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Japan Youtube Japan Geography link: i94BQBpII&feature=related.

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1 Japan Youtube Japan Geography link: i94BQBpII&feature=related

2 Where is Japan Located??

3 Four Islands of Japan Honshu, Hokkaido, Shikoku, Kyushu Archipelago: A large group of islands Surrounded by water on all sides Jih-pen—means “source of sun”

4 Land of the Rising Sun: Natural Beauty Mt. Fuji—is Japan’s tallest mountain Japan made from underwater volcanoes and earthquakes… Today, there are over 3,000 volcanic islands around Japan Only 12% of Japan’s land can be used to grow food.

5 Land of Rising Sun: Natural Beauty Earthquakes in the Pacific Ocean can create giant waves called a Tsunami in the Summer time…

6 Two Major Beliefs of Japan: Religions Shinto—a religion that worships ancestors and spirits in nature Buddhism—Buddha comes from China. Believes in not having any desires and living a simple life.

7 Modern Japan 128,000,000 people live in Japan making Japan the 9 th largest country in the world. 77% of all Japan’s population live on the coast. Tokyo, Japan---12 million people… 10 percent of Japan’s total population. 343 people per one street block in Japan 300,000,000 people live in the United States making the USA the 3 rd largest country in the world.

8 How does Japan’s Population affect housing? Japan: Houses and lots are small and compact. Median price: Tokyo, Japan $652K Small house 1,000 sq. ft, with 3 rooms…450K

9 Downtown Japan

10 Answer these with your group. 1.Which country is closest to Japan? 2.What are the four islands of Japan? 3.Where is agriculture limited to in Japan? 4.What does the Japanese diet mainly consist of? 5.What are the two major beliefs of Japan? 6.How do the Japanese people adapt to the large population?

11 Virtual Tour Game of a Japanese House http://web- tml

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