getting stale. & #noiOnDemand 4. NEVER SEND AN EMAIL WITHOUT/  Give us your feedback  Attend an event & #noiOnDemand 4. NEVER SEND AN EMAIL WITHOUT AN ACTION… …But try not to have more than one action per email. Don’t confuse people. Multiple actions/links overwhelm people Splits the returns of your action /

Unit 4 ICT A level Revision. Remember!! The focus of A level questions is on you being the designer / advisor to organisations wishing to develop their.

Internet : FTP File transfer protocol Online shopping On-line banking News groups or bulletin boards Download software or data e.g. music, videos... On-line chat rooms Email Video and teleconferencing etc How to access a web page Type in URL Type in / Allows sharing of data and of the results of processing of the data. New locations can be added to the database without the need for rewriting the entire database. Disadvantages of distributed databases Complex software involved than a centralised database /

Saving Money Solution Implementer Guide. Agenda Recap Discussions to Date Next Steps Solution Guidance Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Customize the Capability.

productivity applications; and online and offline email Make remote workers more productive with key data or systems via secure remote access Allow employees to telecommute as often as possible without diminishing performance via communication tools such as/SharePoint and SAP; Office 2007 (composite applications, Office Business Applications, Duet); Office 2010 (SharePoint Workspace 2010: integrate line-of-business data offline and online); Office 365 Dedicated; Office 365 E1; Office 365 E2; Office 365 E3/

Heritage Bank Accreditation Presentation. Agenda 1. Who is Heritage Bank? 2. We are here to help 3. Residential mortgages 4. Product range 5. Policy guidelines.

Post outlets ATM network and EFTPOS Residential Mortgages Purchases Refinance Investment Construction Land purchase Debt consolidation Further advances Bridging finance Line of credit Let’s look at…  Bridging Loan  Discount Variable Home Loan  Fixed Rate Home Loan / Fax: 1800 220 546  Email: tan.k@heritage.com.au All loans subject to application and approval. Fees, charges and conditions apply. Information correct as at 11 January 2016 and subject to change without notice. Heritage Bank Limited ABN 32 /

How to Make Your Campaigns More Viral November 21, 2013.

Practice: Be personal with your share email subject lines OPTIMIZING SHARE LANGUAGE OVERALL RESULTS Virality loop optimizations:  Optimize action page -> 20% higher conversion rate  Plug in ShareProgress share page -> ~65% more sharing to friends  Test share language -> ~40% higher social conversions Result: Virality ratio of 0.46 (85% increase in actions from social sharing) WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED WITHOUT OPTIMIZATION? With Optimization: Virality ratio/

2-1. The Internet & the World Wide Web Exploring Cyberspace  Connecting to the Internet  How Does the Internet work?  The World Wide Web  &

there are more backbone access locations 2-16 How Does the Internet Work?  Internet Backbone  High-capacity, high-speed data transmission lines  Use the newest technology  Providers include AT&T, Cable & Wireless, Sprint, Teleglobe, UUNET  Internet 2  Cooperative university// spyware  Delete it without opening the message  Never reply to a spam message  When you sign up for something, don’t give your email address  Use spam filters  Fight back by reporting new spammers to www.abuse.net or /

Module 2 Internet. The Internet how the Internet came to be how the Internet came to be how the Internet works how the Internet works The Internet distinctive.

decisions which involve intervening in systems without understanding them may lead to unintended consequences. Policy initiatives or managerial decisions which involve intervening in systems without understanding them may lead to unintended consequences. The technical infrastructure/Comments (RFC). Network protocols. Network protocols. Email. Email. IMPs In a packet switching network, a small computer is inserted between each host and the network of transmission lines. In a packet switching network, a small /

INF523: Assurance in Cyberspace Applied to Information Security Course Introduction Prof. Clifford Neuman Lecture 1 13 Jan 2016 OHE 120.

Home Depot Breach Launched With Same Malware Used in Target Breach” –Phishing email stole login credentials (breaking authentication) –Infected point-of-sale (POS) /lines are stored. Creates abstraction of storing all shifted lines Hides algorithm(?) Hides output device Information Hiding and Abstractions Module creates abstraction Examples: –Abstract data types: Users operate on the data without knowing its representation –GUI creation environments: Users construct GUIs without knowing details of how to/


to keep a record of all the email addresses of people whom you may wish to contact by email.Email ADSL: Abbreviation for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. A high-speed digital telephone connection that operates over an existing copper telephone line, allowing the same line to be used for voice calls. ADSL lines/ frames. GLOSSARY OF ICT TERMINOLOGY Freeware: Software that can be copied and used without payment to the author(s), although there may be some restrictions on distribution. FTP: Abbreviation/

This free course is going to be succinct and to the point. It will contain every facet that you will need to start your own tutoring business. This is.

words on a World War II novel in in Chinatown, Hawaii. My goal is too help parents and millennials own their own business without breaking the bank. 2. This course is copyrighted by Buckeye In Home Tutoring Services, L.L.C. 2016 When we think of tutoring/ of the time I have them email those along with their resume so I have them before the interview. I ask them if they have their own computer…transportation…other part time jobs… the bottom line is would you trust them to tutor your children in your house?/

“You do not want to be considered just the best at what you do.” “You want to be known as the only one who does what you do.” Bill Graham, Concert Promoter.

specific benefit  - Include your brand  - Capitalize and punctuate carefully  - Test! 53 60% of consumers say the "from" line most often determines whether they open an email or delete it. Source: DoubleClick Websites  “U JUST GOTTA HAVE ONE”  Use it wisely… THINK first  If it don/offers a quick snapshot of what people are doing and what they are working on without intruding with a phone call or an email. It also gives me the opportunity to let people know what I am doing, what I can offer and who I /

Forecasting Hazards & Charting a Safe Course

material, safety audits, on-site safety assist visits, Early Detection Methods -Internal -Direct and Formal Verbal & written, in-person, email, on-line, mail, phone call, suggestion box, your boss, your peers, your employees, training material, safety audits, on-site safety assist / vehicular damage increase mentioned by airport medical staff 7. Airport highway construction activities due to increase without sufficient study of alternate traffic lanes and pedestrian walk paths Annual Safety Plan for Airport/

Info Line / Summit Akron, OH

email.   Stay up to date. Google Reader constantly checks your favorite news sites and blogs for new content.  You choose the sites you want to follow. Share with your coworkers and friends. Use Google Readers built-in public page to easily share interesting articles. Use it anywhere, for free, without any software to/ or mobile device. GOOG-411 is voice-activated, so you can access it from any phone (mobile or land line), in any location, at any time. Dial (1-800) GOOG-411. Say where. Say what youre looking/

1 January 27, 2009 9:00 am to Noon. 2 PPC AGENDA 1.BMWBO – Gayle Nuppnau 2.Materials - Walt Quade 3.Correctional Industries – Anthony Miller 4.Services.

was gotten via jump queries Examples: PO detail PO number Line item MWBE indicators Replacement of old reports –Reviewed usage statistics for existing workbooks/to DOR but should be sent separately to the agency Vendor sends supporting documentation to DOR without an invoice DOR forwards invoice-related supporting documents to QC for review QC provides supporting documentation to the relevant agency via interoffice mail Agency identifies related invoice and attach to that invoices SAP document Agency emails/

Six Keys to Generating More Sales Leads

save you real money and significantly increase the likelihood of success. The Introduction Email CHAPTER FOUR The Introduction Email Tips to Getting Read How many emails do you receive each day How many emails do you receive each day? And how many of those do you delete without reading more than a few words, the subject line, or anything at all? What it is that gets you/

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be incorporated into a contract Our Example: Publish and Email Purchase Order(s) to Suppliers Copyright © 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 38 Roadmap is subject to change without notice. The above is intended for information purposes and may/ As Of Report Update Lot Category Values Upon Receipt of an Item to New Lot Behind the Scenes Changes to Aid in the Prevention of Rounding Issues Accommodate Stock Line Types on Direct Ship Orders via the Receipt Process Copyright © 2013,/

PRINCE OPTICAL WORKS Our Presence in the field of Optics Since 1955 Welcome to the wonderful world of optics brought to you by Quality is not an incident,

manufactured with white glass lenses and having scale for the counting of threads, lines and dots in particular area. Also known as a thread counter and Linear Tester/ subject to alteration without further notice. # Indenters should send C Form in advance when demanding goods per Speed Post or through Bank. # We reserve the right to diminish/: - + 91- 9312 65 3815 Email id : - info@princeoptical.com, info@pow.net.ininfo@princeoptical.cominfo@pow.net.in To Submit your enquiry form please connect with internet/

Mass-Media Mass media refers collectively to all media technologies that are intended to reach a large audience via mass communication. Broadcast media.

than via email. These systems may allow files to be exchanged, drawings and images to be shared, or voice and video contact between team members. Content management systems allow collaborating teams to work on shared sets of documents simultaneously without accidentally destroying / study via email, on-line chat rooms and web-based message boards." Cyberslacking can become a drain on corporate resources; the average UK employee spent 57 minutes a day surfing the Web while at work, according to a 2003 study/

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Pages contain content which is split into data fields of various types Single line of text Image Rich Text © 2010 West Monroe Partners, LLC | Reproduction and distribution without West Monroe Partners prior consent prohibited. Content Editor 8 In the Content / without West Monroe Partners prior consent prohibited. If you want to submit the item to be displayed on the Master Calendar, you need to select Request for Master Calendar for the item from the drop-down menu: A Site Manager will be notified via email/

Introduction to Linux (Unix).

(Apache). Proxy Server (Squid) Network infrastructure (DNS/DHCP, LDAP). Network security (fire walling, IP masquerading, NAT). EMAIL and NEWS SERVER (Internet Exchange, Sendmail, NNTP, list servers). Flexibility can be intimidating: Complex installation - no "turnkey",/without saving changes KEY EFFECT p Put (paste) contents of buffer yw Yank (copy) word yy Yank (copy) line u Undo last command . Repeat last command U Undo all changes to line d$ Delete to end of line C Change text to end of line J Join lines/

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Terminal Phone Connection Omni LT Connect to Green and the Red wires to the incoming line and the Brown and gray to the return to the house phones. If required connect/conductor wire from the controller location to each Model 31A00-2. The humidity sensor can be used without using the temperature sensor. If/, and Labrador) Cambridge, MA Email: patrick.gilligan@homeauto.com Phone: (617) 868-3890 Brett Griffin Atlantic North Territory (DE, NJ, NY, and PA) Philadelphia, PA Email: brett.griffin@homeauto.com Phone:/

1 Please choose your component of service Exit. Help For this specific trip, are you able to file and/or have you ever filed all or any portion of this.

a… Kuwait Mission Travel Claim ◉Please send your Kuwait Mission Travel Claim to DFAS-IN Travel Pay: Contingency Travel. ◉Send securely online with the Travel Voucher DirectTravel Voucher Direct ◉Email: kumission@dfas.milkumission@dfas.mil or ◉FTP Server: Corp2 Navy  / your claim will be returned to you without payment.  Click here for DTS Click here for DTS “Regular” Civilian  DTS Back to Main Page Exit Previous Page Which branch of the Department of Defense are you traveling to support?  Army (For Army/


format that can be processed. Digital quantities have values which jump from one to the next without any ‘in between’ value, there is no state between ‘on’ and/ : It is used to link up to many on-line databases. People use it to transmit their work from home to an office or to other workers in the electronic/ Network Environments : Searching for information. Displaying information Communicating with others via email, discussion forums or chat rooms. An intranet: An intranet provides information /

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that exceed their investment. It may be hard to find a partner who’s willing to invest without having the authority to make decisions. Corporation Pros A corporation can shield/ / brochures Newsletters Fliers Business cards Classified ads Yellow Pages Other Direct mail / email Telemarketing Signage Word of mouth Networking Novelty advertising (e.g., pens, hats) Sign/ by making a balance sheet. Take a sheet of paper, draw a line down the center and help the prospect list the reasons for and against buying/

Peer-to-Peer Applications From BitTorrent to Privacy Arnaud Legout INRIA, Sophia Antipolis, France Projet Planète This work.

line btdownloadheadless.py --minport 16662 --maxport 16662 --save_as myContent.tgz myContent.tgz.torrent Arnaud Legout © 2006-2012 164 Tracker Side Effects  No explicit declaration to the tracker  The first peer to join the tracker implicitly declares the torrent (using the infohash) to the tracker  Public trackers can be used for any torrent Arnaud Legout © 2006-2012 165 Tracker Side Effects  Possible to download a torrent without/

Introduction to Cybersecurity & Information Assurance for FQHCs April 13, 2011 Amelia Muccio Director of Emergency Management

Follow lockdown procedures when possible Monitor the system Common Application Security Threats Unauthorized access to applications: first line of defense is access control Cross-Site Scripting: browser allows code injection SQL injection/that they have overloaded Internet connections and email systems, leading to effective denial-of-service attacks. Integrity: Protecting information from unauthorized or inadvertent modification. For example, without integrity, your account information could be/

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. Once you re-establish an internet connection – your report will automatically be saved to our server. You DO need an internet connection to finalize, download and email a report. When completing a report in off-line mode; you should never exit your browser. You can put your device in stand-by mode without exiting your browser. Click the “save” button on the report often in/

p a p e r t i g e r s o f t w a r e on Customer and Quality Issues...Things are a lot scarier in the dark Shed light...and cut them down to size.

G E R WEBSITE www.papertigerxt.com EMAIL papertiger@xtra.co.nz C Q M CQM - THE CORRECTIVE ACTION TRACKING MODULE i ii iv Your CUSTOMERS* and FRONT LINE staff have IMMEDIATE access to the Complaint and Corrective Action reporting /X COMMENTS Relevant internal comments can be added without them being included in reports. 4 THE TOOLBAR Provides access to automated functions and information. Using the information contained in these screens - you are able to update the system, monitor progress, access information/

Time and Attendance, Leave, WebTADS and Work Schedules Forum for

strategic partner with our Center management team Advocate on behalf of first-line supervisors Leverage best practices Foster professional development Enhance the mentoring process Ensure/a few resources related to leave and absence for your reference. What to Do with Incomplete Time Sheets? The employee’s manager will send an email to the NSSC (Kathy Haley/RL hours = -25.0 Annual leave charge will be stat cut and charged to leave without pay (LWOP). Annual Leave is advanced at the beginning of the leave year/

1 CAUTION: Federal Law (USA) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician. Refer to the “Instructions For Use” for complete Indications.

to using this device. High Priority Alarms: VAD Stopped Alarm Display (line 1) Action (line2) Potential Causes Potential Actions VAD Stopped Connect Driveline Driveline disconnect Driveline fracture Connector malfunction/breakage VAD electrical failure 1.Reconnect driveline 2.Download and email / VAD Connect alarm may be disabled High Power alarm may be disabled 1.Multiple alarms within 24 hours without other issues should be assessed at non-emergent visit 2.Multiple alarms within 1 hour with other alarms /

2013-14 On-Line Training Presentation. INSTRUCTIONS Review each of the following slides Find the words printed in GREEN then Email the list of words to:

” words are received you will be sent the answer key to the practice test New On-Line Training Requirements Everyone must Review the “On-Line Training Presentation” Find the words written in Green and email them to: RonCardin@aol.comRonCardin@aol.com This is how we track/the same game, he/she will be disqualified with a red card and the team will play the remainder of the game without replacing the disqualified player (play shorthanded). 16:00 47:05 PlayPic ® 47:05 © REFEREE ENTERPISES INC. 2012 RULE CHANGE /

600.465 - Intro to NLP - J. Eisner1 Text Categorization (actually, methods apply for categorizing anything into fixed categories – tagging, WSD, PP attachment...)

mixed in with letters 0.318 Cant live without? 0.317 HTML mail with non-white background 0.315 Talks about email marketing 0.315 Save big money 0.315 HTML font color is red 600.465 - Intro to NLP - J. Eisner55 SpamAssassin Features 0.315 3 WHOLE LINES OF YELLING DETECTED 0.313 Save Up To 0.313 Domain registration spam body 0.312/


subject line should contain no more than 60 characters. Readers tend to skip over or delete emails with long, drawn out subject lines. Readers tend to skip over or delete emails with long, drawn out subject lines. An effective subject line should/to the tone of your message. Pay attention to the tone of your message. Without the help of speech inflections and facial expression, an email can be misinterpreted. Without the help of speech inflections and facial expression, an email can be misinterpreted. EMAIL/

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Will is sitting at his computer, and wishes to send an email to Jane. How can this be achieved? High Level Address For each device on the network assign a unique logical address to the device. For TCP/IP this is an / transfer to secondary Secondary may only transmit data in response to command from primary Used on multi-drop lines Host computer as primary Terminals as secondary Transfer Modes Asynchronous Balanced Mode (ABM) Balanced configuration Either station may initiate transmission without receiving /

COEN 350 Email Security. Contents Why? How to forge email? How to spot spoofed email. Distribution Lists The twist that makes email authentication … interesting.

internet services in order to verify header data. However, some companies can outsource email or use internal IP addresses. Look for breaks / discrepancies in the “Received” lines. Server Logs E-mail logs usually identify email messages by: Account received/Keys: Hard. Alice needs to share a key with the distribution list exploder. Exploder will have to recalculate authentication data. E.g. recalculate the encrypted hash with the recipients key. Message Integrity Without Source Authentication Why? With /

Speaker Sue Dill Calloway RN, Esq. CPHRM, CCMSCP AD, BA, BSN, MSN, JD

A written complaint is always a grievance whether inpatient or outpatient (email and fax is considered written) Information on patient satisfaction surveys generally / patient) Information in directory may not be disclosed without informing patient in advance Visitor must ask for the patient by name/, harvesting grafts, transplanting tissue, administering anesthesia, implanting devices and placing invasive lines But requirement to have this in writing in under optional list or well designed list Surgery/

Growth as a Designer Vision As a designer, I am mainly interested in human-technology interaction. Today’s world is demanding people to.

area. By doing so, it is easy to spot where heavy crowds are, which enhances that visitors can avoid waiting lines at busy bars and crowded toilets. The knife/a psychological level. Early in the research phase it became clear that poor email management can lead to email overload, which can result in stress, which on its own can finally/show up upon opening an assignment or project are an abstracted reflection on themselves, without a word yet being spoken. Extra curricular Activities Please select any of the /

The five most important things to know about the legal world and using technology JUNE 16, 2008.

Unsolicited without “permission” of recipient “permission” assumed if based on transaction or ongoing relationship –Current students, parents, alumnus with active relationship –Commercial related to the sale of goods or services charitable solicitations not “commercial” 5 © 2008 Venable LLP Federal Anti-Spam Law Unsolicited commercial emails must be: –Identified as advertisement In subject line or body of email –Include opt-out instructions Internet-based method, honored/

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