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Merit Badge ID #8 Requirement #1 Boy Scout Requirements (33215) Revised: July 2008 Written by: J McNamara Tenderfoot - Second Class – First Class First.

shirt with long sleeves Boots and gloves when your kids will be most at risk, especially when playing /friction (rubbing) on the spot. Friction can also be reduced by wearing two pairs of socks. Place Moleskin on sensitive areas were the friction/and remover (Rubbing Alcohol) Small flashlight (with extra batteries and bulb) Absorbent cotton Water purification tablets (iodine/ potentially life- threatening is that the bodys normal mechanisms for dealing with heat stress, such as sweating and temperature control/


altitude  Pyro output at Apogee  Pyro output at 900 ft altitude  9VDC at 8ma for 28 hour battery life  One battery for both CPU and Pyro  Safety interlock switch on avionics bay Recovery - Dual Deployment  Electronics:/drogue) and 250 lbs (main) to shear pins, overcome friction and eject. Surface Area = π * r 2 = 3.14 * 2 2 = 12.56 in 2 For 200 lbs / 12.56 in 2 = 15.9 / few hundred kids. 36 Student Launch Initiative AIAA OC Section Thank you for letting us be part of SLI Questions? 37 Student /

Membrane Potentials and Action Potentials

the cell. Inside of cell is more negative for three reasons: Proteins are abundant inside cell, / charges (mV) Voltage Voltage difference Potential difference Potential Resistance: opposition to charge movement (friction) Conductance: allowing a charge to move (permeability) What are the charged things that run/negative inside; more positive outside Our cells are like batteries and some cells can tap into this “potential energy/ the house and the kids mess it up again. She directs the kids to take their toys/

Welcome to NSBA’s 23 Annual T+L Conference Denver, Colorado Come Visit us in the TLN/NA Networking Room #212 Follow the T+L Conversation 1.

for 2015? 21 New Limit Pressures  Storage  Cloud Services; Software as Service and new path dependencies  Battery/power  Compression (continuing)  Chip speed/size – Moore’s Law  Heat (heat?)/energy use  Tools for/and tests  Customization/ personalization  ?? Friction to change  ?? Time and project management Economics and Politics: Paying for NCLB and Pressures Higher cost per seat/hole with no one else filling it  Digital literacy – kids, parents, and teachers  Social Equity Issues -- School/home/

Electricity and Magnetism Chapters 20 & 21. What is electricity? The collection or flow of electrons in the form of an electric charge.

electricity at a gas station Van de Graaf Generator’s effect on human hair Kid gets static going down a slide What is a conductor and insulator? A/ the DC source is a battery – current flows in one direction. The AC source is the generator and the current alternates once for each revolution. Maglev Trains Maglev/ trains are the new way to travel. It uses both magnets and electricity to cause a train to “levitate” above the track (and reduce the resistance of friction/

4/25/20151 Sermons From Science -- Dec 2014 科学布道 -- 2014 年 12 月 Sermons from Science is now published in both YouTube under the name “Pastor Chui” and.

(and normally weighs 372g per liter). For comparison, a lead–acid battery contains 60-75 Wh/l. A lithium-ion battery contains about 250-620 Wh/l. Gasoline/characters.’ 5 One wonders what other vertebrate paleontologists think of the new kid on the block, Cartorhynchus. For example, cladists (evolutionists who use a method of classification that uses/can rub against the wheel. Coaster brakes are imbedded in the rear wheel and friction is only applied when the user pedals backward. “4. Tires: Puncture-resistant/


font).here Was really big news when I was a kid (yeah, right—the “kid” part, that is). You liked the part where that/2006 information on working conditions overseas that keep our computer prices low (links for those who wish to explore): “clean up your computer”clean up your/ A very different point of view than the video. Report: Battery Plant Poisons 100s of Children in China (January 2011): http:///If there are no losses of energy (e.g. due to friction), then all of the work I did gets converted into kinetic/


ME South Bend Firefighter 12 years Wife and three kids Captain of Engine 8 (in the hills) EMT/ Transmission fluid (automatic) Coolant Washer fluid Brake fluid Belts Hoses Batteries Leaks CHASSIS Tires Other leaks Body damage Doors Brakes Steering Hose /=124psi –1000’ of 5” flowing 1000gpm.08x10 2 x10=80psi FRICTION LOSS MADE A LITTLE EASIER Hand method Flow methods Charts Predetermined settings/ Someplace for it to go Set pressure FROM THE BOOSTER TANK Open tank valve Prime if needed –How long? Place for it /

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kid of change is not usually reversible, including changes associated with burning and the action of acid on bicarbonate of soda? Can they use the terms ‘reversible’ and ‘irreversible’? Year 5 (challenging) Can they describe methods for/is affected by forces? (including gravitational attractions, magnetic attraction and friction) Can they design very effective parachutes? Can they work out /Can they explain the effect of changing the voltage of a battery? Can they explain how different colours of light can be/

What is magnetism ? Magnetism is the properties and interactions of magnets The earliest magnets were found naturally in the mineral magnetite which is.

A build up of charges on a surface Can remain unchanged for a period of time – Current The flow of electrons from/TRANSFERING A CHARGE 1. Triboelectric effect- charging by rubbing, using friction to transfer electrons from one substance to another THREE METHODS OF /s effect on human hair Static on Baby’s hair Kid gets static going down a slide Static electricity at a/high voltage to an area of low voltage. What are batteries ? Batteries are composed of a chemical substance which can generate voltage /

attributed copies permitted 1 Some Examples of What’s Happening Now (that weren’t dreamed of a short while.

re-entry means they effectively would flutter all the way down, avoiding the friction that spectacularly turns larger meteoroids into shooting stars. As such, a satellite-//3 oz), less than the weight of a AA battery. This has all the systems required for flight, including batteries, motors, communications systems and even a video camera. /and the first one designed to be within the reach of high school and below kids. Features: In GPS mode, unlimited pre-programmed waypoints, with programmable options such /

P16462: Wind Energy Base Station MSD II Phase I Update 2/5/2016 Team Members Aleksandr Kim Laura Arcinegas Kevin “KC” Collins Sarah Collmus Kevin “Kevlar”

D profiles where the collars are located. Upgraded to stainless steel for added corrosion resistance. Power Transmission Shaft Calculation performed to determine /[Sarah] Tether Strength [KC] Battery [Kevlar, Suk] Full Control System [Kevlar, Suk] Gear Length Timing Belt Alignment [Laura] Iglide J Plastic Bearing Friction [Laura] Phase Deliverables Problem Tracking /produce bad quality videos or the project doesn’t work) Poster Kid-Friendly Presentation Suk’s Wind Turbine Science Kit Kite Pinwheels Wind/

Mission Three: SUCCESSFUL SCIENCE. Welcome & Introduction.

States of matter Electricity Year 4 OUT 4C Keeping warm 4E Friction IN Sound Current2014 Curriculum 5A Keeping healthy 5B Lifecycles 5D /everyday appliances that use electricity b. about simple series circuits involving batteries, wires, bulbs and other components [for example, buzzers, motors] c. how a switch can be /ideas… BBC Broadband class clips Concept Cartoons (Millgate house publishers) Tig Tag Science Kids BREAK? Session 4: Working Scientifically Part 2 Paper Spinners Investigation… Choose a role/


them have dioxin-like toxicity. Dioxins don’t decompose readily. They “live” for a long time. Remember the food chain. Sources of dioxinSources of dioxin: /drum that contains 0.2% by weight of dioxin? Just kidding, although it is an interesting question. It wasn’t until/ external circuit, it delivers an electric potential, just like a battery… …except as long as the sun shines, the solar cell/ 850 feet high. (Important so as to get above friction induced by ground based obstacles.) Each tower has 20 generators/

Energy: Forms and Changes Nature of Energy EEnergy is all around you! You can hear energy as sound. You can see energy as light. And you can feel it.

called heat energy, because moving particles produce heat.  Heat energy can be produced by friction.  Heat energy causes changes in temperature and state of any form of matter (solid/ an electric motor, electromagnetic energy is converted to mechanical energy. In a battery, chemical energy is converted into electromagnetic energy. The mechanical energy of a / expensive. For more information on Energy Sources  yfacts/index.html yfacts/

In this book an 18 year old Jamie is lonely and shy. She is overlooked by everyone. 18 year old Landon is popular and handsome. When Landon has to decide.

worker lends psychological authenticity to her writing. She provides no easy out for her characters. Friction is a bold, perceptive and ultimately unnerving account in which people / time. With time, however, Jacob seemed only to get worse. After a battery of tests doctors confirmed their worst nightmare: their perfect baby boy had Canavan disease/most teens. She couldnt care less about prom. Ashley is a self-described "normal kid." Instead of focusing on prom, Ashley is trying to get through her senior year /

BTICU services Five States Idaho Montana Nevada Wyoming Utah University Health Care Burn Center

, is children playing with fire, primarily matches and lighters. For young children lighters look like toys. Since kids are naturally attracted to lighters make sure you keep them out/burns are burns that occur when you touch something that is hot or has friction. Many adults have been burned when using irons of any type. Be / by sleep If this is not reversed, death will occur. Smoke Detectors!!! Change batteries every 6 months. Test smoke detectors regularly. Smoke detectors should be located in every/

Conflict Management & Violence Prevention. Bell Ringer #1 Conflict Resolution *Textbook: Read Pages / SSR -Conflicts, pg 49-50 -Conflict-Resolution Skills,

moderate or frequent bullying. 1 out of 4 kids are Bullied. 8% of students miss 1 day of class per month for fear of Bullies. Assignment: Study Guide Questions/Disruptive Behavior: Language, mild profanity, gestures or actions which produce distractions, frictions, or disturbances that interfere with the effective functioning or safety of the / Fighting: Aggressive physical contact between two or more individuals. Assault or Battery/Intimidation/Incitement: A threat or attempt to do harm to another without/

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: 200 LBS EYES: BRN HAIR: BRN SEXUAL BATTERY W/WEAPON or FORCE, LEWD LASCIVIOUS MOLESTATION VICTIM 12-15 FOR MORE INFORMATION REGARDING FLORIDA SEX OFFENDERS, PLEASE VISIT /off the hurricanes main moisture source, and the surface circulation can be reduced by friction when it passes over land. Hurricane: Terminology  Tropical Storm Watch: An alert/ in grades 7 to 12 say revenge is the strongest motivation for school shootings; 86% said, “other kids picking on them, making fun of them, or bullying them”/

How to Host a Local Competition Use arrow keys to move through program PowerPoint Presentation - Jack Colpas Photos - Kathy Colpas ©2005, 2009, 2012,

aerodynamics resistance chemistry gravitationmath triangulation friction.. Sarasota Middle “I never knew I could build a rocket. Let alone make it FLY!” Booker Middle School student Astronauts Reach for the Stars ~ National Rocket Competition & Helping Kids Reach for the Stars ~ Rocketry /press the button of my electrical launch system, I will remove the launchers safety interlock or disconnect its battery, and will wait 60 seconds after the last launch attempt before allowing anyone to approach the rocket. /

1 “And through the window in the wall, comes streaming in on sunlight wings, a million white ambassadors of morning.” Pink Floyd Quoted by Jim Baggott.

Maxwell estate in Galloway. Only child. James played with local kids& developed thick Galloway accent (which he never lost). Very inquisitive child, loved animals especially frogs./” Axis of magnetic line of force “Idle wheel to prevent friction “molecular vortex” Hexagonal shapes are purely for “artistic” reasons AB If speed of rotation increases from A /in his mouth tingled - and frogs’ legs twitched He developed a Voltaic pile (battery/ cell) This gives a Voltage which can drive an electric current. At first/

What do we need to do to have a successful Science Fair Project?

friction for a kickball coming to a stop after being pitched? Are some brands of paper towels more or less absorbent than others? Is there a battery that outlast others? How many drops of water will fit on the head of a penny? Helpful Websites above title *Memory cards and tested drinks displayed *Definite color pattern *Nice, large data easily visible for observations *Primary colors readily stand out *Google eye pointers emphasize key components of presentation *Metal coils frame /

1 ORTOP Workshop 3 - robot Design Robot Design, Navigation & Missions.

3 Methodology Explore a problem Run a hands-on experiment Get kids’ heads wrapped around a problem Explain how it works Show / Navigation Variables that affect going straight Starting box position Speed Battery charge Tire size Motor friction, gear backlash (Google these terms) NXT software tries to/On green or black? Uncalibrated 23 Calibrated light sensor values Calibration: a process to compensate for varying lighting conditions Data from two sensors - uncalibrated (left), calibrated (right) Calibration /

Florida Atlantic University College of Education Spring 2015 - SCE 4360 Science: Middle and Secondary School Instructor: Dr. Ronald C. Persin University.

results PROJECT IDEAS Best Material for Magnetic Shielding? Can Background Noise Levels Affect How Well We Concentrate? Do Cellphone Batteries Charge at a Uniform Rate/For Our New House. Iodine; Bromine; Chlorine; Fluorine; Oxygen; Nitrogen; Hydrogen SUV i before e, except after c ASAP Every Good Boy Does Fine. The principal is our pal. Kids Prefer Cheese Over Fried Green Spinach. Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, … College of Education Concepts vs. Facts A concept is a general idea (usually 1 or 2 words). Ex: Friction/

Fabulous Physics Demos, Toys and Then Some.

portable fan and tie a string on the bottom of the battery holder. 2.Add a weight to the blades by taping a/on where the ring is hit. Inside less friction and the coins falls down. Outside increases friction and the coin flies away. Embroidery ring and/. https://www.lhup.e du/~dsimanek/sce nario/demos.htm Farm kids used to make goose-feather or oat straw whistles. Snip off/pdf Doppler Effect Demo  Doppler discovered a change in wave frequency for the observer as he moved closer or farther away from the sound/

Sue Loeffler, M.A., CCC-SLP Assistive Technology Specialist Denver Public Schools.

be replaced)  Limited battery life (battery not made to be replaced)  Heat sensitive (will not respond if screen or user’s hands are cold)  Theft  Challenges for writing purposes  Seen as/freestanding Case  i-Blaison ArmorBox Kido Series  Gumdrop Cases  KHOMO SAFEKIDS  durable case for kids  M-Edge Cases Supershell  KaysCase KidBox No longer about physical limitations. Designs are driven /way. Dedicated-versus- multiple use causes friction, resistance and refusal to use as a functional communication option. /

Hampton Middle School Science Fair Information Night August 11, 2015 What do we need to do to have a successful Science Fair Project?

What kind of landscapes create the greatest amount of friction for a kickball coming to a stop after being pitched?  Are some brands of paper towels more or less absorbent than others?  Is there a battery that outlast others?  How many drops of /water will fit on the head of a penny? Helpful Websites  experiments.html experiments./

Karen Davis IISMEE Fellowship Lockheed Martin 2010.

we have gotten a product ready for primetime. Version 1.0, basically. TRL 9: Actual system "flight proven" through successful mission operations, or "Kid tested, mother approved." Once your / Opportunity 21.2 km, were only supposed to drive for 1.0 km. Sprit is “asleep” to charge its batteries, since March of 2010 When does a project like /due to melting. – Needed a new way to weld this new material New idea: friction stir welding -Process where material is rubbed with a pin under force to heat material -/

Hampton Middle School Science Fair Information What do we need to do to have a successful Science Fair Project?

What kind of landscapes create the greatest amount of friction for a kickball coming to a stop after being pitched?  Are some brands of paper towels more or less absorbent than others?  Is there a battery that outlast others?  How many drops of water/ will fit on the head of a penny? Helpful Websites  science-experiments.html science-experiments.html/

Take off with history! Welcome to November 1! Historical brains engaged…commence ignition! World History : American History : Word of the day : Bonus Corner.

volunteered” for space duty. The electrodes, attached to his body, sent data back as to how space effects the body. He later died in space when the batteries keeping/perfect location for the following!), Billy The Kid was shot and killed by Buckskin Leslie. Except for pizza, Tombstone seems like a bad name! Create an explanation for the name/1826: John Walker, a British pharmacist sure was fired up! He created the first friction match that could strike a variety of surfaces and still ignite. What are the many/

Community Network Training Treating The Methamphetamine Epidemic Patricia McKeen, LPCC Art Romero, LADAC, LPCC.

include drain cleaner, engine starter fluid, hydrogen peroxide, farm fertilizer and battery acid. Street names for meth include chalk, crank, fire, glass, ice, speed, tweak, / or friction. Ignites if heated above 260oF. Vapor from ignited phosphorus severely irritates the nose, throat, lungs, and eyes. Hypophosphorus Acid Extremely dangerous substitute for Red /IS WHAT THEY HOPED FOR What is my role now? Child’s View of Recovery Kid’s are confused about the “meetings” parents go to. Kid’s sometimes feel /

1 to 1 Master Class Bruce Dixon

for kids, play is the most important means of learning, and so you want to harness it for as many years as you possibly can. Play is natures built-in mechanism for/ details that cause the most disruption when overlooked such as storage, security, battery life, required software upgrades, internet access speed etc. School leaders must work/ Gravity across the Solar System Circuits and Electrons Linear Regressions Normal Distributions Friction Ohm’s Law Times Tables Heart of Darkness Blogs, Wiki and Pocasting/

Every particle has an anti-particle - Electron and positron - Proton and antiproton - Neutrino and antineutrino - Quarks and anti-quarks - They both have.

it would be in discrete quanta Fundamental Forces Summary Which Fundamental Interaction/Force is responsible for: Friction? – Electromagnetic. Nuclear Bonding? – Residual Strong Nuclear. Orbiting Planets? – Gravity. /the: "hold-on," "duct-tape-it-on," "tie-it-on!" Just Kidding The Muon and Tau These two heavier leptons decay into lighter leptons or quarks/ hypothetical devices such as a motor, a generator, a photocell, a battery 4.1b Energy may be converted among mechanical, electromagnetic, nuclear, and /

Department of Mathematics and Science Physical Science Big Idea 10: Forms of Energy Big Idea 11: Energy Transfer and Transformation Grade 5 Quarter 2 Topic.

Energy ?Heat Energy Rub your hands together. Are the palms of your hands warmer now? Friction from rubbing two objects together produces heat energy. Heat energy is the energy caused by moving /What is Chemical Energy? Chemical energy is made when substances react and form new substances. Food, batteries, and fuels such as oil and gasoline are stored chemical energy. Chemical energy can change to/science/energy  Science for Kids: Sound and Hearing

Dutchtown Middle School Science and Engineering Fair Information Night August 29, 2016 What do we need to do to have a successful Science or Engineering.

a paper airplane will travel?  What kind of landscapes create the greatest amount of friction for a kickball coming to a stop after being pitched?  Are some brands of /to signal the player something has occurred. Build a circuit that connects a battery and buzzer at least three feet apart using four types of materials. (/attempt. Engineering Design Process Helpful Websites   http:///

Many car owners depend too much on their car’s reliability. They tend to shy away from maintenance schedules. Why is that? Forgetfulness? Cost? Car Care.

span. Car Care Facts It is also great for saving money! All moving parts are prone to wear; mechanical friction is the primary cause of wear and failure. /to people who suffer from allergies. annually or more Cabin air filters Are you kidding? You can’t go a full day without hearing about global warming, greenhouse/ and old batteries properly. HOW TO BE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Many repair facilities accept these items, and many of these items are now recycled. Call your local government for recycling sites./

Efficient Suburbs 2020 Emma’s: efficient cities –Speaks Democrat & Republican - clumsy? Agenda: –? 2.

Strong govt: Dubai, Singapore. Social Entrepreneurism micro-credit, India street kids, AIDs education Act local (small $), strive for widespread impact –Fix 1 suburb  world is saved (viral spread, mutation) Government is/By David Bornstein Fake solutions Hydrogen economy (A better battery, so nice increment. Entrenched interests) AHS (auto-pilot cars) – “low friction” long distance transportation  ultra sprawl Outer ring solar roof McMansion “Socially/

Lead Poisoning Prevention Developed by the Child Care Health Consultation Program Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services with information from.

Lead-based paint (usually in homes built before 1979)  Chipping and peeling paint  High friction areas  Soil  Home or folk remedies  Hobbies—stained glass, fishing (sinkers) / worn by parents who work in factories where there is lead (Battery plants)  Help tell parents about lead  Refer parents for testing  Post / provide information  Provide children good nutrition /nap time) – especially children who suck their thumbs You can teach kids a short song while washing their hands to assure a good wash/

GEOPOLITICS AND THE FLAT WORLD. Technological Determinism Technology can facilitate globalization Internet Cell phones with cameras Capabilities create.

poverty or lower-income status Looking for a higher standard of living and a better future for their kids No hope, no chance to / world Because trust allows us to remove barriers and eliminate friction E.g. Supply chains Unflattening the world Cannot escape from/ Taiwan Keyboard - Tianjin, Shenzen LCD display - South Korea, Japan wireless card – China, Malaysia modem - China battery - Malaysia, Mexico, China hard disk - Singapore, Thailand, Philippines CD/DVD drive - Indonesia, Philippines notebook carrying /

2010 Mobile Industry Predictions Survey. © Chetan Sharma Consulting, All Rights Reserved Copying w/o permission is prohibited Jan 2010 2

: business models, user experience and expectations, ecosystem posturing, disruption, and friction. How are things going to shape up? What will be hot and/augmented reality, the fight for mobile advertising dollars, continued impact of globalization, security and privacy, NFC, IMS, VoIP, enterprise apps beyond email, battery improvements, new interaction /o permission is prohibited Jan 2010 21 Comeback Kid of 2010 © Chetan Sharma Consulting, All Rights Reserved Copying w/

19.1 Transportation Energy Frank R. Leslie, B. S. E. E., M. S. Space Technology, LS IEEE 4/1/2010, Rev. 1.9 (321) 674-7377

on the moon. In Other News... Microsoft Holm software to control car battery/grid management in Ford Focus States like Utah pushing back against new / there are so many of them 070405 / on steel tracks  The lack of deformation of steel and low friction allows most of the energy to be used in changing the elevation//air-cargo.jpg Fixed natural gas energy plants compete with CNG for cars and trucks Research is on-going with a Lear jet /

ORTOP Workshop 3 - Robot Design

Workshop 3 Methodology Explore a problem Run a hands-on experiment Get kids’ heads wrapped around a problem Explain how it works Show important / light sensor Making predictable moves Moves - lab experiment Background information on inaccuracies Compensation for errors - attachments! Turning Making predictable turns Turns - lab experiment Gyro turns -/points Speed, affect on stopping point Battery charge, affect on speed Tire size and axle flex and mounting Motor friction, gear backlash (Google these terms) /

Make your city Super Cool, unlike Palo Alto  You 4 background slides, advice, pause (Irv, etc), more –Smart land use is inconveniently.

time wasted in traffic, more family time, more walking / healthier, stronger community, bump into neighbors! Mobility for kids/seniors. Home Job Activities 3 stage path to sustainability Can’t go straight there 1) Populist/ two councilmembers. Fake solutions Hydrogen economy (A better battery, so nice increment. Entrenched interests) –ADM corn fuel AHS (auto-pilot cars) – “low friction” long distance transportation  ultra sprawl Outer ring solar roof McMansion “/

Welcome Parents and Guardians! Mrs. Bree Chang Physical Science SY 2015-2016.

Work, class notes, and data collection in the Science Journal Science Curriculum Energy, Machines & Motion Energy & Batteries Forces –Friction –Motors Newton’s Laws of Motion Simple Machines Properties of Matter Subatomic Particles  Systems Chemical vs Physical Changes Phases/Thursdays 2:10-3:10 –Plan ahead for rides home if needed Tutoring by Appointment –24 hour advance notice appreciated if a student is unable to come on Thursday. For the Exceeding Kids Request additional practice –Advanced problems or /

Space Exploration Timeline Info.

is the first space technology to use solar panels (instead of batteries that would run out after a few months) to power /Discovery successfully carries 3 communications satellites into space, a first for a shuttle mission. NASA keeps trying new techniques to address/ 28, 1986, the shuttle Challenger lifted off, as planned. Kids all over America were gathered around televisions to watch the event live/around twenty times the speed of sound. The heat from friction with the air burst through the weak wing, and /

The Industrial Revolution

photography Henry Bessemer- purified steel Alfred Nobel- dynamite Alessandro Volta- battery Michael Faraday- electric motor Thomas Edison- light bulb Still More /wealth) Middle classes, 15% (women worked at home raising kids) Lower classes, 80% (lived mostly in tenement housing-tightly/of six I became a piecer. The continual friction of the hand in rubbing the piecing upon /Socialism Socialism-factors of production owned by and operated for the people Socialists think government control can end poverty,/

Robotics Seminar ISMCL RI SCS1 scaling issues in robotics: strength, range, and communication limits on big and small robots robotics.

discuss details...... about strength –poppa, momma, and baby bears: what 5-year-old kids know that roboticists don’t... about energy –deriving relationships and making numbers: poppa, momma/ times daily this is a good model for, e.g., a planetary rover whose main energy expenditure is to keep itself – and its batteries – warm enough to function properly r max/ ISMCL RI SCS40 brush-action model energy is spent mostly on the friction of the brush against the floor/carpet/etc width of brush ~ h front-/

Fall 2007 Design Review &. Faculty Advisors: Eric Nauman Andrew Brightman Robert Hannemann Team Teaching Assistant: Theresa Gordon Team Leader: Nolan.

SVAT - Vent Team Vent Project Team Project Goals Develop an improved method of transport for parents of infant patients on ventilators through St. Vincent Hospital Rehabilitation Center. –Consolidate/ handle Apnea monitor and ventilator on 2 nd extended seat Ventilator back-up battery in basket under seats Ambu bag on top of stroller canopy SVAT - / kids punch and kick the toy around. 2. Springs – with varying spring constants of 25/4.5(lb/inch) 3. PVC Caps 4. Bearings- Plastic rings. Reduces friction between/

Florida Atlantic University College of Education Fall 2014 - SCE 4350 Principles and Methods: K-9 School Science Instructor: Dr. Ronald C. Persin University.

melting? Can background noise levels affect how well we concentrate? Do cellphone batteries charge at a uniform rate? What is the best way to keep/. Constructing experiments Ex. Force to move it? 3. Interpreting data Ex. How much Friction? College of Education Technology involves: Using processes to alter/change the natural world, such /For Our New House. Iodine; Bromine; Chlorine; Fluorine; Oxygen; Nitrogen; Hydrogen SUV i before e, except after c ASAP Every Good Boy Does Fine. The principal is our pal. Kids/

Introduction to Tourism

Tong Town Centre Area Lei Yue Mun Blessing Tree Lei Yue Mun Old Batteries Lei Yue Mun Tin Hau Temple The Hong Kong Public Records Building The/.com/en_universalstudio.html Singapore Resorts World at Sentosa* “Kids City” indoor park* 08/24/content_6041211./ cultural breakdown Conflict of land use: Lack of regard for the quality of life of local residents Possible friction between visitors and local residents over shared usage of local/

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