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URBe-Log (Urban electronic logistics)

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1 URBe-Log (Urban electronic logistics)
A last-mile logistics national project PoliTo’s competences: A. De Marco – Management, Dept. of Management and Production Engineering G. Perboli – Operations Research, Dept. of Control and Computer Engineering C. Pronello – Transportation, Dept. of Regional and Urban Studies&Planning

2 Partners Industries SMEs University Telecom Italia SpA SELEX SpA
Iveco SpA TNT SpA SMEs University Politecnico di Torino, Turin Scuola Superione Sant’Anna, Pisa Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, Milan

developing and testing an innovative open digital platform providing services and apps for last-mile logistics in urban settings aggregating process stakeholders managing real-time distribution processes from production to delivery OBJECTIVE making the last mile delivery process cost-effective, efficient and sustainable promoting development of advanced real-time services VALUE Provides added value services Simplifies transactions provides secure dynamic fee payments Facilitates use of advanced forms of brokering Enables measurable certification and accreditation for urban freight transport

4 Functions business modeling creating an innovative middleware for
consolidation of loads sharing of assets (satellite units for pick-up and delivery) Sharing green urban vehicles creating an innovative middleware for integration of open data from heterogeneous sources ICT services for planning, management and optimization of real-time dynamic routing and fleet management services (based on environment, weather, traffic, public policies, event conditions, etc.) predictive systems, negotiation and decision support systems testing of public policies environmental sustainability via measurement and accreditation of urban logistics distribution players with low environmental impact (electric and hybrid) to make the process environmentally sustainable and to determine the operating conditions able to encourage the use of innovative vehicles

5 Platform design

6 Work plan

7 Test beds Genoa Milan Turin

8 Smart City Finance & Technology Program

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