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Solid and Hazardous Waste. 2 Women and Waste are inseparable Women generate most of the kitchen wastes and dispose of waste from homes. Women bear the.

air and water pollution Can cost more than burying in areas with ample landfill space Saves energy Reduces mineral demand May lose money for items such as glass and some plastics Reduces greenhouse gas emissions Reduces solid waste production and disposal Reduces profits for landfill and incinerator owners Helps protect biodiversity Can save landfill space Source separation is inconvenient for some people Important part of economy/

EWS ALL HAZARDS Earthquakes Severe Weather The Emergency System Activates For These Emergencies Community-Wide Disasters Hazardous Material Release.

of Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPC) along the Houston Channel, TX and was purchased for this program by our local facilities How Does Wally Teach Kids How to Shelter-In-Place? Wally visits local schools and teaches kids / Other Important Items For Your Safety Duct tape to help seal windows Flashlight with extra batteries Battery operated radio Towels First aid kit Non-perishable food Drinking water – sealed Prescription medicines Food/water for pets and you! The Emergency Warning System is for …. /

0 OUR OCEAN PLANET SECTION 2 – FORCES OF NATURE. 1 REVISION HISTORY DateVersionRevised ByDescription Aug 25, 20100.0VLOriginal.

Currents Ocean currents are masses of water that flow in a set direction for thousands of kilometers. They are important because they affect the climates of the continents especially those regions /elnino.html 25 2.3 CARBON 26 2.3 CARBON Carbon is /" x 4" x 4" (or smaller) food containers are ideal) Water Mineral oil Blue food coloring Handheld battery-operated fan Paper sheet map showing the Pacific Ocean Red Oil-Based Paint/ State of the Emergency Georgia is at risk natural disasters: Severe thunderstorms, lightning, tornadoes and flooding Tropical storms.

kids Localizes and builds on national Ready campaign Campaign partners are The Home Depot and Verizon Wireless Get a Kit Recommended items: Water, one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days Food, at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food Flashlight and extra batteries Battery/together when disaster strikes, so it is important to plan in advance Plan places where your family will meet, both within and outside of your immediate neighborhood Make sure everyone knows/

Home Safety Making Your Home A Safer Place. Joint Base Safety Office Young Adults and Infants For a child, the world is a constant source of new things.

the key hidden. Joint Base Safety Office Water Safety Its important to teach children how to swim as early as possible. The following tips can help you keep them safe in the water and safe from water hazards at home. Joint Base Safety Office /parts, pen caps, pins and batteries.  Keep babies and toddlers out of older siblings rooms. Toys and objects designed for older kids could be harmful to younger children.  Learn infant and child CPR, and what to do in case of choking emergencies. Joint Base Safety/

12 th Annual Service-Learning Student Showcase Office of Experiential Learning.

important message of ecosystem services such as storm water filtration, we designed an illustrated instruction booklet for the children to give their parents, showing how they could create their own rain garden at home. This service-learning project simply reinforced to us the importance of/ Kid,” in kindergarten and first grade classrooms. We incorporated the various roles, principles of /the impoverished community of Intabazwe, we repaired solar panels and increased battery capacity for electricity, donated/

Unit 6: Human Health and Toxicology. How do we define HEALTH? A state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing NOT JUST being free from disease.

US, the largest use of lead is for lead storage batteries (virtually every car has at least 20 pounds of lead in its battery). Other lead containing products – Ammunition – Brass – glass TV tubes – Solder – Lead-glazed ceramic ware – Lead-crystal decanters – Pigments & artists’ paint – Moonshine (distilled in lead-soldered auto parts) – Some types of vinyl miniblinds, etc. Lead is found in soil, water, air, and food. The/

December 7, 2010 FAMILY PLANNING FOR EMERGENCY SITUATIONS Mary Ann Bell Emergency Management Specialist Division of Emergency Preparedness and Coordination.

for babies and the elderly Toiletries Flashlight with extra batteries Radio – Battery operated and NOAA weather radio Extra set of keys Toys, Books and Games Extra pair of glasses/contacts Tools Vehicle fuel tanks filled Pet care items Signal flare/glow sticks Map of the area and important phone numbers Important/bags for handling waste. n A supply of food, bottled water, and food bowls. n Veterinary records (for proof of /of Homeland Security:

Use Less Stuff.

of water per month. A leaky toilet can waste more than 50 gallons of water a day! Some leaks make a running sound, but others are silent. Since 38% percent of our in-home water gets flushed down the toilet, this is one of the most important areas for/ or recyclable materials. Purchase durable toys for children so they will last beyond January 1. Buy rechargeable cadmium batteries and a solar charger for games and toys. Use comic sections of newspaper or old magazines for gift wrap, wrap with reusable items /

The Power of Physics Estimation… …in sorting out future options Tom Murphy UCSD Physics.

Problem How many kids are laughing so hard right now that milk (or cultural equivalent) is streaming out of their noses? 7/ limited Physical resources will always be an important component of economic activity (never below 10%, for instance?) Cap in physical growth means cap/of storage (3 days elec. for average U.S. house) – explore gravitational, batteries, compressed air, flywheels 24Tom Murphy/UCSD Gravitational Storage Hoisting rocks or pumping tanks of water: low tech approach A rechargeable AA battery/

Day Field Trips to Trips of 1 or 2 nights

Stay hydrated It is very important to stay hydrated while traveling. On a normal day, it is recommended that a person drink 64 ounces of water. If you are doing any/ can also download a Food Safety Activity book for kids: Food Page 5 of 6 Nosebag (brown bag) lunches Girl Scouts /.) mess kit dunk bag Journeys & Girls Guide flashlight/extra batteries Packing lists and equipment 2-night overnighter Page 5 of 6 Home Camp   1 warm sleeping bag or bedrool (NO/

Staff Support: The New Kid On The Block. Facilitators Rev. Dr. Nancy Long Manager of Community Outreach Emory University Hospital - Midtown Atlanta, Georgia.

it comes to hospital workers, this is especially important -- the work that hospital workers do is /How to avoid labeling Emotional Wellness: Making room for our emotions Leading a Family Meeting The Anxious Patient/batteries 4x Solar Blanket 4× 2400 Calorie Food Ration (5 year shelf life) Water Pouch x 40 (5 year shelf life) 4x Emergency Poncho 4x N95 Respirator mask Bio Hazard Bag x2 Work Gloves, Leather Palm Waterproof Matches, Box of/the mind. Staff Support: The New kid on the block Session II Session II /

A Psychological Framework for Providing Audiologic Care Michael A. Harvey, Ph.D. 508-872-9442 Massachusetts.

for my situation/problem” is generally acknowledged as the most important category. We are instructed about the importance of this first word, voiced. It’s not enough for/ can blow hearing loss out of the water!” Fred/the Lieutenant proclaimed. T: “Can the three of you [Fred, Wilma, /batteries are in or not. Every day, you and your teachers will estimate what percentage of classroom conversation you’re able to understand. At the end of/dad would say ‘Just leave the poor kid alone.’ I would leave the house more/

Internal Combustion Engines: The Worst Form of Vehicle Propulsion - Except for All the Other Forms A primer on IC engines and their alternatives Paul.

at 30% efficiency (gasoline) vs. 90% (batteries), gasoline has 76 times higher energy/weight than batteries! 1 gallon of gasoline ≈ 466 pounds of batteries for same energy delivered to the wheels Also – recharging rate/imports Requirement for 10% ethanol in gasoline Displaces other plants – not necessarily “carbon neutral” Uses other resources - arable land, water – that might otherwise be used to grow food or provide biodiversity (e.g. in tropical rain forests) Alternative #6 - nuclear Who are we kidding/

Incineration versus Zero Waste St. Paul, MN, Nov 14, 2007 Dr Paul Connett Dr Paul Connett Professor Emeritus of Chemistry St Lawrence University, Canton,

! Modern man! “The world has enough for everyone’s need but not for everyone’s greed” Mahatma Gandhi Extraction of VirginMaterials Production of ManufactureditemsConsumptionWaste A LINEAR SOCIETY Extraction of VirginMaterials Production of ManufactureditemsConsumptionWaste Solid waste Air pollution Water pollution Carbon dioxide ENERGY A LINEAR SOCIETY Extraction of VirginMaterials Production of ManufactureditemsConsumptionWaste Solid waste Air pollution Water pollution Carbon dioxide ENERGY Extraction/

Home Emergency Preparation Getting ready for disasters before they strike. If you fail to plan then plan to fail.

Important valuables First Aid –Medicines –First Aid Supplies Food for the trip –Canned foods –Snacks –Non perishable ready to eat –Water Tools –Flash lights –Emergency road kit –Blankets –Some automotive tools Distractions –Books, games, and toys for kids If you have pets –Food, water/ siphon pump or siphon tubing, shovel, good length of strong nylon rope, good length of light nylon line or strong small cotton line, camp stove, lanterns, flash lights, battery, hand-cranked, or solar, etc operated radio, /

In a Crisis, This Item Soars 500% in Value... And Can Be More Important Than Gold And Silver!

give you my fool-proof shortcuts for people whove never built anything in their entire lives. It will feel like assembling a chair from IKEA... only more fun! Your kids are going to love it. /of giving up. Now ask yourself: whats the point of reinventing the wheel, when you dont have to? All the thousands of dollars youd waste on useless long-term stockpiles... or on water filters... why not use it for something more important? Who knows, there might be more important things than hoarding a metric ton of/

Slide title 44 pt Text and bullet level 1 minimum 24 pt Bullets level 2-5 minimum 20 pt Characters for Embedded font: !"#$%&()*+,-./0123456789:;

alert Environmental monitoring (Water, air, noise, etc) ENVIRONMENT Wearables Kids/Elderly tracker Medical monitoring CONSUMERS Process monitoring & Control INDUSTRIAL BATTERY LIFEPERFORMANCE COVERAGE BI-/AB 2016 | 2016-03-10 Full range of solutions Addressing diversity of use cases Global cellular IoT for all GSM markets Wide range of Massive IoT applications Ultra low-bitrate Massive IoT/| © Ericsson AB 2016 | 2016-03-10 IoT – an important 5g use case Starting with massive MTC, expanding to cover critical /

PACE Magazine, Period 5. Speedy Music Every minute there are about 2 people who die in car crashes (“Association for Safe International Road Travel”).

t know that water slowed it down. Objects moving through fluids such as air or water also encounter /kids in each group. I grabbed one group and put them in the hall. I had each subject try one of/of plastic bag. This concept would be important for sky diving. Warmer Houses, Less Money Colton Cunningham This graph shows that cloth material was the best for/battery” by putting a copper penny in one side of the food and a zinc nail on the exact other side of the penny, thus making an exit and entrance points for/

24-4-2015 Leo Korthofopleidingen 1 Name of the trainer, Leo Korthof 4 kids, Woerden, Teacher VCA, shovel, minigraver, heftruck, reachtruck, trekker, werkvloertrainer,

check the running brakes, check the steering Look for oil or water leaks on the floor 24-4-2015 Leo /24-4-2015 Leo Korthofopleidingen 40 Battery Charging Inspect battery connectors for damage No smoking in battery-charging area Immediately clean up /Important reason for keeping the load resting against the vertical face of forks 24-4-2015 Leo Korthofopleidingen 54 Combined Actions Center of gravity moves side to side Center of gravity moves forward Center of gravity moves backward to the thin portion of/

Midway High School Science TAKS Review IPC (6) The student knows the impact of energy transformations.

interrupted (for instance, the filament of one bulb in a string of bulbs breaks) the circuit is open and none of the devices will receive current. So, the entire string of lights goes out. Three important aspects of any circuit are 1.Current – the rate of flow of charge in the circuit 2.Voltage – the electrical potential energy per charge or “boost” the charges receive from a battery or generator/

The Power of Physics Estimation Tom Murphy UCSD Physics/CASS.

Fermi Problem How many kids are laughing so hard right now that milk (or cultural equivalent) is streaming out of their noses? 7 /of continuous energy – 40%, or 4,000 W is from oil – 60% of this, or 2,400 W, is imported So we could at most expect to replace 0.4% of/of storage (3 days elec. for average American) – explore gravitational, batteries, compressed air, flywheels Murphy: Estimation in Physics29 Gravitational Storage Hoisting rocks or pumping tanks of water: low tech approach A rechargeable AA battery/

ADB FINESSE Training Course on Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency for Poverty Reduction 1 19 th – 23 rd June 2006 Nairobi, Kenya.

kids are our top priority! ADB FINESSE Training Course on Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency for Poverty Reduction 26 All our Kijitos come with hinged towers, so the whole Windpump can be assembled at ground level and then winched upright ADB FINESSE Training Course on Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency for Poverty Reduction 27 Storage is always important/ Efficiency for Poverty Reduction 43 Utilisation of Wind Energy Off-Grid  Small turbines (50 W to 10 kW)  Battery charging  Water pumping Isolated/

WELCOME TO LITERACY/CONTENT AREAS & TECHNOLOGY TRAINING! Be sure to sign in. Please choose a table for your collaboration team according to the table signs.

The maximum capacity of the battery will naturally decrease /of Norms Exploration: Scavenger Hunt & Collaborative Planning: – Work with your team – Explore the resource by using the scavenger hunt (handout) to make sure you are finding all important pieces and features – Plan for/Studies: Communities Needs and Wants Science: Scientific Experimentation: Water Foss Kit Science: Earth Materials Foss Kit Social /nz/gamesactivities/movinggrowing.html

Disaster Planning for Families and Special Needs Patients © Lou Romig, 2006. Used with permission. FL5 DMAT Photo.

stay Riding it out  Plan for care of pets  Plan for three days of independence  Water (potable and nonpotable)  Power (electric, gas)  Phone (non-electric landline/cell)  Gasoline  Cash Things to do  Fill all gas tanks (including LP)  Get cash  Fill water bottles, bathtubs  Find all emergency cut-off valves and circuit breakers and know how to shut them off  Check/charge batteries on all equipment  Assure/

Preventing Water Injuries & Deaths North Dakota Conference on Injury Prevention Lois Ustanko Clinical Instructor Public Health Nursing “Drowning is quick.

danger of water features in the yard. Supervision is Important There was a lapse in supervision for 75% of the local children (6) involved in these events No lifeguard was present in any of these 8 events The American Academy of Pediatrics / is a 40 minute interactive presentation on water & boating safety plus five skills stations which include –Effects of hyperthermia –Life jacket relay –Water rescue techniques –Fatal vision goggles –Sample boating skills in battery-operated 2 person boats that are in /

Topic, Title, Testable Question and Purpose

/_pages/scienceproject.php?project=111211 Topics to choose from… Which brand of diaper holds the most water? Which brand of soap produces the most bubbles? What materials provide the best insulation? Do detergents affect plant growth? Which battery lasts the longest Do you homework The Internet is likely to be your best resource when selecting and researching/

CRCT Question of the Day

of my career. More importantly, I am lucky that I have been able to call him friend for eight years and that our friendship remains intact." Which definition for/ is missing the last page. What type of batteries is needed for the e-kara main unit? e-kara is SO /show was simply a marketing tool for kids to buy the expensive G.I. Joe toys. In the/ of this reading selection? How to Avoid Sharks Considering that hundreds of millions of people participate in water activities stimulating to sharks, the chances of /

First Aid and Safety NOT including CPR Prepared for Health Education class at the Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush School District of Philadelphia Teacher:

assessment looking for obvious signs of trauma (broken bones, cuts, bleeding, etc) and asking questions Younger teens and children ESPECIALLY little kids Approach calmly/of the house, preferably outside a sleeping area and in every room. Check smoke alarms once a month by pushing the test button. Also, change their batteries at least once a year. Being Prepared for a Fire (cont’d.) Water/for a Fire (cont’d.) Here are some important points when escaping from fire: Plan escape routes with your family in case of/

Health Consequences of Environmental Degradation and Social Injustice Martin Donohoe, M.D., F.A.C.P.

water Bottled Water Ratio of amount of water needed to produce 1 plastic bottle to amount of water in the bottle = 2:1 Ratio of amount of water needed to produce 1 plastic bottle to amount of water in the bottle = 2:1 Weaker standards, 33-44% is just tap water, dangers of plastics, energy costs/global warming, reduction of local water tables, recycling rate of/ Imports U.N. Declaration of Human Rights “Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his/

OFFICE OF SCIENCE Energy Research in the Geosciences Teaching About Energy in Geosciences Courses: Teaching About Energy in Geosciences Courses: Current.

Water for biofuels Waste Disposal Computers Solar cells Fuel Rods Produced Water CO2 17 One Strategy: Emphasize Climate Change Mitigation Stabilization Wedges: Pacala and Socolow Challenge for CO 2 Stabilization for Kids and Lawmakers 17 18 7 wedges are needed to build the stabilization triangle. Each avoids 1 billion tons of/  Public outreach to demonstrate importance of research related to: Energy efficiency and conservation Green energy technologies Improvements of existing fossil fuel and nuclear power/

Таможня Customs To go abroad To go through the customs Customs officer To fill in the declaration To declare To pay duty Import license Arms Уезжать заграницу.

arms or jewelry in your luggage? I have a work of art with an import license. How much money can I export? Your luggage /Искристое вино Коктейль Ликер Двойное виски Неразбавленная водка Sparkling water Still water Ice water Wine list Glass Carafe Bottle To be sold /fell. Can I use your mobile? I’m sorry, the battery is flat. На дороге On the road Motorway Turning Crossroads Pedestrian /What’s he responsible for now? He’s in charge of all the deliveries. My father was made redundant when I was a kid, so we had /

WELCOME TO LITERACY/CONTENT AREAS & TECHNOLOGY TRAINING! Choose a table for your collaboration team. Please log onto

settings. The maximum capacity of the battery will naturally decrease with/kids/jury.htm EXPLORATION: SCAVENGER HUNT & COLLABORATIVE PLANNING Reminder of Norms Exploration: Scavenger Hunt & Collaborative Planning: – Work with your team – Explore the resource by using the scavenger hunt (handout) to make sure you are finding all important pieces and features – Plan for/ Studies: Communities Needs and Wants Science: Scientific Experimentation: Water Foss Kit Science: Earth Materials Foss Kit Social Studies:/

Preparing for a Pandemic Avian Flu. Thumper: Those are birds. Bambi: Bur... Bur! Thumper: Look! Hes trying to talk. Bambi: Bur! Other rabbits: Hes.

kids need to wash their hands for at least 30 seconds to effectively kill germs. Kids can/for an extended stay at home: Examples of medical, health, and emergency supplies Prescribed medical supplies such as glucose and blood- pressure monitoring equipment Soap and water, or alcohol-based (60-95%) hand wash Medicines for fever, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen Thermometer Anti-diarreal medication Vitamins Fluids with electrolytes Emergency Supplies Flashlight Portable, battery-powered radio Batteries for/


important link in the chain that connects Assessment – Instruction - Learning Teachers need to provide ongoing feedback and stimulus for/ Ideas Examples of FACTs and Probes 1. Whiteboarding – Batteries, Bulbs, /of the water in the bag will be more than the mass of the ice in the bag. C. The mass of the water in the bag will be the same as the mass of the ice cubes in the bag. Types & Purposes of Assessment What’s the difference? Diagnostic Formative Summative Take Home Messages Probes are assessments for/

Baby Safety and Childproofing your home

children at all times. It only takes a blink of an eye, a turn of the head, for an incident to occur. Bringing Home Baby Most important, ALWAYS put your baby on his/her back, on/of water. Drowning is usually quick and silent. A child will lose consciousness two minutes after submersion. Data Source: Safe Kids, USA Home Water Safety Most children who drown in swimming pools were in the care of one or both parents and missing from sight for less than 5 minutes! Two-thirds of parents are unaware of the risk of/

Poisonings and Environmental Exposures

Sample the drinking water of your patients Obtain a thorough environmental exposure history Do a personal assessment of all patient homes Exposure History One of the most important tools in discerning the importance of environmental hazards for health consequences or to/lower esophagus: observe for 12-24 hrs if asymptomatic Endoscopy if the coin does not pass Button Battery Management depends on location of battery Esophageal AP and lat radiographs from mouth to anus Esophageal Batteries lodged in the /

Summer School Creates Wonderful Writers! The Joy of Cooking By Maria Gomez I know a place you can go to make your family happy! On Tuesday, June 18, 2013,

the batteries are changed often. 5. Each family needs to have a meeting spot in case of a fire. After learning about safety tips, we were able to take a tour of the /important so we asked him, What do you do before a race? and he said, I stretch and drink plenty of water. He also stated that he does drink soda. However he knows its bad for/good way to learn more about our great city of Dinuba and the people who live here. Thanks, Miss T, for all you do for kids! NEWS June 2013 Mega Video By: Room 12 /

Presentation on 05-12-13.

the exposure time increased. Nasturtium officinale showed a total removal efficiency of 81.4% of Pb from contaminated effluents. These results indicated that Pb remediation through N. Officinale can be considered as a candidate species for the treatment of battery industries effluents. Experiment-2 Effect of different additives on composting of water lettuce(Pistiastratiotes) Highest pH was recorded in T2 (WL + Urea) while minimum pH value was recorded/

1 This file presents material on THERA for which we need to begin generating some high-res graphics and design documents for dual purposes – the actual.

will it produce the majority of the vehicle’s needs for long or extended trips. (III)The generator is powered by the electricity that is produced in real-time and that is stored in the batteries. (IV)The photovoltaics can produce a viable current to run the electrolyzer when the vehicle is idle (parked). (V)The electrolysis system and water storage can be compartmentalized/

Annual Review : Prepare Your Family and Home For a Bioterrorist Attack Nursing Center for Bioterrorism and Infectious Disease Preparedness College of Nursing.

an out-of- town person your family can call to check on each other – be sure everyone knows the contact number(s) to call – for kids how to /water Use 16 drops of regular household bleach per gallon of water. DO NOT USE SCENTED,COLOR SAFE OR BLEACHERS WITH ADDED CLEANERS. Special family needs: Babies : Formula,- Diapers, Bottles, Powdered milk, medications, moist towelletes, Diaper rash ointment. Adults and Seniors: Denture needs, -Extra batteries for hearing aid, a list of the style and serial numbers of/

Day Field Trips to Trips of 1 or 2 nights

Stay hydrated It is very important to stay hydrated while traveling. On a normal day, it is recommended that a person drink 64 ounces of water. If you are doing any/ can also download a Food Safety Activity book for kids: Food Page 5 of 6 Nosebag (brown bag) lunches Girl Scouts /.) mess kit dunk bag Journeys & Girls Guide flashlight/extra batteries Packing lists and equipment 2-night overnighter Page 5 of 6 Home Camp   1 warm sleeping bag or bedrool (NO/

Butte County Office of Emergency Management. The “Basics” Be Informed Make a Plan Build a Kit Family Communications Plan.

Numbers Wallet Card – Out of Area Contact Family Pets – Boarding – Neighbor Assistance Build a Kit Water – One gallon a day per person Food – At least 3 days (highly recommend 7 day supply) Manual Can Opener Battery Powered Radio Flashlight (extra batteries) Whistle Dust Mask Build a Kit Toiletries Crescent Wrench First Aid Kit Cell Phone with Charger Important Documents Entertainment for the Kids Animal Disaster Kit I/

© 2015 The Dangers of E-Cigarettes and How to Protect Your Kids The Dangers of E-Cigarettes -- and How to Protect Your Kids.

deaths will rise.  Theres also the concern about possible effects of inhaling secondhand e-cigarette vapor. Advertisers often claim that the secondhand aerosol is "harmless water vapor." However, not only does the vapor contain nicotine, but /kids and teens about the powerful effects of nicotine and how its hard to stop smoking once you start. E-cigarettes may prove to be as addicting as regular cigarettes, so its just as important to avoid them. You can tell teens they face the possibility of a lifetime of/

APES year in review Part II 2011, The year everyone gets a 5! Food Production-Industrial Agriculture Water source…water pollution Atmosphere…. Pollution.

commercial nuclear facilities Proposed site for disposal - Yucca Mountain in SE Nevada Concerns: Geological active area, Intrusion of water table, distances for wastes travel, radioactive decay/children most susceptible); mental retardation; possible carcinogen; 20% of inner city kids have [high] Sources: particulates, smelters, batteries Class: toxic or heavy metals Properties: reddish brown / is natural and important to deep the earth warm enough for life to exist Acids and Bases pH-log of hydrogen ions in /

Here are 10 ways to go green from what I think is the most important to the least…….. Take care of your local environment. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

of water by 40% for each bag of chips that were made. That’s 1.5 billion gallons they saved in total. All Frito- Lay plants are currently working toward “Zero Landfill” with the goal of diverting at least 99% of waste from landfills. In my school the kids/watching how fast Greenland’s Ice Sheet is melting. This is important because through climate change( which is caused by global warming.) the melting of the ice sheets can cause too much rising sea levels and / avoid throwing away too many battery cells.

Preparing for Disasters ■Disasters in NC ■ Plan ■ Emergency Kit Revised 10/2013.

-Bag: One per person with ID tag Flashlight Radio – battery operated Whistle Pocket knife Cash and change Clothes and shoes Map Medications Toys Copy of documents Pictures of kids and pets Water 1 Gallon per person per day Store in 2L Soda bottles Change tap water every 6 months Change store bought water 1x a year Extra water for cooking and hygiene Food 3 days Canned, no cooking, no/

SYSTEMS : ELECTRICITY Lesson 1: How important is electricity to us? Where does it come from? Is it important to conserve it?

The third and by far the most important way of driving the turbines is steam. In a power plant, there are big boilers that burn a fuel to make heat so that steam is produced when the water has boiled. The steam is then/TO VISIT FOR MORE INFORMATION Much of the information in these slides have been extracted from the following websites:

“To catalyze socio-economic change through education for the underprivileged children in India” Our Mission.

Water Pump commercially successful for agriculture no impact of weather in schools should be used for water pumping and when idle can be used for other purpose Solar Photo Voltaic Systems battery bottleneck (running costs high) target systems without battery Fans on photo voltaic goes very well with schools for/kids at home can take care of pollution and rag pickers develop sense of cleanliness among kids Waste Water/ local history importance of geography songs & dances history of vegetation pattern etc/

Ham Radio Power and Energy! Ham Radio depends on Power & Energy! It’s a whole new world of Power.

kids future. Big Picture! 1 House, 1 Year 4 Tons of Coal Yes, we have 100 years of coal, but there won’t be anything left of WV! Big Picture! OUR PRESENT LIFESTYLE IS NOT SUSTAINABLE! Or part of the Solution? Are we part of the/Batteries $150 $400 Angles - less important with Grid-Tie Amazing, even due East, you still get 85% effectiveness! Angles - less important, More Roof is! Amazing! Increase power by 60% to 100% on other side! Federal gives 30% tax credit. No limit State of Maryland Grant –In 2010 for/

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