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Mitosis What is it? Why is it Important? What do I need to know?

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1 Mitosis What is it? Why is it Important? What do I need to know?

2 Where did this plant and animal come from?

3 Where did these cells come from?

4 Why do cells divide? Cell division happens in all organisms. reproduction growth or repair

5 Why do cells divide? In unicellular organisms, cell division is important for reproduction. To create another organism, they just divide into two. Important fact

6 Why do cells divide? In multicellular organisms, cells divide to allow the organisms to grow, repair or replace cells. Important fact

7 cell cycle – the life cycle of a eukaryotic cell. vocabulary word! Cells have a life span. They live and die like any living thing. To grow and remain healthy, cells need to divide and replace themselves frequently.


9 The Cell Cycle The cell cycle has three phases: interphase mitosis cytokinesis Important fact

10 interphase interphase – part of the cell cycle when it is not dividing. This is when the cell is performing its job for the organism. At the end of interphase, DNA makes a copy of itself. A cell spends 95% of it’s life cycle in interphase. Important fact vocabulary word!

11 DNA DNA is a molecule that determines the traits of a living organism. It makes us who we are. Important fact

12 DNA replication During interphase, right before mitosis, the DNA makes an exact copy of itself. Important fact

13 Chromosomes duplicate

14 mitosis mitosis – part of the cell cycle when the nucleus divides. At the end of mitosis, there are two identical nuclei in the cell. Important fact vocabulary word!

15 mitosis There are four phases in mitosis: prophase metaphase anaphase telophase Important fact

16 prophase prophase - during prophase, the chromatin in the nucleus condenses into chromosomes. The membrane around the nucleus breaks down. vocabulary word!



19 PROPHASE Coregonus blastulaAllium root tip

20 metaphase metaphase - during metaphase, the chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell. vocabulary word!

21 Spindle fibers form

22 METAPHASE Coregonus blastulaAllium root tip

23 anaphase anaphase - during anaphase, the chromosomes separate. They are pulled to opposite sides of the cell so each side has an identical copy. vocabulary word!


25 ANAPHASE Coregonus blastulaAllium root tip

26 telophase telophase - during telophase, a new nuclear membrane forms around each group of chromosomes. vocabulary word!


28 TELOPHASE Coregonus blastulaAllium root tip

29 cytokinesis cytokinesis – the division of the cytoplasm and cell organelles. vocabulary word!


31 INTERPHASE Allium root tip Coregonus blastula





36 Mitosis produces identical offspring (2N---2N)

37 Name stage of mitosis prophase

38 Name stage of mitosis







45 Mitosis

46 Cells Alive demo Division.htm Division.htm

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