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Student Name USN NO Guide Name H.O.D Name Name Of The College & Dept.

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1 Student Name USN NO Guide Name H.O.D Name Name Of The College & Dept

2  CONTENTS 1.Abstract 2.Objectives 3.Block diagram 4.Methodology 5.Advantages & disadvantages 6.Applications 7. Conclusion

3 1.ABSTRACT: Nowadays the automation has become a basic need for the industries. Induction Motors are the nerves of many industries. Hence Industrial automation is required for precise and accurate operation. This system proposes a wireless monitoring system for an induction motor based on Xbee communication protocol for safe and economic data communication in industrial fields where the wired communication is more expensive or impossible due to physical conditions. A module sensors monitors the parameters of induction machine and transmit the data through Xbee Protocol. A ARM based system is used for collecting and storing data and accordingly generating control signal to stop or start the induction machine wireless through interface developed with Xbee.

4 2.OBJECTIVES: Single Phase and Three Phase Induction machines are very popular in industries because of their vast applications. Hence it becomes necessary to protect them against faults so as to ensure uninterrupted operation and functioning. Various parameter monitoring in this project..



7 4. METHODOLOGY: This section gives the overview of the monitoring scheme of induction machine. A general block diagram of the proposed scheme is given in block diagram.A General Block Diagram of Monitoring Scheme. The whole system is divided into two parts- transmitter and receiver. In the transmitter part a network of sensor and used to monitor the risky parameters such as phase, Neutral, Earth, reversal of the induction machine present at the plant location.The monitoring data is simultaneously fed to the ARM.

8 This data is transmitted efficiently and smoothly to receiver end through wireless Xbee Communication Protocol (IEEE802.15.4 Standards). The micro-controller at the transmitter end is so programmed that if the monitoring parameters of induction machine come out of the desired or safety limit, a signal will be generated by the ARM which will energize the relay circuit and the contractor cuts the mains supply to the data received at the receiver end is transferred to ARM. Thus a continuous monitoring of the parameters of induction machine can be done from a remote location far away from the actual working location.

9 5. ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES:  ADVANTAGES: 1.Cost efficiency. 2.Integration. 3.minimal losses. 4. Security of supply

10  DISADVANTAGES: 1.The electricity network only (not gas) it concerns both distribution and transmission levels. 2.It increases the cost whereas digital systems reduce the cost of system.

11 6.APPLICATIONS: 1.This project can be implement for Health Care. 2.This project can be implement in Home Automation. 3.For Security services we can use this project. 4.Communication and device discovery. 5.In Industrial applications.

12 7.CONCLUSION: With the help of this study, a parameter monitoring system for induction machines based on Xbee protocol is achieved and tested successfully. The system developed is capable to perform such operations as running the motor, stopping it, measuring, monitoring and controlling the most parameters of the motor like phase, Neutral, Earth, reversal. All of these values can be transferred to the concern people, displayed on the interface, represented graphically; Monitoring the basic parameters of the induction motors were examined and achieved in various ways. A new Xbee technology is a new wireless protocol is used for the communication.


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