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“A Christmas Carol” Review

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1 “A Christmas Carol” Review
Jeopardy Game

2 “A Christmas Carol” Jeopardy
Plot Characters Quotes Literary terms Vocab. 100 200 300 400 500

3 Name one way that shows Scrooge was a miser in the beginning of the story.
Plot 100

4 Answers will vary; teacher may choose from the following:
Scrooge would not allow Bob Cratchit more coal for the fire; Scrooge did not want to pay Crachit for Christmas Day; Scrooge did not give any money to the collectors; Other answers deemed appropriate by the teacher. Plot 100

5 Who speaks the famous line, “God Bless us, everyone”?
Plot 200

6 Tiny Tim Plot 200

7 How does Scrooge trick Bob Cratchit in the final scene of the play?
Plot 300

8 Scrooge pretends he is going to fire Bob Cratchit and instead, raises his salary!
Plot 300

9 How does Scrooge respond to Cratchit’s request to have the day off with pay?
Plot 400

10 He is angry; he gives him the day off but grudgingly.
“Be here all the earlier the next day!” Plot 400

11 Name two reasons why Marley came to visit Ebenezer Scrooge.
Plot 500

12 Marley warns Scrooge that he has a chance to escape his fate.
Marley warns Scrooge that three ghosts will be arriving. Plot 500

13 What is the name of young Ebenezer Scrooge’s fiancée ?
Characters 100

14 Belle Character 100

15 What is the name of Scrooge’s former boss who danced at his own party?
Character 200

16 Mr. Fezziwig Character 200

17 What is the name of the employee who works for Mr. Scrooge?
Character 300

18 Bob Cratchit Character 300

19 Who visited her family for Christmas and played a joke on her father?
Character 400

20 Martha Cratchit Character 400

21 What is the name of Scrooge’s fellow apprentice?
Character 500

22 Dick Wilkins Character 500

23 Who said, “If you have anything to teach me, let me learn by it”?
Quotes 100

24 Ebenezer Scrooge Quotes 100

25 Who said, “Uncle, come dine with us tomorrow”?
Quotes 200

26 His nephew, Fred Quotes 200

27 Who said, “Another idol has replaced me, a golden one”?
Quotes 300

28 Belle, his fiancée Quotes 300

29 Who said, “It is required of every man that the spirit within him should walk abroad among his fellow man”? Quotes 400

30 Jacob Marley’s ghost Quotes 400

31 Who said, “It should be Christmas when one drinks the health of such an odious, stingy, hard, unfeeling man as Mr. Scrooge”? Quotes 500

32 Mrs. Cratchit Quotes 500

33 What is the setting of this story? (city and country)
Literary terms 100

34 London, England Literary terms 100

35 What does the concrete symbol of the black robe of the 3rd spirit represent?
Literary terms 200

36 The Unknown Future Literary terms 200

37 What is the theme of the story?
Literary terms 300

38 People should care about each other, not money.
People can change. People should care about each other, not money. Accept other appropriate answers. Literary terms 300

39 What is the term used to explain that something concrete stands for something abstract?
Literary terms 400

40 Symbolism Literary terms 400

41 A correct answer doubles your points!
Jeopardy! A correct answer doubles your points!

42 Give an example of Foreshadowing in the story.
Literary terms 500

43 Marley’s chains rattling
The door knocker Or Marley’s chains rattling Literary terms 500

44 What is the definition of the word Humbug?
Vocabulary 100

45 nonsense Vocabulary 100

46 What is the name of a person who loves money for the sake of money, not what it can buy?
Vocabulary 200

47 A miser Vocabulary 200

48 What word means “with deep seated resentment”?
Vocabulary 300

49 grudgingly Vocabulary 300

50 What word means more than enough, an excess?
Vocabulary 400

51 Surplus Vocabulary 400

52 What word means “an object of worship”?
Vocabulary 500

53 Idol Vocabulary 500

54 Final Jeopardy Category: Symbolism

55 What is the meaning of the symbol of the cornucopia?

56 The fall harvest, life and living

57 The End

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