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Mediterranean WEDDING festival Under the patronage of the Prime Minister of Malta & Minister for Tourism Dr. Lawrence Gonzi KUOM, L L.D., MP.

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1 Mediterranean WEDDING festival Under the patronage of the Prime Minister of Malta & Minister for Tourism Dr. Lawrence Gonzi KUOM, L L.D., MP.

2 Mediterrenean Wedding Fashion Festival – 3 rd. – 6 th.July 08 Because this sector is a business due to Malta traditions. Malta is a romantic destination, 365 churches, theres a good import wedding market, has great religious traditions A suitable romantic landscape for an event to entertain public and Maltas guests in a comparison among different Mediterranean cultures, a mix between past and present. A date of international relevance for the market worldwide, dealing in wedding and nuptial sectors. It will realize suitable synergies with other events organized in the same period on Malta, to develop together all the shows and the participation of public and final consumer. The core-business (concept b2b) consists into the presentation of new trends to professional operators of this sector, coming from international trades: boutiques, importers, chain stores Exhibitors will present their collections both in suggestive booths and in a separate catwalk, that can be attended on invitation only.

3 Here you are some short descriptions of eventual Soirées to be organized and held some particular context, during the Meditterrenean Wedding Festival – July 2008 The Sponsor Museum & Previews for 2009 The Main sponsor of Meditterrenean Wedding Festival will be reserved a museum inside a prestigious hotel during the fashion fair. This space could be even a shop (a commercial point exclusively reserved to the clients of the Hotel and tourist in Malta for the time of this exclusive event!!) The Sponsor will support – a part from its own Museum – the launch of the bridal brands participating in the further session: each company will be given the opportunity to show in one item exclusively realized for MWF …….and the winner will gain a special award: his free to second session of Meditterrenean Wedding Festival The Westin Dragonara Resort Le Méridien Hotel The Palace Hotel Palazzo Parisio

4 Programme Format The Core business of the Showcase is the presentation of finished brand new collections (B2B) The exhibitors are the well-known brands coming from the most qualified countries of Mediterranean Area: France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Malta, Lebanon, Israel. 15 Designers coming from all over the world will represent the link between actual Griffes and vintage Griffes, accomplishing the task to complete the offer of Meditterrenean Wedding Festival The Meditterrenean Wedding Festival will welcome junior and senior designers, manufacturing: accessories, underwear coordinates, cocktail wear, wedding collections, jewellery, shoes, beachwear….

5 Programme Format WELCOME to Meditterrenean Wedding Fashion Festival A Cocktail to welcome the Exhibitors and the Press of Meditterrenean Wedding Festival Meditterrenean Wedding Festival the night of the inauguration day: some entertainment programme (music, animation,..) or a static show of some items of the exhibitors collections in an artistic choreography. This is simply a sophisticated occasion to offer a private moment to the guests of Meditterrenean Wedding Festival, and to give them visibility to the specialized press. LA QUINTA Malta will involve local personalities, will include the welcome event in the programme of the show, giving it visibility and advertising.

6 Programme Format Collateral events outside Show can be open to the public :they can consist in a vintage défilé of wedding dresses from private wardrobe, presented together with designers creations (past and future) or with an exhibitors item (past and present) or also the combination of designer-exhibitor (present and future) Griffes will profit of a Gala on invitation only (Palazzo Parisio), agreed with a Sponsor Catering service will be offered during representations to the VIPs, press, special clients, sponsor and exhibitors of Meditterrenean Wedding Festival AWARDING NEW DESIGNERS Everybody knows that creativity is the secret of fashion life. Mediterranean style in wedding proposals is highly appreciated all over the world. A prize to a young designer means recognize this value. A Gala with catwalk in a young and amusing context, at the presence of entrepreneurs of the sector and technical press Format to be discussed with the location involved

7 Charity Gala Dinner Charity Gala Dinner under the auspices of : The President of Malta A high profile event (a dinner) with a social intent (donation to a national project) VIP, high society and Governmental Representatives, press, broadcast, the beneficiary and…sponsors with their articles to be sold out at 50%. Anybody in Malta can participate: art galleries, jewelleries, industries of furniture, travel agencies, gifts shops, exhibitors of MWFWF with their dresses…offering a sell on 50% discount to final consumer, to guests, to people keen to buy for organizing their next wedding! Due to a National interest, the sponsor should be the Malta Tourism Authority, or if MWFWF will get a sole main sponsor, this event will be called Malta Community Chest Fund Charity Gala Dinner under the auspices of The President of Malta It can also be proposed as an auction version. H.E. Dr Edward Fenech-Adami K.U.O.M., B.A., LL.D T H E P R E S I D E N T O F M A L T A

8 Startegic Locations and Exhibiting Venues Exhibiting area: Mediterranean Conference Centre – B2B Starwood International Hotels & Resorts – Westin Dragonara Resort & Spa and Le Méridien - a permanent show of the Sponsor Palazzo Parisio – Charity Gala & Fashion Designers Catwalk – Synergy with Miss World Malta

9 Fashion & Political Celebrity Participating in the Meditterrenean Wedding Fashion Festival July 2008 Gabriella Carlucci was born on February 28, 1959, in Alghero. She is married with Lawyer Marco Catelli, and is mother of Matteo, born in 1996.She received her degree with honours and a 110/110 valuation from the University of Rome, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures. During her academic years, she particularly specialised in English, German and Spanish, and submitter her final thesis in North American Literature of the 1930s, which was published later on. She also obtained a second degree specialising in conservative restoration. In 1983 she began her television career, being an host and a TV journalist, with the show named Portobello, where she was in charge of external relations. She presented the most famous Italian music festivals for the music: Azzurro, Festival bar, Cantagiro, in 1988 and 1990 Sanremo Festival. Then she worked both for RAI and Mediaset (Fininvest) with the productions Cocco, Giallo, Luna di Miele, Piccolo Grande Amore and Buona Domenica. She conducted important soirées like David di Donatello and Donna sotto le Stelle. Since 1998 she chose to continue conducting, on Rete 4, Mela Verde, a program discovering the most particular Italian tastes in agriculture and environment. In 1993 she founded a fashion clothing atelier: prêt a porter, wedding dresses and accessorizes. In 1994, answering a Silvio Berlusconi invite, she joined Forza Italia, a conservative party, with a particular focus on her professional field: or rather the Entertainment system. After two years, she became chief of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Entertainment for Regione Lazio. In 1999 she founded and became director of the Forza Italia National Department for Entertainment (web site to her political devotion to Forza Italias actions, Gabriella Carlucci ran and was elected Congresswoman in the region of Puglia in 2001 with 33.887 votes. Since her election as Congresswoman in the Italian Parliament, Gabriella Carluccis interests shifted to the moral and social problems affecting the young Italian population. She realized that in order to have a strong voice she needed to create a network and in 2004, together with other congresswomen, founded an association named Valori and Libertà (Values and Liberty) which, among its main objectives, focuses on the spreading of Christian ethics, morals and values, with particular attention to the young, who are the easier victims of a growing materialistic and atheistic society.Valori and Libertà is organized through a capillary system of support on the national territory focusing on initiatives promoting cultural, moral and ethical seminars, also organized on-site in the public and private schools to promote moral ethical and religious teachings. The association currently counts 10.000 members and is supported by private funding. Gabriella Carlucci

10 TV Moda Celebrity Jo Squillo nasce artisticamente nel 1979 con il gruppo femminile "Kandeggina Gang". Il primo 45 giri si chiama: "Sono cattiva/Orrore", il secondo, inciso nel 1981, "Skizzo Skizzo/Energia Interna" cui segue l'album "Girl senza paura". Nel 1982 esce il 45 giri "Africa", dedicato a Nelson Mandela; l'anno successivo è la volta di "Avventurieri". Nel 1984 esce l'album "Bizzarre", seguito dal 45 giri "Roulette/My love" (1985), e da una rielaborazione dei "Carmine Burana". Dopo qualche anno di silenzio, nel 1988 Jo Squillo torna con l'album "Terra Magica" seguito dalla raccolta "Tracce 80/90". Il grande successo arriva nel 1991 al Festival di Sanremo, dove si presenta in coppia con Sabrina Salerno, per cantare il brano "Siamo donne". L'anno successivo esce l'album "Movimenti", che contiene il fortunato brano "Me gusta il movimento", presentato a Sanremo nel 1992. Nel 1993 pubblica l'album "Balla Italiano". E' di quegli anni la partecipazione al film "Gole Ruggenti" di Pierfrancesco Pingitore e ai programmi televisivi: "Il grande gioco dell'oca" su Rai 2, "Sanremo Giovani '93" su Rai 1 e "Caccia al Ladro" su Canale 5, con Paolo Bonolis. Nel 1995 esce il CD "Non vedo l'ora" e conduce il suo primo programma di moda, "Kermesse", su Rai 1. Nel 1997 presenta "La città delle donne", trasmesso da Rai International ed è con Mike Bongiorno nel programma "Una città per cantare", su Rete 4. Nel 19'97 esce il CD singolo "A natural woman" seguito nel 1998 dalla raccolta "Siamo donne e altri successi". Dal 1999 conduce "Tv Moda" su Rete 4 e da questa esperienza nasce il canale satellitare 'Tv Moda', visibile in chiaro su Sky, la prima tv dedicata a moda, a viaggi, costumi e stili di vita. In campo discografico, nel 2000 esce il CD Singolo "Donne al sole"; nel 2001 "Do You remember '70" contenente motivi famosi negli anni Settanta.

11 Fashion Houses and Companies participating in the B2B Wedding Fashion Exhibition at the – MCC Meditterrenean Conference Centre Valletta

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14 International Fashion Designers participating in the Meditterrenean Wedding Festival LUSAN MAND O NGUS Marina K Couture REGARD Elsa Gary FORGET ME NOT DESIGNS 01983 563885 Edward Arsouni

15 Meditterrenean Wedding Festival International Fashion Magazines

16 Meditterrenean Wedding Festival International TV – Radio & Web MODA

17 Prospective Technical Sponsors The wedding is linked to various complementary sectors: Jeweler (Swarowsky) Furniture and house complements (Berloni-Zucchi) Travels (agencies, cruisers) Services (agencies for single, hair-dressing and make-up, hotels, restaurants) Modeling, choreography and stage management This is an ambitious event, very fashionable and sparkling. It consists in a catwalk of three themes: past, present, future. Vintage, branded and design wedding gowns…together! 360° catwalk on invitation only. The content is interesting for the press, for the market, for general public. Vintage gowns could be put a disposal by Maltese women, keeping their bridal dress in the wardrobe. Direction and catwalk must be professional, and a jury must assist choosing the best of each theme

18 La Quinta (Malta) Ltd. Head Office for Mediterranean Countries Network.

19 La Quinta (Malta) Ltd. Event Consultants & Company Directors Tony Coleiro M.B.A., F.I.H., F.S.M.M.A., C.C : CEO & Managing Partner – La Quinta (Malta) Ltd. Arthur Douglas Turner F.C.C.A., B.A. (Hons) Accty., A.C.I. (Arb.), F.I.A., C.P.A., A.M.I.T. Chartered Public Accountant & Auditor, Tax & Global M & A Consultant La Quinta (Malta) Ltd. – Financial Director Dr. Doreen Turner Bilocca LL.D., Dip. Can., M.C.J.& P., Dip. Tax., I.F.S.P. Legal Consultant La Quinta (Malta) Ltd. – Company Secretary La Quinta (Malta) Ltd. MANAGING CONSULTANTS Maria Anna Zerbini Events Manager La Quinta Srl. Sue Rossi Fashion & Creative Business Consultant Giovanni Corrieri Aviation & Destination Management Consultant

20 LA QUINTA HEAD OFFICE Corso Plebisciti, 15, 20129 Milano, Italia Tel. +39 02 7385353 LA QUINTA (MALTA) Ltd., Sede for: Albania; Algeria; Cyprus; Egypt; Gibraltar; Greece: Lebanon; Libyan Arab Jamahiriya: Monaco; Morocco; Portugal, Tunisia & Israel 13, Curate Fenech Street, Birzebbugia BBG 03, Malta Tel. +356 9933 3088; +356 21 651368; +356 21 417889 Fax. +356 21 650913; +356 21 662034

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