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ESDEN - modernisation of data exchange in the ESS

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1 ESDEN - modernisation of data exchange in the ESS
Alvaro Diez Soto, Eurostat (B3) DIME/ITDG Steering committee 18 November 2015 – item 6a

2 Introduction Objectives of the project Status of the project
data exchange in numbers Challenges on the data exchange Next steps

3 Objectives of the project
Cross cutting project of the ESS.VIP programme to: Provide value added services for exchange of confidential and non-confidential statistical data among ESS partners Define the communication backbone for the future ESS common infrastructure Support business needs expressed in the ESS.VIP projects

4 Schedule of the project
Phase 1: Development of SIMSTAT communication infrastructure ESDEN feasibility study Phase 2: Evolution of the network architecture Integration of SIMSTAT developments Phase 3: Migration to the new communication infrastructure SISAI-Metadata Working Group meeting

5 ESDEN – Benefits of the project
secure exchange of data and metadata with high agility, high security and high reliability easier usage of new data sources in the production of statistics high volume of data (big data or micro-data exchange) creation of efficient and robust statistical processes

6 ESDEN – Costs / Deployment actions for MS
Provision of Hardware infrastructure to host the communication platform Creation of communication link between NSIs and the National authorities Deployment of communication component Usage of standard protocols for Data Exchange IT support for issues on the local infrastructure

7 Status of the project SIMSTAT network infrastructure delivered on time for the pilot exchange Ongoing support to the countries for the data exchange

8 SIMSTAT data exchange in numbers
From 3,500 to 14,000 messages per NSI exchanged with ESTAT so far Total is over 200,000! Variations among NSIs are due to local systems being off-line

9 Facts on data exchange – EDAMIS vs SIMSTAT 2015 (during SIMSTAT pilot exchange)

10 Challenges on the data exchange
Interfaces Duplication of interfaces Phase-out of used technologies (java in browsers) Communication Usage of not recommended protocols (FTP, HTTP) Difficulty to maintain the communication programs Infrastructure Requirements for usage of secure networks Specific IT requirements for the Member States

11 ESDEN Phase 2 - Modernisation of the data exchange
Interfaces Rationalisation of user interfaces Pilot project of Web forms based on HTML5 Communication Usage of secure communication protocols Replace the communication program by a Web Service based comm. infrastructure Infrastructure Flexible infrastructure for secure networks Platform independent interfaces provided to the MS for the data exchange

12 ESDEN – next steps Set up of the steering committee to guide the project (Member States involvement) Note to the VIG on next steps of the project Connection of additional countries to the CCN network Approval of ESSC for phase 2 Pilot project on Web forms and new protocols for the data exchange ESSNet for the creation of future interfaces and modernisation of the data exchange

13 ESDEN – Steering Committee
Set up of the steering committee to guide the project (Member States involvement) Letter sent to the Member States in October 2015 First physical meeting foreseen this year Additional teleconference meetings and a physical meeting to prepare the ESSC meeting in 2016

14 ESDEN – ESSNet Modernisation of the ESS Network Infrastructure
WP 1 ESS physical connection for the data exchange Recommendations, planning and implementation of secure networks WP 2 Modernisation of the ESS data exchange platform Analysis of standard protocols, analysis of impact of proposed solutions for data exchange platform modernisation WP 3 Pilot deployment and testing of the modernised ESS network Pilot implementation using new standard protocols and secure networks

15 Thank you for your attention!

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