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High End Omnidirectional Loudspeaker

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1 High End Omnidirectional Loudspeaker

2 H.E.O.LO. H.E.O.LO. is an innovative loudspeaker, developed to overcome the typical limits of traditional acoustic transduction devices. The H.E.O.LO. concept is based on the ability to completely dissimulate the presence of the loudspeakers themselves , so that the sound are not perceived as coming from them but from from the place in the space where each instrument or performer was originally placed, regardless the listening position. The result is an acoustical scene that tightly approximate the musical event as it was permormed during the recording session and that can be appreciated everywhere in your listening room. We have spent months in studying and tuning all the components to find the right solution that fulfills all our strict sound requirements. The result is the H.E.O.LO: concept that is the foundation of all our loudspeakers and that makes our systems unique and inimitable.

3 The high frequency dispersion problem The heolo key components
High frequency absorber Ring Diffusion Lens Protection Tissue Dome Tweeter

4 The high frequency dispersion problem
H.E.O.LO. The high frequency dispersion problem High frequencies are very well perceived in front of a standard loudspeaker .. But their level progressively diminishes as you move aside Frequency response is seriously affected by the listening position ….. And they are pratically canceled if you move out of axis

5 The high frequency dispersion problem
H.E.O.LO. The high frequency dispersion problem The H.E.O.LO. solution Frequency response is now flat regardless the listening position The Ring Diffusion Lens corrects the off-axis response The acoustic Absorber corrects the on-axis enphasis

6 The high frequency dispersion problem AN unbelievable result!
H.E.O.LO. The high frequency dispersion problem The H.E.O.LO. solution AN unbelievable result! Frequency response is flat within ±2.5dB even if you move around the HEOLO ±2.5dB

7 Other design peculiarities
H.E.O.LO. Other design peculiarities Phase coherency: H.E.O.LO. solution has another significant advantage compared to a standard front-firing loudspeakers. The tweeter positioning on the top side of the box has been calculated taking into account the phase emission plane of the woofer that is placed immediately underneath: the result is a virtually 0 degree phase mismatch beetween the ways that leads both to a exceptional step and pulse response and to a seamless cross-over response. Bass response: The bass response of the Heolo is really astonishing compared to the very small dimensions of the loudspeakers, combining extension and dampening. This is made possible by the special box design where dimensions, internal stiffening braces and dampening material have beeen carefully designed and tested. The downfiring reflex port is part of the incredible bass response of the HEOLO and is conceived to keep the turbulence to the minimum and to obtain a bass response not very influenced by the speaker location inside the room, if you compare it to other system’s behavior.

8 H.E.O.LO. Practical benefits 3-D: Listening position indepent: Design:
The sound stage is wide, spanning well beyond the space inside the loudspeakers, gaining a 3-D component tightly resembling a real event perception Listening position indepent: The best listening position is not confined in a narrow space in your room. You can listen at the HEOLOs everywhere in the room without significant sound variation: the sound stage remains stable regardless your position. Design: The HEOLO dimensions are very small so that they can fit almost in any room. The very classy design is also another distinctive factor of the HEOLO that make them more than a loudspeaker: they become part of your interior design. Flexibility: HEOLO are designed to simply reproduce the signal provided at their connectors no matter what kind of music you are used to listen. The absolute neutrality of the HEOLOs make it possible to always have the best performances, placing your focus on the musical event: finally music!

9 From the Craftman hands
An essential characteristic of all our products is that they are completely handcrafted. The chassis, the crossover, the cabling, the assembling, the finishing are all made by specialized craftsmen. Small finishing differences and imperfections are not due to poor quality: they give you the evidence that every single piece is handmade, not a mass production result.

10 From the Craftman hands
During the manufacture of the H.E.O.LO., the human intervention makes it possible that every relevant aspect of the construction process is verified step-by-step and every single part is refined, leading to a reliable and absolutely constant result. On each single H.E.O.LO., for instance, the drivers are pre-selected and the inevitable differences are completely compensated with slight modifications on the crossover network.

11 H.E.O.LO. The added value of our solution
Price/Quality Ratio The H.E.O.LO. Selling price, in spite to their unique characteristics and to the handcrafting construction, compares to the price of common mass production devices. Individual testing An individual listening session is part of the production process of each single H.E.O.LO.. Each loudspeaker, after a technical test, is passed through a listening test, using a selected program including several musical genres using a standard setup. This phase is the one that over any other make it sure that the final result will always match the customer expectations.

12 H.E.O.LO. The added value of our solution
SERVICES and CUSTOMER CARE. Thanks to the complete control of the overall manufacturing process, we can provide product customisation according to customer needs, in order to accomplish special requiest in terms of finishing, adaptation to particular listening environments, matching to driving amplifiers, integration into multichannel systems.

13 Magazine reviews.. …… the scene widens and gains that 3-d component that a lot of loudspeaker manufacturers chased ineffectively for a long time….

14 Audiophile clubs.. … ci sono le H.E.O.L.O., dei diffusori da pavimento di 88,5db di sensibilita’ che oserei definire….camaleontici! Mai ascoltato un diffusore cosi’ semplice da pilotare e che si trova a suo agio con tutto….persino con soli 3 watt in un ambiente molto trattato acusticamente e di 25mq!!! Ho passato 2 settimane in compagnia di questo splendido gioiello sonoro, non lo avrei nemmeno voluto restituire tanto mi era piaciuto, tanto mi aveva rapito la sua estrema musicalita’. …..Una nota di merito va fatta anche ad un assetto che sto ascoltando questi giorni, un diffusore prototipo (Heolo) dalle caratteristiche sonore marcate con una predilezione per la ricostruzione spaziale davvero incredibile. Ogni strumento e’ minuziosamente riprodotto e collocato nel suo spazio ben definito, mai vicino al diffusore! Una piccola torre che sparisce come un minidiffusore e sa fare di meglio nella ricostruzione spaziale, con tutti i pregi di un estremo inferiore che non fa rimpiangere sistemi ben piu’ grandi.

15 Fine audiophile devices
Hi-fi specialists.. ……soundstage and clarity are just astonishing, Heolo are able to transmit emotion almost like no others…… Mr. uwe keursgen Fine audiophile devices

16 Thanks for your interest on our products!
H.E.O.LO. High End Omnidirectional Loudspeakers by H.E.A.D High End Audio Devices

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