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Slide 1 of XX IAS–USA Michael S. Saag, MD Eric S. Daar, MD Antiretroviral Therapy: A Case-Based Panel Discussion (Part I) MERGED: 03-21-13 From MS Saag,

copies/mL Not anxious to start antiretrovirals but willing if you think it is necessary Slide 25 of 50 From MS Saag, MD and ES Daar, MD at San Francisco, CA: March 29, 2013, IAS-USA. Factors to consider in choosing first-line therapy Patient’s willingness to commit to therapy Baseline resistance Efficacy data Tolerability Convenience Comorbid conditions Consequences of failure/

Unsurpassed Productivity

which flavors develop. Through it, optimal aroma development can be achieved and formation of aroma defects prevented. Industry applications include Product development Process optimization Process-line monitoring Acetic acid Methanol Hexanoic acid Data: Real-time SIFT-MS analysis of a coffee bean as it is roasted. 7 Real-time analysis: in vivo flavor release Real-time analysis, coupled with high sensitivity and/

Launching the Writing Workshop Ms. Burns Day 1-10.

sense Did you indent your paragraphs? Is your punctuation correct? How is your spelling? Ms. Burns Day 5 Quickwrite - Publish Ms. Burns Publish Your Draft Include a heading Don’t skip lines Indent each paragraph Write clearly and legibly Ms. Burns Day 6 KBAD set up a Writer’s Notebook. Ms. Burns Last week, we began remembering our stories and writing them down. This week/

I-Vu Open System BACnet MS/TP Networks Bus Wiring.

Practices Use proper cable and the following principles when connecting a node to an MS/TP network. Connect the shields of the cables together at each node. End-of-line termination- each MS/TP network physical segment requires end-of-line termination for proper operation of the network. BACnet MS/TP Networks MS/TP Best Networking Practices Avoid running communications wiring or sensor input wiring next/

Selling Addressable Systems

and feel of larger FireLite addressable panels Menus and selections follow standard FireLite panels and reduce training required. Support for 50 addressable devices of any type on one signaling line circuit. Product Overview MS-9050UD Continued Standard features: User-friendly LCD Display, 2 NAC circuits with built-in synchronization for System Sensor, Wheelock, and Gentex 3 Form-C relays standard Trouble (non/

The Road To Statehood Native Americans Europeans Territory State

politics. East Mississippians (Alabama) were small farmers and wanted power 1804 territory expanded to TN line 1812 territory expanded between Pearl River and Florida Population grew and the territory was ready for statehood Chp 3 & 4 Antebellum MS Chp 3 & 4 Antebellum MS MS Territory Chp 3 & 4 Antebellum MS Statehood MS Territory was large. Congress divided it in 1817. Alabama became a new territory (state/

MS as a Vascular Disease: Background and History

The “Father of Neurology” Documents widened veins and decided they were a result of the MS disease process Dr. E. Rindfleisch 1863 "If one looks carefully at freshly altered parts of the white matter ... one perceives already with the naked eye a red point or line in the middle of each individual focus,.. the lumen of a small vessel engorged with blood/

Marketing Mix The four tools a business can use to persuade customers to buy its product or service: Product, Price, Promotion, Place Ms. Marshall 6th.

: Draw your horizontal (units) axis and vertical (€) axis. Step Two: Draw a Fixed costs line. Step Three: Draw a Total Costs line. Step Four: Draw a TR line starting at 0. Step Five: B/E point is shown where TR=TC. Step Six: Illustrate the Margin of Safety. Ms. Marshall 6th Year Business Break-Even Chart € 450,000 400,000 350,000 300,000/

L.O. Work out acceleration in a straight line using v i, v f, d and t. L.O.Explain the following terms (and use appropriate units): Distance, displacement,

v i and v f using a, d and t. Physical Quantities QuantitySymbolUnit average velocityvms -1 initial velocityvivi ms -1 final velocityvfvf ms -1 distancedm timets accelerationams -2 Determining the velocity of an object. The average velocity of an object can / = 4 hr = 240 min = 14400 s L.O. Use kinematic equations to solve problems involving constant acceleration in a straight line. (vertical motion) Acceleration Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity. In other words it is a measure of how quickly an/

TE-MPE-TM 09/08/2012, TE-MPE-MS section WIC: Overview of on-going projects + Outlook to LS1 activities: - Short introduction to WIC systems - Booster renovation.

be installed in Linac4 -1 st PLC which controls 50 magnets and 65 Power-converters for the Linac4 line -2 nd PLC which controls 39 magnets and 45 Power-converters for the transfer line. Linac4 Transfer line TE-MPE-TM 09/08/2012, TE-MPE-MS section Linac4 Project The DIC for the installation has been sent to EN/EL PLC for LINAC4 will/

The Digestive System Human Biology Ms. Ghtaura1. What’s happening? INGESTION: – the process of taking a (food) into the or DIGESTION: – the and breaking.

length than the large intestine) The inside of the small intestine has like projections called which increase the surface area for of nutrients Each villus is lined with epithelial cells, which have microvilli structures on their Ms. Ghtaura18 Small Intestine The small intestine is made up of the: – Duodenum – – Jejunum – – Ileum – Chemical break down continues in the duodenum while the rest of/

Sample Questions Microsoft word. In Ms-Word, these icons represent In Ms-Word, these icons represent A. Save a document, create a new document, and open.

is used to print out the document in the printer. C. Line Spacing option is used to select the required line spacing for the selected text. D. In Page setup, the margins option is used to determine the size of the page. In MS-Word, To convert the text to table: In MS-Word, To convert the text to table: A. The text should/

Honors Geometry Spring 2012 Ms. Katz. Day 1: January 30 th Objective: Form and meet study teams. Then work together to build symmetrical designs using.

THEN Use our understanding of translation to determine that when a transversal intersects parallel lines, a relationship exists between corresponding angles. Also, continue to practice using angle /lines must be parallel. 2-45 80° 100° > > > > Day 9: February 9 th Objective: Assess Chapter 1 in an individual setting. Silence your cell phone and put it in your school bag (not your pocket) Get a ruler, pencil/eraser, and calculator out First: Take the test Second: Check your work Third: Hand the test to Ms/

1 High-Throughput Analytical Method for Determination of multi-Classes and multi-Kinds of 668 Residue Pesticides and Chemical Pollutants in Tea by GC-MS,

Application scope of the method Distribution of pesticide varieties determined by GC-MS & LC-MS/MS LC-MS-MS &GC-MS 270 LC-MS-MS 178 GC-MS 220 LC-MS-MS 448GC-MS 490 The method is applicable to the determination of multi-classes and/line problems adopt uniformly the manual integration mode from one peak valley to another peak valley.  Collaborators shall submit to Study Director the official collaborative study results by Excel worksheets. Step-III Collaborative study Step-III ④ GC-MS ( GC-MS/MS ) or LC-MS/MS/

Room 208 Welcome to Homeroom. 1. Find your assigned seat. (Look for your envelope or see Ms. Seymour.) 2. See Ms. Seymour for your locker combination.

table in your notes. Label the Independent Variable side. Label the Dependent Variable? Your Task Complete Graphing Practice # 1 and 2 with table mate(s) Show Ms. S. If it is done well (complete, neat lines), continue with graph 3 or 4. Complete graphs from sheet. Staple graphs to sheet. Turn in. September 22, 2014 Materials: Assignment book-HW: Notes for Ch/

T-1 10/30/97 SIEP - EPS-HE HSE-MS Audit Team Briefing Sessions.

Strategic Objectives Organisation, Responsibilities, Resources, Standards & Doc. Control HEMP Planning & Procedures ImplementationAudit Management Review HSE-MS for auditing HSE-MS as per model T-18 10/30/97 SIEP - EPS-HE Audit Definition Audit is the systematic process /Alone, Clear & Concise Stand Alone, Clear & Concise  Definitive when read in isolation  Not longer than three lines SMAR(T) SMAR(T)  Specific-as specific as expertise allows and sufficiently specific to ensure that deficiency will indeed/

Dynamics 7 September 2015 Speed is defined as the distance travelled per unit time and has the units of m/s or ms -1.

= area of triangle = ½ base x height = ½ 8 x 8 = 32 m Dynamics 7 September 2015 Velocity - Time Graphs: Examples (b) Uniform Acceleration Velocity (ms -1 ) Time (s) 10 8 6 4 2 0 0 2468 Distance travelled= area under graph = area of triangle = ½ base x height = ½ 8 x 8/ 2015 Velocity-time graphs 80 60 40 20 0 10 20 30 4050 Velocity m/s T/s 1) Upwards line = 2) Horizontal line = 3) Steeper line = 4) Downward line = Dynamics 7 September 2015 80 60 40 20 0 1)How fast was the object going after 10 seconds? /

Welcome! I’m Ms. Hamfeldt (“Ham-felt”) This is my third year at AK, and I’ve taught pretty much everything-English since 2008. I also… Am from Went to.

or Thursday for help! Key Passages from Antigone Scene 3 (p. 1088): Lines 20-36 Lines 57-74 Scene 4: Lines 33-53 Lines 58-70 Scene 5: Lines 25-47 Lines 70-83 Lines 134-end CATALYST #25 10.3 Let’s continue reviewing for Friday’s test/ ethic, discussing ONLY the questions pertaining to the story. Once your group demonstrates that everyone has completed the work sufficiently (Ms. Hamfeldt/ Ms. Pendleton will check your answers) and that everyone is demonstrating the proper work ethic, you will be given the next/

© Ms. Masihi.  The Dreamweaver Welcome Screen first opens when you start Dreamweaver.  This screen gives you quick access to previously opened files,

favorites tab.  Use the up and down arrows to move an icon up or down.  Click Add Separator to add a separating line between icons. © Ms. Masihi  The Properties Inspector is a context-sensitive panel located at the bottom of the workspace.  The contents change depending on /.  This Tag Selector is also knows as the HTML Mark Up Tree.  Clicking a Tag in this line is an easy way to select a page element. © Ms. Masihi  On the right part of the Tag Selector are the Select Tool (arrow) which is selected by/

Brought to you by Ms. Tran Brought to you by Ms. Tran GET READY TO BE EDUCATED!!!! WARM UPS.

WIN dow BREAKS. U / U / U / U / U / U / U / U / U / U / Unstressed STRESSED pattern 5 times in a line = iambic pentameter 43. IDIOM Think IDIOM = IDIOT Think IDIOM = IDIOT “That idiot was as dumb as a door knob.” “That idiot was as dumb as /rhyme = rhyme at the END of the line End rhyme = rhyme at the END of the line Ms. Tran’s scholars will score 858, This will make our school so great. Internal rhyme = rhyme INSIDE the line Internal rhyme = rhyme INSIDE the line Once upon a midnight dreary while I pondered/

Expectations & Procedures Ms. Huggins. Daily Routine 7:30amSupervision is provided at 7:30am. Students begin to arrive at school. Breakfast, interventions,

Ms. Huggins Daily Routine 7:30amSupervision is provided at 7:30am. Students begin to arrive at school. Breakfast, interventions, and recess. 8:00amArrival time for teachers. 8:20amFirst bell rings. School/class starts. Teachers meet and greet students, who line up/ safe, be kind, and be an active learner. Class Procedures 1.Arrive on time, ready with all materials, line up behind line leader on playground and wait for teacher. 2.Enter classroom quickly, quietly, and purposefully. Put backpacks away. Stand /

Science Curriculum Review April 27, 2010. Committee Members Dr. Margot Bram Dr. Barbara Breitman Ms. Kim Buchinsky Ms. Jen Dilks Dr. Mark Elfont Ms. Sue.

Ms. Kim Buchinsky Ms. Jen Dilks Dr. Mark Elfont Ms. Sue Friedman Ms. Barbara Gastfriend Dr. Peter Grande Ms. Gerry Guiliano Mr. Chris Hamburg Dr. Jeanette Hausman Dr. Marilyn Lake-DellAngelo Mr. Kevin Maginn Ms. Robin McNemar Ms. Pat Pasquine Ms. Susan Powidski Ms. Maryann Romano Ms. Susan Kelley Mr. Michael Peters Dr. Maryjane Richmond Ms. Britt Saitta Ms. Nancy Swerdlow Mr. Anthony Tamaccio Ms/nd Edition by Saferstein © 2011 On-line interactive text On-line interactive text Virtual interactive crime scene /

Y OUNG I NNOVATORS 2009 On-Line Microfluidic Extraction using Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for Analysis of Urinary Tobacco Specific Nitrosamines – A.

for potential cancer risk were observed based on the levels of NNAL, NNAL-glucuronide and the ratio of NNAL-glucuronide to NNAL levels. Conclusions. An on-line Microfluidic sample extraction method using MIPs combined with LC- MS/MS was developed for determination urinary NNAL and its glucuronide conjugate in human urine. The method demonstrated high throughput, was automated with minimal sample handling, required/

© Ms. Masihi 1.  A Horizontal Rule is a built-in graphic element that can be used to draw horizontal lines (rules) on your web page.  This is accomplished.

of the page, 2 pixels in size, usually in a gray color, no coloring in the center of the line and with shading below the rule. © Ms. Masihi 5  Width, Height (size), Align and Shading can be modified in the Properties Inspector.  Select/Rule that has a color attribute will have no shading - the line will be filled with the indicated color. © Ms. Masihi 17  Colors can be referenced by their hexadecimal code or specific color name. © Ms. Masihi 18 © Ms. Masihi 19  W3 Schools has this chart on its website at/

MS Studies Chapter 3 The Road To Statehood Native Americans Europeans Territory State.

1900’s. Roads travel was slow and poor Steamboats carried cotton up and down MS Rivers (most went to New Orleans) By mid 1800’s Railroads in MS began expanding and improved land travel –Main (trunk) lines were laid connecting Vicksburg, Jackson, Meridian & other cities –Later smaller lines joined these major lines and RR travel & trade improved. Chp 3 & 4 Antebellum MS75 Simple steam engine/

Molecular Self-Assembly: Models and Algorithms Ashish Goel Stanford University MS&E 319/CS 369X; Research topics in optimization; Stanford University,

log k ) which generates that shape. 3.Design complexity is only interesting for assembling larger and larger shapes of a particular type, eg. squares, lines, spirals. Design complexity of an infinite line, infinite square etc. is just 1. MS&E 319, Molecular self-assembly: models and algorithms. Stanford University, Spring 2003-04 15 Three Exercises 1.Suppose we did not assume that the/

OVERVIEW Investigation of Reserpine Oxidation Using On-Line Electrochemistry/Electrospray Mass Spectrometry Vilmos Kertesz and Gary J. Van Berkel Organic.

 No thorough mass spectrometry study on the oxidation of reserpine has been accomplished until now.  On-line electrochemistry/electrospray mass spectrometry (EC/ES-MS) is a powerful method in identifying products of electrochemical reactions  e.g. initial polymerization products of /scan).  As cyclic voltammetry alone did not provide detailed information regarding the identity of the oxidation product(s), on-line EC/ES-MS technique was applied. Figure 3 [M+H] + =609 Figure 4 c =20  M 1 mM reserpine/

Sensitivity of Squall-Line Rear Inflow to Ice Microphysics and Environmental Humidity Ming-Jen Yang and Robert A. House Jr. Mon. Wea. Rev., 123, 3175-3193.

Tropics and midlatitudes. A mesoscale storm-relative ascending front-to-rear (FTR) flow, transporting hydrometeors rearward from a leading- edge convective line to the trailing stratiform region. A mesoscale storm-relative rear-to-front (RTF) flow, descending through the stratiform region toward low / microphysics (NICE) 7K 4K 150 km60 km 8 ms -1 12.2 ms -1 No evaporative cooling (NEVP) 5 ms -1 12.2 ms -1 No latent cooling by melting (NMLT) W S 12 ms -1 12.2 ms -1 No latent cooling by sublimation (NSUB) The/

Institut für Laboratoriumsmedizin, Klinische Chemie und Molekulare Diagnostik Bestimmung von Steroidhormonen in Serum mit LC-MS/MS- von der Methodenentwicklung.

.0-50 mm, 100 Å Cohesive Technologies Oasis HLB, 1.0-50 mm, 80 Å, Waters SPE-Säulen -Vergleich - Desorptionsprofile Probenvorbereitung On-line SPE-LC-MS/MS für Steroidhormone Zeit, min 0.0 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0 6/5 1.0 1.5 Intensität x 10 5, cps 1.8 APCI negativ Aldosteron Estriol β-Estradiol Clin Chem Acta submitted on-line SPE-LC-MS/MS Zusammenfassung -Die APCI ist für die Ionisierung bei der Messung eines Steroidprofils ein geeigneter Kompromiss. -Die Lösungsmittelqualität spielt eine /

Cheryl Ericson, MS, RN CDI Education Director HCPro, Inc. Danvers, MA Tactics for Reducing the RAC Target on Your Organization.

expected by Medicare to review this report PEPPER Basics Provides a quarterly analysis of hospital-specific paid Medicare inpatient claims (MS-DRG) that are vulnerable to improper payment – Potential overpayments – Potential underpayments Use an Internet browser to search “/ a picture that easily reveals trends Respiratory Infection Graph: Low Outlier Hospital data High outlier line Low outlier line This organization is below the low outlier threshold and is therefore a low outlier. Respiratory Infection/

ELA MS. SONI 2-29-16 * Objective: SWBAT analyze the author’s choice for choosing different techniques in order to create specific effects as evidenced.

techniques graphic organizer. * Summary: Answer EQ question. * Assessment: Analysis of Author’s Choice in lines 135-144 based on the graphic organizer. ELA MS. SONI 3-02-16 * Objective: SWBAT analyze the type of relationship that Sergei and the goldfish /their graphic organizers. * Summary: Answer EQ question. * - What do lines 176-181 show about the central idea (message/moral of the story/general saying or statement) the story? ELA MS. SONI 3-03-16 * Objective: SWBAT analyze the numerous character traits/

Oral Treatments in Development for MS EMSP Information Day Brussels, 13 November 2008 Magnhild Sandberg-Wollheim.

MS after 14 years –BENEFIT-study, IFNβ 1b sc, 5-year follow up: treatment from first attack compared to up to 2 yrs later delays accumulation of disability for 18 months treatment from first attack compared to up to 2 yrs later delays accumulation of disability for 18 months M Sandberg 2008-11-13 DMTs today First line therapy First line/up to 90% M Sandberg 2008-11-13 DMTs today Second line therapy Second line therapy –natalizumab intravenous injections once monthly intravenous injections once monthly –/

Practical High Sensitivity LC-MS Fundamentals, Challenges, and Prospects Gary A. Valaskovic, Ph.D. New Objective, Inc.

? Two ways to obtain sensitivity with Nanospray: Off-line Static Nanospray Extend the analysis time for a given sample –Sum spectra to increase S/N –Complete MS/MS or MS n possible On-line LC-Nanospray Analyze a small volume sample (1 µL/ 7 days/week operation) … and still going! Keys to Success with Nanobore LC-MS Clean mobile phase –Minimize particulate contamination –Use multiple high quality in-line filters Know your flow rate –Monitor through column flow periodically Use the right injection scheme /

11.05.2013 revised 07.30.2014 All Rights Reserved by Ms. Bella A. Kit, Messenger of Christ1 The Son of Man Coming in the Clouds… Truth and Life Unlimited,

come. On the other hand, Revelation does not seem arranged in chronological order. Although some sections or passages can be explained line by line, Revelation seems more like a huge mural on the ceiling of a cathedral with smaller scenes dispersed here and there with detail./ Way of Suffering Sheep Gate where the disabled waited at the pool 11.05.2013 revised 07.30.2014 All Rights Reserved by Ms. Bella A. Kit, Messenger of Christ18 The Son of Man Coming in the Clouds… More to come… Please request in writing/

Volume 5, Issue 1 October 8 th 2014 Principal: Ms C Ní Chianáin Deputy Principal: Ms T Devaney.

the teachers were strict when Jason was in school. They got muffins on Friday, sometimes they get two. If you were bold you would have to do lines or get sent down to the office. Ms. C, Ní Chianáin was his first teacher. Jason started school in 1998. They started and finished school at the same time as we do. He/

2013 C&MS Section 500- Structures Changes from 2010 to 2013 Construction and Materials Specifications in Structures Items.

.10 Placing Concrete Conform to the following tolerances from plan dimensions: 2012 C&MS Section 50017 Deviation from plumb for exposed surfaces ± ¾ inch (19 mm) Vertical alignment (Deviation from a line parallel to the grade line) ± ½ inch in 20 feet (13 mm in 6 m) Longitudinal alignment (Deviation from a line parallel to the centerline or baseline) ±½ inch in 20 feet (13 mm in/

Unit 4: Division, Reconciliation, and Expansion

turn of century wrote in two styles: formal, and rural TB p600 Reading Strategy: Interpret read between and beyond lines to discover what poet really means Poets of the Era: Edwin Arlington Robinson & Edgar Lee Masters people‘s /top) Self Assessment Role Sheets & Assessments should be as full and detailed as possible Unit 4: Division, Reconciliation, and Expansion Ms. Oing English 3 Unit 4: Division, Reconciliation, and Expansion Agenda: 2/11/13 “A Wagner Matinee” Clarifying Characterization Reminders Mon/

MS 203 Fundamentals of Tactics Course Overview. Lesson 1 Agenda 1.Reorgy Week Review 2.Course Overview 3.Enemy/Friendly Situation 4.Introductions 5.Tactics.

block an enemy mounted avenue of approach -You will plan an urban attack to seize an enemy headquarters - Bottom line: you will plan squad level offensive and defensive operations and produce two written OPORDs MS203 CONCEPT Lesson 1-3 TLPs /Eating/Drinking in Classroom  Inform your Instructor and Section Marcher prior to missing class  Stay Awake!! Bottom Line: Expectations of cadets will be the same in MS classes as elsewhere in the Army What you need for class! FM 7-8 Infantry Rifle Platoon and SQD /

Ms. Morrison ELMS 6 th Grade. Ms. Morrison – English Language Arts Went to Campbell University Went to Campbell University Born and raised in Sanford,

trash away and line up. 3 rd Core teacher will pick you up and take class to the bathroom. 3 rd Core teacher will pick you up and take class to the bathroom. Lunch Principal: Mrs. Shuey Assistant Principal: Ms. Williams Assistant Principal: Ms. Brewer School Nurse/  Wait for teacher’s permission.  Clean up your desk area.  Put up any classroom materials.  Remain in seat until asked to line up. Class Procedures How do I sit in my desk?  Face forward.  Both feet on floor in front of desk.  No feet /

Guidelines/Grading Rubric Provided by Ms. Wigfall Guidelines for Writing In Math MAPS Product.

angles - other information as applicable. complementary angles supplementary angles Guidelines/Grading Rubric Provided by Ms. Wigfall Sample Use of Two Key Words Perpendicular Definition: Two lines that form a 90 degree angle at the intersection. Reference: Trapelo Road is perpendicular /Street between Route 95 and Lincoln Street. Vertical Angles Definition: Two non adjacent angles formed by two intersecting lines. Reference: Route 2 forms vertical angles with route 95 between Trapelo Road and N Great Rd. M

Ms. Frizzles Geometry Field Trip! Today class, we are going to be going on a math geometry field trip around town. During our field trip if you see any.

a pizza. There is some vocabulary so hopefully you spot them. “Hey Ms. Frizzle isnt a straight line going through the middle of this pizza called the diameter?”said Valerie. “Yes”, said Ms. Frizzle. “Show me an example please.” ----> This is what Valerie drew/. “So if the diameter is a straight line across the middle isnt the radius half of the diameter?” “YES! /

Contents Moving Your MS Specialist Nursing Service Forward Midlands MS Nurse Group Nov 2005.

we suggest as many of the following people as possible: Chief Executive of the Hospital Trust/PCT’s Direct line Manager Professional Head of Nursing – Neurosciences/PCT Clinical Director of Neurosciences/PCT Head of Division (Neurosciences) Consultant Neurologists or lead for MS Primary Care Trust Leads Others involved in service provision and development Contents Professional development and achievements You may want to/

Andreas Müller 21. Mai 2003 Quasare und früher Kosmos Forschungsseminar LSW Relativistic Emission Lines of Accreting Black Holes.

: Keplerian vs. Drift Radial drift model Implications  adequate consideration of accreted inflow  truncation softens the „evidence for Kerr“-argument, because R t replaces r ms. Coupling between r in and r ms is lost!  gravitational redshift is enhanced!  emission line shape does not change dramatically compared with pure Keplerian: only red wing effects  poloidal motion still neglected!  awaiting new accretion theory: covariance  follow/

Agilent 7500 Series ICP-MS An Introduction Presented By:

of a problem Expensive ! Laser Sample Ar Gas with ablated material Agilent 7500 ICP-MS Merchantek UP 213 Laser Ablation system Connecting an LC to an ICP-MS Agilent GC-ICP-MS Interface GC-ICP-MS System used: ICP-MS: Agilent 7500 GC: Agilent 6890 Interface: Agilent G3158A Fully heated and insulated GC transfer line Modified torch with heated injector replaces standard demountable torch. “Silicosteel” transfer/

MS I MSI: A Research Infrastructure for Integrated Quality of Service Management in Multimedia Computing Environments Ahmed Elmagarmid Professor Department.

- Department of Computer Sciences n Purdue-On-Line: A Facility for On-Line Instruction and Course Delivery and PUMA: Purdue /line CS COAST Lab CS COAST Lab ECE Video & Imaging Processing Lab ECE Video & Imaging Processing Lab Nuclear Engineering Thermal Hydraulic & Reactor Safety Lab Nuclear Engineering Thermal Hydraulic & Reactor Safety Lab Veterinary Medicine Basic Medical Science Lab Veterinary Medicine Basic Medical Science Lab MS I 6 Budget Summary ($K) MS I 7 NSF Budget ($K) MS I 8 Cost Sharing ($K) MS/

1 DEFENSIVE PLAYBOOK 2008. TABLE OF CONTENTS COACHPLAYER I.INTRODUCTIONP. 3 HuddleP. 3 At the Line of Scrimmage ProcedureP. 4 Alignment & Technique NumberingP.

to Backfield Resp: Basic Read Dime Align: Normal Even Rules Key: Near Guard Resp: Basic Read COVERAGES: Mac Safety Can Call: Even Blast Gut MS 287 EVEN DOUBLE EAGLE BLITZES TNT C C E M D Q A F Even Double Eagle Blitzes: 1. Fire Mac Safety 2. Dime Gut Mac/ check must be made. EDTNT N M A Anchor can run across or may Banjo with Free Safety ET M TE FND IV.Goal Line A. Goal Line and Bone: The Anchor will adjust versus TE Trade. TE TRADE RULES continued 332 UNBALANCED We will adjust our fronts when we get an/

Command Line Interface

for networking. Microsoft Windows 2000 replaces Windows NT. Upgrading to Windows NT or Windows 2000 could present compatibility problems with some hardware and applications. The COMMAND Command MS-DOS uses a text-based command-line user interface. A text-based interface requires no drivers because display functions are built in. COMMAND.COM provides the user interface. Working with the Prompt Typing PROMPT/

Chemalys September 2009 Chemalys Jan Nordin Chemalys Massworks Extend the Limits of Your LC/MS-System Brukermøte i Massespektrometri 27 mai 2010.

GC) 90% Varian Tripple Quad 85% Varian Single Quad 85% Shimadzu LC/MS Quad 85% Thermo OrbiTrap FT MS 80% Thermo FT ICR MS 80% Bruker FT ICR MS 80% Bruker TOF 80% Chemalys September 2009 Chemalys Summary Mass accuracy is important Spectral accuracy is even more important MS centroiding is BAD Line shape calibration is the key to differentiating similar formula candidates in profile mode/

Synchronous Serial IO Send a separate clock line with data

Serial EEPROM to discuss I2C operation. The 24LC515 is a 64K x 8 memory. This would require 16 address lines, and 8 data lines if a parallel interface was used, which would exceed the number of available IO pins our PIC18F242!!! Putting a /line low, the pullup resistors will pull the line low. Most common cause of ACK error – incorrect device address. V 0.3 Byte Write Operation Byte Write: used to write one byte Send Control Byte, High address byte, low address byte, data. After data is sent, takes 5 ms/

@Ms. Masihi.  Adobe Creative Suite is comprised of several separate applications – Bridge, Version Cue, Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash, InDesign, Illustrator,

Document Window.  Begin typing to add text.  When you press Return, you create a paragraph. Dreamweaver inserts a blank line after each paragraph.  Hold Shift and Press Enter moves text to next line but does not create a new paragraph with an additional blank line. @Ms. Masihi  Highlight text to be formatted.  Click Format > Font in the Menu Bar then click to select the/

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