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The best environmental choice in seafood Disclaimer If any interpretive issues arise in relation to the issues covered in these presentations, the text.

reference point over recent years SG 60: Conditional Pass SG 80: unconditional Pass SG 100: perfect fishery Scoring Issues The best environmental choice in seafood It is likely that the stock is above the point where recruitment would be impaired It is/to support the assessments team conclusions. An exception is permitted only for those PIs with a single scoring issue at each SG level. The best environmental choice in seafood TO comments (2010-2011) TAB Directive 014 – Guidance on setting conditions The CAB/

Scenario development and analysis

an ideal conditions for human wellbeing Although economic growth will be moderate, there will be considerable improvement in health and environmental welfare, and the cost of pollution on ADE’s GDP is reduced considerably Summary of Scenarios Impact on ADE Main Environmental Issues Souk BAU Zayed Water Scarcity & Groundwater Quality Land Degradation & Desertification Degradation of Coastal & Marine Environment Urban Environment conditions Biodiversity Loss/

Environmental Issues and the Financial Sector AMCHAM Environment Committee Workshop Warsaw, 17 November 2005 Environmental Issues and the Financial Sector.

Presentation Structure Introduction –EBRD Funding sources; –EU –Commercial Banks –What makes a bankable project –Do environmental issues affect investment decisions Equator Principles –What is it –Has it any impact Conclusion What is the EBRD/, Innova Capital, Novum, Source of Funding Poland Outline Investment needs in Poland and sources of funding Impact of Environmental issues on financing –Direct –Indirect Case Studies Investment needs in Poland Infrastructure: –Roads, –Railways –Airports Private sector;/


pursuant to this Decree financed from its existing appropriation or from budgetary augmentation as the Minister of Human Settlements may deem necessary. Section 8 Rules and Regulations The National Environmental Protection Council shall issue the necessary rules and regulations to implement this Decree. For this purpose, the National Pollution Control Commission may be availed of as one of its implementing arms, consistent/


representatives of 18 governments, 7 national organizations and 107 national organizations, established the International Union for the Protection of Nature (IUPN): - it was the first major international organization to address environmental issues; - it aimed at promoting the preservation of wildlife and the natural environment, public knowledge, education, scientific research and legislation; - its members are governments and non-governmental actors. 3. Main treaties/

© 2004 Zephyr Environmental Corporation BACT Issues – A Technical Perspective Presented to: American Public Power Association APPA New Generation Meeting:

of the wet FGD are proposed (e.g., Thoroughbred, Duke Energy, Prairie Generating Station) © 2004 Zephyr Environmental Corporation PM BACT Issues Inconsistency in various permit limits Measurement method really defines particulate matter –Method 5 or 17– all sizes of PM/PM 10 emissions, due to ammonia and sulfate compounds created in the sampling system © 2004 Zephyr Environmental Corporation PM BACT Issues PM/PM 10 compliance demonstration –PM CEMS Performance specifications, PS-11 for PM CEMS Only measures/

Catholic Earthcare Australia An Environmental Audit Original audit presentation by Paul Lucas: 2005 Revised by Wendy Kiley for the CEA website: 2006 Catholic.

in faith. Use the check-up to identify if your childrens programme (infant and primary school age) includes environmental issues and the potential for developing this ministry: Category of Activity Yes Has potential Not a We use: to /in activities in One World Week Promote fair trade (e.g. develop a church stall selling goods from Tradewinds, etc) Explore environmental issues through any linked or twinned overseas community or church (esp. at risk Pacific nations like Kirribati & Tuvalu) Support the work/

INDEKS KELESTARIAN LINGKUNGAN = Environmental Sustainability Index Diabstraksikan oleh: soemarno, psdl ppsub, desember 2012 Bahan Kajian pada MK. PSDAL.

It aims to provide details on the current status of the main environmental issues in the different REGION / AREA / LOCATION. It covers a wide range of environment related issues starting from human settlement, atmosphere, land, water, biodiversity to ecological /of the Commons", published in the journal Science. The tragedy of the commons can be considered in relation to environmental issues such as sustainability. The commons dilemma stands as a model for a great variety of resource problems in society /


Office Organizational Chart ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT SECRETARY Organization Regulates pollution by issuing multi-media permits consistent with laws and regulations Office of Environmental Services Writes and Issues Air permits Air Permits Division Writes air permits for petroleum facilities, chemical manufacturing facilities, and oil and gas production facilities Petrochem Writes air permits for power plants, saw mills, painting /

Greiner Environmental, Inc. December 16, 20031 Terminology Latexwater borne architectural coatings (acrylic & vinyl) Oil-basedsolvent-based architectural.

statewide contracts for leftover paint collection and recycling services. 6.Promote Reuse. Swaps, Donations & Exchanges 7.Develop regional consolidation sites. Greater volumes reduce transportation costs. Greiner Environmental, Inc. December 16, 200346 Issue #3: Improper Disposal Greiner Environmental, Inc. December 16, 200347 Disposal Oil based paint hazards well accepted: –ignitable, contains hazardous solvents –All actors encourage consumers to use it up or manage via/


of metal-contaminated soils: A review Domen Leštan, Chun-ling Luo, Xiang-dong Li. Environmental Pollution. Volume 153, Issue 1, May 2008, Pages 3–13 This paper reviews current remediation technologies that use chelating agents for/competency and a sense of responsibility and shared vision was characterized by items relating to perceptions of environmental threats, issues with development, environmental sense of place and quality of life. From the emerging factors, composite measures were calculated /

TMI Public Health & Environmental Information The Three Mile Island Health and Environmental Information Series Prepared.

information about adverse circumstances particularly if this information does not increase predictability. Miller (1984) addressing this issue found that delivery of information which matches the information seeking style of the individual minimized anxiety while that which does not match increases it. TMI Public Health & Environmental Information Series. @Prince-Embury.1985/201410 Ongoing need for information The TMI series was based on the/

A Environmental impact following chemical contamination: The accident with the Prestige ship in Galicia, Spain.

microgramos/quilo (a materia seca equivale a un 20% do peso fresco) Peixes (peso seco): 20 microgramos/quilo Peixes (peso fresco): 100 microgramos/quilo. A ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES: 7-8 meses A ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES: 1 mes A ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES: 3 meses A ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES: 14 meses A PESCADO (Toneladas) Enero-Oct, 2001 Enero-Oct, 2004 (y diferencia) Enero-Oct, 2001 Enero-Oct, 2004 (y diferencia) Jurel23,65218,600 (-21/

1 Environmental Risk Management and Best Practices for Lenders and Appraisers 2014 Appraisal Institute Annual Meeting August 5, 2014.

loans Seems to be a big push in the CRE market again… 2 Other Fire Sales Happening How Environmental Issues Often Seem Environmental & Appraisals Types of Contamination  Building Contamination  E.g., asbestos, lead paint, radon, formaldehyde /-is impaired is a different kind of assignment –Potential project delay/cost increase Lenders’ Reaction to Environmental IssuesIssues Important to Lenders Collateral Devaluation Direct Liability - Loan origination to foreclosure Reputational Risk (Brand and Image/

The Communication of Environmental Science and the Science of Environmental Communication: UC Santa Barbara’s Environmental Media Initiative Ronald E.

Altered Oceans Weiss, vandeWege: LA Times’ Pulitzer-Prize Winning Altered Oceans O’Donnell, Rice: US/UK newspaper coverage of environmental issues O’Donnell, Rice: US/UK newspaper coverage of environmental issues Revkin: NY Times environmental reporter on interface between media and the environment Revkin: NY Times environmental reporter on interface between media and the environment Gaines, Kolstad: Science behind media coverage of global warming Gaines, Kolstad/

1 Tools and Resources With a focus on REA. 2 In this session, we will… Identify the key tools and resources regarding environmental activities Describe.

threat to life, welfare or environment will need to be addressed during a longer-term recovery phase REA Outcome: Priorities & Actions Focus of the REA is to identify and prioritize environmental issues resulting from the disaster and disaster response which pose an IMMEDIATE threat to life, welfare or the environment  Re-design or reorient the existing relief and recovery efforts  Design new/


DMR ALIGNMENT OF PROSPECTING RIGHT PROCESS Air Quality Licences related to Prospecting will be migrated to DMR once constitutional issues are resolved. The timeframe will in total be 180 days for Prospecting rights until the date of issuing an environmental Authorisation. DW&S will run their process in parallel. Depending on catchments they will not always achieve 180 days, but will achieve 300/

Module 4: Environmental Challenges – Pulp & Paper Industry

Totally Chlorine Free Bleached Kraft Pulp Production at Louisiana Pacific’s Samoa Pulp Mill - Analysis of Business, Environmental, and Energy Issues, 2000, 54 pages. 2. 3. STRATEGIC LONG-TERM. PLANNING FOR KRAFT MILLS, 2.3 STRATEGIC /process.” (Burke, 1997) Competitiveness is not longer as simple as make better products at lower costs but issues such as sustainable development, environmental stewardship and global competition are more and more important. “Added-value” that was originally defined as higher /

ENV-2E02 Energy Resources 2004 - 2005 4. Environmental Impacts of Energy Resources Keith Tovey Н.К.Тови М.А., д-р технических наук Energy Science Director.

on), and the hazard from electric shocks is significantly increased over other methods of electricity generation. Environmental Issues: Wind Use: Visual impact including unsightly tracks for maintenance, noise, television interference, interference with / develop refuse derived fuel or used to generate electricity. There are numerous processes available Environmental Issues: Waste continued Environmental Concerns: Release of dioxins and other toxins from incorrect combustion of waste products. Emission/

The Big Issues: Ethics, Economics, and Policy

standards = criteria that help differentiate right from wrong The golden rule Utilitarian principle = something right produces the most benefits for the most people The Atlantic seal hunt weighing the issues No environmental issue identified with Canada is more emotionally charged than the Atlantic seal hunt. Each year environmentalists and animal activists mobilize to try to stop the hunt, arguing that too many seals/

Emerging Issues in Environmental Public Health Environmental Public Health Leadership Institute October 21, 2010 Cohort VI, Session II St. Louis, MO.

Four step process: 1.Collection and review of information from a variety of sources 2.Organize, understand, and share information with process participants 3.Develop list of important issues 4.Rank issues Emerging Issues in Environmental Public Health Condensing step (1) collection and review of information; and step (2) sharing information. Steps 1 and 2 are ongoing and continuous processes. Focus on the process/

The State of Environmental Law in 2011-12 – Final Report Launch The Dickson Poon School of Law With the kind support of.

UKELA members –Complaint – ineffective legislation –Consequences – cost, delay, piecemeal interpretation, rule of law Charitable aims of UKELA –Make the law work for a better environment –Make environmental law accessible Effective meaning? Effective Environmental Law CoherentIntegratedTransparentScrutinised Coherence Issues Frequent amendments and lack of consolidation “I think its really badly put together…lots of it is archaic, it’s in little pieces that don’t/

Environmental Issues Update 1.Environmental Issues 1.Ship strikes on whales 2.Noise pollution 3.Biofouling 2.Environmental Regulations 1.Air emissions.

releases Polar shipping Marine Noise pollution Whale strikes Spill Prevention and Response Planning VOC emission reductions Exhaust Gas emissions (Annex VI & its revisions) Green House Gas emissions 1. Environmental issues 1. Environmental Issues Ship strikes on whales International Issue IMO’s Guidance to States - routing measures and speed restrictions, but initiated/regulated through IMO Regional Laws USA – speed restrictions and speeding fines! Source: IFAW 1/

Chemical Products Liability & Environmental Litigation 1 MEDICAL MONITORING: Class Action Issues Sean P. Wajert Dechert, LLP Philadelphia, PA

. 2001)  Gates v. Rohm and Haas Co., 2010 WL 774327 (E.D. Pa. 3/5/10) Chemical Products Liability & Environmental Litigation 30 MEDICAL MONITORING: Class Action Trials Manageability Plaintiffs’ Typical Plan “prove” individual issues through affidavits “prove” individual issues through administrative process move individual issues into the “plan” outside of court affirmative defenses are “barred” in equitable claim Rule 23 is procedural device that/

Martin Donohoe, MD, FACP Portland State University

prohibit cultivation of industrial and pharmaceutical chemicals in food or feed crops, ban outdoor testing of such crops, and create a regulatory tracking system PSR Campaign for Safe Food: Other Issues Recombinant bovine growth hormone in dairy cattle Health and environmental risks of food irradiation Particularly school lunch programs Factory farming, hormone and antibiotic use PSR Campaign for Safe Food: Other/

Advanced Studies of International Environmental Law

I. Introduction UNCED – continue: Resume: Agenda 21 “allows” a lot of exceptions in respect to environmental issues when developmental issues have priority Rio Declaration replaced the “Earth Charter” as successor of the Stockholm Declaration some steps back /are no mechanisms for inducing compliance or considering infractions treaties offer a superior framework for dealing with environmental issues by allowing for targeted laws, flexibility of law-making, machinery for inducing compliance and non compliance/

Environmental Management at Operating Outdoor Small Arms Firing Ranges

) Trash, litter, and debris Resource impacted Aesthetics Public perception Target waste Routine collection and disposal Trash receptacles Netting to capture windblown litter Unexploded ordnance (UXO) management No associated notes. Delineate Environmental Issues – Summary Mass Surface water Groundwater Air Control lead and keep it on the ranges Mass How much? Distribution Surface water Rain fall Distance from range to a stream Orientation/vegetation/

© Crane Environmental 3 rd Brunel International Lecture: Delivering Sustainable Development Gold Coast, 3 October 2001; Brisbane, 3 October 2001; Sydney,

select groups  The need for a whole-life approach – whole-life costing and whole-life environmental assessment © Crane Environmental Delivering sustainable development Issues and challenges to resolve: Recognition – Often in the detail The resource efficiency challenge  A/ best on basis of current knowledge – eg: long life, loose fit, low energy © Crane Environmental Delivering sustainable development Issues and challenges to resolve: The perception that sustainable development is only for the rich  It’s /

Environmental Risk Management Trends and Best Practices for Lenders and Appraisers Derek Ezovski Outsourced Risk Management Solutions LLC Eric Schwartz.

Outsourced Risk Management Solutions LLC Eric Schwartz Amegy Bank July 24, 2013 3 Agenda 1.Current Trends 2.Regulatory Changes to the Environmental Due Diligence process 3.Commercial Issues 4.How Appraisals and Environmental Converge 5.Q & A Appraiser Poll Question: Are environmental issues typically not looked at because of ignorance or apathy? Response: We don’t know and we don’t care… How Appraisals/

Strategic Environmental Assessment in Planning of Tourism Development Experience from the Czech Republic Simona Kosikova 14 June 2006, Jurmala.

on the notification within 20 days Relevant env. authority on the basis of obtained comments determines key environmental issues to e addressed: Results of screening/scoping sent to proponent and concerned authorities + are made / Public participation was organised only in the last stage of the SEA process Key environmental issues of tourism development Environmental issues Fragmentation of landscape, pressure on conquest of soil (greenfields) – entertainment centers, sport facilities (ski lifts/

Strengthening Capacity to Act: MESA Universities Partnership A UNEP-Initiative for the UN-Decade of Education for Sustainable Development Environmental.

between university and community) Increased sense of ‘renewal’ amongst participating staff, with new commitment to environmental issues and concerns and renewed motivation for research that benefits communities Re-orientation of existing programmes and conceptualization of/ new dimensions/ directions for existing programmes Increased interest in research involving environmental issues MESA HOT-SPOTS MESA Hot-Spots Cameroon Cote D’Ivoire DRC Egypt Ethiopia Ghana Kenya/

4 th International Experts Meeting on Environmentally Sound Technologies Otsu, Japan 4 th December 2003.

of vendors’ claims regarding performance of their technologies. Delivered on behalf of Environment Canada by ETV Canada Inc. (a private sector organisation) licensed to use the ETV logo and issue verification certificates. Environmental technology vendors apply to ETV Canada Inc. for verification of the performance claims they make. Testing is conducted by “verification entities” (e.g. specialised laboratories under contract with ETV/

1 ETIV - EMAS Technical Implementation and Verification 1 Palermo CASE STUDY: “EMAS registration of the Environmental Department of Viterbo Province (Italy)”

in practise the EMS and internal Audit. The course was designed for 26 people with degree and specific knowledge of:  science and technology of the environment  environmental and technical issues related the management of plants  environmental legislation  environmental management systems  methods and procedure of audit  technical knowledge of those specific activities to audit. The certification got with this training scheme can be considered as/

Environmental Management Systems Benefits of environment management systemsBenefits of environment management systems Main features of, and differences.

policy should contain at least two central elements: compliance with relevant environmental regulations and a commitment to continuous improvement. Address all significant environmental issuesAddress all significant environmental issues Commit to comply with environmental legislationCommit to comply with environmental legislation Commit to achieve continuous improvementsCommit to achieve continuous improvements EMAS Make an initial environmental review The purpose of the initial review is to identify the/

Science and Policy Issues in the Control & Management of Environmental Hazards Introduction Connecting the Dots: Science and Policy Issues in the Control.

workers AB 816: Reporting of chemical sales AB 990: Safe substitutes Science and Policy Issues in the Control & Management of Environmental Hazards The Science of Source Reduction Pandora Concept The compound is persistent & mobile resulting /g. people, animals, plants other biota)? SB 600: Biological monitoring SB 849: Environmental Health Tracking Science and Policy Issues in the Control & Management of Environmental Hazards Dose / Body Burden Relative Knowledge PBDE-47 in Human Tissues (lipid normalized)/

Environmental Dispute Resolution The Chuck Norris Approach.

, and changes in the structure of mechanisms for dispute resolution  Some of the core issues that we are all somewhat aware of are the Pacific Salmon dispute, acid rain and other air quality issues, removal of water from the Great Lakes, and transfer of water across drainage basins  environmental issues and decisions about their resolution directly and immediately affect the lives of citizens by/

LAT Environmental Test PDR1 GLAST LAT Project3-4 May 2005 LAT Environmental Test Planning and Design Review 3-4 May 2005 2.0 Dynamics Tests LAT Environmental.

procedure –Dust tent handling and operating procedure –LAT auxiliary cooling system operating procedure LAT Environmental Test PDR9 GLAST LAT Project3-4 May 2005 MGSE Issues for Sine Vibe Testing Dust Tent –This is likely needed for sine vibe, but/ procedure –Dust tent handling and operating procedure –LAT auxiliary cooling system operating procedure LAT Environmental Test PDR36 GLAST LAT Project3-4 May 2005 MGSE Issues for Acoustic Testing Dust Tent –This is likely needed for acoustic testing, but is still/

Environmental Health and Nursing. Nursing began with a focus on environmental health Florence Nightingale, born May 12, 1820, in Florence, Italy, died.

courses: maternal health, prevention of falls, community health, medical-surgical, etc. In-service education –Presentations by green team in hospital addressing environmental issues within health-care setting or community Ongoing professional development –CNA website, environmental health journals (Environmental Health Perspectives, Online Journal of Issues in Nursing) Nursing Research Nurses as co-investigators –Working with researchers in a number of areas, particularly to support understanding of/

EIA Process, IEE, TOR Dr. Wesam Al Madhoun

or may not be alternative livelihoods readily available for the displaced fishermen. Through this process, all environmental issues for a project are identified. Data Requirements Project Area of potential impact Type Size Location Physical resources/likelihood of occurrence Reversibility Contribution to cumulative impacts CRITERIA FOR EVALUATING THE ANTICIPATED EFFECTS (IMPACTS) OF SIGNIFICANT ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES 1. OVERVIEW This is one of the many steps in the IEE which require professional judgment. The/

Personal Observations of Environmental Engineering at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on the Occasion of Rensselaer’s 50th Anniversary Environmental.

, Natural Resource Management, Non-Point Sources, Public Health, RCRA Implementation & Compliance, Solid Waste Management, “Smart-Growth,” Storm-Water Management, Suburban Sprawl, Sustainability, Superfund Site Cleanups, Transportation Issues, Water, Wildlife Management – & many others. Environmental Protection Agency A Decentralized Organization: 10 Regions, Labs & Field Offices A Decentralized Organization: 10 Regions, Labs & Field Offices “Stove Pipe” Legislation Still Does Heavily Drive Programs “Stove/

Herman Journée Director Strategic Development Port of Amsterdam

Top 10 Environmental Issues in Ports GARBAGE, WASTE Top 10 Environmental Issues in Ports DREDGING Top 10 Environmental Issues in Ports NOISE Top 10 Environmental Issues in Ports AIR QUALITY Top 10 Environmental Issues in Ports AIR QUALITY Top 10 Environmental Issues in Ports WATER QUALITY Top 10 Environmental Issues in Ports WATER QUALITY Top 10 Environmental Issues in Ports SOIL POLLUTION Top 10 Environmental Issues in Ports SOIL POLLUTION + sources of renewable energy Top 10 Environmental Issues in Ports/

Integrated Environmental Assessment Training Manual for the Arab Region Module 4 Monitoring, Data and Indicators.

early warning information Data is complied into indicators Knowledge gained from data is fundamental to our understanding of environmental issues as well as for communicating information to policy makers and other groups in society. However, without good /features and boundaries; Is often displayed as layers of data; Presents a very immediate and visual message regarding environmental issues and management. Layers of Spatial Data Examples of Layers you might use: Aerial photography Protected natural areas /

1 State Water Resources Control Board Environmental Review Process for the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) Program Presented by Lisa Lee, Environmental.

, etc.), as well as public participation done for the project. o Also includes the State Water Board’s environmental findings, including SOC findings 63 Documenting environmental findings Environmental Language for the FPA and PFC  The FPA is a document issued by the State Water Board following the environmental review, and indicates the State Water Board’s understanding of an applicant’s project (scope of work/

The Department of Environmental Affairs Annual performance report 2012/2013 1.

the Provinces could not proceed with processing waste management licences for issuance. Where Provinces have delayed processing of applications through RoDs, DWA was able to issue Corrective measures : Work to be prioritise in 2013/14 Programme 2: Environmental Quality and Protection Strategic Objective: Less waste that is better managed 33 Key performance Indicator Annual TargetAchievements/Challenges/Corrective measures Percentage of applications for/

“We don’t inherit the Earth from our parents… We borrow it from our children.” -Proverb- ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH.

receive either the energy nutrients or the balance of nutrients required for optimal health. What to Know About Environmental Issues Homelessness – Homelessness means having no permanent residence. – Homelessness affects many families every year. Families account for/who are homeless have an increased risk of being homeless when they become adults. What to Know About Environmental Issues Homelessness – The health-related problems of homelessness include hunger, poor health, and high rates of mental-health/

ACVN / MoC / WPI Training Programme 1 Draft Urban Environmental Planning Methodology for Vietnam Prepared by Wayne Stone Danida / Carl Bro Vietnam Vietnam.

Priorities): Consultations with public developers ACVN / MoC / WPI Training Programme38 Public Communication and Community Participation Carry out public awareness campaigns about urban planning and environmental issues before public consultations Carry out public awareness campaigns about urban planning and environmental issues before public consultations To provide information to the public at each stage of the plan preparation process To provide information to the public at/

Environmental Management System Training United States Forest Service July 6, 2004 Ed Pinero, Acting Federal Environmental Executive.

and requirements Aspects, Impacts, and Significant Aspects EMS Implementation Workshop 69 Specific Benefits Prompts your organization to identify issues not typically managed; particularly non-regulated issues Integrates environmental issues into operations Makes for proactive planning EMS Implementation Workshop70 Environmental Aspects and Impacts-ISO 14001 Definition ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECTS Elements of an organization’s activities, products or services which can interact with the environment. (For example/

How do learners in developed and developing countries relate to environmental issues? Ricardo Trumper, Faculty of Science and Science Education, Haifa.

) - personally involved (Pearson =.444, p <.01) - collectively involved (Pearson =.571, p <.01) August 23, 2015August 23, 2015August 23, 2015 ESERA 2009 CONFERENCE 30 - Students generally recognized the severity of global environmental issues, believed they must become involved in them, and supported international action to address them. The conclusion we may draw from these four groups of items will be that: - Students in/

Public participation in Environmental Authorization Erika du Plessis Golder Associates Africa (Pty) Ltd.

behalf of developer enter into negotiations Not intended to satisfy grievances; rather to record issues of concern Not environmental dispute resolution Difference between PR and P2 ongoing 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 PUBLIC RELATIONS/VENUE SET-UP Registration Table Tables for Document display and take-home material Posters: Who is Company? Posters: Environmental and Social Issues Posters: Project Description Tea Station Posters: Company Policy / principles / Procedures Registration Lists, comment Sheets, spare/

Presentation Transparency And Business In International Environmental Law Larry Catá Backer W. Richard and Mary Eshelman Faculty Scholar & Professor of.

domestic law. -- tend to target labor conditions, --they may also produce effects touching on environmental issues, and within those on issues of environmental transparency. A. The rapid development of a crop of industry-produced certifications undercuts the short-/ companies in assessments of governance and transparency. --BP’s annual reports contained substantial reporting on social and environmental issues. --Its CoPs for the years 2009 and 2010 conformed to the UNGC requirements. --form of transparency/

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