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Road Map Overview of Digital Video Processing Video Acquisition Video Manipulation Why Video Processing in present time.

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1 Road Map Overview of Digital Video Processing Video Acquisition Video Manipulation Why Video Processing in present time

2 Overview : Digital Video Processing 1/28/20162 Video Acquisition Computer Graphics Video Compression Video Transmission Video Analysis Video Manipulation Video Display Computer Vision Video Database Digital Video Processing

3 Cont… Computer graphics: CG are graphics created using computers and the representation of image data by a computer specifically with help from specialized graphic hardware and software. Video Acquisition: It is the process of converting an analog video signal—such as that produced by a video camera or DVD player to digital video. Video Editing: It is the process of manipulating and rearranging video shots to create a new work.

4 Cont… Video Compression: Video takes up a lot of memory. Uncompressed footage from a camcorder takes up about 17MB per second of video. Because it takes up so much space, video must be compressed before it is put on the internet. It compressed just means that the information is packed into a smaller space.

5 Video analysis: The terms video analytics and video analysis are broad descriptors of a number of new technologies and evolutions in the field of video surveillance and security. These changes are making security systems more effective and efficient. One of the most basic features of video analysis systems is motion detection: technology that identifies and alerts when movement occurs. Video display: A display device is an output device for presentation of information in visual or tactile form.

6 Cont… Video database: The Video Database settings allow you almost complete control over your Video Database. You can control what data is downloaded for your movies from IMDB and what images display, including whether you wish to download and use fanart or not. Computer Vision: It is a field that includes methods for acquiring, processing, analyzing and understanding images and in general, high- dimensional data from the real world in order to produce numerical or symbolic information e.g., in the forms of decisions.

7 Video Acquisition Video acquisition is done through following 1/28/20167 Video camera VHS digitization computer-generated Digital Video Processing

8 8 Acquisition-Related Problems Video camera What if camera is not kept still? Why is it difficult to improve the spatial resolution of video cameras? VHS digitization What if VHS contains some scratches? How to handle interlaced video? Computer-generated How is this type of video different? Shouldn’t we have a separate coding algorithm for this type of video? 1/28/2016 Digital Video Processing

9 Video Manipulation Why Video manipulation? Fight against a non-ideal video acquisition (e.g., analog heritage, film scratches, limited resolution) or transmission environment Create new and artificial video content (e.g., spatial-temporal interpolation, background/foreground modification) 1/28/20169 Digital Video Processing

10 1/28/2016Digital Video Processing10

11 In the age of spectacular technology, shifts one of the most significant has been emergence of digital video as an important aspect in daily life. While the Internet has certainly vividly changed the way in which we obtain information. Due to powerful medium of video. Ongoing advancemen in handheld mobile devices has now been dominated by easier wireless Internet access that is enhanced by rich video and multimedia content. Why Video Processing 1/28/2016Digital Video Processing11

12 Smart phones and Tablet pc’s Smart phones. Tablet pc’s 1/28/2016Digital Video Processing12

13 HD TV 1/28/2016Digital Video Processing13 HD TV

14 Why Video Processing ? For Video enhancement technologies such as Video De-noising. Image stabilization Un-sharp masking Super-resolution. These techniques are used in the video content analysis (VCA). 1/28/2016Digital Video Processing14 Video Enhancement Source:

15 Video Coding and Transmission Process 1/28/2016Digital Video Processing15 Source:

16 Application of Video Processing

17 Video Teleconferencing Video teleconferencing using modern software codec’s that run as our PCs 1/28/2016Digital Video Processing17

18 Video Telephony Video telephony application coming to your cell phone. 1/28/2016Digital Video Processing18 Source: Video telephony

19 Video Conferencing In school/ college, teachers talk to student via video conferencing facility. Students asks his/her queries through video conferencing. 1/28/2016Digital Video Processing19 VIDEO CONFERENCING

20 Dynamic Processing in Human Body by Video Digital Processing 1. Medical video analysis. 2. Where dynamic processing in the human body such as the motion of heart can be viewed live and detected. 1/28/2016Digital Video Processing20 Movement of heart

21 Multimedia Video Video is combined with graphics,speech and other sensor modalities 1/28/2016Digital Video Processing21

22 1/28/2016Digital Video Processing22

23 Video Instruction Used Video instruction are used in the class room and internet. 1/28/2016Digital Video Processing23 Source:,Flipped Classroom

24 Benefit of Digital Video On topic videos can help students engage with subject matter on a deeper level. Showing videos can help keep class feeling lively and new while sparkling discussion. Interest coming with innovative way to teach lesson better. 1/28/2016Digital Video Processing24

25 Medical Imagining Scientific applications such as medical imaging. 1/28/2016Digital Video Processing25

26 Cont… For de-noising, restoration and super resolution. It have been rapidly gaining popularity due to the proliferation of entry-level, low resolution camcorders, web cams, cell phone cameras, and low-cost surveillance systems. A longstanding need exists for advanced processing methods in following research field. 1/28/2016Digital Video Processing26

27 Study of high-speed physical phenomena and forensics. 1/28/2016Digital Video Processing27

28 Analysis of Object Motion 1.Our HVS routinely perceives and interprets motion (neurobiology) 2.Functional MRI (fMRI) By measuring the increase in blood flow to the local vasculature that accompanies neural activity in the brain, fMRI studies brain function instead of anatomy Gait-based biometrics 1.The characteristics of an individual’s walk 1/28/2016Digital Video Processing28

29 Diversity of Motion There are different type of motion 1/28/201629 Digital Video Processing

30 Video games 1. Video games (1970s). 1/28/2016Digital Video Processing30 Smiling Little Boy Playing Video Gam Video games (1990s)

31 Video streaming (2000s) & video transmission through internet and wireless networks 1/28/2016Digital Video Processing31

32 Digital Video Processing: Research Field There are following advantage of digital video processing In-class discussion it is strongly encouraged especially for hot topics and current trends that will be helpful for latest knowledge. After each chapter, we will spend some time on brainstorming – identify good topics for your research. Although the lecturing style of this course is deductive, computer assignments and course projects involve inductive teaching which will be helpful for your research. 1/28/2016Digital Video Processing32

33 Application of Digital Video

34 Video Authentication It is a process that is used to ascertain the trustworthiness of a digital video. In other words, a video authentication system ensures the integrity of digital video, and verifies that the video taken into use has not been tampered 1/28/2016Digital Video Processing34 Original ImageTampered Image

35 Cont… Next part of this lecture is discussed in 3 rd slide.

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