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Mrs Bloor Exams Officer Exams Office – Upstairs above Main Reception.

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1 Mrs Bloor Exams Officer Exams Office – Upstairs above Main Reception

2 POSITIVES:  Arrive in plenty of time for the exam  Know the venue and seat number  Be well prepared physically-Eat and have a drink, GO TO THE TOILET  Be well prepared mentally – Use Mr Eccles revision guidance and don’t panic, try and keep calm

3 EXPECTATIONS:  Communicating: must be silent on entering exam room  Pens– must be BLACK  Bags– unauthorised items, must be left in designated area  Don’t look around – MUST face the front  Don’t be disruptive, i.e. tapping, chatting, whistling  Stay in your seat at all times  No Borrowing of equipment from another candidate  No Throwing of equipment  Following invigilator instructions at all times  Be polite and respectful

4 Avoid losing marks/ disqualification  Continuing to write after time - may result in loss of marks  Attempting to cheat  Insufficient revision  Did not check the question paper – check which questions to answer  Panic – exam time is the most stressful time

5 SUMMER 2016 – PUBLIC EXAMS  GCSE Exams 16 th May – 29 th June inclusive  Timetables will be given out -take a copy on your ‘phone  Check entries – don’t leave until the day of exam  Don’t misread timetable – check AM/PM  Remember seat number and candidate number  Exams Notice Board – shows seating plan each day

6  In cases of absence – inform Attendance AND Exams. Absence is the last resort in Year 10 &11!  May be charged entry fee without good reason and sufficient evidence i.e medical evidence  Main venues – Main Hall,Sports Hall and Old Gym.  External invigilators  FULL school uniform required for EVERY exam – at risk of being turned away NO HATS NO SCARVES

7 What is expected of you during exams?  Arrive promptly to correct venue  Exam conditions – from entering the room  Late candidates may not have their papers marked by the exam board. Inform school if going to be late and report to exams office on arrival  Follow instructions and abide by the rules  Do your best!

8 UNAUTHORISED:  Gel pens  Highlighter pens in your answers – although can be used to highlight words or phrases within the questions  Notes/books/papers/calculator instructions  Calculator lids  Non-transparent pencil cases/spec cases  Tippex  Mobile phones, iPods, MP3s etc  Earphones  Food of any kind  Bottles containing liquids other than water  Labels on bottles  Writing on hands/skin

9 What else to remember....?  Use the toilet before the exam – cannot go during exam. Take in medical pass if applicable  Cannot leave the room unsupervised before the end of the exam  Fire Evacuation Procedure – DON’T COMMUNICATE! Will only evacuate if it is not a false alarm. Not usual assembly point, so listen to the invigilators  Use your time wisely during the exam  Check work if finish early – do not disturb others  Other exams may still be in progress when you are dismissed – be SILENT!

10 A few examples of Malpractice....  Failure to follow instructions given by invigilator  Disruptive behaviour of any kind  Attempting to cheat by any methods  Communication of any kind  In possession of any unauthorised items  Attempting to use unauthorised items  Passing items to other candidates  Electronic Device sounding These carry different levels of sanctions and must be reported to the exam board and may result in DISQUALIFICATION!

11 REMEMBER!!! - This is your future! So many students are disqualified every year because they do not follow the regulations Don’t let it be you!

12 RESULTS DAYS! Results should be collected in person ideally by the student themselves. Nominated person – must have written authorisation and I.D Results not collected are posted home Thursday 18 August (AS & A2) Thursday 25 August (GCSE)

13 Any queries – visit Exams Office Good luck in your exams!

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