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smaller? Who in the family can get the most objects in the box? Magnetic numbers Magnetic numbers are available in toy shops. Keep a set on your fridge and/ what he/she has ordered or seen. What could be said about these two animals? “The giraffe is taller than the lion.” Or “The lion is shorter than the giraffe/! Useful websites for Shape, Space and Measures - Asturian Apron designed for home chefs. They have one of the symbols of Asturias, a cow, and are available in 3 different colors.

: Adutls – 009 Kids - 010 teenshop13@hotmail.c om - Designed for playing football regularly 2 times a week and also for the fans who claim their colors. - Price: 11.50 € -Reference: 011 teenshop13@hotmail.c om - A pair of wool socks with the typical animal from Asturias, the cow. /a typical “Asturian” costume with the bagpipe and with a hat called “Montera Picona”. You can put this magnet on your fridge or in other magnetic surface. Its size is 7cm x 3cm. - Price: 2,95 € - Reference: 040 teenshop13@hotmail.c/

Welcome!!!! Current enrollment 459 Current enrollment 459 Approximately 57%of our students are neighborhood and 43% are magnet focus, meaning they applied.

come from all over the city. Approximately 57%of our students are neighborhood and 43% are magnet focus, meaning they applied through the lottery and come from all over the city. Since this /” for three classes this year Supports and Enrichments SUN classes of all kinds…see schedule. Classes include Tutoring, Mentoring, Cranium Club, MUSE Band, Sports, Mosaics, Evil Genius, Wordplay, Sewing, Computers, Newspaper, Space Cadets, Piano, MUSE, Animation, Sideways Arithmetic,Tae Kwon Do, Eco-Kids, Clowning/

Centers and Small Group Instruction for Foreign Language Classrooms.

very easy to use almost retro cool! Best for one-time use for your scoring purposes Digital Voice Recorder $25-200 Easy for kids to use Uploads to computer so you can save for the future Must make them say their names each/Science Centers What in the room is magnetic? (room is labeled - list up in target language) What in the room is metal, wood, etc.? Classifying animals by various characteristics and creating chart Putting together life-cycle pictures for plants, animals, etc. Listening to a YouTube video /

Welcome to:. Who are we? ScienceWorks is a fun, engaging science center where kids and adults can rediscover wonder. The innovative museum features interactive.

round. ScienceWorks is a fun, engaging science center where kids and adults can rediscover wonder. The innovative museum features/Field Trips School Field Trips Educational programs for students and teachers Educational programs for students and teachers Public programs including / themes including magnetism, vision, optical illusions, and expectations. A collection of over/frog, Observe honey bees in Black Bear garden, Design an animal from recycled materials, Explore spirals in outer space and in a/

Magnetism Intro mages/type_effects/Electro_Magnet.gif

jpg Lodestones The Chinese later used these naturally occurring magnets, called lodestones, for ocean navigation. The first recorded description of a /magnetic declination. Copywrited by Holt, Rinehart, & Winston 25-26/ch11.htm Angle of declination Importance of Earth’s Magnetic Field Navigation –Animal/in each household is a recipe for disaster –sparks every time you plug something in –risk of fire –not cat or kid friendly Need a way to step/

Interactive Whiteboards 101 and Academic Achievement By Mayra Velez Belton ISD  Equipment needed for the Mimio Teach are a computer, projector, stylus,

directly by input both at the computer and at the board.  It’s a kid magnet. Kids of all ages are drawn to the board and they just want to use the /3290-3297). Chesapeake, VA: AACE.  Wood, R., & Ashfield, J. (2008). The use of interactive whiteboards for creative teaching and learning in literacy and mathematics: a case study. British Journal of Educational Technology, 39(1) 84 / Animal Anatomy Game: http://dsc.discovery./

Barnard Environmental Studies Magnet School 170 Derby Avenue, New Haven, CT Pre-K thru 8 Renovations Award (Lee J. Brockney) Gilbane Building Company 2008.

United Nation’s Growing Connection container gardening program which teaches kids how to grow affordable, high value produce in their/animal migration. Using a healthy ecosystem as a model, teachers at Barnard connect ideas, concepts and skills from all areas of study to reinforce and deepen childrens learning. Physical Environment As part of the design process for/and Architecture 2008 Project Details Project Name Barnard Environmental Studies Magnet School City New Haven State Connecticut District Name New /

Outline Introduction Safety concerns-practicing safe imaging

Zone III: Control room: access strictly restricted, directly connected to zone IV, screening before entering Zone IV: Magnet room: Access restricted, free access might result in serious injury Safety concerns Projectile/missile effects Implanted devices (pacemakers/be questioned both in presence of parents/guardians and separately Stuffed animals and other comfort items represent real risk. Some facilities have a choice of safe toys for kid to choose during scanning time Distress in the MRI environment /

Downloadable template on Facebook for those who have adopted to upload with them and their pet and share Adopt Today! Meet My _____________________________________.

photo of the animal they are making blanket for – Can also include outreach and education for safety between kids and animals Caturday Every Saturday throughout the summer, highlight 1-2 adoptable cats cats on the radio throughout the day Have discounts on cat adoptions on those Saturdays Gets name out to people Gives exposure to adoptable animals Animals on Tour Mobile adoption van – Can have magnets on van/

Supporting Essential Practices for Ongoing Development of

) Topic: Plant cells & animal cells Transitions: However, On the other hand, Then again, but Animal cells Plant Cells One turn with/In my opinion, games should be banned because war video games show kids how shoot others. But some teach you about life. 2nd Partner /Magnets attract all metals Are humans good or evil? Yes Courage Good Perseverence No Evil Understanding Language Understanding Language “Constructive Conversations” Activity for All 4 Skills: Argument Balance Scale Activity for/

1 Animal Play and Animal Communication by Don L. F. Nilsen and Alleen Pace Nilsen.

Friendship Go Mimicry (for deception and for bonding) Protection (camouflage, assistance, misleading enemies…) Sex Territory Animal Politics 41 Rabbit vs. Snake: 42 43 BEES’ ROUND DANCE (Kemp & Smith 663) 44 BEES’ TAIL-WAGGING DANCE (Kemp and Smith 664) Cat Shape Shifters 45 46 HUMAN-LANGUAGES AMONG ANIMALS: AMESLAN Computers Creations: “Sugar Fruit,” “Finger Bracelet” Magnetic Chips Yerkish NOTE/

Book Cover.

and glyoxal are common cigarette additives, some of which have caused cancer in animals. Researchers have found that a burning cigarette releases radioactive polonium. Polonium metal is/water straight from the faucet. Distilled water is the best for cleansing because of its inherent, magnetic properties and its ability to absorb and suspend large quantities/your emotions or make any big decisions like putting your kids up for adoption. This is a time for prayer and drawing close to God. Prayer is so/

 Biomass is an organic material made from plants and animals. Biomass can be wood, manure, and even some garbage!  Biomass energy is created by burning.

box which increases the rotation speed enough for the generator to convert rotational energy into electric energy using magnetic fields.  Pros- Wind is free/ 10 feet, but they are expensive and may harm plant and animal life.  Wave- Waves are huge sources of energy. We /13 Apr. 2009.  "Department of Energy - Coal." Department of Energy - Homepage. 13 Apr. 2009.  "EIA Kids Page - Energy from the ocean: tidal energy, wave energy." Energy Information Administration - EIA - Official Energy Statistics from the/

Making Games: Meeting the technology objectives for CfE Dr Judy Robertson Computer Science Heriot-Watt University.

Can be used for animation Used in loads of schools already Gamemaker Free download for PC or Mac Excellent text book and tutorials: Slightly more complex – for older kids? Adventure Author My/ Good for cross curricular projects Neverwinter Nights 2 You can buy it on Amazon for ~£8 Game making toolset Comes free with Neverwinter Nights 2 game Fridge Magnets: creative ideas Free standalone version at /

Early Literacy in Infants and Toddlers

Board books with photos or illustrations of everyday things Board books with animals Books with a repeated phrase or repetition in the plot Books that/“America’s Child Care Crisis: A Crime Prevention Tragedy”; Fight Crime; Invest in Kids, 2000 “Access to Print Materials Improves Children’s Reading: A Meta-Analysis of / CD, large letter magnets, and a professional resource Targeted to preschool-age, but can customize Libraries apply anytime See CD with handouts Some useful handouts for parents: Handout: Reach/

SEC EPO IMAGE (Imager for Magnetopause-to-Auroral Global Exploration) Imager for Magnetopause-to-Auroral Global Exploration (IMAGE) is a MidEx satellite.

instrument on Ulysses, the Wind / WAVES radio experiment imaged the interplanetary magnetic field structure for the first time. 38 / 39 SEC EPO ISTP EPO “Connecting Kids to Sun-Earth Connections” teacher workshop 19 middle and high school teachers from 8 / Summer 1999 for development of SEC/ISTP kit 40 SEC EPO ISTP EPO Images and Animations Created and produced new animations of: -/

Animals I visited the zoo again. The animals were all behind a fence or glass. I watched them feed the ray We smiled as the lion fell asleep. I counted.

My 4 th Birthday We decorated tiaras and wands first with hearts, stars, dinosaurs and animals. Then we played in the studio. After eating cake, the wands became bats and the balloons became balls. And /we ran around using our wands for magic. In the studio we made colored paper PBS Kids I love PBS Kids. I visited with Mr Steve and the characters from Super Why! Mr Steve sang many/Others live in grassy areas. It was fun sticking the magnets to make a story.

Unit9 1. Quote Fred Allen: You can take all the sincerity in Hollywood , place it in the navel of a firefly and still have room enough for three caraway.

it an ideal site for shooting motion pictures. Synonyms:continuous, continual, non-stop 4. In those days Hollywood was like a magnet, drawing ambitious young men/ 意义 no point (in) : no need 不需要,没意义 e.g.There is no point teaching a kid philosophy. e.g.What is the point of getting up so early? Consolidation Activities- Vocabulary main/ Walt Text1 – Walt Disney Text IIMemorable quotes Disney Studios completed other full-length animated classics such as Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo, and Bambi. Walt Disney’s dream/

frontpage Understanding the Antisocial Continuum: Implications for intervention & management Superior Conference WITC March 3, 2009 David X. Swenson PhD.

a year) By age 28, the costs for public service for individuals with conduct disorder were 10 times higher/rewards– ratio of rewards to punishment should be 4:1 Note: Kids with ADHD/impulsiveness problems & are not callous more often have family/ Violations C Status Violations B Aggression D Oppositional Animal Cruelty Fire setting Stealing Lying Vandalism Spiteful Assault Cruel/ reasoning Messy rooms, lockers, notebooks Normal teen Functional Magnetic Resonance Imagery (FMRI) MRI pix Cross section How /

PHYSICS Unit 2:. OBSERVE for relationships QUESTION everything TEST out hypotheses INTERPRET Data COMMUNICATE results.

proportional or inversely proportional? The number of kids Mr. Akin stops for fast- walking to lunch Monday vs. The number of kids that fast walk to lunch Tuesday Directly proportional/a night raid on a suspicious wildlife estancia to do a count of animals for tax purposes. It seems that the estancia was tipped off because all /Water supply Magnetic Compass Parachute Space Suit First Aid kit signal flares 0.45 caliber pistol food supply Portable Heating Unit COMMUNICATE results OBSERVE for relationships /



Wake Up Those Kids!!! Danielle Boggs North Laurel Middle School London, KY.

in alphabetical order according to their item Demonstrate Scrap Paper Whiz Kids Quick Thinking Game Half the deck is creative questions The other / to spark students’ interest Introducing a topic with a story or trivia Adding animated clip art and audio to PowerPoint presentations Adding New Life to Boring Activities Attention/Demonstrate “A Smart Move for Schools: Adding Chess to the Curriculum” Brainstorming Cards Supplies: Sentence strips Markers Whiteboard or chart paper Magnets for each student in your /

5 Element/ 8 Principles TCVM Diagnosis Special Thanks to Dr. Cheryl Chrisman for the use of her slides.

results using the same points in the same animal? Animal with a deficiency Doctor 1 Doctor 2 Well /in life Emotionally sensitive, responsive and intuitive Enjoy being attractive and magnetic Earth Sound –song Emotion –sympathy Climate –humid Season –late /needs of others before their own Enjoy being relied upon for help Enjoy socializing with family and friends Agreeable, accommodating,/ –north Opening –ears Body Part –bones Zang/Fu –KID/BL Water Water constitution “The Philosopher” Considered unusual or /

Presenter’s Name MONTH 2014 In-service training programme for English Language teachers (Grades 1-11) in the context of the updated curriculum for 11 years’

talking and thinking e.g. Which metals are magnetic? Closed questions generate “yes”/“no” answers. They can be useful but are not /Digital Media enables us to build more stages for our kids to express themselves. Marco Torres Learners can not rely solely on left-brain skills for success in the 21 st century. They/ shapes word patterns picture dictionaries read and do write for display read and predict phonographix Picture dictionary quest Find the animal by looking in the dictionary. 1.It begins with/

Chapter 41 ANIMAL BEHAVIOR. Ethology - the study of animal behavior. Ethologists are particularly interested in adaptive behaviors. Some adaptive behaviors.

species-specific songs. ] Mother goat learns to identify her kid’s odor. 5. Insight Learning (reasoning) Animal applies prior learning to new situations without trial-and-error activities/animals. Migration – a regularly repeated journey from one specific geographic region to another. Bird migrations Most migrating species use environmental cues for orientation & navigation. ] sun & stars ] earth’s magnetic field ] sounds, odors, landmarks 2. Aggression Often displayed when individuals are competing for/

By Kaitin Jasia and Aminta Jasia for Kids Magazine All.

By Kaitin Jasia and Aminta Jasia for Kids Magazine All Contents Bermuda Believers……………………………………………………………………… ………………………………………..…….…..……...2 Crazy Figures/. Materials: Screw top glass jar Christmas figure Magnetic dot Sparkles Water Ribbon Instructions: 1.Gather Materials 2.Take off lid 3.Stick magnetic dot on Christmas figure 4.Place the Christmas/and red i.An object mostly placed above fireplaces made of mainly wool j.An animal with antlers, that looks like a large deer k.A circle of leaves seen on/

ARTEFACTS Crystal figures. Figures from our partner Gonzalo, depicting animals, have a very interesting story. It is said that his grandmothers uncle.

the house of the grandmother of our friend here. Manuel Ortiz and Diego Casado (Spain) Depicting animals Once upon a time there was eight-year-old girl. She was born at 5. July/the girl for marriage. She accepted it with a big smile on her face. They have been married for 30 years and my mothers best object in her kitchen is her coca cola magnet (Turkey /them beautiful because she had been bullied a lot at school when she was a little kid. The reason of the bullying was the big scar on her face because of the/

AFRICA A Project for our Pre-K learners Lynette Wilson Christine Turcotte.

teacher and an assistant in the room.  This project lasted for six weeks…much longer than we had anticipated. The Spark A/ African animals Sand box - add animals and small rocks and plants Water table - take out water and fill with old Zoo World magazines and scissors Quiet areas - photo book of a friends visit to Africa, magnetic story / as the animals, play with puppets and to represent them through art. Yes that is a crocodile’s head. (I can’t believe the things people have) The kids LOVED this especially/

Helms Dual Language Helms Dual Language Magnet offers unique opportunity for each student to: Learn a second language Appreciate other cultures, reaching.

Spanish TAKS Writing Exam. According to the Battelle For Kids, Value- Added report that HISD uses to rate schools, for Fall of 2012, Helms scored 13 th out/improve this environment which includes the wetlands, pond environment and native plant and animal species. After School Program We provide after school programs from 3:30 / Magnet Application Process Parents turn in applications by January 11, 2013 Helms calls the parent for Pre-IPT language testing of the child. Some other magnets and Vanguard Magnets /

Lesson Plan for Book 3 Table of Contents Teacher Works

, bakes bread, cans and freezes,drives the kids to their music lessons, practices with them,takes organ lessons on her own, does research and typing for me , writes an article now and then/years before those signals reach our closest neighboring galaxy. The light (and other electro-magnetic signals) that they now see represent the way the earth looked 2 million years / a Short Story 10 min Instructor’s notes Character A person or an animal Setting Time Place Draw a draft of the 5 elements on the blackboard a/

November 17, 2011 WEBINAR Sue Pearson, Co-Director The Center for Effective Learning The Power of Concepts.

Caine, HOW DO WE IDENTIFY CONCEPTS? ORGANIZING CONCEPT Used as an over-arching BIG IDEA for an entire yearlong theme. KID-GRABBER TITLE Organizing Concept: Rationale: Component 1 Component 5 Component 2 Component 3 Component 4 Organizing/ Facility, School Social/Political Action Project: “Water Conservation” Earthworms Rocks/Soil Weather and Seasons Sun, Moon, Earth Animals and their Habitats Magnets Matter Ponds, Lakes, and Oceans Plants Alisa Braddy, K – 2, Susan Kovalik &Associates©2008 Landforms and Earth/


for/sit or walk alone. Animals (dogs) raised in /) depends on opportunities for use of action sequences/stimulation is essential for development in the/a sensitive period for play and brain /magnetic fields –(3) distribution of blood thru / –Magnetic resonance/of animals and humans equip them for the /trait) Play is essential for healthy development. Consequently, / prepared for the internalization of language—Language magnets Research/solitary play; fewer safe areas for play –More video game play/

Earth and Environmental Science Review for Final Exam Part 2 Covering Modules 9 - 16.

air Nitrogen is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere. Animal respiration (breathing) requires Oxygen. Animal respiration releases Carbon Dioxide Trapped! Ultra Violet (UV) radiation/of cold air is called a front. Cold Fronts - Geography For Kids - By KidsGeo.www.kidsgeo.comCold Fronts - Geography For Kids - By - 288 × 216 -/ Sun reveals the filamentary nature of the plasma connecting regions of different magnetic polarity.Hinode Radiation The term used to describe how the Sun heats /

Leanne Wibrew.  Studios and their creations  Different types of animation  Well known animated films  Well known cartoon characters  Animation technology.

kid’.  He joined Leon Schlesinger Productions in 1933 as an assistant animator, the studio were known for producing the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies for the Warner Bros.  Over the years he started to collaborate with Seuss, in creating an animation/  Felix the cat  Casper  Woody the Woodpecker  Motion capture: For motion capture you use human actors who are dressed in a leotard with integral reflective or magnetic markers. The actor performs the actions that are required, and the digital cameras/

A Guide to Science Fairs It’s Due When?!? A Practical Remedy for the Annual Science Fair Panic Attack B.K. Hixson © 2001.

rockets, planes, balloons, flight ___c. rockets, planes, balloons, flight ___d. magnets, magnetic fields ___e. thermometers, heating and cooling stuff ___f. light, colors, filters,/ interests include: ___a. growing and experimenting with plants ___b. animals and their characteristics ___c. the human body and how it /among teenagers NOT a hypothesis! Kids do not isolate a single /data immediately Repeat the experiment several times Prepare for extended experiments Safety Overview Gathering and Evaluating the/

Wild Cherry Topic Autumn 2. Science: Year 5 Overview YEAR 5 LIVING THINGS and their Habitats ANIMALS, including Humans PROPERTIES & changes of materials.

, Pulleys, Leavers and Springs Possible Learning Challenges Do all animals and plants start life as an egg? How different will/kid of change is not usually reversible, including changes associated with burning and the action of acid on bicarbonate of soda? Can they use the terms ‘reversible’ and ‘irreversible’? Year 5 (challenging) Can they describe methods for/ solubility, transparency, conductivity (electrical and thermal), and response to magnets know that some materials will dissolve in liquid to form a /

21 Good iPad Apps for Middle School Students Richard Byrne

app for students to use to as a story or poem starter. The app reminds me a bit of those refrigerator magnets that were popular for a while/Students can play for their schools and climb the leaderboard Tynker The Tynker iPad app features stories that students animate by completing a/500 versionpaid version of Write About This KIDS DISCOVER KIDS DISCOVER currently offers fourteen iPad apps for students. The latest KIDS DISCOVER app is about the U.S. Civil/

Skelanimals They want your ♥… How it all started… Skelanimals are adorable little animals who have met an untimely end— mostly due to their own reckless.

aficionados, to skate and surfer kids, fashion-savvy teens, toy collectors, and young people who just find the animals adorable. Cast of Characters /, backpacks, wallets, coin purses, shoes, socks, hats, scarves, stickers, buttons, pins, magnets, patches, cell phone charms, zipper pulls, keychains, shoelaces, keycaps, postcards, posters, candy,/ a unique virtual environment that includes: Interactive content Dedicated pages for sponsored bands, featuring continuously updated band blogs, video diaries, photo/

4/27/20151 Gilmore & GilmoreFrom YA to AP Barry Gilmore Hutchison School Memphis, TN From YA to AP: Literacy Strategies for Every.

Memphis, TN From YA to AP: Literacy Strategies for Every Level Dr. Sue Gilmore MLK Magnet School Nashville, TN 4/27/20152 Gilmore & GilmoreFrom YA to AP/Road Robinson Crusoe Canon Paradise Lost 1984 The Tempest Gateway Dystopias: The Giver Animal Farm Uglies 4/27/201515 Gilmore & GilmoreFrom YA to AP Gateway Literature Frankenstein/ the party 4 Leto Niobe gt jealous & strtd brgging abt her 14 kids & Apollo & Artemis kill her kids & she turns 2 stone 4/27/201530 Gilmore & GilmoreFrom YA to/

2008 Suburban Silver Bullet: PRT Shuttle + Digital Mobility for SRP Steve Raney, Cities21 –Palo Alto native –Research & advocacy.

Automated highways, automated BRT (radar – adaptive cruise control, lidar, WiFi, cheap magnets, diff. GPS coming) –Daimler Chrysler: Chauffeur II truck control project (electronic tow/ 3D Animation Virtual city: 180 buildings, streets, trees, parking, sidewalks, 200 PRT vehicles + guideway $5/day animators in China vs./ wealthy tech innovators (who played with trains as kids) –Planning study federal earmark via political hierarchy Template for other cities –Lengthy effort –15 pg & 188 /

1 Reading Assessment and Instruction for Students with Special Needs Marcia Kosanovich-Grek, Ph.D. Florida Center for Reading Research The Center for.

person or animal devours something, they eat it quickly and eagerly. She devoured half of an apple pie. Explicit Vocabulary Instruction 79 Instructional Routine for Vocabulary uStep /“Say it Fast Game” (Blending) u“Say it Slow Game” (Segmenting) Parents, Kids, & Phonemic Awareness 226 uAsk your child’s teacher which letter sounds or letter sound /on index cards and practice building words with other known letter sounds. uUse magnetic letters to make words and read them. uHighlight or underline words that you/

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Fingerprints can be detected by dusting fine powders onto areas people touch D – Magnetic powders can help lift fingerprints off plastic bags Which of these separation techniques can /. Microscopes can identify if a hair is from a person or an animal, if a fibre is from carpet or clothing, if the fibre has/for kids SBS Insight Watch the episode of Insight titled “Kids and Crime” and-Crime

Animal Behavior What is behavior? Behavior –everything an animal does & how it does it response to stimuli in its environment –innate inherited, “instinctive”

Migration –“migratory restlessness” seen in birds bred & raised in captivity –navigate by sun, stars, Earth’s magnetic fields Monarch migration Spotted Sandpiper ancient fly- ways 51 sec start Innate/Attracting mates –Selecting a worthy mate –Caring for kids Determined by # of Partners Promiscuous- most animal species, mate with many different members of opposite sex (bonanbos & dolphins) Monogamous- 1 male and 1 female mate for a long period of time (swans, wolves/

Jefferson instructed Lewis and Clark to be alert for “objects worthy of notice…[such as] growth & vegetable productions, especially those not of the U.S.;

; and took with them all the Kettles and other vessels for holding water; in order to drive the animals out of their holes by pouring in water; but though/4.Then the Indians spoke 5.More presents were passed out 6. Amazing items were shown—magnets, mirrors, air gun They traveled about 8,000 miles They used canoes, a keelboat,/-Tubbs, Inc.. Wilmore, Kathy (Ed.). (2003). Kids Discover. Photo resources: Maps: http:///

To Curriculum Night For Mrs. Downin’s Class. Communication Phone: Communication s or newsletters from me Assignment.

with duty teachers under the shade structure in the west parking lot. Kids Club students are dismissed through the hallway to the multi-purpose room./ need to go at a time different from our break times) for the week. For students who are not responding to reminders regarding behavior, they will pay/Geometry Fractions Fractions Decimals Algebra Curriculum - Science Water and Weather Electricity and Magnetism Animals (Adaptation and Classification) Renewable and Non-renewable Resources Homework Homework is /

Things Every FRC Team Should Know

Kids Collin Fultz – FRC Team Advocate FIRST is not just for Technology Enthusiasts… Variety of skills are needed Marketing Business Team Spirit Technology FIRST Promotes Inclusion Opportunities for hands-on STEM learning for/Spirit items-Buttons, Pencils, Magnets, Calculators Banners Collection of Payments/Dues-Admissions Meals /Animation Digital Media Production Multimedia Presentations Facilities Tours STEM Outreach Events Team Web Page, Animation Video, Team Video Documentary Web page design-Adobe, Animation/

Engineering in the Elementary Classroom Presenter: Karin Barone NBCT STEM Specialist w/Kids at Science 4 th Grade GATE teacher OUSD

Presenter: Karin Barone NBCT STEM Specialist w/Kids at Science 4 th Grade GATE teacher//magnetism unit:  After learning about types of circuit, make electricity house, or an electric city.  Make a lunch box alarm (connects to Dear Mr. Henshaw)  Make a circuit board that can be used for /washers Extra points awarded for creativity Challenges: Yukon River Pull Pressure Ridges Open Lead Sled Design 4 th Grade Examples Life Science:  Imagine and create a new species of animal. Build the animal, label the body/

Games for Languages Lessons A selection of different games appropriate for teaching MFL.

magnet on the right hand side (team two). Give each team ten lives. Do this by writing TEAM 1 and underneath it draw ten dashes, do the same for TEAM 2. The object of the game is for/ the front person in each group to stand up. 4. You then ask the kids who are standing up a question. The quickest one to raise their hand can answer/very simple. Just put a load of different topics up, e.g. jobs and people, animals, countries and cities, food and drink, shops and places, clothes and accessories, verbs, /

BRIEFING FOR PARENTS: PSLE SCIENCE Assessment Objectives Examination Format Process Skills & Examples Common Misconceptions Requirement for Open-ended.

(General characteristics and classification) Diversity of Materials Cycle Cycle in plants and animals (Life cycles, Reproduction) Cycle in matter & water (Matter, Water)/ Adaptations, Man’s Impact on the Environment) Interaction of forces (Magnets, Frictional force, Gravitational force, force in springs) Energy Energy forms /CLASS….  Provide time/ materials/resources for applied science projects Eg:- subscription to Wildlife magazine, National Geographic Kids or Singapore Scientist Magazine - internet, /

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