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Zygomatic Arches.

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1 Zygomatic Arches

2 Jug Handle View R

3 Zygomatic Arches- SMV (jughandle view)
Note technique considerably reduced! R Temporal process of zygoma Zygomatic arch zygomatic process of temporal bone

4 Note difference in technique between SMV - skull and SMV - zygomatic arch

5 Zygomatic arches- SMV Similar to position for skull or sinus SMV
CR perpendicular to IOML,between arches, 1” posterior to outer canthus Tilt image receptor if possible

6 Zygomatic arches- SMV Evaluation Criteria
No rotation of head Arches free from superimposition of overlying structures Arches symmetric Arches not burned out

7 You make the Call! R R Depression fx. Left zygomatic arch

8 What do you do when you get a patient with flat cheekbones or depression fx. ?

9 Single Zygomatic Arch – tangential projection

10 Single Zygomatic Arch -tangential projection

11 Single Zygomatic Arch-Tangential projection
CR to side of interest, perp. To IOML Tilt top of head 15 degrees away from side of interest ? Rotate midsagital plane15 degrees towards side of interest Bilateral

12 Tangential projection
Single Zygomatic Arch Tangential projection

13 Zygomatic Arches-AP Axial
Occipital Mandible Zygomatic arch

14 Zygomatic Arch-AP Axial
Similar to Towne, except CR enters at glabella instead of 2” above CR 30 deg. Caudad to OML

15 Paired bones making up superior bony wall of nasal cavity –
Nasal bones Paired bones making up superior bony wall of nasal cavity – bridge of nose Along with lacrimal bones, thinnest and most fragile bones of entire human body !!


17 Nasal Bones


19 Naso-frontal suture (nasion) Nasal bone Anterior nasal spine
Lateral Nasal bones R Naso-frontal suture (nasion) Nasal bone Anterior nasal spine A B C

20 Projections for Nasal Series
Lateral Waters Tangential?

21 Nasal bones-lateral projection
2 exposures on one film? (No longer- algorithm can’t process on digital) 8x10 lengthwise CR perpendicular to bridge of nose, 1/2” distal to nasion Close collimation L R X

22 Nasal bones-lateral projection

23 Nasal Bones-Parieto-acanthial projection
Demonstrates displacement of bony nasal septum (Vomer and perp. Plate of ethmoid) depressed fx’s of nasal wings R

24 Nasal bones- Tangential projection
Doesn’t work well on children, large foreheads, protruding front teeth, concave faces

25 Nasal Bones-Tangential projection

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