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An By Ambra Fridegotto Weekend Italian Click Me!.

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1 An By Ambra Fridegotto Weekend Italian Click Me!

2 Instructions Instructions! Ciao Ms. Esposito! Im Bugs Bunny and I will be your guide during this PowerPoint. How? Well, you can go on only when you click me. I will appear in the PowerPoint only after I am sure you read everything. Without me you are stuck.. But!!!! If you want to go back, click on me, Daffy Duck. Enjoy your Italian lesson!

3 Contents Lets Go Shopping! Al Ristorante! Where To? Are you ready to do what people like to do best in Italy? Eat and Shop! Come and get me!

4 Lets Go Shopping! Quanto costa? How Much does it cost? Dove posso trovare…? Where can I find…? Gonna Skirt Pantalone Pants T-shirt Scarpe Shoes Borsa Bag Gioielli Jewlery Pelle Leather Cotone Cotton Lana Wool Ready? Gucci or Prada first?

5 Cos è questo? What is this? Verdure Vegetables Frutta Fruit Formaggio Cheese Condimento Dressing Minestra Soup Al Ristorante! Carne Meat Pesce Fish Alla Griglia Grilled Al Fritto Fried Forno Baked Bollito Boiled Oh yes! I love Italian Pizza! Me too! But Ill go for a Carota now…

6 Where To? Dove si trova…? Where is…? Torna Indietro Go back Dritto Straight A sinistra Left A destra Right Mi scusi Excuse me Im coming!! Aaagh! Aiuto! Help! Via Street Piazza Square Autostrada Highway

7 Bolongese-Poster.jpg Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck Bunny-Neener.jpg gif daffy.html for images l.jpg Posta%20prioritaria%2019-03-04%201.jpg ags.jpg 1?$otherview$ Its OVER?? Arrivederci Bella and enjoy Italy!

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