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Options 2016 “I have come so that they may have life and live it to the full”

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1 Options 2016 “I have come so that they may have life and live it to the full”

2 In the event of the fire alarm sounding please make your way to: CAR PARK NEAR MAIN ENTRANCE Use fire exits in three corners of Hall Please switch off your mobile phones


4 Year 9 Choices Which Way Now? Over the last two days Year 9 have had an altered curriculum so they could receive a wealth of information which will help them make well informed choices about their future. Careers Day – opportunity to speak to whole array of different professions Progress Day – an opportunity to reflect on the information they received about careers, listen to assemblies about colleges and what certain qualifications mean, think about how they are performing academically and consider which option choices they might make

5 Important dates DateInformation Wed 13 th Jan/Thurs 14 th Jan Careers Conference/Progress Day Thursday 14 th January Options Evening (6.00pm - 7.30pm) Talk at 6pm then visit subject staff Monday 18 th January Options forms issued Friday 29 th January Draft forms returned to tutors Thursday 10 th March Year 9 subject reports go home Thursday 17 th March Year 9 Parents Evening at 4pm Monday 21 st March Last chance to change options choices During 1 st half of summer term Option classes finalised/pupils informed

6 The Process  You make your initial option choices on the options form  This will dictate whether some subjects can or cannot be offered as options – you MUST think carefully about your choices, these should end up being the subjects you study  You MUST complete the options form. If your preferred combination of subjects is not possible there will be space on the form to write down what you would have liked if it were possible.  Analysis of option forms will then take place – there may be amendments to option blocks or some subjects may be withdrawn  You will be given the opportunity to receive a report on your progress and attend parents evening before you have to make a final decision (hopefully confirming your original choices)  The final date for pupils to change option choices will be MONDAY 21 st MARCH. You will have to come and see me in person to make any changes.

7 Example of the options form

8 NEW TIMETABLE From September 2016 we are moving from 30 x 50 minute lessons each week to 25 x 60 minute lessons each week. This means that we will actually have a 50 period, two week timetable. SubjectOld School DayNew School Day English4 x 504 x 60 Maths4 x 504 x 60 Science (Double)6 x 505 x 60 RE3 x 502.5 x 60 PE (Core)3 x 502 x 60 Option 13 x 502.5 x 60 Option 23 x 502.5 x 60 Option 33 x 502.5 x 60

9 What do I have to study? A core of compulsory subjects;  Religious Education GCSE (2.5 lessons) – 1 GCSE  English Language GCSE  English Literature GCSE  Mathematics GCSE (4 lessons) – 1 GCSE  Combined Science (5 lessons) – 2 GCSEs  Physical Education Core (2 lessons) – No qualification attached This is a total of 6 qualifications (4 lessons) – 2 GCSEs

10 Option Subjects  Art & Design  Computing (also referred to as Computer Science)  Dance (BTec)  Drama  Food & Nutrition  Geography  History  ICT GCSE  Modern Foreign Language (French and/or Spanish)  Music  Product Design  Physical Education  Separate Sciences Some subjects may not run (depending on option numbers) You will be required to choose 3 from the following list:

11 Science Separate Sciences  Biology, Chemistry & Physics are taught/examined as 3 separate subjects and 3 separate GCSEs  This is only available as an option and is not an appropriate choice for any pupil predicted to achieve less than grade 7 (old A) and also a strong mathematician  It can be beneficial if your aiming to study science at ‘A’ level  You will get the 5 lessons of science that all pupils have + an additional 2.5 lessons per week to cover the extra content

12 Physical Education  Core PE is compulsory for all pupils  Regular physical activity is known to have significant health and social benefits  You will not take a qualification in core PE and so it will be physical activity twice each week (a range)  If you wish to study PE GCSE, you use one of your options but Core PE remains a compulsory part of your timetable

13 Modern Foreign Languages  Studying a Modern Foreign Language is not compulsory however it is highly valued by colleges, universities and employers  You can study GCSE French or Spanish  If you are keen on these subjects or considering taking a language at A Level, you can elect to study both French and Spanish (Dual Linguist)  French is the most popular language to study  Spanish is the 4 th most spoken language in the world (after Mandarin, English & Hindustani)

14 Humanities  At Holy Cross we offer History and Geography as separate Humanity subjects  History is our most popular option  These subjects are also highly valued by universities  You can study either or both of these subjects

15 Performance  At Holy Cross we offer Dance, Drama and Music as our Performing Arts related subjects in the option blocks  Dance is delivered through the BTec course  Level 2 Pass is equivalent to grade 4 in 2018 with Merit = 6, Distinction = 7, Distinction* = 8  Drama and Music are GCSE courses and both of these subjects require some practical ability

16 Design & Technology  At Holy Cross we offer Art & Design, Computing, Food & Nutrition, ICT GCSE and Product Design, as our Technology related subjects in the option blocks  All subjects are GCSE courses  It is most likely a specific talent or a particular personal interest that leads pupils to choose one or more of these subjects

17 English Baccalaureate  A Government measure first reported in 2011, in which Holy Cross has performed extremely well compared to similar schools  A collection of subjects (English, Maths, Science(2), Foreign Language & either History or Geography). Computing also counts as 1 Science.  A “traditional” route with an academic focus, which the current Government have been eager to encourage over the past few years  This route is not appropriate for every student and should be a personal choice  You do not get a separate Ebacc certificate

18 Summary Physical Education (Core) (All Students) Options = 3 Chosen from Art & DesignHistory ComputingICT DanceMusic DramaPhysical Education Food Product Design FrenchSeparate Sciences GeographySpanish Core = 6 (All Students) English Language English Literature Mathematics Religious Education Combined Science

19 Example routes Ebacc Route Core Separate Sciences Geography French Ebacc Route Core Separate Sciences History Spanish Dual Linguist Route Core Separate Sciences French Spanish Ebacc Route Core History Geography French

20 Example routes Performing Arts Route Core History Drama Music Practical Route Core Food & Nutrition Product Design ICT GCSE Technical Route Core Art & Design Product Design Computing Performing Arts Route Core Dance Drama Geography

21 Example routes Balanced Route Core Geography Art & Design Physical Education Balanced Route Core Separate Sciences French Physical Education Balanced Route Core Dance Product Design Spanish Humanities Route Core Separate Sciences History Geography

22 Tips for making the right choices  Here are some good reasons for choosing a subject:  you have ability in a subject and have achieved good results  you are interested in a particular subject  you enjoy a subject  the subject could help you in your chosen career  Here are some bad reasons for choosing a subject:  your friends have chosen the subject (it may not be appropriate for you)  you like the teacher (you may not stay with the same teacher) Every year some pupils ignore the dos and don’ts and make the mistake of choosing subjects because they like a particular teacher or their friends are studying those subjects. This almost always results in serious mistakes being made with option choices and a lot of distress. PLEASE make YOUR selections based only on what YOU want to study and believe YOU are good at.

23 To recap… Options booklets/discussions with subject teachers tonight Options choices – week beg 18 th January Deadline for option forms – Friday 29 th January (to tutors) Option choices analysed– during February Discussions/Reports/Parents evenings – 10 th & 17 th March You can change your subject choices up to Monday 21 st March The subjects you have selected will now be your final choices

24 What Now?  Go and speak to the Heads of Department and Subject Teachers that are situated around the Sportshall. Mrs Hardman (SEN) is also here  Ask about details of courses – exam/coursework, subject specific commitments, queries etc  Parents; ask about your child's potential in that subject  Discuss future aspirations/intentions/college/employment  Talk to the representatives from the colleges

25 Options 2016 “I have come so that they may have life and live it to the full”

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