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Informational Writing The “How and Why” of Writing.

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1 Informational Writing The “How and Why” of Writing

2 What is Informational Writing? Informational writing is intended to present information to the reader Informational writing An informational essay should follow a logical sequence and have three different main points Logic and coherence is the main focus of an informational essay

3 How is it different ? Informational writing does not tell a story Informational writing does not persuade a reader but only gives facts and reasons Informational writing can also give the steps of a process

4 Definition of Terms Thesis Statement: The main idea of the whole essay Transition words: Words such as first, second, as a result, which make transitions easy in the essay. Main Ideas: Each paragraph should have a main point or idea Supporting Details: Details support the main ideas

5 3 parts of an Essay 1.Introduction 2. Body Paragraphs 3. Conclusion

6 Introduction Hook Background Information Thesis Statement

7 The thesis statement can be first in the paragraph, last in the paragraph or implied throughout the paragraph Example: I would like to change the world by improving the poverty situation in our world, alleviating crime, and helping the homeless.

8 Body Paragraphs Paragraph one should introduce the first reason and give details to support the first reason Paragraph two should introduce the second reason and give details to support the second reason Paragraph three should introduce the third reason and give details to support the third reason

9 All body paragraphs should have….. The topic sentence and transition words/phrase comes first –What the paragraph is mainly about Add your supporting details Make sure you end with a clincher sentence

10 Transition words Add your transition words First Second Third Finally, or In Conclusion

11 Supporting Details Can be descriptive Can be factual Can be from personal experience Can be anecdotes

12 Conclusion Transition sentence Restated thesis Call to action

13 Editing your essay Check that you have all the elements of an expository essay: Reasons Details Transition words Conclusion that re-states your topic Grammar Coherence, logic and clearly written

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