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the Week & Months of the Year

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1 the Week & Months of the Year
Days of the Week & Months of the Year

2 Moving on… Today we are going to learn the days of the week, as well as the months of the year. There is no easy way to learn this outside of writing it down and memorizing it. So listen close, write fast, and let’s get started!

3 New stuff…Days Monday Lunes

4 New stuff…Days Tuesday Martes

5 New stuff…Days Wednesday Miercoles

6 New stuff…Days Thursday Jueves

7 New stuff…Days Friday Viernes

8 New stuff…Days Saturday Sabado

9 New stuff…Days Sunday Domingo

10 Moving on… Ok, so that’s the days of the week. So far so good?
Remember, we can always…


12 New stuff…Months January Enero

13 New stuff…Months February Febrero

14 New stuff…Months March Marzo

15 New stuff…Months April Abril

16 New stuff…Months May Mayo

17 New stuff…Months June Junio

18 New stuff…Months July Julio

19 New stuff…Months August Agosto

20 New stuff…Months September Septiembre

21 New stuff…Months October Octubre

22 New stuff…Months November Noviembre

23 New stuff…Months December Diciembre

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