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hand over the mouthpiece 4.Keep your personal calls to a minimum 5.Be sincere and courteous to your callers 9 Telephone Etiquette 1.Answer the call promptly 2. Add warmth to your response by smiling when greeting the caller 3. Keep the greeting /Do not carry on additional conversations with others in the office while you are on the telephone 8.Do not handle the call while trying to process paperwork, etc 11 Telephone Etiquette 10. Put people on hold only after asking them to hold and waiting for their /

1 The Power of Professionalism Body Language Interview Etiquette Dressing for Success Office Etiquette Telephone and Voice Resume Critique.

1 The Power of Professionalism Body Language Interview Etiquette Dressing for Success Office Etiquette Telephone and Voice Resume Critique 2 Body Language 3 Body Language Warning Body language is not an exact science. No single / as much of the day as possible. That being said, if you just have the sniffles, you should probably come into work. 40 Telephone and Voice Etiquette 41 Looking for a job Answering the Phone Are you somewhere quiet you can talk? Are you outside where there’s tons of background noise/

Telephone Etiquette Jolie Richards, Belmira Machado & Xander Jacques.

’re surprised. How is the person answering a call important to a company’s customer service image? Knowing the basics of telephone etiquette is important to a company because phone calls are a way that people can form their opinions of your business and your chance/text for personal reasons unrelated to work. Has the rise of cell phone usage created new considerations for telephone etiquette? -The use of cellphones has created a more casual feel within a work environment, sometimes this can be good but also bad/

Professional Etiquette

for business rather than personal use—do not send anything you would not want to see in public. Telephone Etiquette With unknown numbers, answer the phone with your name and company (or department). When placing calls, include/events, food and local attractions, books, movies, vacation ideas… Being late regularly shows selfish and disrespectful behavior. Dining Etiquette General Dining Etiquette: Immediately place napkin in your lap. For silverware, work your way from the outside in, towards the plate. Wait/

1 Business Etiquette and Protocol Doing Business in a Global Forum.

to reach and go through first. If someone’s arms are laden or full, hold the door. 13 Workplace Etiquette Meetings Electronic Telephone Voice Mail Cell phones Cubicles 14 Strategies for Successful Meetings Have an Agenda Be prepared- Pre-work, action items /pop up” or give audio prompts when messages are received. Not an excuse to forget your grade school education. 22 Business Telephone Etiquette Vocal quality- 70% Words spoken- 30% What you say and how you say it are important Be sure listener gets message/

TELEPHONE ETIQUETTE Answering the Phone (If not done properly, can leave extremely bad impression) Before answering the phone –Discontinue other conversations.

.” “He hasn’t come in yet.” “She is busy.” Note: Always jot down notes during all calls. Telephone Etiquette (cont.) Making calls Prepare notes before making call. –Identify ___________ and ______________. –If they don’t identify themselves/ ago. Yet, _______percent of respondents also felt they “very courteous” or “somewhat courteous.” Use same etiquette suggestions mentioned for telephone – PLUS –Appropriate location (NOT: libraries, theatres, churches, public transport, meetings, classrooms, etc.). –/

Free Powerpoint Templates Page 1 Free Powerpoint Templates CORPORATE ETIQUETTE.

communications. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 4 Certain important business Etiquettes are : E-mail etiquette Dining etiquette Telephone etiquette Office etiquette Meeting etiquette Business card etiquette Free Powerpoint Templates Page 5 Email etiquette Email etiquette is so new, The rules are evolving because of /must leave the table, place your napkin in your chair Free Powerpoint Templates Page 9 Telephone etiquette Identify yourself when making a call Address the caller by his name in a courteous manner/

Business Etiquette Greeting and meeting people Professional Social Situations Telephone and E-mail tips Cell phone and Internet Business Attire.

and meeting people Professional Social Situations Telephone and E-mail tips Cell phone and Internet Business Attire General Etiquette in meeting and greeting people Always be polite & professional (mature) Say “thank you”, “/ you” once during a conversation Send separate thank you notes to everyone involved (within 24 hours) The Essentials of Business Etiquette by Barbara Pachter Shannon Cheng via Flickr Professional Social Situations Never pull out someone chair for them Keep your fingers together when/

Radio Etiquette Training

, concise and completely understood. Note: conversations on the Yard telephones do not need to be formal, but communications still need to be clear and understood by both parties. RADIO ETIQUETTE Per prototype radio rules (as defined by the FRA’s /party needs. Note that the Dispatcher’s response may be delayed if he is multi-tasking, talking on the telephone, or lining up a route for you… RADIO ETIQUETTE C. EXAMPLE MESSAGES “TD2, Train 700 requests Track & Time authority between ... , over.” “TD2, Train /

 Professional Etiquette  Dining Etiquette  Cocktail Parties  Correspondence Etiquette  Office Etiquette  Office Romance No, we won’t be talking.

Establish objectives  Dress, behave, and communicate in a way that reflects audience expectations  Appearance  Color, wardrobe, grooming  Behavior  Etiquette, civility, attitude  Communication  Verbal, nonverbal, written  Handshake: offer entire hand, web-to-web, shake lightly and release  Know/ say makes an impression on your “internal customers.”  Thou shall not make or receive personal telephone calls during the workday.  Thou shall not establish eye contact with someone when you would prefer/

GAELIC SUMMER CAMP E-MAIL ETIQUETTE University of the Witwatersrand Simon Mofokeng.

in a private capacity. Personal use Note- Sending and receiving excessive non-business related messages is prohibited. E-MAIL ETIQUETTE ACTIVITIES TO AVOID Confrontation Do not use Mail to avoid confrontation. In certain instances, such as disciplinary or explosive /with a password. Then provide the recipient with the password by means of other communication, for instance by telephone. E-MAIL ETIQUETTE HINTS AND TIPS Requirements Set the options to suit your requirements Check for messages every 15 - 60 /

Chapter 15 Media and Technology Subject: Fw: Cell Phone Etiquette After a tiring day, a commuter settled down in her seat and closed her eyes. As the.

the Job #1B- Whoever answers the phone gives the first impression of a business. Phone etiquette means using having good manners on the telephone. #2B- The word etiquette comes from a French word meaning ticket. #1IC- Proper etiquette includes answering quickly, identifying the company, being friendly, getting to the point, being a good listener, and keeping note materials near. #3B- Before you pick up/

Etiquette Chapter 19. Using the correct forks for the main course, salad, and dessert are all actions that are part of table etiquette. Using the correct.

to go to a formal restaurant, it’s wise to make a reservation. This is an arrangement made ahead of time by telephone for a table at a restaurant. Make sure you understand the menu and what the meal consists of and how items are/. Even in the informal setting of a fast-food restaurant, certain manners are appreciated. Complaints and Compliments It is not poor etiquette to complain to the staff about a poor restaurant experience. Politely discussing a problem that you had helps them to serve others /

Personal BehaviorLesson 1, Chapter 21 Common Courtesies & Etiquette.

planning committee for an event, send thank-you notes to everyone who helped Use block style to address the envelope. 21 Telephone Courtesies & Etiquette When talking on the phone Be polite. Speak slowly and clearly. Don’t eat, drink, or chew gum. Don/of “Who is this?” If you dial a wrong number, apologize and hang up. Leave a clear message. 22 Telephone Courtesies & Etiquette Do not use a cell phone when you are In school At social gatherings or appointments Eating meals Driving Inconveniencing or /

Etiquette What is Etiquette? Etiquette relates to a code of behaviour among people within an organisation, group or society.

??? We have an expert who will guide you through this journey of finesse and grace. Her name is Eti! Etiquette As the story goes, Louis XIV’s gardener at Versailles was faced with a serious problem – he could not/of others’ time  Inappropriate dress and grooming  Misuse of telephone  Failure to greet someone appropriately And some more of them… There are various aspects to Social Etiquette. Our first module will focus on DINING ETIQUETTE Dining Etiquette Here are some useful tips for you on:  Table /

Business etiquette and protocol. Customs w Customs are behaviors generally expected in specific situations 。 w they are established in socially acceptable.

of Bz cards name and full title. name and full title. company’s address and telephone numbers; foreign headquarters, as appropriate. company’s address and telephone numbers; foreign headquarters, as appropriate. fax number and e-mail address. fax number /the amount of the bribe on their taxes as a necessary business expense. Business Dress The importance of Dressing Business Etiquette  If you want more responsibility and more autonomy, youre going to be taken more seriously if youre dressing appropriately./

TELEPHONING / ON THE PHONE OBJECTIFS - Etre capable dexprimer des conseils. - Connaître le vocabulaire lié au téléphone (texte + listes). - Etre capable.

/ shouldnt + BV … We ought to / we ought not to + BV … +++ STRONGER Wed better / wed better not + BV … Telephone attitude and etiquette Considering the amount of time you are likely to spend on the telephone before you die, why not learn to use it well? On the telephone your speech has to stand by itself. You cannot distract attention from its defects by the dimple/

Slide 1. 1.Identify elements and facilities of the host enterprise telephone system Slide 2.

 Use the Phonetic alphabet to clarify: Tony Tan Keng Yam Liu Shaoqi Zakir Hussain Sao Shwe Thaik Surawit Khonsomboon Salvador Laurel Lim Goh Tong Halim Saad Slide 19 Describe acceptable telephone etiquette Acceptable telephone technique includes:  Answer the call within three rings  Speak clearly and slowly  Be courteous, civil and respectful  Use appropriate opening phrase (Continued) Slide 20 Describe acceptable/

ETIQUETTES. AIM This is not a "how-to" document, but rather an instructions that offers advice on improving your E-Mail skills.

Messages should be concise and to the point. Think of it as a telephone conversation, except you are typing instead of speaking. Nobody has ever won a Pulitzer Prize for a telephone conversation nor will they win one for an e-mail message. Its / email system and should be distributed amongst all employees. Secondly, employees must be trained to fully understand the importance of email etiquette. email policy E-MAILS HAVE MORE OR LESS REPLACED LETTERS AND ARE TREATED AT PAR OFFICIALLY. IT IS INCUMBENT ON OUR /

Learning Objectives  Practicing the routine formulas used for making business calls  Understanding business telephone manners and etiquette  Writing.

Learning Objectives  Practicing the routine formulas used for making business calls  Understanding business telephone manners and etiquette  Writing a memo ◆ Speaking Task ◆ Warm-up Practice ◆ Listening Task ◆ Follow-up / will listen to a passage about telephone manners and a telephone conversation. Try to finish the exercises while listening. Are you ready? 1) What are telephone conversations expected to do?  They are expected to follow certain rules of etiquette to help make the experience pleasant and/

Telephone Conversation

wanted by one speaking to the purpose with verbal mastery Do not Be less serious Be confused Try to convey more than one idea Use terms casually Ignore pauses & rhythm Telephone Etiquettes Etiquette Essentials From Start to Finish Greet Appropriate greetings and endings to calls help build a good rapport, avoid misunderstandings, and wasted time. The three elements of an appropriate greeting are/

Social Etiquettes.

and helps create a winning style. Gives the organization an overall polished, professional image. and Possessing a high level of etiquette knowledge and skills builds confidence and instills the perception of trustworthiness in others. Find Your Own Style Figure out what you/ comes in… Always ask if it’s alright to put them on hold. Sign Language? Do not interrupt someone on the telephone by gesturing, speaking or writing them notes! What about voicemail? If you must leave a message, state your name (spell /

Gaining That Extra Edge Business Etiquette:. Agenda 8:30-8:45Session One: Introduction and Course Overview 8:45-9:00Icebreaker: Known and Unknown 9:00-9:15Session.

Success 2:15-2:30Break 2:30-3:15Session Ten: Business Dining 3:15-4:15Session Eleven: E-mail and Telephone Etiquette 4:15-4:30Workshop Wrap-Up Session One: Course Overview Become more skilled at networking, from making introductions to / etc., offer them to your guest(s) before using them yourself. Tip adequately. Session Ten: Business Dining Session Eleven: Telephone Etiquette Identify yourself Respect others time Ask rather than just place someone on hold After placing someone on hold and returning to the /

Business Correspondence Communicating over the Telephone.

Cultural Differences #2-3 Every country has its own codes of etiquette. For example it is common for Anglo-Saxons to use first names very quickly, even in a letter or fax or telephone call. Such instant familiarity is much less acceptable in the rest /This is much more important than a set of rules of etiquette. The End True (T) or False (F) For the British and the Italians it is normal to interrupt the other speaker during the telephone conversation. A special importance is attached to listening in Japanese/

© 2011 South-Western | Cengage Learning GOALS LESSON 3.2 SERVICE BY TELEPHONE Discuss the elements of business telephone etiquette Describe how telephone.

SERVICE, 2eLESSON SLIDE 2 3.2 Telephone Etiquette Making a first impression Being professional, helpful, organized Listening Asking pertinent questions © 2011 South-Western | Cengage Learning CUSTOMER SERVICE, 2eLESSON SLIDE 3 3.2 Telephone Tips Show willingness to help. Convey / without transferring. Return calls promptly. © 2011 South-Western | Cengage Learning CUSTOMER SERVICE, 2eLESSON SLIDE 4 3.2 Telephone Don’ts Don’t sound disinterested or aloof. Don’t shuffle papers. Don’t eat, drink, or chew gum/

France vs Algeria PESTEL Hofstede Analysis High Context vs. Low Context cultures Business Etiquette USA - Lauriane.

to schedule meetings during July or August, as this is a common vacation period. -If you expect to be delayed, telephone immediately and offer an explanation. 2. Meetings are to discuss issues, not to make decisions. -Avoid exaggerated claims, as the/ scratch yours" mentality works. Try and do favors for people as this will mean they owe you one back. Dress Etiquette FranceAlgeria 1. Business dress is understated and stylish. -Men should wear dark-colored, conservative business suits for the initial meeting/

Helpful Guidelines and Hints

Helpful Guidelines and Hints Telephone Etiquette Helpful Guidelines and Hints Objectives Enhance your professional etiquette How to speak How to listen How to be courteous Why is this Important? Display courtesy and respect Project professionalism Telephones are a daily business tool How to Speak Slow Clear Smile Pleasant Lower mellow pitch No gum or/ the Conversation Talk in past tense Use “closing phrases” State follow-up action Thank them for calling and say “Good-bye” Telephone Etiquette = Courtesy

ETIQUETTE Leonardo da Vinci project 2010 – 2012,,KITCHEN AND RESTAURANT GUIDE FOR STARTERS F&B4YOU Viešoji įstaiga Kuršėnų politechnikos mokykla- Kursenai.

they pay. Examples: 1.Breakfast service; 2.Lunch; 3.Functions - Conference, Banquet, Weddings etc. Etiquette on the Telephone (I) Be polite on the telephone using relevant expressions and phrases. Be sure of the room number, check it during the call. Talking orders/them in order to avoid any misunderstanding. At first the order by telephone is put down on a telephone message card, then the waiter draws a cheque of order. Etiquette on the Telephone (II) Be responsive to the special wishes of the guests, /

WorkPlace Etiquette By: Jennifer L. Frey.

observed in social or official life. The practices and forms prescribed by social convention or by authority. Etiquette is found in many areas of daily life *Workplace *Boating *Golf course *Driving a vehicle *Telephone *Email, letters, memos *Air travel *Sports *School The why’s of Etiquette? To avoid negative confrontation To avoid politics, i.e., in the office, on the golf course, on/

Dress for Success/Business Etiquette Presented By: David Smith, Jr.

her private life. Mrs. and Miss imply social, marital, and sexual distinctions that have no place in the business arena The Workplace t Proper etiquette in the workplace generates efficiency, helps to eliminate distractions, and creates a pleasant environment Workplace t Your Co-Workers (relationships) t Your Superiors (/ they need and select those buttons for them t Smoking: Not allowed in most workplaces today t Telephone Etiquette: Speak unto others as you would have them speak unto you - when using the/

Professional Etiquette

, its easy to read the name while shaking hands. Telephone Answering In business, in addition to the greeting, its necessary to identify ourselves and the company or department. Example: "Good afternoon, Etiquette International, Hilka Klinkenberg speaking." or "Protocol Office. This is/your scheduled time is up, dont assume the hosts schedule is so flexible it can accommodate you for another hour. Etiquette in the office (4) Host: The hosts responsibility is to greet the guest and to make the visitor feel /

All Types of Etiquette ASG 101 Friday, September 21, 2012.

behave when youre eating with someone in a business situation, including who should pay and how to manage conversation while eating. Work etiquette covers everyday situations that arise in business, such as working with other people and answering the telephone. Managerial etiquette gives guidelines for managing employees who report to you, including dealing with problems and overseeing meetings. Simple words Please Thank You/

# Business Etiquette Presented by: MBA. # Business Etiquette Agenda Definition Importance Utilization Business Etiquette in India Types Conclusion Biblography.

promptly A-lways use spell-check and grammar check before sending messages—be brief and clear I-nclude your telephone number in your message L-earn that e-mail should be used for business rather than personal use—don/, in all caps two (2) inches from the top, QS after the title Key th body in DS # International business etiquette Etiquette, manners, and cross cultural, or intercultural communication have become critical elements required for all International and Global Business executives, managers, and/

Etiquette in Business Negotiation Contents  Greeting and Seeing off Etiquette Greeting and Seeing off Etiquette  Business Meeting Etiquette Business.

of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick  French Canadians may use their first name when talking to you on the telephone, but will generally use their full name when meeting you in person. Addressing Conversations  Be open and /shuh-shuh ’, which sounds like the word for death. EXERCISES  Questions for Consideration  What is traditional Chinese greeting and meeting etiquette? Dinner Party Etiquette  On invitation  Being time conscious  On arrival  Seating  Ready to eat  Communication  Toast  Taking off /


a school bus, except as provided for herein. Personal, wireless communication devices include, but are not limited to, cellular telephones, pocket pagers, email devices, “walkie talkies,” or any other electronic communication device. Students are permitted to keep personal /a privilege, not a right, and each user is expected to abide by the generally accepted rules of network etiquette and the provisions in this document. Violations of these provisions, or applicable laws and regulations, may result in the/

Proper Etiquette and Behavior Revised By: Ms. Fleming

work learn, remember and use people’s names be courteous, kind, polite, and fair General Etiquette Personal Manners When Meeting New Friends Telephone Courtesy Personal Relations Table Manners Personal Manners When Meeting New Friends DO NOT use “knuckle-buster” /from the elbow Is released after the shake, even if the introduction continues Includes good eye contact with the other person Telephone Courtesy “Hello, this is ________ speaking. May I help you?” Stay away from negative comments. “May I ask /

ESSENTIAL Principles and FREE Global Etiquette Classrom Strategies Holly B. Smith University of North Texas.

Global/International Business Etiquette 4 Copyright © Texas Education Agency, 2014. All rights reserved. Professional Development Classroom Applications Websites Apps Golf Dining Wardrobe Business Workplace Social Media Email Movie Theater Interview Telephone Peer Review / © Texas Education Agency, 2014. All rights reserved. etiquette-with-a-fun-quiz In Great Britain, tapping your nose indicates that something is: Confidential Smelly Inappropriate/

1 ETIQUETTE & MANNERS Social rules for the professional.

create a winning style. Gives the organization an overall polished, professional image. 6 and Possessing a high level of etiquette knowledge and skills builds confidence and instills the perception of trustworthiness in others. Calfe & Associates Comfort Trust Attentiveness Clear / Always ask if it’s alright to put them on hold. 32 Sign Language? Do not interrupt someone on the telephone by gesturing, speaking or writing them notes! 33 What about voicemail? If you must leave a message, state your name/

“Please” and “ Thank you” Service Etiquette. Telephone etiquette The telephone connects you to people. When answering the phone for your organization,

“Please” and “ Thank you” Service Etiquette Telephone etiquette The telephone connects you to people. When answering the phone for your organization, you are the organization. Remember: Indentify yourself Identify your organization clearly Speak clearly Use your natural voice Listen! Be /

Business Meeting Etiquette Chapter Twelve: Business Meetings that Work J.S. O’Rourke, IV University of Notre Dame / USA.

Pearson Education, Inc. Publishing as Prentice Hall 12-15 What not to do while in a meeting Take telephone calls Check e-mail Interrupt others Be late Leave early keep others waiting Talk about your last or next / of participants Eat/drink, unless previously agreed Copyright ©2013 Pearson Education, Inc. Publishing as Prentice Hall 12-16 Electronic communication etiquette When using cellular phones: ◦ Switch phones off in meetings. ◦ Switch phones off before entering cinemas, theaters, concerts, or/


dog. Don’t make assumptions. Know where accessible restrooms, drinking fountains, and telephones are located within your work area. Etiquette 101: Physical disabilities A wheelchair is part of a person’s body space. / Institute survey: Newsworthy analysis. Retrieved December 2011 from Modern Disability. (2011). Disability etiquette… So everyone can relax and get the job done. Retrieved December 2011 from

BUSINESS ETIQUETTE “There is no accomplishment so easy to acquire as politeness, and none more profitable.” George Bernard Shaw.

the meeting. Smile, shake hands and offer a seat to your guests. Make them feel comfortable. Avoid long telephone calls. Presenting a business card Most polite way to exchange a card is to offer your own card first. / in response to formal introductions. Always use the other persons name when responding to introductions. Always stand for introductions. BUSINESS MEETING ETIQUETTE Etiquette for informal meetings The person calling the meeting or “ the chair”, should be the most senior or with the most direct/

Etiquette Lunch Presented by: Dr. Keegan N. Nichols.

silverware. Butter, spreads, or dips should be transferred from the serving dish to your plate before spreading or eating. 12 General Etiquette Rules: Passing Courtesies cannot be borrowed like snow shovels; you must have some of your own. ~John Wanamaker Do NOT talk / a thank you note should be sent to the hostess. Depending on how well you know your hosts, a telephone call is also acceptable. 21 General Etiquette Rules: Dinner Party “A little "thank you" that you will say to someone for a "little favour" /

Protocol and Etiquette Presented by: Yadav Khanal Resource Person Institute of Foreign Affairs.

communication Use of the car/flag Dress code Sitting postures Hosting/attending lunch/dinners Invitations Miscellaneous Protocol and Etiquette Appointments: Officials have to clarify the objective of meeting while seeking appointments. In the case of meeting with/ or foreigners the channel of Foreign Ministry or Diplomatic Mission should be used through Formal request or telephone call. Protocol and Etiquette Greetings  Namaskaar: In Nepal or elsewhere we may do Namaskaar first and shake hand later or/

Professional Etiquette. What is Etiquette?? Webster’s II New College Dictionary defines Etiquette as: The forms and practices prescribed by social convention.

shirt, well maintained dress or casual shoes (no tennis shoes, flip flops, etc.) **NOTHING SLOPPY** Casual Work Attire Office Etiquette Telephone – –Use appropriate tone of voice –Maintain a positive attitude –Remove slang terms and use good listening skills (Yea) /it short and concise –Include your name and contact information –REMEMBER – NOTHING is confidential when sent electronically Office Etiquette Cubical – –Keep in mind that others work around you –Professional business calls only –Use your “inside /

WhyIslam Da’wah Worker Etiquettes & Guidelines Da’wah Worker Training Series – Volume 1 WhyIslam West.

this presentation, youll be able to: Understand the definition and importance of Da’wah Understand the etiquettes, manners and characteristics necessary for callers to Islam Understand the guidelines necessary for WhyIslam volunteers Appreciate /Guidelines for WhyIslam Volunteers Activities Chain of Responsibility New Muslim Curriculum / Online Class Email Contact Guidelines Telephone Contact Guidelines Face-to-Face Contact Guidelines Methodology of Contact 24 Activities A WhyIslam volunteer may participate /

Business Etiquette 101 Presented by Robert Hogeda – Access Group.

respond promptly 3. A-lways check spelling and grammar 4. I-nclude your telephone number in your message 5. L-earn “nettiquette” What you write can be forever stored!! Etiquette “outside” of the office Travel Do’s and Don’ts Flying is the /phone during an event. Never answer your phone during an event. Be careful when driving. Be careful when driving. Common Etiquette Mistakes Making introductions in the wrong order. Making introductions in the wrong order. Showing up late for an important appointment. /

APPEARANCE AND PROFESSIONAL IMAGE - ETIQUETTE. HOW DOES ETIQUETTE BENEFIT YOU? Enables you to be confident in a variety of settings with a variety of.

maintained dress or casual shoes (no tennis shoes, flip flops, etc.) **NOTHING SLOPPY** CASUAL WORK ATTIRE OFFICE ETIQUETTE Telephone – Use appropriate tone of voice Maintain a positive attitude Remove slang terms and use good listening skills Take complete /, clients ( Business letter head, phone call etc.) THE IMPORTANCE OF DINING APPROPRIATELY “Shirley Wiley, owner of Etiquette and Company, California, reports that roughly 80% of second interviews involve a business meal”. *Texas Health Resources,/

Professional Etiquette. How Does Etiquette Benefit us? Differentiates you from others in a competitive job market Enables you to be confident in a variety.

(generally closed- toe shoe) -For men: suit, dress shirt, tie (well maintained dress shoes) Professional Appearance Office Etiquette Telephone – –Use appropriate tone of voice –Maintain a positive attitude –Remove slang terms and use good listening skills –Take /it short and concise –Include your name and contact information –REMEMBER – NOTHING is confidential when sent electronically Office Etiquette Cubical – –Keep in mind that others work around you –Professional business calls only –Use your “inside /

Office English Lesson 3 Oct. 17, 2012. Telephone etiquette A. Be polite Treat everyone equally Focus on the caller, as a receptionist Be helpful Don’t.

people on hold Identify yourself Make sure the person you’ve called has time for you Keep your calls to business hours Telephone etiquette C. Use voice mail wisely Leave detailed messages so people can take action Respond promptly to messages and voice mail Sample/ to speak to Laura in our patents department. Please hold for a moment while I transfer you there. Dialogue: Answering the telephone 2. Joan transfers the call and takes another call Joan: Good morning, Johnson and Pelt. This is Joan speaking, may /

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