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Preparation (topics) Prohibition Research the Volstead Act and explain the reasons why the United States added an amendment to the Constitution prohibiting.

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2 Preparation (topics) Prohibition Research the Volstead Act and explain the reasons why the United States added an amendment to the Constitution prohibiting the sale and manufacture of alcohol. Key words: Volstead Act, the 18th Amendment, the 21 Amendment, repeal, speakeasy, wet dry, temperance The roaring 20s, 30s in US Al Capone & Eliot Ness (organized crime) Al Capone, Scarface, bootleg, liquor traffic, smuggling, Eliot Ness, tax evasion City of Chicago Great Depression

3 The Untouchables (keywords) Prohibition Volstead Act the 18th Amendment the 21 Amendment repealwet dry bootleg speakeasy liquor trafficsmuggling organized crimesChicago Al Capone Scarface Eliot Ness tax evasion Roaring 20sthe Great Depression

4 the roaring twenties history/r/471280.html Flapper station: Prohibition history/p/447360.html http://www.history.ohio- Eliot Ness Chicago Sites for reference

5 Eliot Ness Jimi Malone Giuseppe Petri (George Stone) Oscar Wallace Al Capone Frank Nitti Walter Payne (bookkeeper) Important characters in the movie

6 Al Capone

7 Eliot Ness

8 Frank 'The Enforcer' Nitti Herbert Clark Hoover [31st President (1929–33)] Mayor of Chicago, Big Bill Thompson (left) with his adversary William 'decent' Dever (right) and their wives. Anton J. Cermak, [Mayor of Chicago from 1931-1933]

9 alcoholic beveragesintoxicating drink liquorspirituous liquors distilling( 蒸馏 ), fermenting( 发酵 ), and brewing ( 酿造 ) distillation distilled spirits fermented drink booze glossary

10 constitutionamendment actbill prosecuteindict(ment)convictverdict gangstermobsterracketeerbootlegger smugglermoonshiner villain, scoundrel, rascal, rogue, scamp G-manraid

11 What do the following words and expressions mean? Try to find and guess the meaning of them when you watch the movie. scoop, splash, ledger, snowplow, vaudeville, impound, confiscate, (looks, throws, catches, hustles), skateout, precincts, disbursement, decipher, monies, bailiff, indictment, Mounties, the whole shebang, beat the rap, Charge! This kid is a prodigy. A subpoena was issued. You’re mucking with a G here. “Put that man in jail” Finger on the trigger guard. Eject those cartridges. Clear it all around. Stand back! About face. Words & expressions

12 1930. Prohibition has transformed Chicago into a city at War. Rival gangs compete for control of the city’s billion dollar empire of illegal alcohol, enforcing their will with the hand grenade and tommy gun. It is the time of the Ganglords. It is the time of Al Capone. Prologue

13 St. Jude -- one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Saint Jude Thaddeus, the loving patron of difficult, usually hopeless cases. St. Jude

14 J. Edgar Hoover

15 Ty Cobb, “The Georgia Peach”

16 Chicago skyline from the north

17 The Sears Tower

18 htm htm ildingschicago1.htm meinsurancebuilding.htm

19 1. The media nicknamed Eliot Ness's crew "The Untouchables." Why did the media use this name? What is meant by "untouchable"? 2. Many people in the 1920s felt that Prohibition was not a "good" law, and that it was somehow OK to violate it. Do people have the right to violate laws they find "bad?" Who gets to decide if a law is "good" or "bad?" 3. From Al Capone to John Gotti to The Godfather, Americans are fascinated with organized crime figures. What is it about organized crime and mobsters that Americans find so enthralling? 4. Make a chart comparing the personality traits of an effective law enforcement agent and a strong figure in organized crime. You may use Ness and Capone specifically, or the general characteristics of these "types". What do they have in common? What separates them? Discussion Questions

20 early 1800s, by 1850 several states, restricted or prevented people drinking alcohol 19th century Anti-Saloon League 1893, Ohio, the sale of alcoholic beverages, church and temperance societies, John D. Rockefeller, over $350,000 Women’s Christian Temperance Union ( WCTU) Cleveland, Ohio, 1874, all states to prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages, temperance education in schools, prison reform, women’s suffrage, abolition of prostitution ) 1919, 75%,18th Amendment, the "sale or transportation of intoxicating liquors" 1920, Volstead Act (the National Prohibition Act ) Gangsterism, moonshiners, bootleggers Chicago, Al Capone, St Valentine’s Day Massacre 1933, repealed, 21st Amendment


22 Preparation suggestions: Space exploration program in US –reasons, significance, pros & cons (different opinions) Apollo lunar missions Apollo 13 lunar mission Structure of space shuttle, function of different parts, route of lunar mission, etc. (technical details needed to understand the movie) Superstitions Nasa, Houston, Texas Moon landing hoax (Did we land on the moon?)

23 Pre-watch Questions: 1. Why is the Apollo 13 Lunar Exploration Mission called a ‘successful failure’? 2. What were the original mission objectives of Apollo 13? 3. Who were on board Apollo 13? Was Lovell’s crew the planned one on Apollo 13? 4. Why was Ken Mattingly replaced by Jack Swigert? 5. What do you know about the superstitions Ken Mattingly joked about when interviewed? 6. What were the problems they had to solve to return safely? 7. How were the problems solved? 8. What part did the CM play in the accident? Why did they keep it after it was damaged in the explosion? When did the jettison of it happen? 9. What part did the LM play in the event?

24 Glossary CM /CSM(Command and Service Module) Odyssey LM (Lunar Module)Aquarius launch ( 发射 ) lift-off ( 离地升空 ) docking ( 对接 ) hatch ( 舱门 ) thruster ( 推进器 ) booster ( 助推器 ) prime crewbackup crew simulators ( 模拟器 ) venting ( 泄漏 ) trajectory ( 轨道 ) jettison ( 投弃 ) consumables oxygen tank fuel cell ( 燃料电池 ) carbon dioxidelithium hydroxide canister ( 氢氧化锂滤毒罐 / 器 ) reentry splashdown ( 在海中溅落 ) EVA ( extravehicular activity) ( 太空人在飞船外的活动;舱外活动 ) That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. Roger that. Copy.



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