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The Assyrian Fighting Machine Assyrians: Masters of War mnQI mnQI.

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2 The Assyrian Fighting Machine

3 Assyrians: Masters of War mnQI mnQI

4 What does this picture tell you about Assyria and its culture?

5 Ashurbanipal, The first great librarian!

6 What goes up…. Why did the Assyrian empire start to fall apart?

7 Philosophy, in brief Judging from what you know about the Assyrians come up with a suitable slogan for their Empire. Examples: You never walk alone- Liverpool FC “Hell no, we won’t go” anti-Vietnam War protests “Better dead than red”-anti-communists The greatest tragedy is indifference- Red Cross “Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood” French Revolution “God wills it!” Motto of the 1 st Crusade (1095 AD) “Plop. Plop. Fizz. Fizz. Oh what a relief it is” Alka Seltzer YOLO- The uneducated masses

8 The Purrrrrrsians or watch out for Persian cats with guns?


10 What is our image of the Persians?

11 Image vs. Reality

12 Where does this image come from?

13 Ethnocentrism “Evaluation of other cultures according to preconceptions originating in the standards and customs of one's own culture”

14 Crash Course on Persians (and Greeks) mkVSasZIM mkVSasZIM

15 Persia v. Assyria How did the Persian approach to Empire building differ from the Assyrian approach?

16 Cyrus (The “Great”)... I am Cyrus. King of the world. When I entered Babylon... I did not allow anyone to terrorise the land... I kept in view the needs of people and all its sanctuaries to promote their well-being... I put an end to their misfortune. The Great God has delivered all the lands into my hand; the lands that I have made to dwell in a peaceful habitation...

17 Cyrus and Darius Forget (Cambyses) No burning and looting Religious tolerance, honoring local customs Local control People spoke their own language Absolute rulers!!

18 Religious Tolerance Why was religious tolerance so important to the peoples of the Persian Empire?

19 2 Tools that United the empire ● 1. Royal Road o Went from Persia to Anatolia (modern day Turkey) o 1,677 miles ● 2. Standard Money o All providences used the same money, didn’t need to exchange to local currency o This promoted trade o Trade allowed them to hold the empire together

20 Quotations from Cyrus

21 OK, OK Cyrus the Great

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