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BuzzLah iOS Installation/User Guide

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1 BuzzLah iOS Installation/User Guide

2 Downloading BuzzLah from App Store
Click App Store on your phone homepage Search for BuzzLah Click ‘Get’ to download BuzzLah Open the app

3 Welcome to BuzzLah! After installing and opening the BuzzLah app, you will automatically see our welcome screen. To get started, all new users will need to click SIGN UP.

4 Signing Up to BuzzLah You will need to fill in your correct details in the boxes – your unique password will be given to you by your AAT account manager Click Get Started You will be redirected to the welcome page where you can now enter your details and sign in

5 Tutorial The tutorial screen will appear once you have successfully signed into BuzzLah Please read each slide carefully and swipe left to continue through the tutorial

6 Using BuzzLah A standard dial pad will appear after the tutorial.
Click the icon in the top left hand corner of the screen to show the options menu. From the menu you can explore the various functions of the app.

7 Using BuzzLah – Profile & Contacts
Contacts – BuzzLah may ask permission to sync your existing contact list from your phone memory so you can call anyone directly from the app without having to manually dial The Profile Page can be used to fill in your credentials and you may want to add a picture

8 Using BuzzLah – Dial Pad
For unsaved contacts use the Dial Pad Please remember to dial the destination number including the Country Code prefix *All calls through BuzzLah require the destination country code. When calling saved contacts please check the contact is saved with the country code included.

9 Using BuzzLah – Call History
You can check your completed calls any time on the Call History tab

10 Thank you for downloading BuzzLah, powered by Asia Access Telecom
We hope you enjoy your new app! If you have any queries please contact us: Tel: Helpdesk:

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