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WHAT IS IT, AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? Onboarding. Simply put, onboarding is what you want to do with your recruits, after they’ve said ‘yes’ to Tupperware.

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2 Simply put, onboarding is what you want to do with your recruits, after they’ve said ‘yes’ to Tupperware by purchasing a kit. What is Onboarding?

3 There’s many benefits to you and to your newest team members when you take the time to onboard them. Why is onboarding important?

4 Onboarding relieves fear for your New Consultant.  Fear of failure  Fear of judgment from friends and family  Fear of disappointment from the team or their recruiter.

5 Why is onboarding important? Onboarding starts your New Consultant off with instant success.  Your New Consultant will receive immediate income.  Your New Consultant will quickly earn their first Confident Start Award.  Your New Consultant will earn the Activation Award from Tupperware.

6 Why is onboarding important? If you are a Manager or above, you will qualify to earn a higher percentage of your team sales. Review the Compensation Chart for the percentages that relate to your specific title.


8 The first step to successful onboarding is the Grand Opening Party.  EVERYONE should schedule a Grand Opening Party, regardless of their reason for joining Tupperware.  The Grand Opening Party should be scheduled to take place within the first 7- 10 days of the New Consultant’s Tupperware career.  The GO party gives the New Consultant something to look forward to and it gives them a reason to share their new business with others.  The GO Party helps mitigate the influence of “Debbie Downers” in their life.  The GO Party will teach them how to host coach, and hold a demonstration party.  The GO Party will advertise to friends and family they have joined Tupperware.  The GO Party will give them additional FREE Tupperware through our Host Benefit program.  They will earn income immediately.

9 How do we onboard? Prior to the GO Party, go through the 5-star host coaching system (or whatever system you have found works best) so they can see first hand how easy hosting a successful party can be. At the GO Party, your goal as the recruiter (or Director) is to fill their datebook and grow their team. I use the 1-2-3 Success Program. Keep in mind, as a brand new Consultant, he/she doesn’t realize what is best for their business yet – it’s your job to guide them into the best situation before asking them to fly on their own.

10 How do we onboard? 1-2-3 Success  At the GO party, I use a format I call 1-2-3 Success.  ALWAYS make salsa so your new team member can duplicate your efforts once they are alone with just their kit.  After the salsa demonstration, it’s time to fill their datebook.  Enter the 1-2-3 Success Method!

11 How do we Onboard? 1-2-3 Success  I thank each guest for supporting our newest team member by attending her first party.  I explain that in Tupperware we LOVE options – we choose which vacation packages we want, which cars will will drive, our career paths and more … and today is no different for everyone in attendance!  “I just KNOW you’re wondering the best way you can support your friend in her new business, so I’m going to give you three options. Each option is a HUGE help and each option will also give you a gift from me! Once you make your selection, simply write a 1, 2 or 3 on the top of your order form and we will get you taken care of!”  Option 1: A PRACTICE PARTY: A practice party takes place within the next 14 days and really consists of you gathering a few friends around your dining room table so our New Consultant can practice making salsa and talking about our products. Should your friends end up ordering, you’ll receive the Host benefits from Tupperware, but either way, you’ll get a gift from me.  Option 2: JOIN HER TEAM: Nothing is more exciting than doing something for the first time with FRIENDS! No matter if you need a little income, or a lot of income, I can and will teach you how to make that happen! (go over opportunity kit offer and say yes gift)  Option 3: COLLECT 10 ORDERS FROM PEOPLE SHE’S NEVER MET BEFORE: I’m not going to lie – this is the HARDEST of the three options, but I will love you just the same if this is the option that works best for you.

12 How do we onboard? At the same time you’re party planning, you need to help show your New Consultant where he/she can find the tools he/she needs to succeed.  There’s 3 main tools available:  Customer Care Customer Care is the go-to for all tech and order related issues.  This should be viewed as the encyclopedia of all things Tupperware, and it should be the first resource when questions arise.  Team and Organization Facebook and website This is a quick way to get answers, however quick answers are not empowering! It is much wiser for your new person to understand HOW to receive the info vs. the info iteself.

13 How do we onboard? Training is key during the first 30 days of a new business.  Online training can be found on in the New Consultants Start Here section.  Our organization website fills in some of the gaps for common questions. Have them start in the New Consultant Resources tab.  password: riseUP!  Ask them to attend a New Consultant Orientation through Facebook. Josie is offering these classes a few times each month.  Ask them to join you for a team meeting to help them feel more comfortable and to hear your word choices during the training segments. If you are titled a Manager or higher and you are not holding team meetings, I would really encourage you to consider adding a monthly meeting. It is business changing when you start to lead in this capacity.  Have them join an organization level meeting or recruiting event. Be sure you attend with them so they have a friendly face to count on!  Continue to strengthen your relationship through contact. Text, chat, phone calls, etc. are powerful and can make or break a baby career!

14 Onboarding Summary Overall, there’s four basic things we want our newest team members to complete:  A Grand Opening party  A Team/Org meeting and/or training  New Consultant Training Class  Submit $500 within their first 30 days When they complete these 4 things, not only do they have a good foundation for their business, but they will earn the onboarding gift from their Director. Do you think that’s a coincidence? ;)

15 Onboarding If you (or someone on your team) didn’t complete onboarding for whatever reason, NOW is the time to schedule things and get started – it’s not too late! Consider holding a Grand (re)Opening party to kick off the new catalog and demo the salsa together. Create “Tup Aware”ness within your team and community at the same time.

16 Onboarding What are some other things you think should be included in onboarding? What questions do you have relating to onboarding?

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