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Warm-Up # 85 What are sediments? Rock Fragments, Mineral Grains, And Bits Of Shell.

phenomena such as increases in average global sea levels, retreating glaciers, and changes to many physical and biological systems." Warm-Up # 98 Why is global warming bad? Global warming is causing damage in many parts of the United States. For example: Increased wildfires, dust storms,/ polar ice cap is getting smaller at the rate of 9 percent per decade. Warm-Up # 99 What country is the largest source of global warming pollution? China produces 25% of the carbon dioxide. Americans make up just 4 percent/

© Oxford University Press 2009 6.2 Global warming – the future Climate change – what next? It’s April 2007. Scientists from more than 100 countries have.

and animal species are at risk of extinction if average temperatures rise by just 1.5 – 2.5 °C © Oxford University Press 2009 6.2 Global warming – the future Working together Scientists worked on the report for months. They looked carefully at hundreds of scientific studies from all over the world. Together, the studies were based on over 29 000 pieces of data/

Unit 4 Global warming The earth is becoming warmer- but does it matter?

nuclear water underground heat √√ √√ √√ √ √ Do you know what it is? A greenhouse! What is it used for? Pre-reading: What keeps the earth warm? The earth’s atmosphere What happen to our air nowadays? Fast reading: ★ Who wrote the article? What‘s the/which makes crops __________ more and will encourage _____________________________ _. positive produce a greater range of animals Ideas about global warming Charls Keeling The carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere went up from 315 parts to around 370 parts per /

Global Warming Web Quest Abigail Akpobiyeri Mrs. A. White Science Core 1-2.

eat because they cannot grow the food that they need. What Are We Going To Do?? If Global warming continues to happen, the world as we know it will soon end!! Just kidding. But it will not be in a healthy state. Global warming generally makes life harder for people. But if we stop it, we can grow up without dealing with it. Citations EPA/

100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 Air Pollution and Global Warming Non-renewable Energy Sources Water Potpourri Renewable Energy Sources.

very damaging to living tissues in this layer.   Air Pollution and Global Warming 400 Points What is the stratosphere and the troposphere? Air Pollution and Global Warming 500 Points These are the two ways to create this type of gas, / subsurface bacteria-methanogens) and thermogenic (with pressure and temperature) methane? Air Pollution and Global Warming 500 Points These bonds are the reason for almost every property of water. Water100 Points   What are hydrogen bonds? Water 100 Points A /

Arctic and Antarctic Review Glacier Arctic Global WarmAntarctic Misc Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Final Jeopardy.

$200 Answer Global Warming True $300 Question Global Warming Why is the Arctic warmer than Antarctica? $300 Answer Global Warming Arctic is influenced by the land masses and warm ocean currents $400 Question Global Warming What happens when sea ice melts?: $400 Answer Global Warming Nothing, as / when ice sheets melt? $100 Answer Misc. Sea levels rise $200 Question Misc What is the correct term for the debris of rocks and soil carried along by glaciers and left behind when it retreats is called? $200 /

Global Warming. What is Global Warming? Global warming is an increase in both land and sea temperatures. Global warming is caused by an increase of CO2.

2005 is said to have had the warmest average since around the late 1800’s The Greenhouse Effect and Its Effects on Global Warming For millions of years the greenhouse effect has been keeping our earth insulated with gases in the atmosphere. However in the past / amount of gas that goes into the atmosphere. Now all of these gases are the reason that the greenhouse effect affects global warming and the depletion of our Ozone layer. Some countries and some car companies are coming out with flex fuel and hybrid /

Indian Ocean warming – its extent, and impact on the monsoon and marine productivity Roxy M. K., K. Ritika, A. Modi, P. Terray, R. Murtugudde, K. Ashok,

greenhouse gas forcing Simulations (with-without) ENSO variability shows IO warming Model simulations using latest SINTEX coupled model with realistic ENSO variability Magnitude of warming without greenhouse gas forcing is weak though Largest contributor to global warming? Indian Ocean warming “in phase” with global warming Land-sea contrast decrease in the past century Contradicts model/observations for Northern Hemisphere Roxy et al. Nature Communications, 2015, Revised Though models/

Global Wind Patterns. What is Wind? Wind is the movement of air from an area of higher pressure to an area of lower pressure. Warmer air expands, becoming.

Hemisphere winds curve to the right Southern Hemisphere winds curve to the left. The Coriolis Effect - The tendency for any moving body on or above the earths surface, such as an air or water current, to drift sideways/ Continental Deflection Coriolis Effect Global Forces Transparency Global Winds Deep Ocean Currents Deep cold currents move water toward the equator. Cold water rises to replace warm water leaving. Warm water travels near the surface toward polar regions. Warm water replaces cold water./

Thermohaline Circulation and the Effects of Global Warming Global warming is causing significant changes in ocean currents which will in turn alter global.

Lauren Eaton, Sarah Cook, and Alice Rice Section 2, Group 2 Outline What are ocean currents? How global warming is a factor How global warming and currents are interacting Why we care How this is affecting Biodiversity Phytoplankton Graph Case Study: The ACC /change, both aquatic and terrestrial Social –Population vs. Space as oceans get warmer and rise there will be a fight for available land –Adaptation Humans and other animals will be living in a warmer world Department of Earth Sciences, University of/

Global Warming What is Global Warming? How does it work? What can we do?

warms our planet However, man can also contribute to global warming/oil, natural gas, and coal How Global Warming Works Fossil fuels (coal, oil,/warm up. Example of the Greenhouse Effect Don’t need to copy : The Science of Global Warming/past temperatures How does Global Warming Effect Us? Glaciers and/global temperature could rise 2-8 degrees by 2100 Effects of Global Warming 2/Global Warming Be Stopped? Most scientists agree that manmade activity is behind global warming/use a fan. Dress warmly when it’s cold/

What is the link?. LO: to know what causes global warming.

global warming   Construct a mind map to highlight what you know about global warming.  Use 2 different colours for causes and effects. Mind mapping   Watch the global warming video clip.  Can you add to your mind map during the video?  Can you add a third colour to highlight ways in which global warming/ Video:  How does this model represent global warming?  Mr Miller Mr Miller Mr Miller in Action! Does this evidence support the theory of global warming? You should comment on each graph in your/

Day 49 Investigation 9 parts 3 & 4 Global Warming.

would you like to learn more about? Relative Scale Visualization Exercise 9.4 Resources, P. 50 Global Warming One concern for scientists is the possibility that the Earth is warming. Over the past 100 years, the Earth’s average global air temperature has risen 0.6 0 C Global Warming The 4 warmest yrs occurred in the 1990’s Scientists don’t think that it takes much/

Global Warming. What the Scientist’s point to.. Global Warming. How do the scientists describe it? – A gradual warming of the Earths atmosphere reportedly.

Strictly speaking, global warming and global cooling refer to the natural warming and cooling trends that the earth has experienced all through its history.... Global Warming. The meltdown, Sea levels rising, disappearing ice caps, warmer climates, where is the evidence? Global Warming. Tanzania Mt/. The yellow outline indicates where the concentration of ice was as of September 21, 1979. Photo: AFP Global Warming. Heavy sea ice has been the norm in the Antarctic, but in the 1990s sea ice disintegration has /


the polar ice caps melt completely, our beautiful coasts will be sunk (literally)  Changing temperatures leads to increased storms such as cyclones and hurricanes Global Warming: The Debate  Unfortunately, we have not been taking the Earth’s temperature for thousands of years and cannot tell if this increase is normal  Also, in some areas the temperature is actually decreasing and glaciers are growing/

BIG Climate and the Southern Appalachians Our global (BIG) climate driver The BIG climate picture How stable is the BIG climate? Impacts close to home.

BIG climate picture The net effect of ALL atmospheric motions is to move –Warm, moist air poleward –Cold, dry air equatorward to even out the inequity of the global energy distribution The BIG climate / Elk –Have preferred habitat locations in the Great Smoky Mtn. N.P. –Trails (and fecal pellets) show preferences for particular forest and vegetation types

What is global warming? What causes global warming? What is the greenhouse effect? What are greenhouse gases? What is global warming doing to the environment?

human activity Carbon dioxide Methane What are the Greenhouse gases? 1. 2. 3. Water vapor What are the effects of global warming? a rise in the sea level severe storms, droughts, famines, the spread of diseases, and the disappearance of species make/? Summary 1.Where can you usually read the passage? 2.What is the purpose of the first paragraph? 3.What are the diagrams for? 4.Why are there two quotes? 5.What is the purpose of the last paragraph of the article? Useful expressions 1. 温室气体 / 效应 2. 加热 3. 在大气环境中 /

The Global Environmental Problems can be Solved: Preparing Elementary and Middle School Students to Envision a Better Future. The Problem is Real The Problem.

Solved What Elementary and Middle School Students Need to Know Today’s Children Must Solve The Problem of Global Warming The Problem is Real The Problem is Huge The Problem Can be Solved What Elementary and Middle School/. Global Warming: IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change): CMDL (Climate Monitoring and Diagnostics Laboratory): GFDL (Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory Home Page): NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric/


from factories, vehicles, cutting down trees, use of chemical sprays and so on. Examples causes of global warming smoke from factories smoke from vehicles cutting down trees use of chemical sprays Green House Effect is caused /for a long period of time) People and animals starve because there is not enough food. Some plants and animals become extinct (die out completely ) because of the heat. World weather patterns will change – more hurricanes & tornadoes, droughts and so on Changes caused by global warming/

Weather & Climate.

. Uneven heating in different parts of the atmosphere causes global wind patterns 4. Warm air sinks and cold air rises 5. Uneven heating in different parts of the atmosphere causes global wind patterns 6. Warm air sinks and cold air rises Vocabulary pressure conduction density/is essential to life on Earth: contains oxygen and carbon dioxide, and water necessary for life acts like insulation on a house to keep the Earth warm protects living organisms from some of the Sun’s harmful rays protects Earth’s /

The Atmosphere, Climate, and Global Warming

effect Global Warming The Atmosphere The thin layer of glass that envelops the Earth Chemical reactions Atmospheric circulation produces weather and climates Climate Climate: Microclimate Urban Dust Dome the representative or characteristic atmospheric conditions for a/ (equator) 30N 60N Arctic Circle Figure 50.10 Adjustments to Global Warming Evidence based decision-making??? Mitigate warming through reduction of greenhouse gasses Energy conservation Alternative energy sources Danger: rapid climatic /

Odd one out – Global warming Teacher’s notes There are a number of ways to use this presentation, here are two: ask students up to the front of the class.

is the odd one out and give your reasons why (click on the text or picture for the answer) Remember to apply your knowledge of the causes and effects of global warming Correct! Natural gas is non-renewable (click on the buttons to ‘try again’ or move/reasons why Carbon Footprint Toolkit Remember to apply your knowledge of the causes and effects of global warming Correct! Peru will not experience mass flooding if sea levels rise Carbon Footprint Toolkit Sorry, /

Global Warming CLIM 101 // Fall 2012 George Mason University 18 Sep 2012.

fish abundances (~Temp.). Increase in the acidity of oceans.Increase in the acidity of oceans. The Knowns (Observed) CLIM 101 // Global Warming, Weather, Climate and Society // Fall 2012 An Elegant Science Question: Are increases in greenhouse gases responsible for increase in global mean temperature (global warming)? 0.76°C (1.4°F) since 1900 0.55°C (1.0°F) since 1979 395 365 335 305/

Global Warming.. ~Introduction~ Everybody has heard of global warming before. Global warming is taking over Earth, many people don’t care about what’s.

in Oklahoma. I thought that tornados come in the spring and summer, not the winter. What can people do to help stop global warming? o Don’t liter. o Don’t use machines that produce chemicals that are the worst for global warming. o If you see liter lying around in a park or somewhere, you could pick it up. Conclusion  Now you know what/

Global Warming Jayden Jones. Global warming is the term used to describe a gradual increase in the average temperature of the Earths atmosphere and its.

human activities.Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change This map includes all of the places that will be affected by global warming in years to come. Videos to explore: use, improve efficiency and help end global warming. The biggest cause of global warming is the carbon dioxide released when fossil fuels -- such as oil and coal -- are burned for energy. So when you save energy, you fight global warming and save money, too Together, we/

Intro to geoengineering (What it is, what it involves, relationship with global warming, why it is considered a climate change solution)

Consider as a Climate Change Solution? Focused on either CO2 removal or SRM. These are both aime at reducing global warming which is a term used for the increase in the average temperature of the earth and the oceans. Global warming can result in rise of sea levels due to melting polar ice an also to more severe storms and weather occurences. This is why/

Unit4 Reading Global warming. What is happening to our earth What is happening to our earth? Global warming.

make life better What can we do about global warming? Skim the first letter What is Ouyang Guang’ purpose? What opinion can you get from his letter? getting some suggestions for what he can do about global warming as an individual, he can have no effect/; not care about sth G.condition,situation Column A Column B Discussing could we, as an individual do something about global warming? turn electrical appliances off walk or ride a bike recycle cans, bottles, plastics plant trees buy products that are made/

Global Warming By: Danielle Hughes, Margaret Spell, Michael Phuster, Daniel Gonzalez.

, which we researched, are because of agriculture Agriculture Agriculture includes both livestock and crops Examples of agriculture are… –Cow –Corn –Sheep All are domesticated for human use How does agriculture affect global warming? Both livestock and crops effect global warming negatively The livestock’s waste and flatulence are harmful to the environment because methane is a greenhouse gas With over 1 billion cows, that’s/

GLOBAL WARMING. What is Global Warming ?  is basically the increase in the temperatures of the Earths atmosphere, land masses and oceans.  is when.

.  Ecosystems will change  Less fresh water will be available With and without Global warming Mitigation  trying to limit the future effects of anthropogenic climate change.  Government Solution To Global Warming-  Improve Energy Efficiency  Develop Renewable Energy  Reduce Gasoline Consumption for Transportation  Continue to Phase out CFCs MITIGATION MITIGATION MITIGATION MITIGATION CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION  Global Climate Change is a fact, although there are skeptics in no way/

Warm-up: Explain the differences between global warming and ozone depletion.

plants; Deforestation Fossil fuels; farming (cows); landfills; sewage; decomposition Fertilizers; Factories (20x better at trapping heat than CO2) Global Warming an.html an.html Global Warming Notice the date for China’s data. Global Warming In 2007, China surpassed the United States in greenhouse gas emissions, although the US still is #1 per/

By M. B. Caballero Global Warming Global Warming.

them on your notebooks. Assignment Project:  Brainstorm with your teammates what other specific actions should be taken to address the global warming/ climate change issue.  Create a poster of the three actions you have identified. Slide 11: children.html Slide 8: Slide 14: http://us.cdn1/

Global Changes in the Atmosphere Chapter 14 Section 4.

gases in the atmosphere that trap heat energy are called greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, water vapor, and methane. Global Warming Human activities add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. For example, burning wood, coal, and oil adds carbon dioxide to the air. Global Warming Adding carbon dioxide to the air increases the greenhouse effect. Increasing the greenhouse effect may be the cause of/

Global Warming Climate Change. The Question  The question is NOT whether the average global temperature is going up.  The question is whether or not.

hold non-committal positions. GLOBAL WARMING DUE TO NATURAL CYCLES  The science in proving global warming is caused by humans has too many variables.  The warming could be caused by solar activity.  Arctic ice caps grew from 2007-2008.  Water vapor is the only significant greenhouse gas (CO 2 is “insignificant” in regards to greenhouse gases).  CO 2 has been increasing for the last 18,000/

Geography fun facts! Write the letter of your guess on your cover sheet on the warm-up side – today’s date: 8/25 1.There is a city called ______ on every.

move?? Movement: Through movement we connect all of our world together. globalization!This is called globalization! When we are interdependent on each other for our economy, culture, politics, socialization, and technology. 25 Which of the/ Global Warming What is Global WarmingWhat is Global Warming It is caused by humans Too much Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is in the air Which in turn makes the Earth’s temperature rise HEI = Global Warming 19792005 What is happening because of global warming? HEI: Global Warming /


the troposphere1, which can contribute to changes in global climate patterns Causes Burning of fossil fuels (Coal/Crude oil) Burning of fossil fuels (Coal/Crude oil) –Power plants  generate electricity –Transportation-----fuels for transports (E.g. LPG, kerosene, fuel oil/greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is highly increasing by human activities → Leads to the increasing seriousness of global warming Global surface temperatures –increased about 0.6°C/century since the late19th century –increased to 2°C//

Global Warming Yasmine Aguilera Tyler Chee Hannah Hedayat Rebeca Herrera.

,000 years in past century has increased 0.7˚C(33˚F), ten times faster than the ice age rate of change for next century is 20 times faster blue shows rate of change in this decade ↓ Importance of global warming earth gets too hot all plants will die animals will become extinct oceans will flood from the melting of ice in the/

Cooperation of international societies to carry out the Forced Thickening of Ice against Global Warming Cooperation of international societies to carry.

though both of air and water temperature are below zero. => Let’s use this nature to stop global warming. 1. Reflection of solar energy at stratosphere or in troposphere by mirrors or aerosols. 2. Sequestration /warming will stop when additional 4.8 * 10 6 km 2 were covered with ice. This is 40% of total area above 35 Latitude (N and S) (Byun et al., 2008). 0. International cooperation is needed to widen ice cover over sea for stopping of global warming. 0. IFMS is the best society to capture global warming/

Question of the Day 4/14 o What do you know about global climate change? o Do you believe it is real?

heat and cause ozone depletion o Aerosols, suspended particles, sulfur oxides- actually cool atmosphere, Introduction to Climate Change o Evidence for Climate Change 15 of the hottest 16 years since 1880 occurred after 2000. 15 of the hottest 16 years since 1880 occurred/ to harm ocean life Effects of Global Climate Change- Melting Ice and Rising Sea Levels o Sea level rise caused in 2 ways Thermal Expansion Thermal Expansion Water expands as it warms Water expands as it warms Melting of land ice Melting of /

Chapter 35 Essential Question: How might global warming affect the environment in the world’s coldest places? Antarctica: Researching Global Warming at.

carbon dioxide, methane, and water vapor) have been rising Due to people burning fossil fuels Support for the Global Warming Theory Evidence Climate records, glacier records, rising levels of greenhouse gases Traces these changes to the / Spend time near the ice shelves to examine how temperatures affect the ice shelves Studying Penguins in Antarctica Global warming could be harmful to penguins Warm air brings moisture (precipitation). Penguins needs bare land to nest (breed). More snow could mean they /

1 MET 112 Global Climate Change MET 112 Global Climate Change - Lecture 5 Clouds and the Earth’s energy budget Dr. Eugene Cordero San Jose State University.

droplet size and total water content determine the overall reflectivity. Greenhouse effect - WARMING  Clouds are good absorbers (and emitters) of long wave (infrared) radiation. 17 MET 112 Global Climate Change Clouds and day to day temperatures Imagine that you are going camping/ levels clouds 2.High levels clouds Q: How is the Earth’s surface energy budget different for low clouds compared to high clouds? 22 MET 112 Global Climate Change Clouds and Climate Cloud A: Low level, (dark, thick) Cloud B: High/

Global warming and severe weather: hurricanes. Hurricanes and global warming More hurricanes – Warming SST’s (sea surface temperatures) suggest greater.

Hurricanes and global warming More hurricanes – Warming SST’s (sea surface temperatures) suggest greater source of energy for hurricanes, hence they should be more frequent N. Atlantic hurricane record best after 1944 with aircraft surveillance. SST (1944-2005) Hurricanes and global warming Fewer hurricanes – Increased wind shear – Increasing atmospheric stability La Nina Drawing El Nino Drawing/animation Southern Oscillation and global warming ENSO not caused by global warming ENSO is/

Miss Parson – Allerton Grange School

greenhouse effect Identifying the greenhouse gases and there causes Annotating a sketch to show the process of global warming. Task 2 : Effects of global warming You are about to see a series of pictures which show some of the effects of global warming. Write down the effects or titles for the pictures on your worksheet in the correct section (task 2). I’m thinking ! What are the/

How To Save The Earth! By: Isamar.

stop cutting down trees because trees keep our air cool when they shake… What Do Hurricanes Have to Do with Global Warming? Hurricanes have to do with global warming cause as water warms up, the air above it becomes windier and more humid—and huge storms can form above water, known as/ to keep us alive like we need stoves to cook food and in the winter we need heaters, and we also need energy for use of computers. [Source of Non-Renewable energy] You can’t reuse it…like a plastic bag if you put heavy foods /

Truth, lies, and uncertainties Philip Mote JISAO Climate Impacts Group University of Washington What we know and don’t know about global and regional climate.

%) Temperature trends in the PNW Almost every station shows warming (filled circles) Urbanization not a major source of warming PNW average temperature Conclusions The bulk of the evidence points to a human influence on climate, with a global warming of 2.5-10.4F likely in the next 100 years. Regional warming likely to be faster than global warming (3-6°F by 2040s); main vulnerability: reduced/

4B Au Yeung King 4B Chan Ka Shing 4B Ching Kwok Shu 4C Ng Shuk Yan Topic : Global Warming.

about 25 meters. Evidence of global warming:  Global average temperature is increasing  The/for emission reductions  Countries Reduce greenhouse gas emissions Engage in large-scale afforestation Develop in a sustainable way  Individual effort The size of carbon footprint↓→greenhouse gases↓ can reduce the size of carbon footprint in some ways(at home, shopping,transport and travel) Difficulties encountered:  Difficult to find the time to discuss  Difficult to find the examples to reflect global warming/

Global Warming............................. Social Movement Name: Global warming is a hoax Our movement values the people in the world who are victims.

of The Weather Channel John Coleman both believe that global warming is a scam. Our ideology is that the theory of global warming was created to generate large amounts of money and profit for the government and large corporations in an attempt to grow/ the University of Manchester, Uk, and former NASA scientist, has laughed at global warming as a fake theory. His credentials and his experience in science carry weight and voice for our movement * John Coleman: The founder of The Weather Channel. As the/

Teacher: Samarripa GLOBAL WARMING. The Global Warming & The Greenhouse Effect.

gets hotter, it means that the whole climate is changing. Natural Greenhouse effect More heat is trapped and causes global warming Atmosphere traps some heat Some heat goes out to space Quite a lot of heat is trapped and the earth is warm enough for life. Enhanced Greenhouse effect Heat radiates from the earth Atmosphere has more greenhouse gases Atmosphere traps more heat Less/

Global Warming. “Science is not a democracy. It is a dictatorship. It is evidence that does the dictating.” JOHN REISMAN.

REISMAN The Scientists / Support There is a scientific consensus amongst the community All “peer-reviewed studies” prove that global warming is real and catastrophic for the environment (Prothero 2012, Cook 2013) Ice caps prove that there is a strong causal relationship between the increase/think that the media is biased in any way? What do you think is the primary cause of global warming? What can we do about global warming? If you feel like the debate has gotten off topic, it is your job to refocus the/

New Topic: Religion - Environment and Medical Issues Today’s Lesson: Global Warming Next Lesson: Effects of pollution on the environment.

: Part c - Explain what people can do to reduce the effects of global warming. ( 8) Use Firstly, Secondly, Thirdly/Lastly Use because and/or therefore Use the words in the question Three PEEL paragraphs Remember: QWC Swap your exam answers with another group. Award a mark for content: /6 Award a mark for QWC: /2 Award a total mark : /8 Write a ST and/


altitude is a more important climate factor than latitude. In the troposphere, temperature decreases about 6.5 degrees Celsius for every 1 kilometer increase in altitude.  As a result, mountainous areas are cooler than the lower areas around /warm ocean water warms the air above it. The warmed air then moves over nearby land, affecting weather patterns.  Cold currents also affect weather patterns by bringing cold water from the polar zones toward the equator. A cold current brings cool air. How do global/

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