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THE ENERGY FROM WATER The construction process of: -Hydro-electric turbines - Micro hydro-electric power stations in Technology.

from "hydro", the Greek word for water. Hydroelectricity is a renewable energy source ! Hydro-electricity is electricity obtained from hydro-power Potencial energy Kinetic energy Mechanical energy Electrical energy (Reservoir) (Penstock) (Turbine) (Generator) In the Technology subject we’ve worked the hydro-electric power stations in two different ways: -s-studying types of hydro-electric stations, their operation and technical parameters - building them in a small size, to understand/

2009 Physics 2111 Fundamentals of Physics Chapter 7 1 Fundamentals of Physics Chapter 7 Kinetic Energy & Work 1.Energy 2.Work 3.Work & Kinetic Energy 4.Work.

Energy & Work 1.Energy 2.Work 3.Work & Kinetic Energy 4.Work Done by a Gravitational Force 5.Work Done by a Spring Force 6.Work Done by a General Variable Force 7.Power Review & Summary Questions Exercises & Problems 2009 Physics 2111 Fundamentals of Physics Chapter 7 2 Energy & Work Energy is conserved. A new tool to solve problems. Energy comes in many forms: Thermal, Chemical, Atomic, Nuclear Energies Descriptions of Energy: Potential Energy (Chapter 7) Kinetic Energy/

Work & Power NOTES. Define / Describe WORK Work is the transfer of Energy that occurs when a force makes an object move. Work happens when a force moves.

Work & Power NOTES Define / Describe WORK Work is the transfer of Energy that occurs when a force makes an object move. Work happens when a force moves an object over a distance. If the object does not move, NO work is done! IMPORTANT Work is the transfer of energy. –If work is done on an object its energy will INCREASE –If work is done by an object its energy/10 m Wrap-Up #2: Sample Calculation A father lifts his daughter 2.0 m and exerts a force of 190 N. How much work does he do? F = 190 N D = 2.0 m W = F/

1 Understanding the Energy-Delay Tradeoff of ILP-based Compilation Techniques on a VLIW Architecture G. Pokam, F. Bodin CPC 2004 Chiemsee, Germany, July.

Power growth factor compiler architecture complexity 3 Motivation n Assume a fixed ; does compiling for higher ILP results in dissipating less power ? n Which issues (architecture, software, etc.) affect power/work! Shape of ILPtransform function depends on sign of C 12 vs. C < 0: exponential shape means high extra work! dependence height mismatch resource contention C = 0 linear shape negligible extra work/of operation count and static schedule length ? 20 Agenda n Motivation n Used metrics n Energy model n /

Power Chapter 5.6 WOD is underlined. Question A 2400 kg car can slow from 10 m/s to rest in 3.2 meters.If the car has traditional friction brakes, what.

power 1 horse can generate. Power Add units to WOD. Power is work / time P = W / t Do Power companies sell us power? Power Add units to WOD. Power is work / time P = W / t Do Power companies sell us power? No, Power is kWatts. They sell us kW-Hours. P * time = (Work / time) * time = Work = Energy Power Question: If someone uses 1000 watts of power for one hour, how much energy//day *.12 * 30 = $37.44 How about switching off your computer and monitor? How much do you save? Those use about 250w/hr each. Assume/

It’s Easy Being Green Exploring Simple Ways to Reduce Energy Usage.

Power to the People!  3. What item in your house do you think uses the most power?  Air conditioners are the biggest factor in energy increases. As the heat increases, more power/ not exceed the assimilative capacity of the environment (sustainable waste disposal); and  3. For nonrenewable resources the depletion of the nonrenewable resources should/ you observed energy being wasted or used unnecessarily/excessively at this site?  3. Brainstorm 5 suggestions for reducing energy that would work well at /

Wind Energy Basics The Kidwind Project

energy** Conversion is the name of the game KidWind Project | Faraday Effect Basic Concepts Voltage – V – Potential to Move Charge (volts) Current – I – Charge Movement (amperes or amps) Resistance – R – V = IxR (R in =ohms) Power – P = IxV = I 2 xR (watts) KidWind Project | How Does a Generator Work/ what is the BEST way to conserve electricity and reduce our consumption of fossil fuels??? TURN IT OFF!!! Be conscious of your energy choices! Where do we get our electricity? /

PERPETUAL IOT AWARENESS SYSTEM Intelligent Power Managing Middleware 25.

to reduce energy consumption to reach a perpetual IoT awareness system. WPAN WAN WLAN Cellular Network Ad-hoc Related work Many Approaches to optimize energy in IoT platforms: Device-level Circuit optimization & hardware improvements Energy harvesting Increased /adaptive perpetual IoT awareness system architecture that attempts to minimize the energy consumption in the device, connection, and network levels based on daily activities detection. 4 PC= Power Consumption o= IoT Object s= System’s State T= Active/

Journal 2/25/16 What is power? Make a list of all the things this means. Objective Tonight’s Homework To learn how we apply energy with a time factor p.

Watt is when we’re using 1 Joule of energy every second. Your body puts out about 100 Watts of heat. A T.V. uses between 300 and 500 Watts. A microwave uses around 1,100 Watts. A washer uses around 5,000 Watts. Equations EVSEVS P = W / t P: Power in Watts W: Work in Joules t: time in seconds This can tell/

Life in the AtacamaCarnegie Mellon Power – Performance James Teza July 28, 2003.

Maximum 3.9 MJ 6.3 MJ Life in the AtacamaCarnegie Mellon Performance Results - Summary Obtained rough measures of locomotion and hotel power requirements Extrapolation of results to inform initial design requirements for 24 hour operation Total energy requirement Solar panel design Battery design Further work Refine energy requirements for discrete activities Compare solar energy gain with energy consumption Problem – noisy data Life in the AtacamaCarnegie Mellon

Robust Low Power VLSI R obust L ow P ower VLSI CORDIC Implementation for a battery-less Body sensor Node L. Patricia Gonzalez G. Dept. of Electrical Engineering,

Increment the Range of Convergence  Results 8 Robust Low Power VLSI 9 x y Robust Low Power VLSI CORDIC: Shifter and Adders 10 Multiplexer >> Xreg +/- Multiplexer >> Yreg +/- Multiplexer Zreg +/- Robust Low Power VLSI Our CORDIC implementation  Re-use the data /Power VLSI Minimum Energy Point - Results 20 Frequency : 8KHz – 7.18 MHz Energy per cycle @ 0.5V – 348KHz : 1.1pJ Robust Low Power VLSI Comparison Table 21 CORDIC [3] This Work Error Superior limit for the Convergence range 20 Cosine Robust Low Power/

Energy management for small & medium-sized manufacturers Nate Altfeather Industrial Sector Engineering Manager Focus on Energy.

Manager Focus on Energy Topics Starting an energy efficiency program Tips and tricks for finding efficiency opportunities in your organization Focus on Energy for manufacturers Power vs. energy 100,000 BTUh /Power [BTU/hr or KW] Hrs/yrEnergy Use [therm or kWh] Cost of Energy Boiler1,000,0003,50035,000$28,000 Compressor377,500279,750$22,380 Lights206,000120,000$9,600 Total $/yr$59,980 Assess opportunity (in order of priority) 1.Do I even need my existing equipment? 2.Is my existing equipment working/

Energy Basics. Energy Makes Everything Happen  You eat food  Food provides the energy to work  A car drives  Gasoline provides the power.

Everything Happen  You eat food  Food provides the energy to work  A car drives  Gasoline provides the power Energy is divided into two types Depends on whether the energy is moving or stored Types of Energy n Energy that is stored Potential Energy n Energy that is moving Kinetic Energy Examples of Kinetic and Potential Energy Units of Energy Measurement Y British Thermal Unit (BTU) Y Joule (J) BTU The amount of heat/

Physics 3050 Energy Lecture Slide 1 Energy. Physics 3050 Energy Lecture Slide 2 Work Work = (Force in direction of motion)*distance W, Joule (J) = N-m.

1 m Physics 3050 Energy Lecture Slide 3 Power Power = Work/time P, J/s = Watt 1 horsepower = 746 Watts Physics 3050 Energy Lecture Slide 4 Potential Energy Energy of position Gravitational Potential Energy PE = mgh PE is the work done against the field/ … and vice versa When gravity is the only unbalanced force, this is the case (conservative force) Physics 3050 Energy Lecture Slide 13 Physics 3050 Energy Lecture Slide 14 Pendulum Energy Physics 3050 Energy Lecture Slide 15 Roller Coaster Energy First /


Monish Parajuli What is Condor?  High Throughput Computing framework  Used to create a cluster of computers  Powerful and simple way running tasks  Commonly used to perform CPU cycle scavenging Image form profile to predict energy cost Conclusion  Cost of running condor is negligible compared to the cost of not being able to do science Thank you! Questions/comments? Cost while leaving computers turned off = Non-work hours * power while idle * cost of electricity * number/

Energy from the Sun Workshop Introduction to Solar Energy.

Energy Variances in Solar Radiation Average Daily Solar Insolation Per Month Major Uses of Solar Energy o Daylight o Drying Agricultural Products o Space Heating o Heating Water o Generating Electrical Power o Concentrating Solar Power/-scale (utilities) MW production Photoelectric effect Concentrating Solar Power Power Tower How a Power Tower Works Photovoltaics Solar Utility Installations in California Demand Response ( Load Balancing and the Grid For More Information If you have questions,/

Fusion Road Show an artificial sun as future energy source.

energy source Fusion Road Show increasing energy use by 2100, 10 billion people need 4 times current energy demand Fusion Road Show Keerzijde van olie eindigoneerlijkvervuilend peak oil the moment of max oil production is approaching fast nuclear fusion powers the sun and stars can we use this in a compact power/ power: 500 MW ten times its own power use Fusion Road Show The future of Fusion - ITER experiments start 2019 record power in 2026 500 MW: small power plant after that: work on demonstration power /

Federal Energy Management Program Bureau of Land Management Update Doug Dahle, NREL Ray Brady, BLM Renewable Working Group September 10, 2002.

of Land Management Update Doug Dahle, NREL Ray Brady, BLM Renewable Working Group September 10, 2002 Federal Energy Management Program BLM Assessment of RE Power Potential on Western US Lands BLM/NREL Partnership formed Aug 2001 –Lee/and Geothermal in Western US- Jan 02 FEMP provides NREL funding for BLM effort BLM/NREL use GIS to identify BLM Planning units for high potential for RE power production NREL/BLM/Industry develop screening criteria Federal Energy Management Program BLM Assessment of RE Power/

Chapter 10 Energy, Work, & Simple Machines. Energy The ability to produce change.

Energy ½ mv f 2 - ½ mv i 2 = Fd Kinetic Energy K = ½ mv 2 Potential Energy U = mgh Work (W) The process of changing the energy of a system Work The product of force times displacement Work W = Fd Work-Energy Theorem W =  K Calculate the work/ o from horizontal for 2.0 m.  = 2.5 Power The rate of doing work Power P = W/t A 25 Mg elevator rises 125 m in/ to move an object by changing the magnitude and direction of the force. Machines Machines do not reduce the work required, but do reduce the force required. /

Community Wind--The Third Way Wind Energy As If People Matter 1. Large Wind Power Plants 2. Small Wind Turbines 3. Locally-Owned Commercial Turbines WindShare.

Schleswig-Holstein, Germany What is Community Power? Local Rooted in and Responsible to the Community Locally Owned Cooperative, First Nation, Farmer-Owned Commercial-Scale Generation Small Projects Making a Big Difference Paul Gipe, Era of Distributed Generation Here Now Resilient, Not Brittle Short Lead Times Near Load, Less Losses Opportunity for Many Fosters Energy Awareness Alberta, Canada Ontario, Canada Distributed Wind/

NUCLEAR ENERGY DONGQI WU ENGL 106I. Crowd in China rushing to buy salt.

, while maintaining no emissions. Each year, U.S. nuclear power plants prevent 5.1 million tons of SO2, 2.4 million tons of NO2, and 164 million metric tons of carbon from entering the atmosphere. Economical----- Nuclear energy saved 30% of pollution reducing cost in the US. A nuclear plant provides 600~700 work opportunities whose salary are 40% higher than the similar positions/

Bypass Aware Instruction Scheduling for Register File Power Reduction Sanghyun Park, Aviral Shrivastava Nikil Dutt, Alex Nicolau Yunheung Paek Eugene Earlie.

esp. VLIW processors) Large Register Files (esp. VLIW processors) Reducing RF Power: Related Work Three ways to reduce RF Power 1. Reduce energy per access to RF 2. Reduce number of registers in RF 3./power reduction Up to 26%, Average 12% RF power reduction 2% performance degradation Over and above On-Demand RF Read architecture RFPN2 is an effective heuristic for RF Power reduction Future Work Beyond basic block scheduling Our Project Our class project features on reducing the power consumption using Power/

Managed by UT-Battelle for the Department of Energy SNS Accelerator Ion Source RF System Existing Ion Source RF Systems Chip Piller RF Engineer.

-Battelle for the Department of Energy Accelerator Advisory Committee – January 2008 SNS Ion Source RF Pictures September 25, 2009 840 kW Beam Power Plasma 8Managed by UT-Battelle for the Department of Energy Accelerator Advisory Committee – January /Department of Energy Accelerator Advisory Committee – January 2008 QEI 80 kW 2 MHz Amplifier  We have 3 of these QEI amplifiers  Worked fine during development and initial operation of SNS 10Managed by UT-Battelle for the Department of Energy Accelerator /

Understanding Work, Energy, Power & Efficiency. Energy.

Understanding Work, Energy, Power & Efficiency Energy Forms of energy: 1.Kinetic energy 2.Gravitational potential energy 3.Elastic potential energy 4.Sound energy 5.Heat energy 6.Light energy 7.Electrical energy 8.Chemical energy Work done is equal to the amount of energy transferred. When energy changes from one form to another, Work is done. Energy transfer when the work is done. EnergyWork Done Examples A student pushes a trolley of books. Chemical energy stored in the body of the student/

Renewable Energy. Energy Terms Calorie (Cal) The amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one gram of water one degree Celsius. One calorie.

3Gw Wave power … wind generated and/or tidal Biodesel Wg Wg Clean burning alternative, uses sun’s energy processed by /plants Fuel Cells Vi0 Vi0 Research Subject Wind Solar Wave Hydro Fuel Cells Biodesel Geothermal Research Expectations Groups of 3 Prepare 5-8 minute activity or lecture or demo – Technology: how does it work/

Chapter 5 Power 1. Power is the rate at which work is done. More generally, power is the rate of energy transferred by any method. 2.

5 Power 1 Power is the rate at which work is done. More generally, power is the rate of energy transferred by any method. 2 Power If the work done on an object is W in a time interval Δt, then the power is the energy delivered to the object over the time interval. 3 Power P = W Δt The SI unit of power is watt, W or J/s 4 Power/

BELLWORK Think about how you use energy in your everyday life. Make a list of at least ten ways that you use energy every day.

work.” Conservation of Energy The Law of Conservation of Energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. However, it can be transformed into other types of energy... Types of Energy Two main types of energy: kinetic energy - energy of motion potential energy - stored energy Types of Energy It can be broken down further as well: -Mechanical -Chemical -Light -Sound -Electrical -Thermal Using Energy Power plants are built to harvest natural resources and transform their energy/

Resources & Energy Chapter 11 Earth Science. Resources 2 kinds of resources –Nonrenewable resources Minerals, fossil fuels –they take millions of years.

wiring –Gold/Silver Electronics, dental work, eating utensils, jewelry Mineral Resources (cont.) Mineral uses (non-metals) –Calcite Building stone, cement –Halite Food prep –Sulfur Gun powder, medicines, rubber –Quartz glass Fossil Fuels Fossil fuels –Coal, petroleum, natural gas –Organic in origin (formed from living things) –When burned, heat energy is released Fossil Fuels (cont) –Coal uses Electric power, making steel, heating –Most abundant/

UNIT 6 – ENERGY & CLIMATE CHANGE Chapters 17 – 18, 13.

gas Found underground, usually near oil reserves Produces about 20% of U.S. energy Produces fewer greenhouse gases when burned Fossil Fuels and the Future Energy demands will increase by 30% by 2040 Oil reserves are known oil deposits Major/more selectively 17-2: Nuclear Energy Nuclear energyenergy in the nucleus of an atom Nuclei split through nuclear fission & release large amounts of energy How Nuclear Energy Works 14% of world’s electricity comes from nuclear power Nuclear reactor contains uranium fuel/

Energy Conservation Awareness Programme Sponsored by: P etroleum Conservation Research Association Organized by: Resource Development Centre, New Delhi.

Energy  Renewable energy  Solar energy  Wind energy  Tidal energy, etc.  Non-renewable energy  Petrol  Diesel  Kerosene  L.P.G  Wood, etc. ? What does ‘energy’ really mean? AA source of power The Various forms of Energy 1. Mechanical Energy 2. Heat Energy 3. Light Energy 4. Chemical Energy 5. Electrical Energy 6. Nuclear Energy OIL works/-commerce Mergers and acquisitions ShiftingdemandTechnology MarketliberalizationConvergence – Mega- mergers – Portfolio restructurin g – Electric power – Natural/

Gavin Belok. Energy Generation- Oyster Wave Converter.

cost of machinery No waste Not expensive to operate and maintain. Can produce a great deal of energy. Wave power will never stop – dependable, renewable energy source Disadvantages Energy depends on the waves Needs a suitable site, where waves are consistently strong. Hard to repair Costly to input Must be able to withstand very rough weather. Works Cited

 If you have 2 objects that have the same mass, what can be done to make one of the objects have greater kinetic energy?  If you have 2 objects where.

!  What about a spring?  Elastic Potential Energy ◦ Potential energy associated with objects that can be stretched or compressed.  What is energy?  How are energy, work, and power related?  If a handsaw does the same amount of work on a log as a chainsaw does, which has the greater power? Why?  What is Kinetic Energy?  What is Potential Energy?  What factors affect an object’s kinetic energy?  What factors affect an object’s/

Nanophotonics Class 9 Nanophotovoltaics. The world’s present sources of energy.

energy Different sources of energy: future oil coal gas nuclear power hydroelectricity biomass (traditional) biomass (advanced) solar power (photovoltaics (PV) & solar thermal generation (CSP) solar thermal (heat only) other renewables geothermal wind energy/ installed power P. Maycock CHALLENGE How to reduce the price/Watt of photovoltaic energy ???? /) 550 nm exc = 1480 nm Guiding and concentration observed to /16 Plasmonic hot-spot /carrier lifetime required p n The Energy Problem: Needed: Large Area /

ENERGY (FROM AN ENGINEERING STANDPOINT) Date: 12/3/09 Prepared by: Javier Kienzle, Fellow - GK12 Program Presented at: Columbia High School Supported by:

Sources: NAE, NRC (2009) Types of Energy  Kinetic & Potential Energy  Electrical  Thermal  Chemical  Mechanical Converting Energy The Automobile Electricity  How do we generate electricity?  Power Plants Turbines  Renewable Sources Wind Energy Hydroelectric Solar Panels Turbine How a Power Plant Works Boiler Pump Condenser G Turbine My Research  Nuclear Energy  Cogeneration Making use of Waste Heat Known as CHP – “Combined Heat and Power”  Common Applications Desalination Heating Homes/Businesses/

Amazing Energy What Is Energy ? Energy is the power to change things.It is the ability to do work.

Amazing Energy What Is Energy ? Energy is the power to change things.It is the ability to do work. HEAT ! Conducting helps heat move from one place to the other. Insulating means keeping the warmth or coldness of something from / are caused by vibrations. Sound is a special kind of kinetic or motion energy. Sound waves can travel through gases, liquids and solids. Motion A rock at the top of a hill has potential energy. A rock rolling down a hill has kinetic energy. A rock at the bottom of a hill has no/

Solar Energy. Radiant Energy Solar Radiation Average Daily Solar Insolation Per Month.

Heating Concentrating Solar Power Power Tower How a Power Tower Works Photovoltaics PV Cell Conversion Efficiency PV Array Components o PV Cells o Modules o Arrays PV System Components Net Metering PV Array Fields Source: Solarbuzz, a part of The NPD Group o Clean o Sustainable o Free o Provide Electricity to Remote Places Advantages of Solar Energy Disadvantages of Solar Energy o Inefficient and costly equipment/


of resonant coupling Coils need to be shrunk down Problem with distance Advantages Eliminates transmission line cables, towers and sub stations Global scale Cost of electrical energy reduced for consumer Possibilities of power Disadvantages Capital Cost is high Not successfully implemented References "How Wireless Power Transmission Works." How Wireless Power Transmission Works. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Nov. 2013.

**Glucose made as a byproduct of photosynthetic reactions Harvesting stored energy…  Energy stored in organic molecules  carbohydrates, fats, proteins.

O–O C C O NH 2 N+N+ H NADH carries electrons as a reduced molecule reducing power! H Ele - Movement in Respiration  4 metabolic stages  Anaerobic respiration (NO O 2 ) 1/oxidation of sugars This happens twice for each glucose molecule **Process regulated by + and – feedback control by [ATP]!!!** 4C6C4C 2C6C5C4C CO 2 citrate acetyl CoA Count /cycle  2 ATP  Life takes a lot of energy to run, need to extract more energy than 4 ATP!  Fun Fact!!! A working muscle recycles over 10 million ATPs per second I /

Energy Performance Certificates Opportunity or Threat? Dave Princep.

for Comparisons Energy Performance Certificate EPC High scores –more energy efficient –lower the fuel bills, –lower the carbon dioxide emissions Score depends on construction, size, insulation and heating Highlights Low Cost & High Cost Works What’s it/Hazards No Place to Hide Ordinance Survey – BlueSky International Tenant Power Concern over rising energy prices Move due to poor energy efficiency Choosing rental property –Cost of heating/energy –Central heating (above rent) Use EPC to influence decisons /

CONFIDENTIAL Energy Efficiency Financing Innovation on College Campuses Billion Dollar Green Challenge Panel AASHE, October 11,

financing Use them if they work for your college ! 5 CONFIDENTIAL Additional Financing Approaches Revolving Loan Funds  Such as through Billion Dollar Green Challenge  Great way to create momentum and establish fund for EE, etc/states or utilities) 6 CONFIDENTIAL 7 The Power of Innovative Finance Utility Rebates Operating budget contributions Illustrative College Energy Efficiency Installation Business as Usual = $8 million program over 5 years CONFIDENTIAL 8 Power of Innovative Finance – A 5 year Program/

© Copyright Power & Grace 2011, Synecticsworld 2011 Integrating Creativity, Innovation, Project Management & Leadership for high performance & sustainable.

Rules Experiment Constructive review Operational cycle Innovation cycle Opportunity for change Success © Copyright Power & Grace 2011, Synecticsworld 2011 BEHAVIOUR © Copyright Power & Grace 2011, Synecticsworld 2011 Climate - Creating the field Energy used for creativity Energy used for self preservation Energy of team/individual Climate Adversarial Threatening Neutral Cooperative Supportive © Copyright Power & Grace 2011, Synecticsworld 2011 The intent effect gap AssumePositive Co-operation cycle Revenge/

Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Advisor:Lian-Jou Tsai Student:Mu-Ting Huang.

local event How does BLE work? Master informs slave of hopping sequence and when to wake All subsequent /power, low cost, suitable for a small amount of data transfer can be used for home automation. Automatic notification master slave’s status, more easy to control home appliances situation. References 傳統 BT 與 BLE 有什麼不一樣? ( ) 陳泰全. " 藍芽系統之省電方式研究與改善." 臺北科技大學 電腦與通訊研究所學位論文 2011 年 (2011): 1-48. Bluetooth 4.0:Low Energy/

EIA Energy Consumption Data Norman Muraya Austin Energy LPPC-Benchmarking Chair (acting) -Data Analysis Team (Lead) (512) 482-5323 for AEE –Austin/San.

leader among cities in the fight against global warming. Utility Plan: 700 MW through DSM 30% renewable energy 100 MWs Solar CO2 cap-and-reduction Austin Climate Protection Plan 800 MW 2007-2020 LPPC Large Public Power Council Nations 25 largest non-profit utilities EEWG – Energy Efficiency Working Group Benchmarking Initiative Data Analysis Team LPPC Peak Demand (MW) EE Savings Normalized Demand Reduction Demand Reduction/

SOLAR ENERGY & ARTIFICIAL PHOTOSYNTHESIS. Solar Panels Low efficiency Manufacturing cost.

Panels Low efficiency Manufacturing cost SOLAR ENERGY & ARTIFICIAL PHOTOSYNTHESIS Solar Panels Low efficiency Manufacturing cost Artificial photosynthesis Using the free power of the sun Current projects Nocera’s artificial leaf Production of hydrogen Works in any water No wires Current projects Nocera’s artificial leaf Production of hydrogen Works in any water No wires ZnO Nanocones 1.4 % light/power conversion then Silicone – 80% more/

WIND POWER What is wind power? Wind power is the conversion of wind energy into a useful form of energy, such as using wind turbines to make electricity,

WIND POWER What is wind power? Wind power is the conversion of wind energy into a useful form of energy, such as using wind turbines to make electricity, windmills for mechanical power, windpumps for water pumping or drainage, or sails to propel ships. Who invented it? Professor James Blyth How it works Advantages 1.The wind is free and with modern technology it can be captured efficiently. 2.Many/

China’s Energy Challenge: Adjusting to Higher Prices Tao Wang Head of Asia Economics, BP Oct 13, 2006, Moscow.

energy producer 2 nd largest energy consumer 2 nd largest oil consumer, 3 rd importer 2 nd largest CO2 emitter 2 nd largest power market/ Largest SO2 emitter 4 th largest GDP, 2 nd largest GDPppp 3 China’s primary energy consumption mix 2005 /-2005 Million b/d 5 China and World Oil Consumption Growth 1995-2005 Kb/d 6 Core of China’s Energy Security: Oil Security: Increase domestic / Energy saving - 20% energy/GDP by 2010 Energy saving society Focused on structural change Other increase renewable to /

The EU Internal Energy Market for the 21st Century Energy Efficiency – the shale gas of Europe Randall Bowie European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy.

(40%) part of our infrastructure, like grids 17 December 2013 The EU Internal Energy Market for the 21st Century 5 EU standardisation work: critical & global EU standardisation, a prerequisite for the internal market EU standards are /Novozymes, Rockwool, Siemens Wind Power, & Velux, & suppliers & consultants for green tech. Energy technology represents 10% of total Danish exports of goods, with green energy technologies constituting the largest share. The EU Internal Energy Market for the 21st /

Gavin Belok. Energy Generation- Oyster Wave Converter.

produced. Not expensive to operate and maintain. Can produce a great deal of energy. Wave power is renewable. Disadvantages Depends on the waves - sometimes youll get loads of energy, sometimes almost nothing. Needs a/Works Cited 17424.jpg 17424.jpg energy/

Capital access for clean energy businesses in Africa LCEDN, London 24/25 June 2013.

Mostly private, some public/NGO support How the energy access gap will be closed. Africa (IEA) Asset types: Domestic scale solar, diesel, wind Capital; SME early stage equity, growth capital, inventory / working cap/consumer credit finance, Mostly private Asset types: Regional interconnectors, 50MW-1GW+ power stations, grid extensions, etc Capital; Public, /project to allocate capital/resources to? Risk How to balance the financial objectives of the DFI and the “pioneering” objective of the intervention?

1 Student Objective To identify the 2 different forms of energy & the energy types within each form. Warm Up List at least 2 types of potential energy.

: Each energy form has various types of energy the ability to do work Potential & Kinetic Mechanical, Chemical, Thermal, Electrical… 10 Conclusions: What did we discover today? Work is Power is the transfer of energy. how quickly the energy is transferred. CyberEd Physical Science Energy & Applications Properties & Sources of Energy Lesson Click FROG Click yellow arrow to skip to Scene 5a Click Read Along arrow 11 12 Homework “Potential and Kinetic Energy

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