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L’elettrotecnica, l’elettronica e gli aerei

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1 L’elettrotecnica, l’elettronica e gli aerei

2 Generatori aerei passeggeri: 1 motore di avviamento principale/generatore, 2 auxiliary power unit (APU), 3 emergency ram air turbine (RAT), 4 ground power unit (GPU) (da J. F. Gieras, Advancements in Electric Machines, Springer 2008)

3 Motore turboelica e generatori azionati dal motore

4 Provide power to start the main engines
Turbine engines must be accelerated to a high rotational speed in order to provide sufficient air compression for self-sustaining operation. Before engines are to be turned, the APU is started, generally by a battery or hydraulic accumulator. Once the APU is running, it provides power to start the aircraft's main engines Many series -500 aircraft have an extra, dedicated APU battery to preserve main battery usage

5 APS 2000 APU del Boeing 737. 1 light switch, 2 APU fuel line,
3 generator, 4 oil filter, 6 fuel nozzles, 7 upper shroud, 8 bleed air valve, 9 start motor, 10 oil tank, 11 bleed air manifold, 12 exhaust muffler

6 APU sul Boeing 737: carenatura APU ingresso aria di raffreddamento al di sopra dello scarico

7 Ram air turbine of Airbus A320 located under left wing




11 Applicazione: generatore di tensione alternativa-sinusoidale (alternatore)






17 AC & DC Metering panel - Classic
Residual Volts: per testare un generatore che va fuori linea Schiacciato il pulsante, se si vede tensione il generatore ruota ancora Se son mostrati 0 V, è guasto e non sarà ricollegato Residual volts: la sola selezione che usa la scala di 30 V sul voltmetro AC

18 AC & DC Metering panel - NG
CAB/UTIL IFE/PASS SEAT Recirculation fan(s) 115V AC audio IFE Door area heaters 115V AC video IFE Drain mast heaters 28V DC video IFE Lavatory water heaters Airphone equipment All galley buses Pax seat elec outlets Shaver outlets Logo lights Potable water comp

19 Batterie Batteria 36 Ah, 24 V, 20 celle, Nickel-cadmium
30 minutes (20 mins 1/200's) of standby power if all other generators fail. Batteria APU - opzionale – principalmete per avviare l’APU (auxiliary power unit); anche in parallelo con la batteria principale45’ di alimentazione standby

20 Batteria Ausiliaria – di riserva sul NG – normalmente isolata, unless the main battery is powering the standby system when it operates in parallel with the main battery. The aux battery combined with the main battery will provide 60’ of standby power NG: 2 extra dedicated batteries for the engine and APU fuel shut off valves and the ISFD (150’ capacity). BAT OVHT & APU BAT OVHT (overheat, surriscaldamento) lights are a customer option on classics. They are located on the aft overhead panel and no crew action is required if they should illuminate.

21 RADAR - RAdio Detection And

22 The TCAS algorithm selects the maneuver “sense” that provides the largest separation at the predicted closest point of approach (CPA)


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