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Hero’s Journey: The Lightning Thief.

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1 Hero’s Journey: The Lightning Thief

2 Step 1: Ordinary World Exposition of the story—gives the background; see the hero in his normal environment Scenes include: Pool holding breath for 7 minutes only place he can think Home dealing with Gabe: “Why do you stay with him—he stinks” “He’s been good to us, Percy” Dyslexia & ADHD Museum Trip relationship with teachers & friends knowledge

3 Step 2: Call to Adventure
Hero is presented with a challenge; to take up the quest the hero must leave the familiarity of the Ordinary World Scenes include: Museum Fury attacking Percy; discussing camp, given pen Being sent to Half-Blood Camp On the Way to camp: Minotaur grabs mother Percy must fight with Minotaur magic weapon Finds out Grover is a satyr

4 Step 3: Refusal of the Call
Hero or hero’s friends express reservations about risking the adventure Scenes Include: I’m a loser, I’m dyslexic, I have ADHD Chiron says going to Hades is not the answer—go to Zeus first and get Sally back later Annabeth says Percy’s only fought one battle, not ready to take on Hades. She has more battle experience If Percy is determined to go, friends will go, too

5 Step 4: Meeting with the Mentor
Good guy OR Bad guy—someone who gives necessary advice to the hero so they can start their quest/journey Scenes Include: Luke’s house: Luke gives the trio advice on the Underworld (how to get there and back) Luke gives them the magic map that shows them where to go to get the pearls they’ll need Luke gives Percy the shield to help protect him, and a pair of Hermes’s flying shoes, in case they need them

6 Step 5: Crossing the 1st Threshold
First step on the actual journey (quest). The hero enters the “Special World.” Scenes Include: Leaving camp with Annabeth and Grover, and taking the bus to Auntie Em’s Garden Emporium

7 Step 6: Tests, Allies, Enemies
The hero will learn, change and be tested. They must decide who can be trusted. Scenes Include: Fighting against Medusa Why didn’t Luke warn us about her? Did he know? Fighting against the Hydra Strengthening the bond and friendship between Annabeth, Percy and Grover Traveling to each destination and using teamwork to get the first 2 pearls

8 Step 7: Approach the Inmost Cave
Hero must decide if they are fully committed to the quest before continuing on. Might engage in extracurricular activities or reconnaissance Scenes Include: Lotus Casino Eat the Lotus Flower and forget their mission Want to stay forever The “reason they’re there” is to “have fun” Lose 5 days! Deadline is now tomorrow!

9 Step 8: Ordeal A central crisis in the story; the hero risks death, and is recreated in the battle and forever changed. This step also helps them identify their main flaw. Scenes Include: Traveling to the Underworld Battle between Percy and Hades over the Lightning Bolt & Sally

10 Step 9: Reward (Seizing the Sword)
Having stared death in the face, the hero is changed and rewarded, sometimes with a feast or romantic interlude. Scenes Include: Sally is saved Percy, Annabeth and Sally all leave the Underworld alive Percy has the lightning bolt, as well as his mom (didn’t need to trade) Now knows who the lightning thief is

11 Step 10: The Road Back The Journey is not yet done, and the hero must use his newfound strengths and knowledge to complete the adventure and return to the Ordinary World. Scenes Include: Using the pearls to make it to the entrance of Mount Olympus Empire State Building Must fight Luke Uses new powers to defeat his enemy Able to find entrance to Olympus and go there

12 Step 11: Resurrection This step is the climax of the story. The main battle is greatest test must now be faced. Winning here is the final proof that the mission has been accomplished. Scenes include: Olympus Facing Zeus Returning in the Lightning Bolt in time Prevent a war between the gods Getting Zeus to agree to bring Grover back from the Underworld (begins the falling action & resolution)

13 Step 12: Sharing the Elixir
Final step—the denouement. This is the conclusion where everything is wrapped up and explained. The hero returns to the Ordinary World, transformed, and we learn how these changes will benefit all. Scenes Include: Percy goes back to Camp Half-Blood, is reunited with friends and Chiron Grover has been returned, and is a senior protector, with horns Percy and Annabeth continue their love/hate relationship Mom leaves Gabe, and Gabe is turned to stone

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