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Changes to Assessment 2016 Barwic Parade Primary School.

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1 Changes to Assessment 2016 Barwic Parade Primary School.

2 National Curriculum Introduced in September 2014 Higher expectations plus some new content SATs tests during the week beginning 9 th May 2016 Teacher assessments will also be submitted to Local Authority Levels no longer exist – test results will be a scaled score. A score of 100 is expected level. Current Year 6 pupils are the first pupils to receive the new tests and the new reporting system

3 What is the difference between testing and teacher assessment? Teacher assessment is used during everyday teaching and to give an overall attainment grade for pupils at the end of the year based on how your child performs in class independently Test results is the score your child achieves in the test only Both teacher assessment and test results are sent to secondary schools We work with other primary schools to ensure our assessments are accurate

4 Writing Teacher assessment of independent writing only Writing across the curriculum will be taken into account Heavy emphasis on grammar, punctuation and spelling; handwriting and fluency of writing; vocabulary;

5 Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation 2 test papers Spelling paper: 20 spellings, worth one mark each Grammar and punctuation paper: variety of questions including multiple choice and longer written answers(45 minutes) Strict marking procedure – spelling, punctuation and grammar must be accurate throughout the entirety of the two papers Emphasis on pupils knowing the terminology of grammar Marks from both the spelling paper and the grammar and punctuation paper will be added to give the overall score

6 Reading One paper (60 minutes) High expectations of the stamina and speed of reading, not only the understanding Questions are designed to assess the pupils’ comprehension of the text Some questions will be multiple choice, some will require longer written answers. The marks available directly correlate to the length and complexity of the answer required

7 Maths Arithmetic Paper - series of questions based around quick and accurate calculation methods, knowledge of number facts, knowledge of when to use a mental method or a written one (35 questions in 30 minutes) Paper 1 – problem solving and reasoning Paper 2 – problem solving and reasoning

8 How can you help your child? Reassure and nurture them – exams can be stressful! Support your child in completing any homework tasks set by the teacher Ensure your child always has excellent attendance Ensure your child arrives at school on time – if your child is late, valuable learning time is lost Ensure your child has a good nights sleep and a healthy breakfast every morning

9 How can you help your child? Homework forms an important part of the lesson, including valuable feedback for your child (it is also an important part of transition into secondary school) Revision guides as homework Read with your child – discuss the plot, characters, what has happened in the book and what might happen next Practise times tables everyday! If there are any issues at all with your child’s learning please come and see someone in school

10 Thank you for coming! Any questions?

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