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Please grab your journal and have out your homework questions. “The Veldt” Day 2.

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1 Please grab your journal and have out your homework questions. “The Veldt” Day 2

2 Prompt: 9/17  What could be a possible MESSAGE of “The Veldt”? Explain it in your own words and provide examples from the story that support it.

3 Review Homework Questions “The Veldt”

4 Short Story Elements

5 When we analyze stories, we are breaking down the following elements in order to better understand the meaning of the story. Many stories have these elements, from Hemingway’s 6 word micro story to 1,000 page novels.

6 Protagonist  Main character  “Hero” of the story

7 Antagonist  Force which works against the main character

8 Setting  The time and place where the action occurs

9 Plot  The action or series of events that make up a story

10 Exposition  The part of the story, usually near the beginning, where the characters are introduced, the background is explained, and the setting described.

11 Rising Action  The central part of the story during which various problems (or obstacles) arise.

12 Conflict(s)  A problem or struggle between two opposing forces  External  Character vs. character, society, nature, technology, or supernatural force  Internal  Character vs. himself

13 Climax  The high point or turning point of a story  (Not always the MOST action-packed moment)

14 Falling Action  The action and/or dialogue following the climax that leads the reader to the story’s end.

15 Resolution  The parts of the story in which the problems are solved and the action comes to a satisfying end (conclusion)

16 Theme  The main idea or message of the story

17 Point of View  The voice or person through whose eyes a story is told  First person: The narrator (“I”) is a character in the story who reveals the situations or events through his own P.O.V.  Third person: The narrator is an outsider who can only enter the mind of one or all of the characters and can reveal character thoughts, feelings, or actions.

18 Tone/Mood  Tone = the author’s attitude towards subject  Mood = The feeling a story has. The author uses the setting, object, details, images or words to create a certain feeling in the story

19 Foreshadowing  The hinting of something to come later in the story

20 Flashback  Events in the present are interrupted to tell about something that has already happened

21 Symbolism  When a concrete object, person, place or action represents something abstract, such as a belief/idea/feeling/emotion.

22 For homework for Friday…  Complete the story elements chart for “The Veldt”  Try to use PENCIL (in case you need to make changes when we review it)

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