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Self Realisation/Actualisation and it’s effect on Organisational & Community Development and Success. Version 0.1 current thoughts 15min Interactive Talk.

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1 Self Realisation/Actualisation and it’s effect on Organisational & Community Development and Success. Version 0.1 current thoughts 15min Interactive Talk - Slides to stimulate dialogue. By James Williams March 2008

2 Academic It is my intention to discover experimental evidence to prove many of the statements made in this presentation. Most of it already exists I/we simply need to research and gather the information. This talk is a first draft and will evolve significantly over time. Your wisdom/input will be gratefully appreciated.

3 Overview: The aim of this presentation (when complete) is to bridge the following 3 areas using appropriate theory and scientific evidence: Esoteric LiteratureScience Organisational Behaviour & Success.

4 Why? Current Organisational (Corporate, Political and Community) Structures / Systems / Policies / Behaviour are failing to meet the needs and values of the People/Humanity it exists to serve. This can be seen by the rapid change in society, especially over the past 30 years, as a mutual balance is strived for. The aim of this research is to identify the ‘reason’ for this ‘friction’ and contribute a workable theory / solution, to the growing body of existing ideas/models to assist us in establishing a Socioeconomic model that benefits all life and harms none.

5 What is Consciousness? Awareness itself, Listen?

6 Unity Consciousness (Shared)

7 What is the Essence of Consciousness? The Essence and Root of ‘ALL’ Life. The Purity and Perfection of life. The Divine Heart of existance from which all Life streams forth. It is our ONE SOURCE, our ONE Life force. It is who we are. It is our common bond. It is infinite expression, and it is so so so much more than this. As Above, So Below: 1)Essence & 2)Manifestation.

8 We are already there: We Are already One, you do not necessarily have to go there. By simply intending and focusing on this aspect of yourself in comes into Conscious awareness. Self-Realisation: Realisation of the Oneness of Life. Self Actualisation: Integration of Soul / Source awareness and alignment of all aspects of self with your Higher-Vibratory Self.

9 We are Already Connected: We have been busy naturally ‘FOCUSING’ On Physical, Emotional and Mental Life on Earth. It is now becoming common Knowledge and accepted by Public Consciousness that there is ‘A LOT’ more to Life than the typically observed ‘Physical matter’ of this incredible Universe.

10 Description of illustration: Consciousness Essence of Consciousness Eureka ‘Genius’ Moments: 1) ‘Source’ of all Knowing, household names such as Einstein & Mozart used to enter a relaxed meditative state to gain new ideas & inpiration. 1) p111, PS

11 Other Terms: Common Names: Quantum Vacuum / BHP Source Assemblage Point Essence of Infinite Light Common Names: Pure Consciousness Non-locality Infinite Space Void (Empty Space) Peace State of Potentiality Creativity and Innovation Potential Evidence: Non-locality - Work of Physicist Amit Goswami And David Bohm (Holo. Univ.) Non-locality of Consciousness: SRI Stanford Research Institute, Physicists Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ gathered evidence whilst investigating ‘Remote Viewing’ i.e. a developed ability to ‘see’ a distant place without actually being there in person. Information being received beyond time and space. Ref: PS, p112. “The possibility of using this skill in Col War espionage attracted the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), who funded the program for many years…Some of this research is till classified information.” PS p113

12 Why? Self Realisation Fulfilment / Eternal Happiness Infinite ‘Pure’ Light Energy Or rather ‘Divine Purity’ infinitely expressed. Infinite Creative Potential Creativity & Innovation. POS: Point of Organisational Success *More on this Soon*

13 Self-Awareness? Physical Body? Emotional Body? Mental Body? Energy Body (chakras)? Light Body? Source? Predominant Awareness of Humanity? Subtle bodies are now coming into mass Awareness?

14 Chakra System / Levels of Awareness Evidence: 1.kirlian photography. 2.Seen by Seers / Yogis / Mediators 3.Proof of Electromagnetic Fields around Physical body by - Prof. Harold Saxton Burr & Robert Becker at Yale Uni. 1950s (ref: PS p35)

15 22 essential aspects (Levels of Awareness and Energy Expressions) of a Human being: Ref:

16 Alignment: Image ref: By simply ‘intending’ to ‘ALIGN’ yourself with your SoulSeed, Soul, Monad and Source all 22 levels of Awareness become available. Meditative State: Peace (lower three chakras) = Gateway to the Heart. Heart = Gateway to the Divine. Divine = Gateway to Yourself. Evidence: Sympathetic Vibratory Physics (SVP), by William Tiller, explains vibratory Attraction e.g. awareness of SoulSeed inside Heart attracts Higher Vibratory Light Body energy into etheric and Physical body. (ref: PS, p144)

17 Light Body Integration Heart is the Gateway to the Light Body and SoulSeed. By Integrating the LightBody into the Etheric Body/Chakra System You are able to live as a Whole (Mind, body and Soul) self on Earth. Potential Evidence: 1.Biophoton emissions discovered by Fritz Albert Popp (ref: PS, p35). 2. Keith Wakelam’s investiations With a galvonometer.. Detected Very high frequency spikes in people whilst meditating at the times they felt the presence of their spirit guides. (ref. PS p151)

18 Balance Heart & Mind: Honour Mind, Body ad Soul. Do not underestimate the ‘Power of the Mind’. Intent/Thoughts/Visions Create Reality. Focus on want you want to Create.

19 Intuitive Equation / Solution: ++ + + = Organisations that exist for the benefit all Humanity/Life on Earth. Awareness of: Footnote: Heart = Solar chakra, this is true in my Reality.

20 Simple Hypothesis Self Realisation/Actualisation = is the realisation of ONEself and ONE’s full Potential in alignment with one’s True Self. Organisational and Societal Success = occurs when Societal members are working together for the benefit of all life. How can Humanity reach a point where everybody is working together for the benefit of all? = Self Realisation/Actualisation.

21 Self Realisation / Actualisation: Become aware of, know and integrate ‘Unity Consciousness’. Become aware of, know and integrate the ‘Essence of Consciousness’ SoulSeed, Soul, OverSoul, Monad, Source. Continued integration of one’s Higher Selves / Light and associated qualities. In parralel, bring all aspect sof self into alignment with one’s true self.

22 My Research Interest: 4As : ) Awakening – Self-Realisation: Process of becoming ‘aware’ of your Whole Self (Mind, Body, Soul & Source). Alignment - Self & Corporate Development / Coaching: Process of bringing all aspects into alignment with one’s true nature. Actualisation: Process of integrating one’s Whole self and fulfilling one’s potential in the World. Academic: Process of becoming aware of and documenting empirical evidence relating to the new expanded awareness of humanity.

23 Key Sources of Focus/Information: (many more to be used / reviewed) Due to the amount of information available today, current sources of information to focus on and synthesize include: Awakening: Nature of Consciousness – many e.g. Michael Sharp Alignment (Self): Soul Psychology – Joshua David Stone Alignment (Corporate): Building Values for the 21 st Century – Richard Barrett Alignment (Community): Unconfirmed…. Actualisation: Life Experience. Academic: Punk Science – Manjir Samanta-Laughton

24 Aspects of Self (Conscious awareness, Intentions, Personality aspects/Archetypes, Subconscious beliefs, Chakras, Rays, Behaviour, Daily actions & work) Process of aligning an Organisations Values, Vision, Mission, Aims, Objectives, Policies and Resources, into alignment.

25 True Self = Human – Ego: Innovative & Dynamic Unlimited Creative Potential Unlimited Energy Unlimited Power Undescribable Beauty & Love Answer to all your Questions Purity, Perfection, Divine Eternal NOW Inherent Nature Whole and Fulfilling.

26 HRA – Human Resource Actualisation Everyone has heard of HRM, Human Resource Management (define here). HRA – is an evolution of this philosophy, instead of viewing Human resources as a ‘resource’ to be managed, HRA first correctly views and honours the true nature it’s most valuable resource and seeks to nurture and develop it’s most valuable resource to become all that they can be in a balanced, integrated and compassionate way. When an Organisations Human resources are functioing at levels of Optimal Potential

27 Organisational Success We all know companies don't typically work at peak efficiency. The question is, why not? Experience indicates that one of the most common causes for organizational inefficiency and profit loss is misalignment between business strategies, people and processes. ( As a result Organisational Success can be said to relate to the organisations alignment (Mission, Objectives, Values) with that of it’s Stakeholders (Government, Owners, Managers, Employees, Community, Suppliers, Society etc..) When a Person, Organisation, Community, Society is able to become aware of the inherent infinite light/energy, creative potential and dynamic nature of Life, and utilise it in an integrated and balanced manner, this is a recipe for success on all levels.

28 Part 1 – The End.

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