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Scientific Method How do scientists solve problems?

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2 Scientific Method How do scientists solve problems?

3 What is the Scientific Method? It is the steps someone takes to identify a question, develop a hypothesis, design and carry out steps or procedures to test the hypothesis, and document observations and findings to share with someone else. Scientist have to take the time to think logically when they are investigating a question or problem, so they came up with steps to follow to solve the problem.

4 The first 3 steps Scientists state their problem/question Gather information about the problem –Research –Qualitative and Quantitative Then form a hypothesis –A hypothesis is kind of like a prediction –It’s an “if…..then” statement

5 The steps continued….. Scientists create and conduct an experiment to test their hypothesis. –Procedures should be written down and followed carefully –Control-item that remains constant –Variable-item that changes Independent- variable that experimenter controls Dependent-variable that is being measured

6 The final steps Once a scientist completes an experiment, they often repeat it to see if they get the same findings and results. –This is really what we call validation, or checking things out to make sure everything was valid and will happen again and again. Scientists share their experiments and findings with others in a conclusion. –Because they share their experiments and findings, scientists can learn from each other and often use someone else’s experiences to help them with what they are studying or doing.


8 In review, the steps of the Scientific Method are: State the problem/question Research Hypothesis Experiment Data Conclusion ( Some Rats Hate Eating Dead Chickens )

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