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Collaboration via the Info. Utility John Canny Endeavour Mini-retreat 1/20/2000.

collaboration? ABC: Activity-Based Computing How do you build a UI when the computer is invisible, e.g. a smart space? Build a conceptual model instead. What is context and how do you use it? Use Activities as the context/falling asleep. –Many notes: two parallel threads, the note-taker and the group chat. Group chat periodically comes back to lecture content as new notes appear from the note-taker. Initial feedback Move to Vadem Clios with wireless: –Support both keyboard and pen note-taking. –Cheaper, /

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and tear. Equipment Digital Recorder Digital Recorder  Sign Tape Recording Policy  Check your notes against the recorded lecture to improve your note-taking skills  Check the accuracy of your note-taker’s notes  Listen to lectures again to refresh your memory Smart Pen  Alternative to note taking and digital recorder  Increases independence AlphaSmart  The Alpha Smart is a mini word processor that allows you to write in-class/


1983, 1999) supports the idea that intelligence comes in multiple forms. Gardner notes that brain damage may diminish one type of ability but not others. /3.Practical Intelligence: Intelligence that is required for everyday tasks (e.g. street smarts). PAC INTELLIGENCE AND CREATIVITY Creativity: is the ability to produce ideas that are /Standardizing a test involves administering the test to a representative sample of future test takers in order to establish a basis for meaningful comparison. GOOD TESTS: ARE /

Bayesian Nets and Applications Today’s Reading: C. 14 Next class: machine learning C. 18.1, 18.2 Questions on the homework?

be meningitus, S be stiff neck P(m|s)=P(s|m)P(m) = 0.8 X 0.0001 = 0.0008 P(s) 0.1  Note: posterior probability of meningitus is still very small! 9 Naïve Bayes  What happens if we have more than one piece of evidence?  If we /its decendents is in E  If a path is not d-connecting (is d-separated), the nodes are conditionally independent given E 22 Smart Good test taker Understands material Hard working Exam GradeHomework Grade 23  S and EG are not independent given GTT  S and HG are independent given UM/

MISSION STATEMENTMISSION STATEMENT  Who we are? We develop programs leveraging on technology.  Why are we doing this? We hope to promote and showcase.

helps to remind user’s task according to the alarm they set on their smartphone. note taker IDEA 02IDEA 02  HIGH CONCEPT: using smart phone ulitites to write down notes and able to remind them punctually.  TARGET AUDIENCE: Students and Lecturers, Secondary graduate students and public  GENRE: Task manager note taker IDEA 03IDEA 03  CATEGORIES: - Project / Assignment - Holiday Destination (Record time for next destination) - Flight (Time/

AccessABILITY Resource Services Faculty Training Requesting Accommodations in College.

aids in the classroom are not optional. Types of Auxiliary Aids 1.Notes/Note taker 2.Scribe 3.Reader 4.Alternative Text 5.Sign Language Interpreter 6.Tactile/smart pencil Interpreter = communication device Eligibility Determination 1.Initial interview and follow ups 1.Documentation 2.Personal history 3.Experience 2.Course standards 1.Accommodations cannot compromise course standards 1.Extra time on math exam -YES 2.Extra time on tourniquets -NO Hard copy and email Finding a Note Taker 0 Is a note taker/

Chapter 10 Intelligence and Mental Abilities. Intelligence  Is Intelligence One General Ability or Several Specific Abilities?  Intelligence and Creativity.

1983, 1999) supports the idea that intelligence comes in multiple forms. Gardner notes that brain damage may diminish one type of ability but not others. People /3.Practical Intelligence : Intelligence that is required for everyday tasks (e.g. street smarts). Intelligence and Creativity Creativity is the ability to produce ideas that are both novel /test involves administering the test to a representative sample of future test takers in order to establish a basis for meaningful comparison. Normal Curve /



15 Months and Counting – Preparing for the 2014 GED ® Test Bonnie Goonen and Susan Pittman-Shetler Georgia’s Annual Adult Education and Teachers’ Academy.

mp3 or iPod –E-book reader –Tablet, such as an iPad –Laptop computer –Smart phone –Cell phone New Realities 13 Technology is EVERYWHERE! Today… –Most job postings/180,000 (4)$190,000 (5)Not enough information is given. Then 45 Note: Method for determining median was provided in the test booklet. Now 46 Mathematical /59 60 Additional Resources 61 Online tutorials and training Test-taker resources One-stop shop for practice materials Multimedia outreach Video profiles of success/ The GED ® Program Update PAACE Webinar Brian Smith, State Relationship Manager September 2015 1.

Smart Transcript MyGED ® portal Badging ACE CREDIT ® Transcript Career Pathways GED ® Testing Program Results A National Look at the first year 11 The Big Picture January 1, 2014 – September 28, 2015 1,530,824 accounts 326,588 Test Takers/backtoschool Materials include: Customizable flyer Email template Sample social media posts Media advisory Web ads Note to educators: Please do not distribute these materials to students until the start of /

March 9, 2010 AISI. The Big Picture Technology Assessment Pedagogy Curriculum 21 st Century Skills Inspiring Ed. School Act/TQS Setting the Direction.

in depth by responding to set of pre-determined questions Moderators manage the discussion Note-takers record what participants say Moderator and note-taker prepare a report that summarizes the discussion Assessment TechPedagogy Critical thinking; inquiry learning; problem based learning; instructional strategies Report cards, questioning, feedback, Smart Boards, wikis, iTouch, Moodle Student Engagement Wrap Up Take school group through similar process related to student/


I hope that you will be ‘learner who have to think, discover, reflect and be independent creative note taker and health educator, not just traditional ‘teacher dependent student’ who may not care to listen, hear, /Assessment Johali APCHER Quality Full Patient Satisfy MODEL Future Happy Consumers = Full Satisfaction _ Models ? ر ضا المستهلك غاااية تدررك CHS488 SMART the Goal Settings for Decision Making Johali ConsumHE 2015_2017 CHS488 61 General Steps: Identify stage, and move patient along the continuum /

Power Point for Addiction Treatment: A Strengths Perspective 3rd Edition Katherine van Wormer Diane Rae Davis Cengage Publishing Company.

onset..75% of alcoholics, relates to harm avoidance, anxiety, guilt Type 2: risk taker, (starts about age 11) male, hyperactive, antisocial, hereditary Ondansetron: works on /without addicted member. Therapist feedback—Example of therapist response to family argument: “I note that as you, Steve said that just then, you (kid) fell out/as spiritual problems. NA—multilingual meetings. Women for Sobriety—13 Steps. SMART Recovery----cognitive approach. Moderation Management—starts at 30 days of abstinence, a/

PARCC Technology Guidelines FROM SEPTEMBER 2013 UPDATE.

Assessment. Tablets Continued Additional Guidance Tablets smaller than 9.5” not compatible E-Readers NOT supported Smart Phones NOT supported PARCC Field Test TECHNOLOGY REQUIREMENTS AS OF SEPTEMBER 2013 External Connection to the Internet / Sessions) Calculator Both Domains Assistive technology Scribing or speech-to-text for selected response items Answer dictation Braille note-taker Pearson Technology Readiness Tool (TRT) TRT Homepage TRT Available Reports TRT Setup Tab What/

CSS/330: Critical Thinking © 2004 University of Phoenix. University of Phoenix is a registered trademark of Apollo Group, Inc. in the United States and/or.

Stated Steps to Resolve a Problem Timeline Timeline Measurement Tools Measurement Tools Contingency Plan Contingency Plan Must be SMART Must be SMART Specific (can be executed by implementers) Specific (can be executed by implementers) Measurable (clear goals) / use of time during the meeting Minute taker Minute taker Takes notes during the meeting to highlight decisions, record action items, and identify the next meeting time, place, and agendaTakes notes during the meeting to highlight decisions, record/

Unit Three: Lesson Three-Monopolies Kirby World History CHS.

the types of monopolies that can exist in a given economy USE THE CORNELL NOTE TEMPLATE FOR OF YOUR NOTES TODAY! Relax and enjoy the ride In History Class! Focus Up and…… /. [one of those “gotta-have” items] This shoe is called as a “smart” shoe. At $250, it should be a genius. However, it is 1/3 heavier than /Product differ entiation gives an element of monopoly Very many Very many (100’s) sellers Price takers Manysellers Many [25-75] sellers One seller Easiest to enter Comcast Cable TV Economics Economics /

PARCC Technology Guidelines FROM SEPTEMBER 2013 UPDATE.

. Tablets Continued Additional Guidance Tablets smaller than 9.5” not compatible E-Readers NOT supported Smart Phones NOT supported PARCC Field Test TECHNOLOGY REQUIREMENTS AS OF SEPTEMBER 2013 External Connection to the Internet/Calculator Both Domains Assistive technology Scribing or speech-to-text for selected response items Answer dictation Braille note-taker PARCC Field Test ACCESSIBILITY FEATURES Accessibility Features for All Students SupportModeAvailable for Field Testing 2014 Answer MaskingComputer /

CCSNH SYMPOSIUM ‘13 HOW TO TAKE MINUTES Erica R. Buteau Associate Professor of Technology 1.

Form-Heading Section [Meeting Title] [Date][Meeting Time][Meeting Location] Meeting called by Type of meeting Facilitator Note taker Timekeeper Attendees 26 Long Form-Agenda Section [Agenda Topic] [Time allotted][Presenter] Discussion Conclusions Action ItemsPerson / our Business edition. Mind Mapping  Typical Meetings are NOT linear in nature.  Print off Template (Use Word Smart Art) and handwrite  Use Mind Mapping Software  Use Color Coding to increase Visual Comprehension 31  Sit as/

Part 1 of a 3 Part Webinar Series on Learning Disabilities Kristen Philbrook, Regional Disability Coordinator, Humanitas 100.

hears part of what was said and then the person moves on What accommodations could help Tiffany eliminate frustration when taking notes? 48 Scenario 2 - Points for Discussion  Use of a tape recorder  Smart Pen  Note taker  Provide visuals when possible  Provide handouts of notes prior to lecture  Use buddy system 49 Scenario 3 David  David is never able to find anything  He often loses/

Copyright © 2007 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Slide 17-1 PERSONAL SELLING AND SALES MANAGEMENT C HAPTER.

Companies, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Slide 17-11 THE MANY FORMS OF PERSONAL SELLING Order Taking  Outside Order Takers  Inside Order Takers, Order Clerks, or Salesclerks  Inbound Telemarketing Order Getting  Outbound Telemarketing Copyright © 2007 by The McGraw-Hill Companies/2007 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Slide 17-65 IQ VS. E-IQ AND SMART SALESPEOPLE SUPPLEMENTAL LECTURE NOTE 17-3 Copyright © 2007 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Slide 17-66 PERSONAL/

1.3 Business Planning 1 S TARTING A B USINESS 1.3 B USINESS P LANNING Do you write a plan before starting an essay? What are the advantages of writing.

 Estimating costs and revenues  What problems might arise  What can the firm realistically achieve (SMART) Do you know where you’re going to? What are your objectives in studying Business Studies /Prepare a draft business plan for your proposed use of the site. Make a note of any assumptions you have made. Present your business plans to the rest of/ taking good or bad? Do you consider entrepreneurs to be risk takers? Low Risk Taker High Risk Taker 1.3 B USINESS P LANNING U NCERTAINTY AND RISK FOR START/

Pipeline Emergencies 101 Awareness Level Training

pressures on transmission lines and large distribution lines are controlled through the use of large control valves Safety note Emergency response personnel should never attempt to isolate any pipeline valves on large-diameter transmission or distribution lines / view their roles as that of risk evaluators, rather than risk takers Bad risk takers get buried Effective risk evaluators come home Step 3: Hazard/Risk Evaluation Street Smart Tips Hour one priorities within the IAP are: Establish site management /

2012 Visually Impaired College Survival Guide Joe Strechay CareerConnect Program Manager American Foundation for the Blind

. They NEED to have tech skills 15 Accessing Technology Smart Phones = iPhone or Android phones Why the iPhone Apps Keyboard Accessing social media AccessWorld – 16 Hiring of “Readers” and Note Takers takes practice Create a flyer with first name, phone /you are looking for. Make lists of hiring questions to ask and ask them. Practice and role play hiring readers and note takers. Use those TA’s or Peer Counselors! Create opportunities for hiring a reader/scanner. Teach them to be competent and/

An Overview of the Required Tests

Four sections taken in one session: Reading Listening Speaking Writing All sections reflect academic English communication skills Note taking allowed TOEFL iBT Reading Section 3 to 5 reading passages Reading passages approximately 700 words long/done centrally, rather than in individual countries” Jeffrey Smart, Director of International Admissions at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia “The Most Important Beneficiaries Are the Test Takers… Who will now have the confidence of knowing /

Employee Testing and Selection

information and the ability to understand and interpret the scores. Test Takers Individual Rights Confidentiality Informed consent Expect that only qualified people will interpret/ predicted extrinsic success. General mental ability positively predicted extrinsic career success. Smart or Personable Page 140 Research Insight Intrinsic success – is job satisfaction Extrinsic/ Page 146 Background checks can be quite comprehensive. As Fortune magazine noted, applicants may be in for a rude surprise: Chances are, /

LONG/482 Tom Peters’ EXCELLENCE. ALWAYS. MassMutual/Leaders Conference 2006 Washington/29July.

A Smiling Face MUST NOT Open His Shop.” RECOGNITION! Work HARD, Not Smart. “Insanely Great.” THE STANDARD. Tom/2006/Q97-Q100 Study more. Renew / ROIR (Return On Investment In Relationships). 68. “THANK YOU” NOTES: World’s highest-return investment!! 69. The way to anyone’s/ inspirational, spiritual, passionate … ambitious, aggressive, confident, impulsive, rarely cautious or circumspect, risk-taker … emotional, spiritual, expressed feelings openly, classless, fair, self-sacrificing, encouraging, optimistic … /

Intelligence Chapter 11. Who is more intelligent? MICHAEL JORDAN OR ALBERT EINSTEIN.

Mental Age x 100 Chronological Age Note: If your mental age and chronological age are the same – your IQ is 100 (avg.) Note: If your mental age and / poor test takers (memorizers- one form of intelligence). Grades will be largely determined by tests. Fairness to students that are poor test takers (memorizers- /types of intelligence (aka “smarts”) 8 types of intelligence (aka “smarts”) A modern Thurstone approach A modern Thurstone approach 8 KINDS OF SMART 8 KINDS OF SMART –Linguistic –Logical – mathematical/

RL2N BOF - IETF-70 Routing for Low Power and Lossy Networks (RL2N) BOF IETF-70 - Vancouver - December 2007 BOF Chairs: JP Vasseur/David Culler ADs: Dave.

with suggestion of protocol direction and on to specification RL2N BOF - IETF-70 Agenda Administrativia (Chairs, 5 min) –Notes takers –Agenda bashing Scoping the BOF (Chairs/ADs, 10 min) –Motivation and problem statement presentation RL2N Routing Requirements summary (/ Background Very important functionality –60 million installed process control sensors –4 million shipping per year –~50% are “smart” today – wired networks HART –Most popular wired sensor network protocol –HART 1: 1,200 baud digital comm/

May 29, 2014 Canadian Safe Boating Council Boating Safety Outreach Qualitative Research Report Prepared by Prepared for.

effect, lack of muscle control in cold water (L2, L5, L6, L7, L9). (Note: Dads also found this area strongly relevant.) Men Without Children and Risk Takers were also particularly motivated by statements that outlined the legal consequences of drinking and operating a boat /and could get it. I didn’t have to be tricked or frightened.” – TRT Men appreciate humour - when it is smart or witty. (Anything too farcical detracts from the seriousness of the message.) They welcome the unexpected. A twist or shock at /

Study SmarterTM Effective Study Strategies for the North American Veterinary Licensing Exam (NAVLE ®) Steven I McLaughlin DVM, MPH, DACVPM

Time is Short ~1/3 time reviewing notes ~2/3 time taking tests Read, Predict, Select, or Eliminate Redo "My Missed Questions“ w/in 24 hours Pay attention to images in questions Finish all test-mode tests in final week Stay Positive Panic is not productive; don’t waste energy on it Test-takers with forward momentum and a positive attitude do/

What is an IQ test? What do you think it is measuring?

Briefly describe one type of reliability and one type of validity. Reading notes (p. 430 – 467, Mod. 31-33 DUE Friday, Jan. 21 st ). Performance tests: test taker knows how to respond to questions and tries to succeed. e./. Triarchic theory of intelligence: Robert Sternberg’s idea of three separate and testable intelligences: analytical (facts), practical (“street smarts”), and creative (seeing multiple solutions). Creativity: the ability to generate ideas and solutions that are original, novel, and useful/

Amity International Business School Credit Appraisal and Project Finance Module No 4 & 5 By Mr. Navneet Saxena All The Best From.

at the company. The basic forms used in most mezzanine financings are subordinated notes and preferred stock. Amity International Business School Mezannine Debt Mezzanine lenders, typically /hand, contracts are not always iron clad. The credit quality of the off-taker can deteriorate, and contracts can be subject to litigation. As a low cost/with significant cost. The bottom line is that even in volatile capital markets, smart IPFs can get done as long as they possess the right characteristics. Amity/

Welcome! Got Differentiation Challenges? We Have 21 st Century Solutions! St. Brigid of Kildare School Dublin, Ohio 43017

and continued learning is absolutely essential for all teachers. Teacher Centered Tools for Differentiated Instruction Items Demonstrated: ◦ Live Scribe Smart Pen ◦ Audacity ◦ ScreenCast-O-Matic ◦ Quizlet ◦ Edmodo ◦ Google Apps Audacity What is it? Audacity is an/ Content from class available online, unlimited storage. ◦ Helps with students who are absent, ADHD, poor note takers. ◦ If a student loses his/her notes, he/she can get them online. Calendar tool also helps with planning for long term projects. ◦/

David G. Myers PowerPoint Presentation Slides by Kent Korek Germantown High School Worth Publishers, © 2014 Myers’ Psychology for AP ®, 2e AP ® is a trademark.

1999) supports Thurstone’s idea that intelligence comes in multiple forms. Gardner notes that brain damage may diminish one type of ability but not others. People/.Practical Intelligence: Intelligence that is required for everyday tasks (e.g. street smarts). 104 Criticism of Sternberg Three intelligences are not as independent of each other as/ a test involves administering the test to a representative sample of future test takers in order to establish a basis for meaningful comparison. 156 Principles of Test/

1-160 1039 Future Technologies That Will Shape Our Schools HSTI 2014 Dr. Howie DiBlasi C.I.O (Retired) “Emerging Technologies Evangelist” Twitter: hdiblasi.

according to a study by the NPD Group.NPD GroupNPD Group 21-160 These things are not just “Smart Phones and Tablets: 22-160 Dutch company Sparked Animals movements, eating habits and response to environmental factors can/ Architects/ Model Builder Architects/ Model Builder Audio-Music Editor Audio-Music Editor Chief Attraction Recorder-Note taker Chief Attraction Recorder-Note taker PR Director/Presentation Responsibilities PR Director/Presentation Responsibilities 130-160 Blue Sky-Concept Art 131-160 /

SSOS Leadership School Counselor Session Welcome & Introductions Barb Ashcraft Brady, Ph.D. School Counseling Coordinator Office of Instruction Shelly.

goals written SMART? 3.What challenges do you recognize in this plan? 4.Do you recommend any adjustments to this plan? Afternoon Break Participant sharing of resources 1.Gather in programmatic groups of 3 2.Each group will appoint an electronic note taker 3.Share/Sharing Session 1.Join 2 other groups to create a group of elementary, middle and high school counselors 2.Select a note taker for this larger group 3.Select a reporter for this group 4.Create a combined list of recommended priority resources that /

LEADERS AND LEADERSHIP: WHAT DO PEOPLE SEE WHEN THEY SEE YOU COMING Presented by Anthony B. Purcell Assistant Vice President and Chief of Police University.

’t! [Stephen M. Gower] LEADERS and LEADERSHIP  Leadership is about “risk-takers”!  Always remember that “Serving the Public First” is our most important goal./ Personal Personal Occupational Occupational Financial Financial Nutritional Nutritional Physical Physical Emotional Emotional Note: Remember, the reason people are working is to achieve their personal /ways, going below the surface to uncover inter-relationships, and asking smart questions to get the most useful information. Always write down a good/

Embedding Universal Learning Design In The Classroom: Low And No-Cost Strategies That Work David Arendale, Ph.D., Associate Professor University of Minnesota.

classroom? How leverage the limited campus budget to serve more students? 9 HOW MEET NEEDS OF MORE STUDENTS? A. Note taker posts lecture notes to course web site B. Instructor provides full or mostly complete PP lecture slides ahead of time to course web/that we can, to admit under prepared students would pose a real threat to our excellence. These educators value being smart much more than... developing smartness.” (Astin 1998, p. 12) 73 “First Things First” Priority Action Steps What are two new ideas just/

Planery&Panel Staff Coordination Meeting 4 June 2012, 1000-1100 Commonwealth A Conference Level, Westin Hotel CJOS & CSW CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE.

Regional and Interregional MS Governance) Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO), Australian Department of Defence Mr. Mr. David Smart (Panel Co-Chair) Special Advisor COMD MARLANT Mr. Yoshihisa ENDO (ReCAAP- Enhancing Regional Cooperation, Overview and Trends/of Peacekeeping Operations CJOS & CSW CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE Panel 2 Staff Panel Coordinator, CAPT Gordon Broz (USA N) Note takers; CDR Karagoz, CDR Nyaas and Dalhousie Team (Devon Perlmutter and Dr. Ann Griffiths) Mic. Support Panel 2 /

Lesson #1 Math Strategies & Shortcuts The art of choosing numbers, working backwards, and approximating to help you avoid doing tough math.

(ask yourself, “What exactly is my question asking me to figure out?) -underline or take notes C = Concept (ask yourself, “What type of math is involved here?” -organize the mental / and II only C = c) I and III only T = d) I, II, and III Think smart not hard. If Roman Numeral I is in every answer choice, we obviously don’t need to test it/ concrete values rather than abstract variables in order to solve problems. Great test takers know this is often faster and always more “fool proof” than grinding it/

Course Information A Review of the Ground Rules for

optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." - Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965) “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” - Albert Einstein (1879-1955) Confidence and Excellence Excellence Lives Here/notes with the textbook passages Correct misspelled or illegible words and grammar to help you own the notes. Rereading Cornell Notes Step 3: Fill in additional cue words in the left-hand column Cornell Notes force students to do this automatically. Traditional note-takers/

 Trait: characteristic pattern of behavior or disposition  Factor Analysis ▪ Statistical procedure to correlate individual traits to identify larger.

▪ Most popular personality test – translated into 100 languages ▪ Question: T/F “Noting in the newspaper interests me except the comics”  Revised in 1989 to broader than/, clean, driven, resourceful, finishes most things they start, achieving, risk taker, desires fame/acclaim, image focused, narcissistic, arrogant, perfectionist, driven, academic/book editor, cia agent, aerospace engineer, archeologist, webmaster Traits creative, smart, idealist, loner, attracted to sad things, disorganized, avoidant, can be/

ALS Design, Build, Review: Using PDE’s Online Tools to Implement the SLO Process SAS Portal:

– DoK Chart Handout #5 – Item Examples Other “Stuff” DoK Chart II “Smart Book” Textbooks, teacher manuals, and other supplemental materials Outline of Module 3 Module 3/to solve Requires 5-10 minutes to answer Worth 4 or more points Note: ALL CR items/tasks require a well-developed, scoring rubric. Helpful / Operational Forms contain the following components: Cover page Student information section Test-taker instructions Item directions Items/Tasks Answer options/response area Item tags Operational Forms /

What To Tell Students April 2011. What To Tell Your Students about the GRE ® revised General Test TM Play video ETS — Listening. Learning. Leading. ®

re undecided about what you want to do Taking The GRE ® General Test Is A Smart Move ETS — Listening. Learning. Leading. ® Copyright © 2011 by Educational Testing Service./ GRE ® revised General Test Math Review – Reviews the mathematical skills and concepts test takers may see on the GRE revised General Test Math Conventions – Learn more about mathematical / Testing Service (ETS). BETTER BY DESIGN is a trademark of ETS. Important Note If you need your score reports before November 2011, you must take the /

Global Taskforce Innovation Project Initial Task Force Meeting.

laptop, or mobile phone. How to use WebEx Schedule a Meeting Starting a Meeting Joining a Meeting ◦ Via Computer or Smart Phone WebEx Sharing ◦ Sharing Files ◦ Sharing your Desktop ◦ Share a Whiteboard you will fill out Discuss and decide on roles, goals, and communication guidelines Note taker RECORDS the decisions of the taskforce on the document The note taker will Save and EMAIL this to all of your taskforce members AND the taskforcefacilitator@/

Earning a Coding Credential June 25, 2009 10 am -12 MDST Irene Mueller, EdD, RHIA MT-NC Tele-Video Montana Hospital Association Spring 2009.

Set timeframe for review (# of weeks) –10-15 hours per week –Study smart! Topic List (Gap analysis) –Review competencies –How much do you know// Preparation Focus on weaknesses, every answer counts Organize/review resources –Certification Guidebook –Class notes, tests, exams –Reference books, Code books, Text books –Official Guidelines, CPT/ go back and make sure all questions have been answered Successful Test Takers Analyze their exams for patterns –Review before beginning, time management and strategy/

BE A DRIVING FORCE FOR SAFETY. Driver Improvement Training Program Driver Improvement Training Advance the program to the next page by clicking your mouse.

are caused by: Driver Inattention Speeding Following Too Closely, and Failure To Yield Note: Driver Inattention is responsible for as many crashes as all of the other three/approaching and crossing intersections, including slowing and yielding to others within the intersection. Smart Driving Beware of Intersections! Intersections are one of the most dangerous areas for /. Monitor your teen’s activities - While your child may not be a risk-taker, some of his or her friends may be. Know where your teen is going/

PSYCHOLOGY PSYCHOLOGY (8th Edition) David Myers PowerPoint Slides Aneeq Ahmad Henderson State University Worth Publishers, © 2006.

) supports Thurstone’s idea that intelligence comes in multiple forms. Gardner notes that brain damage may diminish one type of ability but not others/.Practical Intelligence: Intelligence that is required for everyday tasks (e.g. street smarts). Theories: Comparison Emotional Intelligence Emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive, understand/ involves administering the test to a representative sample of future test takers in order to establish a basis for meaningful comparison. Reliability Hypothesis/

Karen J. Wheeler, Ph.D. Associate Director State of Arkansas Higher Education M arch 2011.

Increase 2010 Remediation rate by county (any subject) Source: 2010, Arkansas Department of Higher Education. Note: Rates based on reported number of placement test-takers (ACT, SAT, Asset, or Compass) & number of first-time entering freshmen. 2010 Remediation rate / Program Structure Career Coach Counties Career Coach Measures Proposed Performance Measures:  High School Graduation Rate  Smart Core Opt-Out Rate  College-Going Rate  Reduced Remediation  Increased ACT Scores  Increased Applications/

MCLA Leadership Academy 2002 Fundamentals of Educational Administration Dr. Sheila Tebbano.

 Risk-takersRisk-takers  Summary of CharacteristicsSummary of Characteristics Conclusions  Implications for further researchImplications for further research References Awkwards Humour and Sillies Excuses, Excuses These are actual excuse notes from parents (including/comes from a student focus: establishing shared goals for learning, assessing student learning, and enabling SMART* learners (*successful, motivated, autonomous, responsible, and thoughtful). Momentum for continuous improvement is /

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