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Job Interview of a friend of mine who is 23. Done by: Tracy Tao.

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1 Job Interview of a friend of mine who is 23. Done by: Tracy Tao

2 Tell me about yourself. Why should any company hire you?  I am punctual, dependable and can be counted upon to finish what I start. I get a great deal of satisfaction from knowing that I have done something well and on time. For example, at my present job, I was given different work orders every day. It was my responsibility to finish the orders and make sure they all met quality and safety standards within a specific deadline. On occasion, I had to familiarize myself with the product and the production process. I was always able to learn quickly and carry out my job responsibilities. Our company was known for making excellent processed food products. I feel I can use the same skills and hard work to do well on any jobs that I will get later on.

3 What kind of training or qualifications do you have?  I took a one year training program in drafting and design at BCIT which is related to the job I'm applying for. I look forward to working in the field and putting into practice what I learned. I don't have a lot of work experience in this area but I learn quickly. I know you will be happy with my work

4 4. Please describe the ideal job for you following graduation.  My ideal job is one that incorporates both my education and practical work skills to be the best I can be. Namely combining my education in finance with my working knowledge of customer-service operations, entrepreneurial abilities, computer skills, and administrative skills. I want to utilize my analytical expertise to help people meet their financial goals. This is exactly why I am convinced that I would be a very valuable member of this team.

5 Have you ever been fired or quit a job?  No, I haven’t. (pause) In fact, I have. It was a job when I was a student, and it has nothing to do with this field of career. It is purely labour and entry level job. I quit because I do not need that job anymore.

6 What specific goals, including those related to your occupation, have you established for your life? I want to be working for an excellent in a job in which I am managing information. I plan to contribute my leadership, interpersonal, and technical skills. My long-range career goal is to be the best information systems technician I can be for the company I work for.

7 What do you do in your spare time?  I really enjoy music. My favorite is my guitar, I would play songs and sing along when I have time. I love to sing, I will go on YouTube and learn how to sing on the tutorials. I also like outdoor activities, for I would play Frisbee with friends, that would be the sport that I am best at. I also like to spend time with my family as well as friends. There are a lot of things to do or places that we could go in our spare times in Vancouver.

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