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Alaska Beacon Adapting the Iridium Network to Enable Search and Rescue John Bystroff,The Boeing Company Ignacio Gómez,KinetX Inc Robert Kikta,NexGen Communications.

LEO) satellites operated by Boeing Short Burst Data (SBD) Service Added-on service – not part of original Iridium network design  Developed by NexGen Communications  /satellite’s ground path, ambiguities produced in location solution Solution: SBD / Beacon provides additional information of Beam ID used for connection, and Circular Error Probability (CEP) of geo-location  Profile made of beam performance  Algorithm designed to qualify accuracy of geo-location based on Beam and CEP Result: Able to scale a/

Center for Satellite Applications and Research (STAR) Review 09 – 11 March 2010 Image: MODIS Land Group, NASA GSFC March 2000 Infrared Temperature and.

information be exploited to improve accuracy and reduce uncertainty in satellite-derived temperature, moisture and trace gases? Benefit National Weather Service/biases through algorithm improvements. –Collaboration with modeling centers to develop efficient communication of retrieval vertical correlation (averaging functions) and error covariance. Transition Path/useful in air-quality and climate applications –carbon monoxide is a precursor to tropospheric ozone which is both pollutant and greenhouse gas/

TECHNICAL SEMINAR PRESENTATION 2004 Presented by - Sonali Mohanty MOBILE SATELLITE COMMUNICATION. Technical Seminar Report On “Mobile Satellite Communication

Z O Equatorial Plane Descending Node i Ω ω TECHNICAL SEMINAR PRESENTATION 2004 Presented by - Sonali Mohanty MOBILE SATELLITE COMMUNICATION. Satellite Location w.r.t. Orbital Plane System b Z0Z0 X0X0 Y0Y0 a r D Q (Satellite) C O B P υ E TECHNICAL SEMINAR PRESENTATION 2004 Presented by - Sonali Mohanty MOBILE SATELLITE COMMUNICATION. Satellite Constellation For constellation design High elevation angle. Low propagation delay. Low battery consumption. Inter- and intra/

Global Biogeochemical Cycles (2014) 28 Annual net community production and the biological carbon flux in the ocean Steven Emerson School of Oceanography,

the annual net community production (ANCP). Experimental determinations of ANCP at ocean time series sites using a variety of different metabolite mass balances have made it possible to evaluate the accuracy of sediment trap fluxes and satellite-determined ocean carbon/) and brings predictions at HOT and OSP closer to measurements; however, satellite-predicted ANCP at BATS is still 3 times too low. Annual net community production and the biological carbon flux in the ocean Global Biogeochemical Cycles Volume/

1 William Stallings Data and Computer Communications 7 th Edition Chapter 4 Transmission Media.

William Stallings Data and Computer Communications 7 th Edition Chapter 4 Transmission Media 2 Overview Guided transmission media – wire (twisted pair, cable, fiber) Unguided – wireless (radio wave, microwave, satellite) Characteristics and quality determined/ of fiber optic cable? What are some major advantages and disadvantages of microwave transmission? Why must a satellite have distinct uplink and downlink frequencies? Provide examples of broadcast radio and infrared use. What prevents multiple/

Glenn Research Center Satellite Networks & Architectures Branch Communications Technology Division IEEE Aerospace Conference March 2003 1 Architecture.

Canadian Coast Guard ACME Shipping HA ACME SHIPPING MRMR US Navy Shared Network Infrastructure Encrypting wireless links makes it very difficult to share infrastructure. This is a policy issue. Glenn Research Center Satellite Networks & Architectures Branch Communications Technology Division IEEE Aerospace Conference March 2003 17 Autotuning Reliable Transport Protocols Desire to fully utilize available links Maintain Fairness Observe and support Quality of Service/

Company Overview. What We Do 1 2 About EMC Our Mission Connecting every moment through mission-critical communications services and content to organizations.

Overview What We Do 1 2 About EMC Our Mission Connecting every moment through mission-critical communications services and content to organizations and people on the move, in remote locations, around the / Named “Most Transformative Cloud Service for Africa” at 2012 Cloud Africa Summit Faster Browsing 100Mbps Up/Down speeds within cloud atmosphere but over a satellite link Patented Technology EMC Patented. Cloud-Based Browser. Tailored for Maritime. Server On-Board. Included in Crew Welfare Added as Part of/

New HF/MF Digital Maritime Mobile Systems

stations have backup power 99.97% service availability over the last four years Ships use both HF and satellite communications Shipboard equipment is self diagnosing 24/7 customer support Below Deck Equipment Personal computer Marine HF radio Globe Wireless/coupler GPS receiver Globe Wireless Modem Small form factor Uses digital signal processing technology Call set up protocol is a simple extension to NBDP Bandwidth efficiency of about two BPS per Hertz OFDM modulation rather than single carrier Resistant/

Integrated Solutions Using Commercial Satellite For Government and Military Requirements 1 An ESSI Company FCC Annual Satellite Forum 2005 Integrated Solutions.

Government and Military Requirements 1 An ESSI Company FCC Annual Satellite Forum 2005 Integrated Solutions Using Commercial Satellite Communications For Government and Military Requirements that combine satellite with other, terrestrial, technologies. Otto W. Hoernig, III President Spacelink International hoernigow@satcomsolutions.com Integrated Solutions Using Commercial Satellite For Government and Military Requirements 2 Market Drivers The Federal Government’s rapidly increasing demand for Commercial/

Chai Maoling Nov.24,2003 Book Ⅲ Lesson 46 The Universe And Man-made Satellite.

we say the world itself is becoming smaller and smaller? Because the satellites help us understand communicate with each other more and more easily. Fill in the blanks: The/satellites have been sent up into space by many countries.They go around the earth.They are used for helping us to learn more about the earth,the weather and other things.They are also used for sending and receiving messages. It makes people from different countries understand each other better.So people say the world itself is becoming a/

CRITICAL COMMUNICATIONS IN CHINA Xueli Zhang, Leader of Emergency Communication Special Task Group of CCSA China Academy of Telecommunication Research(CATR),

-23 July 2014, Sophia Antipolis7  At 8:02, on April 20, 2013, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck LUSHAN county of SiChuan province Other Emergency Responding Teams SiChuan Network and Technology System GSC-18, 22-23 July 2014, Sophia Antipolis8 Remote sensing satellite Mobile communication satellite Broadcast satellite Navigation and Positioning satellite Trunk Communication Public Telecom Network (Including NGN and Internet) Emergency Comm Vehicle Ground Layer Air/

®. ® Rad Hard Products for Satellites and Space ® www.xilinx.com QPRO for Avionics  Standard QPRO products immune to upsets in avionics environment.

Conclusion “SRAM-based FPGAs (Xilinx XC4000 series) show a low susceptibility to single event upsets caused by high /satellite receiver)  JPL (Mars 2003 lander and rover vehicle)  Draper Labs (fault tolerant computer for Shuttle program)  Los Alamos Labs (reconfigurable computer)  Canadian Space Agency (satellite instrumentation)  Raytheon (satellite transponder)  Applied Physics Lab (reconfigurable instrumentation module)  Spar Aerospace (communications satellite)  Alcatel (communications satellite/

 2001 Prentice Hall, Inc. All rights reserved. 1 Chapter 9, Wireless Communications Technologies: Part 1 Outline 9.1 Introduction 9.2Hardware 9.2.1Handsets.

FHSS packet-switching –Can connect multiple devices within a 30 foot radius –Interference problems: on 2.4GHz band with most other WLAN devices Bluetooth allows automatic communication as soon as devices enter coverage area  2001 Prentice Hall, Inc. All rights reserved. 36 9.6 Satellite Communications Satellite communications is alternative for wireless networks Satellite system types –Low Earth Orbit Satellites (LEOs) 100-300 miles above surface: transmit signals/

Cable and Satellite Industries. Lil Context Cable + Satellite= –Multi-Channel Television Industries 87-90% of U.S. TV households get programming. 60%

Communications 26.7M subscribers $22.25B in revenues Lobby against "family tier" and "a la carte" bills Hire family members of mayors, congressmen, senators, etc. Brian and Ralph Roberts own 1/3 stock Resistance??? The Present Market In 2008 digital cable subscribers up 14% Satellite subscribers 6%. 2008, 85% of households subscribed to either cable or satellite. Top 20 multiple system operators (MSOs) serve/

Captain Robert Tremlett Infrastructure Communications Navigation (Light beacons, buoys, Terrestrial radio-navigation (including local GPS.

-medicine, Weather Services and meteorological observations. Deep Sea © Captain Robert Tremlett E.mail.rst@skynet.be Captain Robert Tremlett cellar.door@be Voice Terrestrial and satellite Communications (Language difficulties, possibility of misunderstanding or misidentification) Ships display a combination of lights and shapes and sounds to identify their status and type (limitations due to range and visibility). Morse Code, though no longer in use/

Welcome to Year 2 Satellites & Superstars. Our Team  Laura, Satellite teacher, Monday to Friday  Lee, Satellite AT, Monday to Friday  Kath, Superstars.

Satellite AT, Monday to Friday  Kath, Superstars teacher, Monday to Friday  Sarah, Superstars AT, Monday and Friday  Marie Jo, Superstars AT, Tuesday to Thursday Ethos - celebrating children learning and leading - child led learning: - giving children choices of different ways/places to learn including Outdoor Learning - creative curriculum and linking areas of learning to make it meaningful - community/ only to be taken of your own child in school on a digital camera (not phone) – please do not share on /


transmits and / or receives from mobile earth stations FSS - Fixed Satellite system MSS - Mobile Satellite System GEO Satellites Satellite Communication General Satellite Link. Communication established between a transmitting & receiving terminal through Satellite.. Can become an integral part of existing network Mobile Satellite System INMARSAT Equipment VSAT EQUIPMENT INTRODUCTION OF VSAT NETWORKS VSAT is kind of fixed satellite service VSAT = Very Small Aperture Terminal VSATs are usually part of/

8.11 Satellites Page 346-351. Natural Satellite The Moon.

Earth Orbit A satellite travels at sufficient velocity so that when Earth’s gravity pulls it down, it continuously falls around Earth’s curvature. Types of Orbits Low Earth Orbit Satellites (up/satellites must be visible at any one time from any point on the ground Geostationary Orbit Satellites Altitude of 35790 km One orbital period equals one rotation of Earth. Appear motionless in the sky Examples: communication and weather satellites Geostationary Satellites 1/10 the way to the moon Comparing Satellites/

Satellite Communications and Spectrum Efficiency Phillip L. Spector Executive Vice President, Business Development, & General Counsel ITU Telecom World.

2009 2 Intelsat: Global Leader in Satellite Communications Leading provider of fixed- satellite services (“FSS”) –Approximately 1,800 customers –More than 200 countries Resilient and flexible communications network –51 satellites –8 strategically-located teleports –More than/ wireless access systems and satellite receiver stations imposes undue constraints on all operators and is NOT realistic. 10 Spectrum Management Principles Are a Tool to Support Policy Goals Satellite services’ quality and reliability/

Center for Satellite Applications and Research (STAR) Review 09 – 11 March 2010 NOAA CoastWatch/OceanWatch Ocean Color Activities: Contributions to Ocean.

-Virtual Constellation (OCR-VC). The OCR-VC will provides a long time series of calibrated OCR from multiple satellites with activities including Cal/Val, merging of satellite data and in situ data, product generation as well as/Okeanos) Static METOzone Sensor CAL Sensor Attribs Atm Corr Climatology Modeled Near Real Time (NCEP GFS) STAR Restricted Science Community Software process Hardware system Data Source Ancillary input data NOAA Ocean Color Data Processing and Distribution Science, development, and /

RA5 ISS MEETING WIS-GTS Honolulu, Hawaii 2-5 Dec 2009 Bryan Hodge Observational Network Data Communications Manager.

South Pacific network to get 2 way IP based communications All DART Buoys operational ATWS HF Marine Broadcast Extremely expensive > $3M p/a Continued operation technically difficult Limited content Obligations under review / requests for Public SMS following Samoa/Tonga Tsunami Regional Satellite Communications Update -BGAN Regional Satellite Options update Thuraya Regional Satellite Communications update – Ku band Regional Satellite Communications update C band low bit rate possible Regardless of systems/

Rusty Billingsley NWS Southern Region Operational Enhancements by Leveraging the GOES-R Proving Ground How might satellite resources be more effective.

Low cloud/fog detection SST Fire hot spots Cloud type Snow cover Any time Satellite is the primary solution What should be the priority near-term activities? Operational Enhancements/ Proving Ground, i.e., things we like! The Opportunity! to participate Developers +Research Community + Forecasters = Great! Participation in the HWT and with NHC/AWC Integration into AWIPS//synoptic, meso, or convective scale NWP Anything that moves us closer to a real 3-d analysis system Helping us in the data void part of /

Satellite Communication and Forest Protection The Use and Application of Satellite Communications in Forest Protection.

excellent where other networks will get congested Can Supply Point to Multi Point and Point to Point Connectivity Multiple users can listen to each other as a group / broadcast the same information to several remotes Satellite Communication and Forest Protection Portable From hand held / pick up / airplane/ helicopter Can tie in Radio Networks Can provide extended radio network connectivity either temporarily or permanently/

ECE 5233 Satellite Communications

(Sections 1.1-1.4) Spring 2014 Outline Class overview Configuration of a satellite systems Elements of a satellite system Types of satellite systems Brief history of satellite communication Satellite communication system Satellite system consists of Earth segment (traffic and control) Space segment Earth segment Service provider hub (ground) User terminals Satellite (s) Communication links to and from satellites Data center of the sat-com provider Central hub (receives data stream and sends/

Roadmap for Satellite Data in the Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS) GOES Users’ Conference Madison, WI Deirdre Jones NOAA’s National.

. modeling and data assimilation lags other nations. We must do better to give the U.S. a competitive advantage in the global economy Federal deficits and resource constraints Integrated observations More efficient R-T-O/ data Robust infrastructure with capacity and throughput for larger volume/higher resolution data Flexible software infrastructure Communications bandwidth -- satellite broadcast and terrestrial networks Data distribution paradigm -- push and pull AWIPS II Software Re-Architecture Approach/

Introduction to the Global Positioning System. What is the GPS? Orbiting navigational satellites Orbiting navigational satellites Transmit position and.

stations Five monitor stations Three ground antennas Three ground antennas Backup control system Backup control system GPS Communication and Control GPS Ground Control Stations How does GPS work? Satellite ranging Satellite ranging Satellite locations Satellite locations Satellite to user distance Satellite to user distance Need four satellites to determine position Need four satellites to determine position Distance measurement Distance measurement Radio signal traveling at speed of light Radio signal/

Technology Overview. Confidential & Proprietary Information System Unit Server Two-way Satellite network System includes units and server Units have built.

receiver for global tracking Units & server communicate via global satellite network Server hosts a web site for multiple users to interact with units from any computer connected to Internet GPS satellite network Units can be installed in cars,/Manager, Subscriber, etc. Confidential & Proprietary Information Unit Initiated Messages Internet Application Server PC LEO or GEO Satellite Network 2. Satellite receives message & transmit to gateway 1. Unit transmits message on demand 3. Gateway sends message to /

NOAA Satellite Conference April 8-12, 2013 Mary Kicza Assistant Administrator for Satellite & Information Services.

awarded to SpaceX for a Falcon 9 launch. Jason-3 and DSCOVR Updates NOAA Satellite and Information Service: National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS) 9 *Launch Readiness Dates based on FY 2013 President’s Budget Request 10 NOAA Satellite and Information Service: National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS) Protect life & property & create business opportunities Support transportation & commerce Assist communities & provide recreational opportunities/

Survival of the Fittest!. Allison Jeffords – Program Manager Central Carolina Technical College Kershaw County – Satellite/Outreach 1125 Little Street.

803-425-8388 Fax: 803-432-8550  Central Carolina Background  Student Services  Satellite Locations  Satellite Enrollment  Kershaw County Specifics  Services  Services/Support  Student Life  Communication  Tracking/Documentation  Strategic Plan  Sharing Session  Two-year Technical College, 1962/  Jan 2011 – Dec 2011 Support: Due to request from Satellite Locations, FA Counselor from Main Campus on site 1 day a week at all Satellite Locations.  Initial Book Order – Main Campus Book Store  /

Satellite spectrum issues Chris Hose Spectrum Engineering Section RadComms 2006 11/12 December 2006 Australian Communications and Media Authority.

Communications and Media Authority Overview Introduction - Why is satellite spectrum so important? ACMA Satellite Spectrum Responsibilities Satellite spectrum in Australia - the present Current Pressures Options and ideas for the future Summary and Conclusion Why is satellite spectrum important? The forte/focus of satellite/ restrictions outlined in a RALI Earth station protection levels dependent on location Economic incentives (licence fees increases) Summary and Conclusion Satellite enabled services are /

Center for Satellite Applications and Research (STAR) Review 09 – 11 March 2010 Image: MODIS Land Group, NASA GSFC March 2000 Long-Term Upper Air Temperature.

with observations with proved long-term stability –Host workshop for community consensus Path into applications/operations –In-house production and online distribution system include updates for current operating satellites trend results updated every quarter –Transition to NCDC: provide / are the SSU weighting functions for different time period, showing a shift due to an instrument CO 2 cell pressure change MSU+SSU; 1978-2006 Center for Satellite Applications and Research (STAR) Review 09 – 11 March 2010/

By Ya Bao Wireless Communications 1). Wireless Communication Technology 2). Cellular System Design Fundamental.

telegraph in 1896 –Communication by encoding alphanumeric characters in analog signal –Sent telegraphic signals across the Atlantic Ocean Communications satellites launched in 1960s Advances in wireless technology –Radio, television, mobile telephone, communication satellites More recently –Satellite communications, wireless networking,/ In New York, 2 000 customers shared just 12 radio channels  Wait 30 minutes to place a call by Ya Bao http://eent3.sbu.ac.uk/staff/baoyb/acs 9 Cellular: The world first /

Naval Oceanographic Office Providing Decision Superiority for Warfare Operations APPROVED FOR PUBLIC RELEASE 1 Naval Oceanographic Office WG/CSAB Satellite.

Providing Decision Superiority for Warfare Operations APPROVED FOR PUBLIC RELEASE 8 Satellite Data Sources Satellite Data Sources NOAA (DATMS-U) AVHRR –MetOp, N-17,/Unmanned Ocean Data Collection Capability from NAVOCEANO Capability developed by ONR research community to support oceanographic research, transition to NAVOCEANO has occurred, transition for/, 1 Spray glider, and 4 additional Seagliders are scheduled to arrive NAVOCEANO O/A 10/08 System = Ocean Gliders (3 variants currently used) + Deployment / /

1 Satellite Export Control Policy: Current Status and Prospects for Reform Patricia Cooper President, Satellite Industry Association.

Satellite Industry Association 2 October 2012 S I A M E M B E R C O M P A N I E S Origins of Current Satellite ITAR Policy Strom Thurmond National Defense Authorization Act FY99 Sec. 1513 : “ Notwithstanding any other provision of law, all satellites/ authority to the President to determine export control jurisdiction for “satellites and related items” 5 Current Reform Efforts: Effects on Satellites and Related Items Commercial Communications Satellites –Regulated by Commerce Dept on CCL in 1999; –Moved to/

User readiness for the next generation of meteorological satellites Stephan Bojinski, Mikael Rattenborg World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Space Programme.

and feedback (Early!)2-way communications channels, information, user enquiries and feedback (Early!) Use of regional user fora (e.g.; RAIDEG), Users Conferences and training eventsUse of regional user fora (e.g.; RAIDEG), Users Conferences and training events User Notification and Feedback For new satellite systems the provision of training material from satellite operators is crucial.For new satellite systems the provision of training/

UTS:Faculty of Engineering and IT International Leaders in Practice-Based Education The 16th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications 31 Oct. - 3 Nov.

Communications 31 Oct. - 3 Nov. 2010, Auckland, New Zealand Page 1 Dr Xiaoying Kong University of Technologies, Sydney. Australia Dr Li Liu The University of Sydney, Australia Dr Tich Phuoc Tran University of Technologies, Sydney. Australia Modeling Satellite/UTS:FEIT:CRINPage 11 Process model Observation model A UTS:Faculty of Engineering and IT International Leaders in Practice-Based Education Phase II – de-correlation APCC 2010 Modeling Satellite Positioning Errors in Different Configurations from End /

RADARSAT Constellation  Evolution of the RADARSAT Program (i.e. 3 satellites – 32 minutes separation);  Average daily global access of land and oceans.

monitoring Aurora Borealis PolarSAT (Polar Communication Weather) Mission Definition with User and Science Team CSA Supported Missions 4/5 PolarSAT (Polar Communication Weather) Meteorological Coverage Communications Coverage  Architecture: Constellation of two satellites in HEO ( Molniya-type, 12/ availability and access to EO data from CSA supported missions Provide access to a federated international science community – all working under Canadian-endorsed science objectives (IPY Federal Program) OUR /

Central Florida Small Satellite Community Creating Big Opportunities for Small Satellites.

Central Florida Small Satellite Community Creating Big Opportunities for Small Satellites  History  Purpose  Where We Are & Where We’re Going  Lessons Learned, Awarenesses Gained  Challenges  Opportunities Central Florida SmallSat Community Purpose of the CFLSSC  Connect, Communicate, Collaborate  Do business with each other  Collaborate on proposals  Share resources & opportunities  Point of Contact to KSC  A Place to Learn & Become in Public Central Florida SmallSat Community Lessons Learned, /

High Voltage Technology Demonstration Satellite “HORYU-II” Kyushu Institute of Technology 2012/3/13 1.

jp/sphelar/ In Space orbit High Voltage Technology Demonstration Satellite “HORYU- Ⅱ ” HORYU-II project’s goal Things to be considered when you design a system How to design a flawless system Things to be considered: difficult to foresee/ Protocol & modulation Ax.25 &FSK Frequency Up Link : 145MHz 、 Down Link : 437.375MHz Communication Speed FM communication: 1200bps, CW communication (beacon): 20wpm Atttitude Control Passive control via permanet magnet and hysteresis dumper Thermal control ・ Passive thermal/

Air Force Satellite Control Network Interoperability

standards where available and appropriate Adapt standards where necessary Feed enhancements back to standards community for broader acceptance Feed results into Satellite Control Network Contract (SCNC) Architecture development Multi-phase study and demo project /by Lance Williams Transition from Legacy to Standards - Based Infrastructure (1 of 3) 3 reference points for a transition architecture RF & modulation interface with the SV Currently SIS-502D New standards-based interoperable interface between /

© Copyright 2002 Frost & Sullivan. All Rights Reserved. Asia Pacific Direct-to-Home (DTH) Satellite Television Services Markets DTH Offers Tremendous Potential.

“Direct-to-Home operators must plan their eventual profitability by making their services a viable, long-term competitor to traditional, terrestrial cable offerings.” Satellite Analyst Team Frost & Sullivan © Copyright 2002 Frost & Sullivan. All Rights /Calculate timescales for strategy implementation Position yourself to capitalize on the market’s unmet needs Investment Community Analyze long-term strategies of companies Determine which participants will outperform the competition Assess attractiveness of /

MAIN DATA,s.r.o.. snímok 1 Dušan Statelov Main Data, s.r.o. Effective use of Satellites in Interactive Distance Education and Training. SMART_EDU S atellite.

society" (May 1994), Mr Bangemann, stressed, "that throughout the world, information and telecommunications technologies are bringing about a new industrial revolution which already looks to be as important and radical as those which preceded it". u eEurope and /DATA,s.r.o.. snímok 10 How SMART EDU addresses disadvantages of sat. communication Disadvantages versus to land line: 1) Higher bandwidth costs Satellite Bandwidth is used Only at forward Multicast channel so bit higher costs are split among/

Pacific Region Satellite Ground Stations Satellite Reception & Applications within Pacific Region Current state and Future Plans Bill Ward ESSD Chief Pacific.

Forecast Office (WFO) Guam. L/X Band Polar Orbiting receive station will also be installed a top IRC and eventually at WFO Guam. Pacific Region NWS 4 Satellite Farm at Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) 5 HRPT MTSAT GOES SPARE NOAAPORT SBN EMWIN IRIS/ VSAT NWWS Satellite Dish- Diameter NOAA Weather Wire Service – 14 feet OPSnet VSAT – 4 feet EMWIN – 5 feet MTSAT/SPARE– 15 feet GOES – 12 feet IRIS VSAT – 15 feet NOAAPORT SBN – 24 feet HRPT – Polar Tracking – 5 feet in Radome Honolulu Community College 6 /

Stallings, Wireless Communications & Networks, Second Edition, © 2005 Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved. 0-13-191835-4 Introduction Chapter 1.

on a mobile telephone can only displaying a few lines of text E.g., browsers of most mobile wireless devices use wireless markup language (WML) instead of HTML Stallings, Wireless Communications & / Communications & Networks, Second Edition, © 2005 Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved. 0-13-191835-4 Chapter 9: Satellite Communications Geostationary satellites (GEOS) Low-earth orbiting satellites (LEOS) Medium-earth orbiting satellites (MEOS) Capacity allocation Stallings, Wireless Communications /

Industry Association Roundtable National Spectrum Managers Association May 16, 2006 Carlos M. Nalda for the Satellite Industry Association.

Homeland Security & Asset Protection –Transportation & Infrastructure planning –Natural Resource Assessment –Disaster Relief, etc. Satellites support network reconstitution, improving infrastructure resiliency with media diversity Satellites support economic continuity –Industries such as finance/banking, oil, gas, communications and retail rely on satellites Critical To National Security and Defense 80% of satellite communications used for Operation Iraqi Freedom were provided by the private sector To meet/

1 Distribution of Earthquake Damage Estimation using Broadband Satellite Communications for Supporting International Rescue Operations Hoang Nam Nguyen.

: Access via local data network in case of huge data amount 12 Conclusion This project aims to develop a low cost method for earthquake damage estimation which is suitable for developing countries WINDS is used for testing and verifying utilizations of broadband satellite communications in supporting rescue activities of IRT-JF teams Cooperation with NECTEC in WINDS’s experiments We expect to bring/

The Russian Federation Virtual Laboratory in Satellite Meteorology and Hydrology Eduard Podgayskiy, RSHU Grigory Chichasov, ATI VLMG-6, São José dos Campos,

university curricula Training equipment at Regional Training Offices Operational meteorological hardware Operational hydrological hardware Sensor kit A set of training programs and simulators in meteorology, aerology & hydrology Multimedia classroom Local LMS node/ recorded 3,5 years archive of satellite products from Planeta via MITRA Glossary Collection of articles, papers on topic Feedback (Forum) RF Vlab usage at universities Expanding online community Problems & shortcomings Data availability Manpower /

© Copyright 2002 Frost & Sullivan. All Rights Reserved. World Satellite Launch Services Markets Government Demand Bolsters Launch Services Revenues “As.

to launch payloads into space and promote high-technology industry, governmental demand accounts for nearly half of all satellite launch services.” Satellite Communications Analyst Team Frost & Sullivan © Copyright 2002 Frost & Sullivan. All Rights Reserved. Frost & Sullivan provides/investing in the market Who Will Benefit © Copyright 2002 Frost & Sullivan. All Rights Reserved. Arianespace S.A. Asia Pacific Space Centre Boeing Launch Services/ The Boeing Co. Brazilian Space Agency China Great Wall Industry/

The United States Research and Development Satellite Account: Estimates and Challenges Brent R. Moulton Joint UNECE/Eurostat/OECD Meeting on National Accounts.

&D depreciation  For government and non-profit institutions: include a return to R&D  Recalculate GDP and other macroeconomic variables www.bea.gov 11 Results from BEA’s 2007 R&D Satellite Account:  Between 1959-2004, R&D accounted for 5/ and medicine mfg38.4 Chemicals minus pharmaceutical and medicine mfg 7.9 Computer and peripheral equipment mfg 29.8 Communications equipment mfg22.1 Semiconductor and other electronic component mfg 25.7 Navigational, measuring, electro- medical, and control instruments/

Réseaux et Télécommunications 4 - Introduction aux réseaux par satellite Edoardo Berera Telelinea.

(ISL) Alenia Aerospazio Terminals Coverage and antennas Africa and West Asia SkyBridge Consortium: –Alcatel –Loral Space & Communications –Toshiba –Mitsubishi Constellation –80 LEO satellites –1469 km Space segment cost: $4.2 bn Ground segment cost: $1.9 bn By working through local operators, SkyBridge is positioned as –a local access system, “DSL in the sky” –solving the "last mile problem" as well as –providing/

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