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sea plate collides with a continental plate (called subduction) Continental Drift Section 2 Internal Forces of Change (cont.) During accretion, continents can grow outward. If two sea plates / cycle. The Earth’s water is constantly moving—from the oceans to the air to the land and finally back to the ocean. Section 3 The process /salt (called desalination). Desalination Through Distillation Section 3 A. Pacific B. Atlantic C. Indian D. Arctic Which ocean is the largest? Section 3 Lakes, Streams, and Rivers /

History of Indian Science

is because of sun-rays causing negative and positive pressures in air. (Vaisheshika Sutra, 5.5.5-6). Gravitation Magnetism The /change of momentum. Hence we can say that ‘change of momentum is proportional to the force applied.’ A particular nodan (?momentum) produces a particular rise (of projectile). (Vaisheshika-Sutra/ and Comparative Perspectives, 1995. Kumar, Satish et al, Phylogenography and domestication of Indian river buffalo, BMC Evolutionary Biology 2007, 7:186, Barley was domesticated for the/

Working Effectively with Tribal Governments American Indian Environmental Office AIEO Presentation, RTP June 2014 Andy Byrne (202)564-3836.

Implementation 4. Questions? Origins of EPA’s Tribal Program – Brief History Lesson Removal: 1830 – 1870 Forced removal of American Indians from their lands Assimilation and Allotment: 1871 – 1928 Attempts to break up tribes by breaking up /EPA and the tribes share responsibility as co-regulators. EPA-Tribal Partnership groups: For example, the National Tribal Air Association. Other groups include the Tribal Science Council, Tribal Pesticide Program Council, Tribal Waste and Response Assistance Program/

Warm Indian Ocean Weak Asian Monsoon

al. IJOC, 2007 Changes in Monsoon drivers western Indian Ocean warmed up to 1.2degC, in 100 yrs Significant warming over western Indian Ocean. Linked to El Nino events 5. Asymmetry in ENSO forcing 6. Skewness in ENSO events Ideally, Increased land-/ and increases ocean convection Large scale upward motion over the Indian ocean (10S-10N), extending up to the upper troposphere and favoring intense local convection. Compensated by subsidence of air over the subcontinent (10-20N), inhibiting convection over the/

Indian Military and Bureaucracy Namita Wahi, Harvard Law School Oct 2010.

Bureaucracy Namita Wahi, Harvard Law School Oct 2010 Indian Military Features Composition Roles Features of the Indian Military Consists of the Army, Air Force and the Navy President of India, Commander in Chief Ministry of Defence, /ill.” Nehru’s Policies Position of Army Chief as “equal” to Air Force and Naval Chiefs Abolished position of Joint Commander of the Forces Focus on economic growth, reduced defence spending Change following Sino Indian War, 1962 Size and Complexity of India India too big to be /

May 26, Air Therapy

May 26, Exhale by relaxing the chest muscles Feel the rib cage contracting Force air out of lungs Swami Satyananda Saraswati, “Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha”, Yoga Publications Trust:Munger, Bihar,/.jpeg May 26, (Indian Government – AYUSH) (Indian Government - AYUSH) (Indian Government – Bapu Bhavan) (US Government/

Year 8 Revision Native Americans The role of buffalo and horses. The Indians needed buffalo and horses to survive. Buffalived on the Plains. Horses had.

and thread, HOOVES - Glue, tools, rattles. BONES - Knives, tools, arrow- heads, saddle frames, needles, sledge runners, dice. Indian Society Indians live in groups known as ‘bands’. Each band had a chief and a council, and was part of a tribe.  Bands; /to Britain, France, Belgium, Poland and Denmark. Reparations: Germany forced to sign a ‘blank cheque’, later settled at £6,600 million. Armaments: Army reduced to 100,000 men. No air force, 6 warships, no conscription. Rhineland demilitarized – German troops /

Susanta K Pal Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre 1/AF, Bidhan Nagar, Kolkata – 700 064, India MUCH Electronics: Indian Effort Physics with FAIR: Indian Perspective.

ROC Some thoughts : Transmitting data through Optical Link FEE Board Infra Structure Board Optical Link to ROC Forced air cooling for FEE Cool air input duct (above dew point) Hot air Extraction duct Air-tight enclosure 10 March 2010 51 Physics With FAIR: Indian Perspective, Susanta K Pal Indian Contribution to CBM MUCH Electronics India could supply complete electronics for MUCH XYTER integration for 0.5x10 6/

Dynamics of the Indian Ocean response to boreal summer atmospheric intraseasonal oscillations Committee members: Dr. Peter Webster Dr. Emanuele Di Lorenzo.

heat flux Sengupta et al 2001 In the eastern basin intraseasonal SST anomalies are mainly forced by Q fluctuations Indian Ocean response Indian Ocean broad scale response to intraseasonal atmospheric forcing has been done mainly in models [Qui et al, 1999; Han et al 1999/waves and coastal Kelvin waves are observed in sea level anomaly fields. The 90-day peak in zonal currents suggest air-sea interaction on similar time scales. It is necessary a better understanding of how the SST feedbacks to the atmosphere/

The water (Prevention and control of pollution) act, 1974 The air (Prevention and control of pollution) act, 1981 Wildlife Protection act, 1972 The Indian.

Air Pollution Control Areas. Power to establish standards for emission of air pollutants from Automobiles. Power to restrict use of certain industrial plants. Power of entry and inspection. Power to take samples. Introduction- The Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 is an Indian/ and compulsions. Environmental management is an interdisciplinary approach to resource conservation and it acts as a regulatory force on human wantonness in resource wasting. In India the Twelfth Five Year Plan has emphasized the need for/

September 13, 2007 Erik Aaboe & Mark Jones NMED/Air Quality Bureau Four Corners Air Quality Task Force.

, fugitive emissions associated with pneumatic operations, completions, and wellhead considerations. [21 options] 4 Corners Air Quality Task Force Source Categories Midstream: the work group defined Midstream Operations as occurring after custody transfer, including facilities / continue to be an issue. Multi-jurisdictions EPA, Federal Land Managers, Indian Tribes, States Multi-jurisdictions EPA, Federal Land Managers, Indian Tribes, States 4CAQTF has offered an opportunity to discuss regional issues and /

The Indian Monsoon A monsoon seasonal change is characterized by a variety of physical mechanisms which produce strong seasonal winds, a wet summer.

the land). - large low pressure cell exists over southwest Asia, intensified by the location of the Himalayas and Hindu Kush mountains which trap warm air within the Indian ocean basin. This low pressure cell along with the Earths Coriolis force cause intense winds to blow from the southwest. - northward shift in the ITCZ, causing a magnification of the winds. As the winds cross/

Development of Climate Change Scenarios of Rainfall and Temperature over the Indian region Potential Impacts: Water Resources Water Resources Agriculture.

Predicted precipitation change 2080-2000 Source: IPCC 2001 Cubasch AOGCM simulations used from IPCC-DDC Using greenhouse gas forced (following IS92A, SRES (A2/B2) scenarios) simulations of 8 different coupled ocean-atmosphere general circulation models,/ GCM and RCM Observed and Simulated Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall (GCM vs. RCM) Observed and Simulated (GCM and RCM) Surface Air Temperature over India Indian Summer Monsoon Simulations by HadRM2 Indian Annual Surface Temperature Simulations by HadRM2 /

14 Apr 2010SASCOF-I Meeting 13-15 Apr 2010 PREDICTION OF MONSOON 2010 Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology Seasonal Forecasting of Indian Summer Monsoon.

seasonal scales. The principal scientific basis of any seasonal climate forecasting model is the premise that the lower-boundary forcings (SST, sea-ice cover, land-surface temperature, albedo, vegetation cover and type, soil moisture, snow cover,/dynamical models in predicting AIR, empirical models are still needed to provide useful guidance (Rajeevan et al. 2007). Sahai AK, Chattopadhyay R, and Goswami BN (2008) A SST based large multi-model ensemble forecasting system for Indian summer monsoon rainfall, /


000 MW by the end of 11th five-year plan (2012-13). INDIAN POWER SECTOR SCENARIO – INSTALLED CAPACITY IN MW NON-RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES Conventional/for collecting & converting the sun energy to heat energy for application such as water & air heating, cooking & drying, steam generation, distillation, etc. Basically a solar thermal device /A barrage (dam) is typically used to convert tidal energy into electricity by forcing the water through turbines For wave energy conversion, there are three basic systems: /


Location:South & Central America, Western & Central Africa, South East Asia, Islands of Indian & Pacific ocean Importance:They cover only 2% of earth, but sustains 50-80% /in the developed world, onto markets in undeveloped countries undermines prices and forces farmers there to adopt unsustainable practices to compete. Fisheries Concern: Fish /emissions of suspended particulate matter (SPM) which is a major contributor to air pollution. Burning coal also produces oxides of sulphur and nitrogen which, /

Climate Change Scenarios for Impact Assessment Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology K. Rupa Kumar Indo-UK Programme on Climate Change Impacts in India.

Indian region HadRM3H installed at IITM; Climate change simulations and scenario development will be performed at IITM HadRM3H installed at IITM; Climate change simulations and scenario development will be performed at IITM All-India Mean Monthly Rainfall All-India Seasonal Rainfall All-India mean Surface Air/distribution among impact groups Two experiments : Control (1990 GHG Forcing) and IS92a scenario (2041-60) Two experiments : Control (1990 GHG Forcing) and IS92a scenario (2041-60) Each experiment has /

6 th December 2003 Luthra & Luthra Law Offices1 Impact of Force Majeure on Contracts Presentation at the Indian Council of Arbitration By Mohit Saraf Partner.

Force Majeure on Contracts Presentation at the Indian Council of Arbitration By Mohit Saraf Partner Luthra & Luthra Law Offices 6 th December 2003 Luthra & Luthra Law Offices2 Agenda Basic concept of Force Majeure Doctrine of Frustration distinguished Force Majeure in Commercial Contracts Examples Distinguishing Features Effect of Force/AIR 1954 SC 44 Alopi Parshad v. Union of India AIR 1960 SC 588 Naihati Jute Mills Ltd. v. Khyaliram Jagannath AIR 1968 SC 522 IFCI v. Cannanore Spinning and Weaving Mills AIR/

Armed forces college 1 INDIAN CENTRAL SCHOOL - Career Counselling Team, Department of Activity.

established on 04 August 1962 to provide a sustainable and steady intake of medical officers for the Indian Armed Forces. The institute is presently affiliated to the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences and is recognized by the MCI/ by AMC Records as per Organization requirement 13 INDIAN CENTRAL SCHOOL - Career Counselling Team, Department of Activity. Contact Us Director and Commandant AIR MARSHAL B Keshav Rao,AVSM Director and Commandant Armed Forces Medical College, Wanowrie, Pune - 411040 Dean /

MOCA-09 Montréal, Canada Snow-monsoon teleconnections: testing competing mechanisms using idealized snow forcing conditions in a GCM Andrew Turner 1 &

results consistent with coupled run composites. Strong Himalaya snow forcing  weakened Indian monsoon (June). precip JuneJulyAugust WNEur ensemble results These diagrams/Indian monsoon following strong spring snow forcing in either HimTP or WNEur regions. Tests with HadAM3 AGCM show that HimTP is dominant in this model, supporting the Blanford hypothesis. Snow albedo plays a crucial role. Model bias may inhibit teleconnection from further north. Similar teleconnection in coupled (mixed-layer) model; air/

The Role of Internally Generated Megadroughts and External Solar Forcing in Long Term Pacific Climate Fluctuations Gerald A. Meehl NCAR.

Two candidates (both are probably at work): 1.Internal multi-decadal climate variability 2.Changes in solar forcing Define “megadrought”: Southwest U.S. (32N - 42N, 118W - 106W) Indian monsoon region (5N - 40N, 60E - 100E) 11-year running mean of regional area- averaged/ (Meehl, G.A., J.M. Arblaster, G. Branstator, and H. Van Loon, 2007: A coupled air-sea response mechanism to solar forcing in the Pacific region. J. Climate, in press.) The mechanism involves increased solar over cloud-free regions of /

Modes of Tropical Climate Variability El Niño / Southern Oscillation Atlantic Niño Atlantic and Pacific Meridional Modes Indian Ocean Dipole  Observational.

forced paradigm) Both involve positive ocean-atmosphere (“Bjerknes”) feedback and negative oceanic feedbacks Dynamical processes and oceanic thermocline are key Wang and Fiedler, Progress in Oceanography, 2006 Oceanic Thermocline Tropical Atmosphere Ocean (TAO) Buoy Array (since ~1983 ) ~ 70 moorings Air/ association with, and independently of, ENSO ENSO Composite Evolution (SST, SLP) Indian Ocean Dipole Mode Indian Ocean Basin Mode Modes of Tropical Climate Variability Thank You Clara Deser, Climate /

PMEL Atmospheric Chemistry Climate Air Quality 1.The Scientists 2.History 3.Highlights of results 4.Near future plans.

comparable in magnitude to that measured off the coasts of Asia (ACE-Asia) and Indian (INDOEX). Quinn & Bates, 2005 PMEL Atmospheric Chemistry Climate Air Quality 6.A large fraction of the submicron aerosol mass over the oceans in /not sulfate. 7.Absorbing aerosols have a complex impact on radiative forcing at the surface. 8.Asian dust is relatively non-absorbing. 9.The NE U.S. plume can be of comparable magnitude to the Indian/

The War In Europe CANADIAN HISTORY 1201. The War In Europe On September 1, 1939, Hitler unleashed a massive air and land attack on Poland Britain and.

asked to supply troops to support the British and Indian forces in Hong Kong The Defense of Hong Kong In October 1941, two barely trained Canadian battalions sailed from Vancouver The Canadian force totaled 1975 troops The significantly outnumbered Allied troops held / warfare in the North Atlantic to defense of the West Coast from a feared Japanese invasion War In The Air The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) went from 4000 to 250,000 personnel Canadian pilots flew all over the world, mostly for Britain/

Exhibitions India Group

Center Owned by Nesco Ltd. 60,000 Non air-conditioned halls Exhibitions Venues in India Chennai Name Area (in sqm.) Outdoor Area (in sqm.) Additional facilities Chennai Trade Center Owned by the Indian Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) and the Govt. of/of services range from customs clearance to on site handling with modern mechanical handling equipment and a skilled work force These logistic service providers have an extensive international network Doing business in India The following is a brief list/

Major Battles of WWII. Battle of Britain Turning point of the war Turning point of the war First major battle to be fought entirely with air forces First.

Spitfires Hurricane Battle of Britain- Cont August 12 th, 1940- German Air Force attacks radar stations, airfields, and Forces August 12 th, 1940- German Air Force attacks radar stations, airfields, and Forces Estimated 22 Aircrafts lost by RAF, 31 by Germans Estimated 22 Aircrafts / could fight but they had to give up their status as registered Indians Natives could fight but they had to give up their status as registered Indians More French Canadians than first world war. More French Canadians than first/

Indian Cottons, Global Reach Strengths of Indian Textile Industry And Advantages of sourcing fabrics from India Presentation by: The Cotton Textiles Export.

fair price for its machines, substantially below global machinery prices.This is forcing all International machinery producers to make cutting edge technology machines and sell them at Indian prices With minimum wages going up across all sectors including agriculture thanks to/less than 10 years old.  Acceleration in weaving capacity addition is anticipated.  Most air jet looms in India run at 30 to 40 % higher speed than air jet looms in other competing countries.  The number of hours and days run per /


VIEW - OECD VS UN MODEL ArticleUN model (Source rule) OECD model (Residence rule) Indian Treaties Article 7 Attribution of Profits Force of attraction rule – attribute to PE profits from sale of same / similar goods or same / /similar business activity or associated enterprises No ‘force of attraction rule’ UN - 15 treaties OECD - 25 treaties OECD or UN with variants - 27 treaties Article 8 Shipping, Inland, Waterways Transport and Air transport In certain circumstances, profits from operation /

Do We Need Fumigation In Our Indian Operation Theatres?? - Dr. Ajita Mehta President HIS-I Consultant Microbiologist P. D. Hinduja National Hospital &

Parameters for ideal Operation Theatre (OT)  Indian Scenario about OT  What is Fumigation / Fogging  Do we need fumigation in India?  What will be the Take Home Message? Critical parameters for OT  Filter air through 2 layer beds in series (efficiency of/a. Leaves sticky residue because of surfactant base b. Self defeating – OT fumigated with Formaldehyde needs to be force de-aired with unclean air c. Unsafe- Formaldehyde has been identified as a carcinogen 3.Silver (Ag) and Hydrogen Peroxide (H 2 O/

A Global and Regional Comparison of Air-Sea Flux Parameterizations David F. Moroni and Mark A. Bourassa 1. Background and Motivation Air-sea fluxes of.

for atmospheric stability: 1. Assumption of neutral atmospheric stratification above the air-sea interface. 2. “Old” stability parameterizations, incorporating the Businger-Dyer/determine modeled flux output differences. The Kuroshio, Gulf Stream, SW Indian Ocean, and SW Pacific Ocean are chosen based upon their high/which shows really good agreement between stability parameterizations for all wind forcing diagnostics. Sea-state dependent turbulent flux parameterizations consistently compute higher/

Impacts of Indian Ocean circulation on biological activity Jay McCreary, Raghu Murtugudde, D. Shankar, Satish Shetye, Jerome Vialard, P. N. Vinayachandran,

the winter to the summer. In addition, there is a strong surface cooling during the winter, when cool, dry air blows over the AS from the surrounding continent. These large changes in wind strength and Q lead to a prominent /(NH summer) Systematic changes associated with MJOs are observed over most of the tropical Indian and West Pacific Oceans. Model-derived, mixed-layer- thickness anomalies associated with MJO forcing. Mixed-layer thickness (NH summer) Positive anomalies indicate a thicker mixed layer, and/


the fiber optics industry including: Telecommunication, Contractors, Resellers/distributors, Researchers, Government, Education, Cable TV operations, and telephone R&D facilities, we are one of the potential forces in Indian Telecommunication industry developments. Tirumala Seven Hills Group Air Condition Service Business To increase base from present 40000 units to 4,00,000 units To provide speedy and accurate, standardization and professional, sincere communication and/

© Confederation of Indian Industry Task Force on Transaction Cost Airports: Mumbai, Delhi & Chennai Seaport: Chennai.

© Confederation of Indian Industry Task Force on Transaction Cost Airports: Mumbai, Delhi & Chennai Seaport: Chennai © Confederation of Indian Industry Some observations Better management of loading and unloading at the/with as leather garments and finished leathers are non cenvatable. SDF Declarationfor foreign exchange © Confederation of Indian Industry Cont.. Leather exporters need CLRI report. The Air customs accepts while the sea cargo does not accept the CLRI report. Also finished leather products are /

NATIONAL AMERICAN INDIAN HERITAGE MONTH 2014 “ Native Pride and Spirit: Yesterday, Today and Forever” Theme provided by: Society of American Indian Government.

women everywhere. Throughout her life, Mankiller worked to improve the lives and status of her fellow American Indians. National American Indian Heritage Month 28 Although she declined to seek another term as principal chief in 1995 for health reasons,/.com/Content/MoreContent?file =ML_thornton_bkp Prepared by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute, Patrick Air Force Base, Florida November 2014 Dawn W. Smith All photographs are public domain and are from various sources, as /

Guwahati Refinery : Indian Oil Corporation Ltd



, Pune KINDS OF LAW SUBSTANTIVE LAW Defines the offences like theft, robbery, dacoity, hurt, murder etc. Mostly contained in the Indian Penal Code,1860 and other special Acts like the Railways Act,Prevention of Corruption Act etc. Rishabh.Vakharia, D.E.S Law /B) Chapter VI – Of Offences against the State (Sec.121 to 130) Chapter VII – Of offences relating to the Army, Navy and Air Force (Sec.131 to 140) Rishabh.Vakharia, D.E.S Law college, Pune Rishabh.Vakharia, D.E.S Law college, Pune TABLE OF CONTENTS/

Ancient China and India

Winter or Northeast (November to March) Brings dry air from mountains Summer or Southwest (June to September) Brings wet air from the ocean Development of Ancient India PURPOSE OF SECTION: Describe the development of Indian civilization; include the rise and fall of the Maurya/ Based on teachings of Laozi Called Tao Te Ching Emphasizes harmony of individual with nature The “tao” – universal force that guides all things Legalism Developed from Hanfeizi Humans are evil by nature and need a strict law Used to /

I. Context—U. S. and Indian peoples in Eastern U. S., Revolution-1820s II. Andrew Jackson and John Ross III. Roots of Removal—Ideology, Economics, and.

Creeks and Choctaws emigrated by end of 1836 Chickasaws moved by 1837 Cherokees not forced out until 1839 Seminoles only removed in 1842, after bloody, unpopular, 25- year-long war Northeastern Indians removed 1830s-1850s, most disastroutly in Potawatomie Trail of Sorrows “ In the whole scene there was an air of ruin and destruction, something which betrayed a final and irrevocable adieu; one/

WGNE MJO Task Force: Current status and next steps Matthew Wheeler (co-chair) CAWCR/Bureau of Meteorology Eric Maloney (co-chair) Colorado State University.

and US CLIVAR MJO Working Group Website: MJO Task Force : Background Members Matthew WheelerCentre for Australian Weather and Climate Research (co-chair) Eric MaloneyColorado State University (co-chair)/of the main body of oceanic convection. This does not happen for the MJO over the Indian Ocean. Next steps  More telecons!  Continue writing papers (Air-sea review; MJO in CMIP5; MJO real-time forecasting verification; 3 papers on the MJO/

Environmental pollution may be defined as, “the unfavorable alteration of our surroundings”. It changes the quality of air, water and land which interferes.

of all living and non-living things for 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Indian Ambient air quality standards are given in table. Indian Ambient air quality standards Categor y Area Concentration in ug/m3 SPMSO 2 NO X CO AIndustrial and mixed use500120/ Sr-90 and Cs-137 to be deposited on the soil where they are held firmly with the soil particles by electrostatic forces. All these radio nuclides deposited on the soil emit gamma radiations. 5. Biological agents Soil gets large quantities of human, animal/

COP-10 In-Session Workshop, Buenos Aires, December 8, 2004 1 Application of Regional Models: High-Resolution Climate Change Scenarios for India Using PRECIS.

regional scales, more strikingly in the case of the Indian summer monsoon variability patterns. Summer Monsoon Rainfall (mm/day) Simulation by AOGCMs Observed 3 COP-10 In-Session Workshop, Buenos Aires, December 8, 2004 PRECIS Application Providing REgional Climates/ change scenarios and determine the sensitivity of the regional climate processes to natural and anthropogenic forcings. PRECIS demonstrated to be a powerful tool to build consistent regional climate change scenarios and determine the sensitivity/


for obtaining a qualification recognized by any law for time being in force..(Qualification recognised by law of foreign country is not covered in negative /teams or individuals represent any district, state, or zone b)By association of Indian Universities, Inter University Sports Board, School Games Federation of India, All India/MEGA NOTIFICATION 23. Transport of Passengers with or without accompanied belongings by a)Air, Embarking or terminating in an airport located in the specified states, or b/

Indians  Made up the majority of the population  Had little to do with society  Personal servants and laborers  Poor and had few Rights Africans—slaves.

local governments Cabildos—small governments or city councils The time was right to declare independence from Spain  Caracas- Venezuela  Buenos Aires-Capital of La Plata Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay  Bogata-New Grenada  Quito-Ecuador  Santiago-Chile All of these /of Querétaro  Not really a social club, they were plotting the revolution against Spain  The Indians were unhappy  Not enough land  Forced to work on haciendas or farms Little or no pay Owed money to the landowners Couldn’t leave /

Splash Screen. Chapter Menu Chapter Introduction Section 1:Section 1:Forces Shaping the Earth Section 2:Section 2:Landforms and Water Resources Section.

Movements along faults may happen in sudden bursts that cause earthquakes. Another natural force that changes landforms is called weathering.weathering Section 1 Shaping the Earth’s Surface/ do typhoons occur? A.Atlantic Ocean B.Pacific Ocean C.Arctic Ocean D.Indian Ocean Section 3 Landforms and Climate Landforms, especially mountains, can affect winds, /layer. The Greenhouse Effect A.A B.B C.C Section 4 What is air pollution combined with precipitation called? A.Smog B.Acid rain C.Greenhouse effect Section/

Characterization and causes of variability of sea level and thermocline depth in the tropical South Indian Ocean Laurie Trenary University of Colorado.

Ocean Model (HYCOM):  Domain: Indian-Pacific basin 55 o S-55 o N; 30 °E to 290 °E  Resolution: 0.33 o x0.33 o resolution; 20 vertical layers  Forcing: ERA40: 3-day-mean winds, specific humidity, air temperature, precipitation, net shortwave and /longwave radiation (1958-2001) Linear Ocean Model (LOM)  Domain: Indian-Pacific basin 45 o S-45 o N; 30 °E/

The Forces in NatureThe Forces in Nature  Natural events are some of the most powerful and destructive forces in nature. We witness and hear about these.

transfer. Sometimes "convection" is even used to refer specifically to "free heat convection" (natural heat convection), as opposed to forced heat convection. This heat energy is transferred through the atmosphere by one of three mechanisms: 1. Radiation 2. Conduction 3. /pacific ocean are most affected First signs of el Niño: 1.Rise in surface pressure over Indian ocean, Indonesian, and Australia. 2.Fall in air pressure over Tahiti in the rest of the central and eastern Pacific ocean. 3.Trade winds in /

Table of Contents Slide 1……………………………………………My Favorite Thing About Alabama Slide 2……………………………………………State of Alabama Slide 3……………………………………………Paleo Indians.

known about the culture of the Paleos, archeologists have formulated a few ideas on the lives of Paleo Indians. Archaeologists believe Paleo Indians were nomadic people who were hunters-gatherers. They traveled in tribes of between 20 and 50 people,/career, after graduating from the University of Alabama School of Medicine, he was commissioned Captain in the United States Air Force and later Hospital Commander. Upon completion of his military service he completed his residency in Dermatology at UAB. Governor/

Did You Know? The speed of sound in water is 1,435 m/sec - nearly five times faster than the speed of sound in air. The speed of sound in water is 1,435.

air was developed that was strapped on the diver’s back A tank with compressed air was developed that was strapped on the diver’s back air breathed through a regulator air/by Archimedes Definition: The force on any object is equal to the weight of the liquid that the object displaces Definition: The force on any object is / it into several smaller ones. The 5 Oceans Arctic Arctic Pacific Pacific Indian Indian Antarctic Antarctic Atlantic Atlantic Arctic Ocean Smallest ocean Smallest ocean Covered in pack/

Hi my name is Jess. I love to explore. Today I am going in search of wildlife in an Indian Jungle Start Exploring Quiz Quick Links.

of natural habitat that the elephants rely on is being depleted. Elephants are being forced onto farming areas, where they cause damage. It is estimated that 28,000 to/ standing on a surface. Instead, they spend much of their time in the air. Tree swifts have stronger legs and are able to perch in trees. /, Punjab, Rajasthan, UP, central India, Peninsular India, Malabar coast Snake Habitat  Indian Python Indian peninsula and Bengal  Russels ViperThroughout India  Saw Scaled Viper North-South of Karnataka /

P. N. Vinayachandran Centre for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (CAOS) Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore 560 012 Summer.

and Garaffo (2001)Horizontal mixing: Chassignet and Garaffo (2001) Vertical mixing: KPP (Large et al., 1994)Vertical mixing: KPP (Large et al., 1994) Forced by daily dataForced by daily data High Resolution Indian Ocean Model Wind stress Wind speed, air temperature, humidity Incoming shortwave and longwave radiation, Chlorophyll Rainfall and river discharge Warm pool : vertical structure (T) Salinity Lakshadweep High Sea Level Anomaly/

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