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Gender, Access to Care, and Quality of Care

Solidad (Association of Women’s Solidarity) Program staff: 27 Providers: 26 (+ 1 FGD with 8 midwives in Guatemala) Users: 136 Research organizations: India: India Market Research Bureau (IMRB) Kenya: Own and Associates Guatemala: Red du Mujeres (por la Construccion de la/ does not discriminate against officers at the service provision level.” (MOH/Kenya) “The practice in place is to ensure that men do not take over the organization.” (MYWO/Kenya) “Yes, there is a policy [that promotes gender equity] that/

Is Gender Disparity in Child Care Declining in India? A Comparison of two National Family Health Surveys Parveen Nangia (Social Planning Council, Sudbury)

Gender Disparity in Child Care Declining in India? A Comparison of two National Family Health Surveys Parveen Nangia (Social Planning Council, Sudbury) Presented at Canadian Population Society 2004 Annual Meetings, Winnipeg, Manitoba June 1-5, 2004 Objectives To assess gender discrimination in child care practices at the state (provincial) level To find out whether this discrimination/three types of mortality rates have declined in India Gender disparity in mortality, particularly neonatal mortality, has /

Alfred Deakin Professor Jill Blackmore Deakin University

and due to cultural norms (Pakistan, India, Ghana, Nigeria and Nepal) take out loans which reducing household and other children’s opportunities (Ghana) Investment in academic girl’s education to become low paid teachers in LFPS (Lahore) Caste, wealth and social status are reproduced Choices of lower castes and religious groups (Muslims) restricted Entrench economic divisions, gender discrimination higher association between ses, LFPS and secondary/

No One Left Behind Stepping up the Pace on the Removal of Punitive Laws to Address Structural Barriers Toward Health among Sexual Minority and Gender Variant.

Minority and Gender Variant Communities in India Abhina Aher National Programme Manager: Pehchan India HIV/AIDS Alliance, New Delhi 21 July 2014 Melbourne, Australia Sexual Behaviour, Sexuality and Gender IdentitiesSexual BehaviourSexualityGenderPreference GaySame/ one of the forms of stigma and discrimination in the four areas: Ever faced problem from police / law enforcement agencies (%) Ever been discriminated due to your MTH behaviour/identity (%) In the past year, has anyone forced or/

Gender issues A global perspective. Men, Women and the Bible Our story in several parts Men, Women and the Bible Our story in several parts Creation Creation.

trafficking of women increases poverty, vulnerability, destitution In India estimated that discrimination against girls increases rate of child mortality by 20% In India estimated that discrimination against girls increases rate of child mortality by 20% More than half a million women die in pregnancy and childbirth each year. More than half a million women die in pregnancy and childbirth each year. Gender-based violence causes more deaths and disability/

Sex Vs Gender Sex Gender

Discrimination Against Women Adopted in 1979 by the UN General Assembly Defines discrimination against women as ‘any distinction, exclusion or restriction made on the basis of sex’ 99 countries are signatories, India ratified it in July 1993 India/ Read, think, discuss about gender violence and sexual harassment Participate in social initiatives (*) – Forum discussions, workshops etc Assist your subordinates/colleagues in filing a complaint (*) Limited by the provisions in the Conduct Rules 1965 Proactive /

The Feminist Economics of Trade: recent research on a two-way relationship Workshop ‘How to integrate a gender perspective into NCCR trade regulation’,

gap -> more-skill-intensive-production strategy Free trade doe not necessarily remove price discrimination, but can re-enforce segmented quantity adjustments: protection helps gender equalit y 18 Does import competition reduce gender inequality in India? In concentrated industries the residual gender wage gap increases with increasing openness to trade Explanation: competition reduces rents in those industries and male workers have obtained a higher share of these rents, though/

21 st Century Topics The Oppression of Women and Girls in the Developing World.

107 million missing females in the world today.  In the West, gender discrimination results in unequal pay, etc.  Discrimination in the developing world is lethal:refusing to pay for vaccinations or medicine for daughters, sex-selective abortions (mostly in India and China)  Amartya Sen, Nobel Prize winning economist estimates that there are 107 million missing females in the world today.  In the West, gender discrimination results in unequal pay, etc.  Discrimination in the developing world is/

25 January 20051 Addressing Gender Inequality: an International prospective Pierella Paci Regional Gender Coordinator Europe and Central Asia Region The.

are cases in which females are better off than males, also gender problems involving males that arise from gender roles (e.g., violence) 25 January 20054 Why should governments be concerned about gender? 1.Gender inequality /in the hands of fathers.  Better educated mothers invest more heavily in their children’s learning  Ex: In India, children of literate mothers spend two more hours a day studying than children of illiterate mothers. 25 January 20059 (Additional) links with poverty Job discrimination/

Learning Objectives Explain “diversity in the Indian Context Outline the payoffs and challenges from diversity in a multicultural company Discuss changes.

several bases of diversity : demographic(age/gender/education -social (religion/language/region/caste/tribes/physical and mental handicaps) -ideological(different ways of perceiving issues) The demographic profile in India is changing very fast -younger people are/ Selfish Inflexible Manipulative Prefer safe /steady work environments/less risky activities The emerging challenges Organisations cannot discriminate on the basis of age McDonald’s a heavy recruiter of older workers-develop masters programme –/

"I want to see a real nurse!": Indian Immigrant Nurses in U.S. Urban Safety-net Hospitals & Implications for Health Disparities Sheba George, PhD Department.

Climate Discrimination: Biases, Stereotyping, and Uncertainty Disparity Differences, disparities, and discrimination: Populations/Gendered and Racialized Expectations of Emotional Labor in Nursing Gendered and Racialized Expectations of Emotional Labor in Nursing Impact of professional and ethnic cultures from India Impact of professional and ethnic cultures from India Racialization and Distrust of Foreigners Racialization and Distrust of Foreigners Gendered and Racialized Expectations of Emotional Labor in/

Social Development in India 1255: The Politics of India Emily Clough and Roberto Foa.

gender lag in education Gender division of labor Economic incentives for long-term investment on the part of girl’s family Norms of “marrying up” puts ceiling on female education Female-to-Male Population Ratio Declining: 0.97 in 1901 0.93 in 1991 One of the lowest FMRs in the world Female survival disadvantage in childhood exists, and seems to be getting worse Nutrition and care discrimination/

Vimala Ramachandran National Fellow, NUEPA, New Delhi Gender issues framing the teaching force.

agents of change, teachers as harbingers of values of equality and non-discrimination... Teachers, being embedded in society may themselves be subject to gender based exclusion / discrimination Why gender? 29 May 2012 3 “The teacher, the learning environment and / plays an important role in maintaining, modifying and reshaping her understanding of location, in terms of her class, caste, gender, religion, sexuality and and region” (NCF India, Gender issues in education, 2005) How gender is positioned? 29 May/

Where are we in India heading to? Ramesh Menon. India, the SUPER POWER that will tower over the world… Type “India Rising” on Google and you will get.

the right picture as gender discrimination is rampant. Urban India is hardly the right picture as gender discrimination is rampant. Patriarchal attitudes are very strong. Patriarchal attitudes are very strong. Will take generations to repair and mature. Will take generations to repair and mature. Shocking Female Infanticide In 1991, there were 947 girls to 1000 boys. In 2001, it had fallen to 927. In 1991, there were 947/

Richard Hustad, Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, © 2009, All Rights Reserved The Right to Non-discrimination Basic Course on Human.

Retired Man Richard Hustad, Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, Right to Non-discrimination © 2008, All Rights Reserved Is discrimination only a comparison between the majority and a minority? If India subsidized a Muslim school, but not a Buddhist School Can the majority have distinctions between two minorities? A Muslim School in MumbaiA Buddhist School in India Richard Hustad, Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, Right to Non/

Chapter 3 Ancestors and Neighbors Social Constructions of Gender at Other Times, in Other Places.

The collapse of the Soviet Union brought hope of capitalism and democracy In Russia’s economic transition women have lost resources and power –Gender discrimination and stereotypes in employment –Double burden –Lack of affordable birth control –Feminism is / families Gender segregation in employment Women are paid less Portions © Copyright 2012 Alan S. Berger and other portions © Copyright 2011 Pearson Education, inc 31 India Second most populous nation Hinduism & Laws of Manu –Legitimized gender inequality /

Chapter 10: Gender Inequality “Gender equality is more than a goal in itself. It is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting.

three gender option in their census. Pictured here is a hijra, the Indian word for “third sex,” institutionalized in India for thousands of years. The Global Context: The Status of Women and Men There is no country in the world in which/ female Supreme Court Justices in the history of the Court. Gender Stratification: Structural Sexism Politics and Structural Sexism Gender Stratification: Structural Sexism Civil Rights, the Law, and Structural Sexism Discrimination still occurs in the workplace as evidenced /

TRIBAL WOMEN’S LAND RIGHTS IN INDIA A Socio-Legal Review of Customary Practices through the Gender Lens Devika Bahadur World Bank, New Delhi, India Email:

RIGHTS IN INDIA A Socio-Legal Review of Customary Practices through the Gender Lens Devika Bahadur World Bank, New Delhi, India Email:; Tribal Population in India / involves assimilating certain embedded gender inequitable practices in tribal societies as well Codification The State’s Mandate - Constitution Article 15 (1) of the Indian Constitution prohibits gender discrimination The Directive principle under /

Human Rights of women in danger By Prof. Dr. V.S. Elizabeth National Law School of India University.

 Labour law requires employers to protect the constitutional rights of employees Sexual Harassment results in violation of the Right to Equality, Right against Gender Discrimination, Freedom to pursue any profession, occupation or business and the Right to Life and / protection of the law within the territory of India  Article 15 – Prohibition of Discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth – (1) The State shall not discriminate against any citizen on grounds only of religion,/

Gender, Sexuality and HIV: So What?

Learning and Action with Truck Drivers in India. [CARE, 2007] Programming Implications Effectively addressing sexuality offers opportunities to enhance effective HIV programming. To do so, programming needs to Be grounded in specific social context; Consider all dimensions of sexuality; Identify and respond to existing gendered sexual norms and inequalities; and Invest in research and capacity-building on gender, sexuality and stigma & discrimination By not fully considering all/


DSS YUVA GRAM SAVARAJ MJAS NRESWN GVM LOK SAMITI PARMARTH ECONET VANANAGA G@W-INDIA PARTNERS 2009 onwards + GENDER AT WORK: ACTION LEARNING PROCESS Collaborated with 20 PARTNERS, across India all participating in ACTION LEARNING PROCESSES to bring about a change in their structures, processes and or programs, aiming to lessen gender discrimination therein (2004- 2011) + CHANGE PROJECTS AT A GLANCE: PROGRAMME GRAM VIKAS (2004-2005): To/

Prof. Fani Bhusan Das. ONLY IDEAS & WORDS HAVE CHANGED HUMAN CIVILIZATION Presently ideas in all the faculties and Management techniques developed by.

leads to satisfaction of biological (including sexual) urge for ensuring metabolic balance of body and mind.  There is need to stop gender discrimination and viewing women as a mere sex objects.  The role of woman as daughter, sister, wife and mother should be focused /left little to chance. He has thought of every angle and projection of the word, peace. His school in India will become more widely known as the Peace Clinic is able to promote the core ideas of the technology of peace.” /

Sex and Gender Chapter Eleven. 2 Outline Sex: The Biological Dimension Sex: The Biological Dimension Gender: The Cultural Dimension Gender: The Cultural.

Gender: The Cultural Dimension Gender: The Cultural Dimension Gender Stratification in Historical Perspective Gender Stratification in Historical Perspective Gender and Socialization Gender and Socialization Contemporary Gender Inequality Contemporary Gender Inequality Perspectives on Gender Stratification Perspectives on Gender Stratification Gender Issues in the Future Gender Issues in the Future 3 Sex and Gender/, or justify prejudice 3. discrimination 20 Sexism Examples: Examples: –Undervaluing women’/

1 Globalisation, Gender and Employment Relations in India Prof. Vibhuti Patel Head, Department of Economics SNDT Women’s University, Smt. Nathibai Road,

instrumentalist use of Bangladeshi workers in India, migrant workers in Mumbai continues- Captured in Anand Patwardhan’s film Hamara sheher in the 1980s 7 Dual Economy Model/in railways, banks, teachers in educational institutions 8 Job & Wage Discrimination Immigrants face job discrimination in pre-entry phase & wage discrimination in post entry phase. Migrant workers remain the first to be fired and the last to be hired. Dualistic Models promotes differentiation based on language, caste, religion, gender/

Discrimination from Womb to Tomb Pardeep S Attri

million of them are unable to survive even their first birthday. Every sixth girl childs death is due to gender discrimination. 1 out of every 10 women reported some kind of child sexual abuse during childhood, chiefly by known persons. Violence against women in India 1 out of 4 girls is sexually abused before the age of 4. 19% are abused between the ages/

Gender Representation in Indian Media Session by Rakhee Bakshee Director, Women’s Feature Service.

of age and a large proportion refused to comment ñ 21.2 %. In fact 8.4% were forced to leave a media organisation due to promotion discrimination Sexual harassment emerged as a major concern of most respondents. But when / in Chitrakoot and Banda districts of Uttar Pradesh in north India. Women specific news organizations including channels and feature agencies like the Women’s Feature Service in India, Women’s International News Gathering Service in Canada, various gender based portals that cater to gender /


to define and elaborate the general guarantees of non-discrimination in these instruments from a gender perspective. The work of CSW has resulted in a number of important declarations and conventions that protect and/ the Grenadines and Tajikistan - in Geneva Central African Republic, China, Finland, Georgia, Gabon, Guinea, India, Lithuania, Mauritania, Swaziland, Syrian Arab RepublicFebruary 2014 Bahrain, Cameroon, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Qatar - in GenevaOctober 2013 Andorra, Benin, /

1 Speech recognition and the EM algorithm Karthik Visweswariah IBM Research India.

India 2 Speech recognition: The problem Input: Audio data with a speaker saying a sentence in/Speaker independence  Speaker adaptation  Discriminative training  Deep learning 5 /gender, weight)  Bayes: P(gender | weight) = P(gender) P(weight | gender)/P(weight)  P(gender): Just count up gender of persons in database  P(weight|gender) Non-parametric: Histogram of weights for each gender Parametric: Assume Normal (Gaussian) distribution, estimate mean/variance separately for each gender  Choose gender/

Advocacy and Capacity Building for Menstrual Hygiene Management through Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in School Programs A distance learning course organized.

toilets (2)Women use the toilets men provide (3)Women challenging traditional gender norms WinS for Girls Module 2: Incorporating Gender Understanding Gender Terminology WinS for Girls11 Source: Cartoon by Neelabh in Times of India, 23 Mar 2009 Source: http://www.formad- Source: Gender discrimination Gender discrimination is the systematic, unfavorable treatment of individuals on the basis of their/

Globalising Social Justice: why Gender Equality (GE) Matters to Sustainable Development Patricia Muñoz Cabrera, PhD Course Given at the Agency for Belgian.

work Equal distribution of care work (Elson, Seguino, van Staveren). 22 Intersectional Gender Analysis Key principle: Discriminations are multiple and are interconnected (racism, gender, social-economic class, age, sexual identity, religion, cultural etc.): Example: a Maya girl/boy in Guatemala or a Dalit girl/boy in India are often discriminated because they are female (gender) or because they belong to communities labelled as inferior by a dominant ethnic/

Laws affecting HIV responses among MSM and transgender people in Asia Pacific: a consultative study John Godwin Edmund Settle (UNDP), Shivananda Khan (APCOM)

discrimination in education & employment Many MSM & TG turn to sex work for income Legal protections Constitutional protections for sexual minorities (8/48 countries) Judges apply equality, non-discrimination, privacy rights to MSM &/or TG Fiji (2006- 09), Hong Kong, India/ Muntarbhorn Faculty of Law, Chulalongkorn University (Thailand) Dr. Mandeep DhaliwalCluster Leader, Human Rights, Gender & Sexual Diversity, UNDP Acknowledgements Community Advisory Panel Alexander Su’a Pacific Sexual Diversity Network (/

Building concrete strategies to address the legal and policy challenges to LGBTI rights advocacy in the region Anneke Meerkotter Southern.

”, legislature better to deal with it Court held that invasive body searches and manner of examination in prison amounted to inhuman and degrading treatment, damages Gender expression and cross-dressing Discrimination in schools where child expressed gender identity Doe v Yunits, Superior Court of Massachusetts, 2000 Laws which prohibit dressing in “sexually deviant” manner – used against transsexuals Teerarojjanapongs v Governor of Chiang Mai Province, Thailand Administrative/

Introduction to Human Rights

without trial Protect Tackle household gender bias Prevent bribery of judges Fulfil Build schools, train teachers Build courts, train judges Non-discrimination No ethnic bias in education budgets No racial bias in sentencing Adequate progress Raise /International actors The State People and their rights Civil Society Private sector The media Multi-actor responsibilities: Education in India Obligation Indicator Finding Parents Must be willing to send children to school % of parents who think education /


and equality Gandhi Gandhi was a H……… born in I…….. At the time, the British ruled India. Gandhi fought peacefully for India to become independent from Britains rule and also fought the racism that existed in India. As a Hindu Gandhi practiced non- v…………/stop people being d…………against because of their gender/ skin colour at work/ in society. Two examples of laws include Sex discrimination act Race relations act At the moment the government are debating a change in law on same sex marriages which would allow/

THE GREAT TRANSFORMATION Towards a holistic approach for healthier and happier trans communities in Latin America and the Caribbean Perspectives from and.

people -NEPAL: the Supreme Court recognises a third gender – metis in Sunil Babu Pant v Govt of Nepal -INDIA (Tamil Nadu): government order requiring: -health department to undertake sensitisation programme on transgender issues; -family counseling made mandatory so that children with gender identity issues were not disowned by their families; -prohibition of discrimination against transgender persons in educational establishments with violations being addressed through disciplinary action/

Mental health: Discrimination, Stigma and Cultural Safety What is discrimination? (please see diagram on next slide and handout) – Biased information leading.

accountable Something to think about: How are stigma, discrimination and cultural safety all connected? Colonialism happens in many different ways Colonizers are groups of people, or/ countries on the African continent), spices and silk (India)… Colonizers forcing Indigenous inhabitants to help them develop industries such as mining and farming /DETERMINANTS OF HEALTH (SDH) immigrant status social class gender race ethnicity culture age (dis)ability sexual orientation spirituality... Intersections of IDENTITY/

Programmes and tools for reducing stigma and discrimination, including human rights approaches What Works For Reducing Stigma and Discrimination: Laura.

– UNAIDS, DfiD Health Care Specific Safe & Friendly Health Facility Trainers Guide (ISDS/ICRW/Horizons tools, Vietnam) Reducing Stigma and Discrimination Related to HIV and AIDS: Training for Health Care Workers (Engender Health) Reducing HIV Stigma & Gender Based Violence: Toolkit for Health Care Providers in India (ICRW/BPWT/Levi Strauss Foundation) Global Stigma-Reduction toolkit for health care settings (Draft)  People Living with HIV Stigma/

Livelihood protection and promotion in agriculture: making the connection John Farrington John Farrington Department for International Development London.

does include: Gender discrimination – paying less to women than can be justified on productivity grounds; intra-household constraints on women’s choiceGender discrimination – paying less to women than can be justified on productivity grounds; intra-household constraints on women’s choice Discrimination on basis of religion or ethnicity (e.g. against tribals in India)Discrimination on basis of religion or ethnicity (e.g. against tribals in India) Discrimination on basis/

PRIP-Trust SNAPSHOTS OF THE STUDY ON Situation of Violence Against Women (VAW) in Six Selected Districts under Dhaka Division CONDUCTED AND PRESENTED.

.. Dalit community, being untouchable, are deprived by the society Don’t have access in all profession Discrimination in getting Govt. services Contractual slavery No scope to participate in social and national program Floating population/ Refugee PRIP-Trust SITUATION OF VAW IN INDIA PRIP-Trust  The principle of gender equality is enshrined in the Indian Constitution in its Preamble, Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties and Directive Principles.  The Constitution not only/

Stereotypes, Prejudice, Discrimination In-Groups/Out-Groups.

India vs. Pakistan Sports as a microcosm of the world India-Pakistan Conflict Fight over region of Kashmir. Both countries have nuclear weapons Conflict Analysis - India vs. Pakistan Tension in the India/Pakistan border Rivalry in/Prejudice Sexism : prejudice based on a person’s biological gender Racism: prejudice based on a person’s ethnicity Sectarianism/. Discrimination in Society Legal Discrimination System of laws in a society allows for discrimination to occur Ex. Apartheid in South Africa Laws in South/

Gender Equality and Economic Growth: A Rights Based Perspective Diane Elson SID Presentation Amsterdam 19 Jan 2008.

s Drudgery Arthur Lewis made this claim ‘because most of the things which women otherwise do in the household can in fact be done much better or more cheaply outside, thanks to large scale economies of /and C. Bonner (2005),Women,Work and Poverty, New York: UNIFEM. Esteve-Volart, B. (2004), ‘Gender Discrimination and Growth: Theory and Evidence from India’, STICERD Development Economics Papers, Suntory and Toyota International Centres for Economic and Related Disciplines, London: London School of/

WHAT IS GENDER? Wiki definition: Gender is a range of characteristics used to distinguish between males and females, particularly in the cases of men and.

of foreign/Muslim conquerors ● Deterioration in status of women ● Evil practices COLONIAL PEROID ● Colonialists: Tool to justify their rule. ● Example: Sati abolition ● Nationalist: Tool to glorify their past. ● Revivalists/ Reformists Were women really the centre of concern? The idea of Development Education as a parameter to study gender based discrimination GENDER INEQUALITY GENDER INEQUALITY Colonial/Post Colonial India Post Independence Female1%65% Present Day Scenario Visible/

Contribution of Governance and Administration Cluster in Attainment of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Presentation to Portfolio Committee on Public.

as targeted groups. In the public service we have ensured that policies, strategies and programmes are free from explicit gender discrimination and that they promote gender equality and mainstreaming Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women 1616 In the public service, our/ to projects under the direct responsibility of COGTA, DoE and PALAMA.  During a session of the JMC held in India in December 2006, it was agreed that a Human Resource Development (HRD) sub-committee be established. Develop a Global /

Education Deprivation in India: An exploration of the problem and of potential solutions.

a fundamental right that cannot be denied to any citizen regardless of caste, creed, gender or religion. Why, then, are so many people in India deprived of this “fundamental” right? Let’s first consider what is currently being / Non-Government Organizations in the country? What is the government doing to help remedy education deprivation in India? It has reserved seats in state-run institutions of higher education for individuals hailing from: 1) Hindu castes that were historically discriminated against; 2)/

Introduction to Human Rights Human rights are traditionally categorized in the following five types Civil Rights Political Rights Economic Rights Cultural.

discriminate in meeting its obligations Adequate progressProgress must occur at a rate that show commitment ParticipationPeople must be able to participate in realising their rights Effective remedyThere must be a remedy for violations of obligations Identifying state obligations: ObligationRight to Education Right to a fair trial RespectDon’t ban children from school Don’t imprison without trial ProtectTackle household gender/ responsibilities: Education in India ActorObligationIndicatorFinding Parents Must/

Gender Equality at the Heart of Decent Work ILO global awareness-raising campaign 2008-2009 ILO Bureau for Gender Equality.

Video news release Protecting maternity in Cambodia’s textile factories Theme materials developed in partnership with TRAVAIL Theme 3: August 2008 Breaking gender barriers in youth employment Brochure: Youth Employment: Breaking gender barriers for young women and men Messages: youth employment, gender stereotypes and occupational segregation, young women vulnerable situation, discrimination Feature story: A young woman’s quest in a male- dominated profession in Brazil Video news release Young/

Faces of Indian Women “One of the most enduring cliches about India is that it is the country of contradictions. Like all cliches, this one too has a grain.

the primary level and 22 percent at the university level (1993) Gender bias in curriculum Gender bias in curriculum Indian Women in Modern Times Employment Difficult to get an overall picture of employment among women in India Difficult to get an overall picture of employment among women in India Most women work in the informal sector Most women work in the informal sector Women accounted for only 23 percent of the/

Chapter 7 The Story of Hinduism

of caste. Acting above one’s caste is ignoring dharma and generates bad karma. Today in India, discrimination based on caste or occupation is illegal, but some division among caste lines remains. Many Hindu teachers/in Hindu society. In urban areas and Western countries, gender roles are less structured. One aspect of traditional gender roles is the idea of a dowry: money or other valuables brought to a marriage by the bride. Many Hindu families pay or require dowries, even though it is illegal in India/

Experiencing, Embodying, Expanding Ecumenism In the service of Church and Nation since 1914 and beyond.

Churches in India In 2008 Quadrennial Assembly adopted A Policy Guidelines for the Indian Churches Since 2009 Implementation Genesis Church as Just and Inclusive Community Church of All and Church for All World without HIV/ADIS Pandemic Vision Mission To enhance the Mission agenda of the Indian Churches, in partnership with the public sector and civil society, in addressing the issues of Stigma and Discrimination, Gender, Sex/

XVII International AIDS Conference Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance Pre-Conference Mexico City 30 th July 2 nd Aug. 2008 Faith in Action Now  Section: Theology.

in India, the movement of HIV studies in India & Asia has picked up the momentum. The theories and biblical foundations are to be developed by theological teachers/scholars in/ marginalized groups against the disease. Content of Section:  Gender and sexuality  Vulnerability of women  Effects on women,/ Rights  Rights of Children  Legal response  Confidentiality  Consent  Succession rights  Discrimination & equality under constitution Module 7: Church and the Community  Biblical basis for response /

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