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1 Session #56 802.16 Relay TG Opening Remarks and Session Agenda IEEE 802.16 Presentation Submission Template (Rev. 9) Document Number: IEEE 802.16j-08/010.

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1 1 Session #56 802.16 Relay TG Opening Remarks and Session Agenda IEEE 802.16 Presentation Submission Template (Rev. 9) Document Number: IEEE 802.16j-08/010 Date Submitted: 2008-07-14 Source: Mitsuo NoharaVoice:+81 3 6678 6128 Relay TG Chair, KDDI R&D 3-10-10, Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8460 Japan * Venue: IEEE 802.16 Session #56, Denver, CO Base Contribution: None Purpose: TG Meeting organization. Notice: This document does not represent the agreed views of the IEEE 802.16 Working Group or any of its subgroups. It represents only the views of the participants listed in the “Source(s)” field above. It is offered as a basis for discussion. It is not binding on the contributor(s), who reserve(s) the right to add, amend or withdraw material contained herein. Release: The contributor grants a free, irrevocable license to the IEEE to incorporate material contained in this contribution, and any modifications thereof, in the creation of an IEEE Standards publication; to copyright in the IEEE’s name any IEEE Standards publication even though it may include portions of this contribution; and at the IEEE’s sole discretion to permit others to reproduce in whole or in part the resulting IEEE Standards publication. The contributor also acknowledges and accepts that this contribution may be made public by IEEE 802.16. Patent Policy: The contributor is familiar with the IEEE-SA Patent Policy and Procedures: and. Further information is located at and. 2

2 Session #56 802.16 Relay TG Opening Remarks and Session Agenda 14 th Task Group Meeting on Multi-hop Relay in IEEE 802.16 Relay TG Chair Mitsuo Nohara Vice ChairPeiying Zhu Technical Editor/SecretaryJung Je Son Technical Editor Mike Hart IEEE802.16 Relay TG Meeting 14-17 July, 2008, Denver, Colorado, USA

3 3 Where are we? WG Letter Ballot Recirc 28d on IEEE P802.16j/D5 ( 6 June – 7 July, 2008) 269 Approve, 23 Disapprove, 292 in total* * including 4 vote flips Approval Ratio = 92% (>Approval Condition 75%) <- Approval Condition Met. Abstain 21, Ballot total 313, out of 350 Members Return Ratio = 89% (>Return Ratio Condition 50%) <- Return Ratio Condition Met. 184 Comments submitted 123 Editorial (no Disapproval Condition) 61 Technical (incl. 17 as Disapproval Condition) 15 Contributions Comment Resolutions to come on 80216-08/033 <- Reply comments in response to call for reply comments, by noon, Monday 14 July 2008.

4 4 Where are we? *For those whose vote changes may have been missed/ vote to be changed: Please have your vote flip at: Robert Popoli: no comments heard last two sessions. Please submit your comments this time, if you are still unsatisfied. Phillip Barber, John Humbert, Sean Cai, <- already indicated their vote flipping but not reflected *Please flip yours, thank you! Xu Ling, Mao Ronald, Jianmin Lu, Lei Wang, <- Thank you for your vote flips. Yours taken into account.

5 5 Where are we? Sponsor Ballot Sponsor Ballot group formed (Mar. 2008) Requested EC for their conditional approval last Mar., but failed. To request EC their (conditional) approval in next July EC, this Friday. Needs some preparations: with less disapprove votes, and with less comments dissatisfactory Unsatisfied comments LB#2813 LB#28a 0 LB#28b 7 LB#28c 8 LB#28d17 <- Preparations to be held through this week.

6 6 Objectives of this 14 th TG Meeting To advance the development of the P802.16j Draft Standard (IEEE P802.16j/D6) –Through the Comment resolutions (IEEE 802.16- 08/033) To enter the 6th letter ballot recirculation as a so-called “confirmation” one after Session #56, to be followed by the Sponsor Ballot. To prepare for the EC’s Approval towards Sponsor Ballot.

7 7 Schedule towards Sponsor Ballot Conditions: Confirmation Ballot requires two-weeks for circulation Sponsor Ballot requires 30 days for circulation Timelines: TG Editors to revise the draft (to be D6), 25 July – 9 Aug.: Confirmation Ballot, 11 Aug.: Submit the package to EC for Sponsor Ballot 18 Aug. – 17 Sept.: Sponsor Ballot, and 16-19 Sept.: Comment resolutions @Kobe session

8 8 TG Agenda 1.Session #55 802.16 Relay TG Minutes Review (IEEE 802.16j-08/009) 2.Meeting Organization 3.Comment Resolutions * in reply to the WG Letter Ballot #28d (IEEE 802.16- 08/028) on: P802.16j Draft (IEEEP802.16j/D5) with Commentary Database (IEEE 802.16-08/033) 3.Schedule towards the 6 th letter (Confirmation) ballot recircs. and the sponsor ballot 4.AOB *For IEEE SA Patent Policy, see:

9 9 Motions at the TG Opening 1.To approve the meeting agenda, IEEE802.16j-08/010 1.1 st :, 2 nd :, at result: 2.To approve Session #55 802.16 Relay TG Minutes (IEEE 802.16j-08/009) 1.1 st :, 2 nd :, at result:

10 10 Agenda by Calendar 1.Mon PM (16:00-18:00) Opening, agenda and minutes review Summary of WG Letter Ballot and inputs to meeting Rev2 Alignment Ad-hoc Report Process for expediting resolutions Process towards Sponsor Ballot Preparation Start technical comment resolution 2.Tue (08:00-12:00 and 13:00-18:00) Batch resolution preparation on Editorial comments Comment resolution 3.Wed (08:00-12:00 and 13:00-18:00) Batch resolution of Editorial comments Comment resolution 4.Thu (08:00-12:00 and 13:00-18:00) Comment resolution Plans towards Sponsor Ballot Preparation Closing * TG session to finish earlier, if possible. A Sponsor-ballot preparation to follow in that case.

11 11 Motions expected to come at Relay TG Closing 1.To authorize the Technical Editors to revise the draft (P802.16j/D5) to accommodate the comment resolutions in 802.16-08/033. 2.To authorize the TG Chair to request the working group approve P802.16j/D6 as revised draft and to proceed to the 6th letter ballot recirculation (for confirmation purpose.) Motions expected to come at 802.16WG Closing 1.To approve P802.16j/D6 (to be issued by the Relay TG Editors) as the revised working group draft and to authorize the WG Chair to proceed to the 6th letter (confirmation) ballot recirculation on p802.16j/D6 to close about 9 Aug., 2008 AOE. 2.To authorize the WG Chair to request EC’s conditional approval to initiate Sponsor Ballot on P802.16j/D6 or latest version.

12 12 *Reference: C802.16-005/013 Relay-TG Meeting Calendar This Week 16:00-18:00, Mon. 14 July @Capitol 4 08:00-12:00/13:00-18:00, Tue. 15 July @Cent. G 08:00-12:00/13:00-18:00, Wed. 16 July @Cent. G 08:00-12:00/13:00-18:00, Thu. 17 July *Cent. G: Centennial G *No evening session planned Hyatt Regency Denver at CCC, Denver, CO, USA Please Join and see you!

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