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Adviser Panel. Go to All DD Track Advisers: Click “Advisor Login”

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1 Adviser Panel

2 Go to All DD Track Advisers: Click “Advisor Login”

3 Adviser Panel Login Enter your advisor panel code, username and password and Log In

4 The Advisor Panel Your whole business on one screen: 1.Place orders 2.Send us a Lead 3.Client Control 4.My Remuneration 5.Adviser Details 6.Support 7.Logout 8.Product Pricing

5 5 Easy Steps to Place an Order Click “Purchase Online” Indicates current step Enter new customer’s ID nr. or Company Registration Number

6 Carefully Complete the Forms Very Important Information: 1. Customer chooses Username and Password to log in to his/her Maps Website 2. Personal Information 3. Contact Details Follow the steps to complete 1. Choose a Product 2. Provided vehicle details 3. Banking details 4. Confirm correctness of information 5. Electronically sign SLA

7 Existing Customers Recognized Registered user’s are provided with 4 options

8 Select an Option

9 We Protect our Customer’s Private Information

10 Easy product selection Click on “Add Product” to add a product

11 Provide the Vehicle Details for this unit

12 Easy product selection Click on “Add Product” to add another product Summary of products ordered Click “Next” to proceed

13 Enter Banking Details

14 Review Correctness of Information If correct click on “Create Agreement”

15 Service Level Agreement Please remember to read the Service Level Agreement Customer’s service level agreement automatically generated

16 Service Level Agreement Service Level Agreement will be shown here. Scroll down to read or alternatively the document can be downloaded as a PDF file and saved, or printed

17 The final step Tick to authorize debit order instruction Do this calculation Click to submit electronically signed order

18 Done Electronically signed order submitted New Customer will be contacted by us To confirm order details and signature Arrange for installation of unit New Customer will receive –Service Level Agreement –Welcome letter with Username and Password –Installation Certificate –Getting started manual

19 Send us a Lead Click “Lead Form”

20 Client Summary and Control Click “Client Control” Live status of installations Client’s SLA downloaded, viewed or e-mailed

21 Keep track of your Remuneration Click “My Remuneration”

22 Change or Update your Details Click “Adviser Details”

23 Advisor Support Documentation Click “Support” Select and download the documentation you need

24 Current and Up to date Pricing Bottom of Main Menu

25 Thank you for your Attention For more information please contact us at

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