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Who Eats What? FOOD CHAINS

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1 Who Eats What? FOOD CHAINS
Miss Sepsakos’s -4th Grade-Science

2 In this world all living things fit into a category…
Plants Animals Humans Bacteria/fungi

3 Plants are producers Plants are called producers. Producers
make their own food with photosynthesis.

4 Photosynthesis is how plants make their own food from using the energy of the sun, water, and a gas called carbon dioxide.

5 Animals & Humans = Consumers
Animals and humans are consumers because they rely on other living things for their food.

6 Three Types of Consumers
Herbivores: living things that only eat plants Carnivores: living things that only eat meat Omnivores: living things that eat both meat and plants

7 Levels of Consumers Primary Consumers: herbivores that feed directly off of plants Secondary Consumers: carnivores that feed off of animals that eat plants

8 Bacteria and Fungi are Decomposers
Bacteria and fungi are called decomposers because they feed off decay. After this, plants use the product of this to make their own food starting the process all over again.

9 This system creates what is known as a FOOD CHAIN!

10 Trophic Levels Each level of is called a trophic level.

11 Here is an example of a food chain.
The grass makes it’s own food. The grasshopper eats the grass. The toad eats grasshoppers. The snake feeds on the toad. The highest animal in this food chain is the hawk that eats the snake.

12 The further down the food chain the less energy there is available
The further down the food chain the less energy there is available. This is because… -Each link uses up energy eating the link before -There is less food available at each trophic level

13 Review Questions What is the difference between a herbivore and a carnivore? Where do plants get food from? What are the levels of a food chain called? Why is there less energy at each level?

14 GAME TIME!!!!

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