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all Team Members on Campaigns Related Budgets and Expenses Lead Creation on Campaign Mailing List Offers Templates Campaign Scheduling Mail Blaster 2.Divided team and allocated into Research Area Innovation Circle Progress So far 5 1.‘/ Budgets on Campaigns 4.Campaign Scheduling within campaigns 5.Offers’ very loosely linked to Campaigns (i.e. Tighter Integration functionally) 6.ROI of Campaign measurement Innovation Circle- CRMnext Gaps Quick Wins ‘ 6 Competition- Multichannel Campaign ‘ 7 Competition- MRM/

Geometry and Measurement Circles, Lines, quadrilaterals and other polygons are done by: Ali Mohammed Ali Grade 12-04.

longest distance from one end of a circle to the other. pi : A number, 3.141592..., equal to (the circumference) / (the diameter) of any circle. radius: distance from center of circle to any point on it. tangent of circle: a line perpendicular to the radius that touches ONLY one point on the circle. Related questions to Circles. Question #1 In a large field, a circle with an area of 144π square meters is drawn/

Week 15 Math Vocabulary 1.area of a circle – A =  r 2 2.congruent angles – two angles which have the same measure 3.supplementary angles – two angles.

Week 15 Math Vocabulary 1.area of a circle – A =  r 2 2.congruent angles – two angles which have the same measure 3.supplementary angles – two angles whose sum is 180 degrees 4.real number – the set of rational / – the value that makes two sides of an equation equal 9.term – the parts of an expression that are separated by the + or – symbol 10.vertical line test – a test to determine whether or not a relation is a function Test ~ Thursday, March 11, 2010

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or diameter, given area or perimeter of a circles;  Find the perimeters and areas of semicircles and quarter-circles;  Calculate perimeters and areas of composite shapes made from circles and parts of circles;  Calculate arc lengths, angles and areas of sectors of circles; 29. Circles and related shapes (Pi, Arcs and Sectors) (4 hours) Continued on next page Unit 2 Return to Routemap Return to Routemap Return to Routemap Return to Routemap Prior KnowledgeCommon misconceptions/

Confidential2 Warm Up 1.Find the Circumference of a Circle with a radius of 12.5 miles 2. Find the Circumference of a Circle with a radius of 21 meters.

area) Sector in which the two radii are perpendicular to each other Parts of a Circle Confidential5 1.The ratio of circumference to diameter is a constant for a given circle/Area of a sector, A = 1/2 * radius * length of the arc Confidential6 What are 3D figures?- 3D figures are figures which have length, width and height. In the term 3D, 3 refers to the numbers of dimensions and D refers to dimension. Examples of 3D figures : Cone, Cube, Cylinder, Pyramid, Rectangular Prism and Sphere. Confidential7 Related/

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at the starts of two successive months. Write down a recurrence relation involving u n and u n+1 b) Find the date and amount of the / of circle P is 4  2 ii) Hence show that circles P and Q touch. b) Find the equation of the tangent to circle Q at the point (–4, 1) c) The tangent in (b) intersects circle P in/ area of the forest fire to double, find the value of the constant k. Show Maths4Scotland Logarithms & Exponential Higher Back to start Quit Back Next The results of an experiment give rise to /

Geometry 7-8 Geometric Probability. Review Areas.

= πr 2 where A is the Area of the circle and r is the radius of the circle Sector of a Circle Annulus of a Circle Segment of a Circle* Geometric Probability New Material Probability Number from zero to one that represents a chance that an event will occur 0 = Event cannot occur 1 = Event certain to occur Probability Geometric Probability Related process in which the division involves geometric/

Perimeter and Area of Circles and Sectors I CAN -Find the circumference and area of a circle -Find the arc length of a sector -Find the area of a sector.

circumference” Don’t forget units! P ●B 80º ●A Just like arc length is related to the circumference of a circle, the area of a sector is related to the area of the circle. The area of a sector is a fraction of the area of the circle One way of finding area of a sector I. Find the area of  P ● P 24 c m A =  r 2 A =  (12) 2 A/

March 8 th, 2013.  Problem 1) A) What is the formula for the area of a circle? B) What is the formula for the circumference of a circle? C) How do these.

) What is the formula for the area of a circle? B) What is the formula for the circumference of a circle? C) How do these formulas relate to area and perimeter ratios of similar figures?  Problem 2) A) Find the area of a circle with radius 10 units. B) Find the circumference of a circle with diameter 7 units. C) If the area of a circle is 121 square units, what/




test materials in a centrally-located locked room that is inaccessible to unauthorized persons Conceal all instructional or reference materials in the test setting, which are related to the content area being assessed, such as maps, posters, student samples, bulletin /data, will delay test processing, and may have a negative impact on final reports. Fill in only one circle in each column. Ensure student accountability demographic information is properly marked. Step 7: Fill In Student Accountability /

DCMI Global Corporate Circle G. Philip Rogers, PMP Senior Business Analyst, School of Public Health, Instructional and Information Systems, UNC Chapel.

they merit a time investment can yield valuable information about how to manage critical business data (McComb). DCMI Global Corporate Circle On Data Governance Due in part to relatively recent business drivers related to compliance such as Basel II and Sarbanes-Oxley, data governance is an area that is seeing substantial enterprise investment. Data governance seeks to ensure that there is a management framework that can deliver/

TRANS-IN-FORM Updated project draft 15 th Feb 2008 Alf S. Johansen An Innovation Circle network project.

Feb 2008 Alf S. Johansen An Innovation Circle network project TRANS-IN-FORM Mission: Contribute to the development of vibrant and competitive local and regional centers in rural areas through focus on quality services, attractive design,/ 1" Places as products, landmarks and branding" FinlandManag+Inari Municipality Service ac. 2 "Service management and customer relations" LatviaManag + Inari Latvian partners Service ac.3 "Product development and quality management" PskovManag+Pskov partners Service ac./

Earth-map Relations.

properties of the graticule deal with distance, direction and area. Assume the earth to be spherical. Earth-map Relations Distance The equator is the only complete great circle in the graticule. All meridians are one half a great circle in length. All parallels other than the equator are called small circles. Earth-map Relations The Great Circle The great circle is the intersection between the earth surface and a/

Interval, circle graphs and circle graph recognition using split decomposition Presented by Steven Correia Kent state university Nov-18-2011

Related Graphs Application Reduce the complexity of many problems Memory management VLSI design Max clique applications Conclusion References Image taken from:[4] Some NP-Hard problems easily solved on Circle Graphs: Independent Set solvable using O(n 2 ) dynamic programming Many problem that are NP-complete on general graph have polynomial solution when restricted to circle graph –Treewidth of a circle/ area is rectangle. The perimeter of rectangle represents terminals. Goals of wire routing step is to /

Lesson 10.1 Parts of a Circle Today, we are going to

Lesson 10.1 Parts of a Circle Today, we are going to… > identify segments and lines related to circles > use properties of tangents to a circle Circle C C Diameter = _ radius A chord is X Y N YX C A B AB BN A secant / (11, 13) 12. (6, -5) 13. (19, - 4) Circumference and Area of Circles Lessons 11.4 & 11.5 Circumference and Area of Circles Today, we are going to… > find the length around part of a circle and find the area of part of a circle Circumference Arc Length = A B 1. Find the length of AB A B 50° 7 /

Teaching-Learning Cycle: From Design to Implementation

you draw about __________? What is the relationship between __________? How is __________ related to __________? What ideas support the fact that __________? What evidence can you find/ help students practice the use of self-questioning to help them reason through a problem. Which area of science is this? During which era does/repeat the introduction and multi-koosh competition. 1-Minute Speech – Students stand in a circle and each student takes turns talking about themselves (I.e., birthday, favorite music, /

Welcome to the Information Literacy Student Tutorial on Social Work Resources You have been assigned a research project and you are not sure where to begin.

within an ebook You will see the message “Results 1 - 5 of 21 pages for influence” (circled). The results related to the search appear on screen, highlighted in yellow. The page number where the term is located in / a Subject Directory The link for Social Sciences - looks like it might be useful for our research. Using this link we can browse areas including:  Anthropology  Business & management  Economics  Education  Environmental studies  Government policy  Law & politics  Psychology  Research/



Elements of Dance Elements of Dance: The basic parts of dance: space, time and force Space: the area covered by the dance movements (this includes shape,

Elements of Dance Elements of Dance: The basic parts of dance: space, time and force Space: the area covered by the dance movements (this includes shape, level, directions and pathways.) Directions: forward, backward, sideways, up, down,/,zigzag,circle,etc) Shape: the design of the body as it exists in space Time: how fast or slow (tempo); even or uneven (beat) and long or short (duration) the movement is Force: The use of energy while moving SHAPES How can these geometrical shapes be related to dance?/

Geometry 3 Dimension.

the large circle used to create the pattern is the slant height of the cone. The area of the pattern is the lateral area of the cone. The area of the pattern is also of the area of the large circle, so Example 5 Continued If the pattern shown is used to make a /for the volume of a pyramid. Learn and apply the formula for the volume of a cone. The volume of a pyramid is related to the volume of a prism with the same base and height. The relationship can be verified by dividing a cube into three congruent /

January 19, 2010 1 Individual Transition Plan (ITP) Linking Students with Disabilities to Post-Secondary Education, Employment, & Independent Daily Living.

of study that align with the student’s postsecondary goal(s)? If yes, then circle Y OR if no, then circle N 6. Is (are) there annual IEP goal(s) related to the student’s transition services needs?Y N Is (are) an annual goal(/teacher through on-going involvement and offers support, guidance, encouragement and assistance as the learner encounters challenges with respect to a particular area such as acquisition of job skills. Mentoring can be either formal as in planned, structured instruction or informal that /

2. We will solve problems for the area and circumference of a circle.

() also used in the formula to find the area of a circle. Using the radius (r) What is the formula for using radius to find the area of a circle? In your own words, what is the area of a circle? “The area of a circle is _____________.” CFU 1 Area Formula: A round carpet disc has a radius of 3 ft. How is radius related to diameter? In your own words, the/

Trigonometry, Third Edition by Cynthia Y. Young, © 2012 John Wiley and Sons. All rights reserved. Chapter 3 Radian Measure and the Unit Circle Approach.

Objectives CConvert between degrees and radians. CCalculate arc length and the area of a circular sector. RRelate angular and linear speeds. DDraw the unit circle and label the sine and cosine values for special angles (in both degree and /2012 John Wiley and Sons. All rights reserved. Your Turn : Converting Between Degrees and Radians  Convert 60° to radians.  Solution:  r = 60 = or 1.047.  Convert to radians.  Solution:  d = = 270°. Trigonometry, Third Edition by Cynthia Y. Young, © 2012 John/

Content Covered by the ACT Mathematics Test In the Mathematics Test, three subscores are based on six content areas: pre-algebra, elementary algebra, intermediate.

lines; distance; midpoints; and conics. Plane Geometry Plane Geometry (23%). Questions in this content area are based on the properties and relations of plane figures, including angles and relations among perpendicular and parallel lines; properties of circles, triangles, rectangles, parallelograms, and trapezoids; transformations; the concept of proof and proof techniques; volume; and applications of geometry to three dimensions. Trigonometry Trigonometry (7%). Questions in this content/

Circles (Unit 8). AC DR Area Circumference Diameter Radius.

circle (or any shape). Try to come up with an equation for a circle using the hints given... What are the hints? 5 m Area of a Circle Area Equation is… Answer is…there are roughly 3 squares (l x w) that fit into a circles. The remaining area outside of the circles roughly make up the area in the 4 th part of the circle. Actual Area Equation: Area = ∏r ² 5 m Area/

© 2011 Pearson Education, Inc. Chapter 12: Services The Cultural Landscape: An Introduction to Human Geography.

Hexagon Compromise—Hexagons offer a compromise between the geometric properties of circles and squares. © 2011 Pearson Education, Inc. Size of Market Area To determine the extent of a market area, geographers need 2 pieces of information about a service—its /gravity model, which predicts that the optimal location of a service is directly related to the number of people in the area and inversely related to the distance people must travel to access it. © 2011 Pearson Education, Inc. (Top)—Optimal location is/

pi Title Page Is pi useful ? pi in the antiquity With Archimedes To infinity Supremacy of arctan pi in India With Infnitesimal Ramanujan AGM and more.

associated curves in architecture. Yet, scientists and mathematicians entered very early the quest of an answer to the direct translation of the area of a circle to a square – the famous search of the quadrature of the circle. The fascination of pi is not limited to circles or curves, and its related calculation of sizes. Pi often appears in at unexpected places. For example, if one takes all/

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within both tolerance zone cylinders simultaneously. Portions of the feature relating tolerance zones are not available if they extend outside the boundaries of the pattern locating tolerance zones. Parts with hole axes outside the areas included within both circles would be rejected. X 0.15 M GD&T Location Table of Contents Return to the Previous Slide Slide 149QuitMaster Table of ContentsGlossary Composite Feature/

Circles Basic vocabulary. History of the Circle The circle has been known since before the beginning of recorded history. It is the basis for the wheel,

of recorded history. It is the basis for the wheel, which, with related inventions such as gears, makes much of modern civilization possible. In mathematics, the study of the circle has helped inspire the development of geometry and calculus.wheelgears Early science, particularly geometry and Astrology and astronomy, was connected to the divine for most medieval scholars, and many believed that there was/

y + x = r 222 next Properties of a Circle What is Pi? Definition of a Circle Lesson Standard Click one!

circle? the distance around the circle only changes if dilated the perimeter of the circle Standard *Mathematics Georgia Performance Standards Grade 7* M7G2. Students will demonstrate understanding of transformations. They should learn to demonstrate understanding of translations, dilations, rotations, reflections, and relate to/factors, length ratios, and area ratios between similar figures; use scale factors, length ratios, and area ratios to determine side lengths and areas of similar geometric figures; /

By Zvezdelina Stankova Berkeley Math Circle Director Mathematics and Computer Science Department Mills College, Oakland, CA April 16 2009, MSRI.

the big triangle iff P is the centroid of the small triangle. Questions to think about: Math area(s)? Math theory? Problem Solving Techniques? Other related problems? Generalizations? Pushing on? How many different math circles sessions do you envision per problem? On what did you base your decision? Math Circle OrganizationMathematics Math Circle OrganizationMathematics Jointly published by AMS & MSRI First book in Edited by Zvezdelina Stankova/

10.7 Moments of Inertia for an Area about Inclined Axes In structural and mechanical design, necessary to calculate the moments and product of inertia.

I and the ordinate represent the product of inertia I xy 10.8 Mohr’s Circle for Moments of Inertia Procedure for Analysis Construct the Circle Determine center of the circle O, which is located at a distance (I x + I y )/2/ Area Moment of Inertia Represent second moment of area about an axis Frequently used in equations related to strength and stability of structural members or mechanical elements If the area shape is irregular, a differential element must be selected and integration over the entire area /

Notes 10-2 Angles and Arcs. Central Angle: A central angle is an angle whose vertex is the center of a circle. Sides are two radii of the circle. The.

with measure 135° in a circle with radius 4 cm = 3 cm  9.42 cm Sector Sector – Region of a circle bounded by a central angle and its arc. Sector angle is related to the angle measure of the entire circle (360). The area of a sector is a part of the area of the circle. Example: Area of a sector = ? Find the area of the sector that contains 46/

W-UP USE IMPLICIT DIFFERENTIATION. 14.6 RELATED RATES SWBAT SOLVE RELATED RATE PROBLEMS Problems involving rates of related variables are related rate.

Substitute in given values STEPS FOR SOLVING RELATED RATE PROBLEM 1)Draw a picture (if possible) Identify / assign the variables 2)Identify what you want_____ when____ 3)List what is known, rates 4)Write formula that relates variables in problem 5)Differentiate 6)Substitute /child throws a stone into a still pond causing a circular ripple to spread. If the radius of the circle increases at the constant rate of 0.5 feet/ second, how fast is the area of the ripple increasing when the radius is 30 feet? A /

 2002 Prentice Hall. All rights reserved. 1 Introduction Polymorphism allows programmers to write: –Programs that handle a wide variety of related classes.

to derived-class 27 // data object type) point2 to Circle circle2 28 Circle circle2 = ( Circle ) point2; 29 30 output += " Circle circle1 (via circle2): " + 31 circle2.ToString(); 32 33 output += " Area of circle1 (via circle2): " + 34 circle2.Area().ToString( "F" ); 35 Create a Point object Create a Circle object Assign a Point reference to reference a Circle object Assign a Circle reference to/ Interfaces are used to “bring together” or relate disparate objects that relate to one another only /

ALGEBRA 2 LESSON 10-1 Find the x- and y-intercepts of the graph of each function. (For help, go to Lessons 2-2, 5-2, and 5-5.) Exploring Conic Sections.

tacks are stuck in the paper c.Check students’ work. 65.When c is close to 0, the values of a and b are almost the same, and ab is close to a 2, that is, close to the area of a circle of radius a. 66.a.3  10 6 mi b.about 0.016 c./= 1 12 1 12 1818 1818 1 20 1 18 1 18 1 20 1 12 1 28 1818 1414 Page 582 > – < – > – < – < – < – < – < – < – < – < – < – Quadratic Relations ALGEBRA 2 CHAPTER 10 (–5, –8), radius 10; (1, –7), radius 9; (–4, 10), radius 11; 18.+ = 1 19.+ y 2 = 1 20. + = 1/


float area; // area of circle float circum; // circumference of circle // get radius; cout << "enter the circle radius: "; cin >> radius; // compute the area of the circle area = Compute_area (radius); // compute the circumference of the circle circum = Compute_circum (radius); cout << "the area of the circle is " << area << endl; cout << "the circumference of the circle is " << circum << endl; return; } 40 // FILE: CmptArCr.cpp // Modules to calculate the area and // circumference of a circle. // global/

Quick Start Expectations 1.Fill in planner and HWRS HW: WS: Circles: Area & Circumference + SBAC practice 2.Get a signature on HWRS 3.On desk: journal,

= 28.26 in. p. 52 p. 54 To answer that let’s look at how the area of a circle relates to the area of a square… p. 54 A = The area of a circle will be about 3 times the area of the radius square. Formula… = A Add Area of a circle to your Vocab Toolkit 9”12”15” What is the area of each pizza? If the pizzas cost: 9/3.14 = 63.59 in² 6 x 6 x 3.14 = 113.04 in² 7.5 x 7.5 x 3.14 = 176.63 in² A fun way to remember formulas for circumference and area of a circle… HW: WS - Circles: Area & Circumference + SBAC practice

Year 9 Geography Readings. Year 9 Geog - Australia’s Environment Lesson 1 - Intro to Year 9 Geography 1.Write down the heading. ____________________________________________________________________.

or on a plain. Situation is the position of a settlement in relation to access to the surrounding areas and its location in relation to other settlements. Originally settlements grew unplanned, but now they are mostly planned/ 2.What do you think this piece of writing is about?_______________________________________________________ 3.Read the piece of writing and circle any words whose meaning you are not sure of. 4.Underline the following words: contemporary, displaced, identities,/

By Dr Anjali Bansal Quality Circles.

:  Voluntary group of persons  Meet on regular basis  Work on similar tasks  Share area of responsibility  Solve problems related to work Characteristics of Quality Circles  Volunteers  Set Rules and Priorities  Decision made by consensus  Organized approach to problem solving  Members of a circle need to receive training  Support of senior management required  Members need to be empowered History  Started in 1962 in Japan  Kaoru Ishikawa is the creator/

Estimating the Area of a Circle Math 8 Stewart COPY SLIDES THAT HAVE A PENCIL.

? is the side length of the shaded square? b) How is this side length related to the radius of the circle? c) What is the area of the shaded square? (Remember Area=side x side) Question 2: Question 2: a) If I know the area of one a) If I know the area of one shaded square, how can I shaded square, how can I calculate the/

A Randomized Trial of Enteral Glutamine to Minimize Thermal Injury Clinical ID #NCT00985205 Electronic Case Report Form (eCRF) Worksheets and.

Chemical  Radiation  Unknown  Other (Please specify): Burn Size expressed as % Total Body Surface Area (TBSA)%TBSA Does the patient have an inhalation injury? (Must be confirmed by bronchoscopy)  Yes /Route  EN  PO  EN  PO 6) # grams given (circle one) 5 10 15 20 25 30 5 10 15 20 25 30 5/ best describes the reason you are working part time? (Select ONE answer) Related to Burn Injury?  Related to other illness?  Related to other reason?  Don’t know  No Answer  Survey administrator: Categorize/

Sections 11.1-11.2 Perimeter and Area with Circles.

Radian measure is the arc length in the unit circle (a circle with radius of 1) To change degrees to radians Multiply: degrees * ( π radians/180) To change radians to degrees Multiply: radians * (180/ π radians) Example Convert 150° to radians. Convert 7 π /4 radians to degrees (answers on the next slide) Answers Area of a circle Formula: Example Find the area of a circle with a radius of 10 mm. mm 2 Example/

Seventh Grade Geometry Unit 5. Standard CC.7.G.4. Know the formulas for the area and circumference of a circle and use them to solve problems; give an.

derivation of the relationship between the circumference and area of a circle. Essential Questions How are the diameter and circumference of a circle related? What is pi? How does it relate to the circumference and diameter of a circle? How do we find the circumference of a circle? Circumference – Diameter – Radius – the distance around a circle. the distance across a circle making certain to go through the center. the distance from/

CHAIRPERSON & VICE CP MODULE. Circle is the ‘SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT’ Unit of THE LADIES CIRCLE MOVEMENT Meet at least 12 times a year excluding the AGM.

represented at the AAGM by 2 area delegates from each Circle who must be active Circlers. If in case a Circle Chairperson is not in a position to attend the Area Board meeting she can appoint any of her Head Circle members to represent the Circle. iv) Each Circle shall have two votes; the members of the Area Executives may represent their circle. v) If any Circle is represented by only one/

The Geography of Sustainability Transitions: A Literature Review Teis Hansen and Lars Coenen CIRCLE, Lund University.

The Geography of Sustainability Transitions: A Literature Review Teis Hansen and Lars Coenen CIRCLE, Lund University Core GoST research agenda Understand whether and why transition trajectories unfold / achieved so far? Which areas should be further developed in the future? Space in geography Trying to think clearly about space is not easy. (Dainton, 2001, p. X) Positivist geography: space as an empty container Relational turn: space is constructed through social relations between actors Evolutionary turn: /

Unit 11 Surface Area and Volume

net including the Platonic Solids. 3108.4.24 Develop and use special formulas relating to polyhedra (e.g., Euler’s Formula). 3108.4.25 Use properties of prisms, pyramids, cylinders, cones, spheres, and hemispheres to solve problems. 3108.4.26 Describe and draw cross-sections (including the conic/n) A = S/2(Tan(180/n) Area of a Cylinder Like a prism, this has 2 bases (the top and the bottom) We know how to find the area of a circle (π x r2) We just need the Lateral Area If we take the cylinder and unroll it, /

Surface Area and Volume

1/3 (5 x 5) (10) = 1/3 (25)(10) = 1/3 250 = 83.33 units3 The Rectangle This has 2 steps. To find the area we need base and height. Height is given (6) but the base is not as easy. Notice that the base is the same as the distance /can. You have the top and bottom lid (circles) and you have the label (a rectangle – wrapped around the can). The lids and the label are related. The circumference of the lid is the same as the length of the label. Area of the Circles Formula for Area of Circle A=  r2 = 3.14 x 32/

Quality Management Training Quality circles Bench Mark Kaizen.

quality procedures & work instructions & preparation of Q.records. Leadership, behavioural science, communication, human relations, motivation techniques and quality circles organisation. Training Categories Workers Persons are imparted training in their trades to improve their skills and capabilities. Trainings are mostly in house or at a specialised training institution. Core areas are production methods, working practices, tooling practices, processing of new materials, interpretation of drawings, study/

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