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IN WHAT WAYS CAN WE STUDY POPULATION? Age Gender Ethnicity Nationality.

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1 IN WHAT WAYS CAN WE STUDY POPULATION? Age Gender Ethnicity Nationality


3 Age Distribution

4 What is age distribution? - Look at how many people fall into different age groups 0-1415-4445-6465+


6 look at future needs for things like: ◦ Food, ◦ Schools, ◦ Seniors homes, ◦ Health care ◦ Housing ◦ What else????

7 An easy way to analyse the population of an area or country is by a  POPULATION PYRAMID

8 How is this information shown? This information can be shown using a Population Pyramid

9 Pyramid Breakdown divides people by gender and age Males on left and Females on right

10 What are the components of a Population Pyramid? -has labels -has a center axis, showing the age range -has a male side -has a female side -Axis showing the percentage of the population

11 What can we see from this Pyramids? -the pyramid narrows at the top. -this is because the death rate is higher among older people than among younger people

12 What can we see from this Pyramids? -In 1961 they pyramid had a wide base -These are the baby boomers, a group of people born between 1947 and 1966 when the economy was growing

13 What can we see from this Pyramids? -There are bulges and narrower parts in the middle of the pyramid -The people in their 20’s in 1961 were born during the Depression, a time of economic hardship in Canada when people were having fewer kids

14 What do we know about our future based on the 1961 pyramid?

15 Baby Boomers QuestionsAnswers 1. How old would the baby boomers be today? 1. Do you know anyone in this age group? 1. What are some needs this group of people will need today? 1. 50-68 years old 2. My parents were born in 1947, so are the first year of the baby boom. 3. Health care needs, housing

16 Male vs Feemale QuestionsAnswer 1. Looking at the top of the pyramid, are there more males or females over the age of 75? 1. What are 2 reasons why this might be the case. 1. Females 2. Men died in war, involved in more physical work- can take a toll on health

17 What do you see on this pyramid? What age group is the biggest?


19 Looking at the pyramids above, what business would you start for each place? Population #1Population #2

20 What are some characteristics of these pyramids? Population #1Population #2 Few people over the age of 65 Very large population under the age of 20 Very large population between the ages of 20 -55 Very few people over the age of 90 Declining population under the age of 19

21 What are some examples of programs or new businesses that would benefit these countries? Population #1Population #2

22 What other information can you get out of a Population Pyramid? If there are a lot of young people, you will likely see a faster population growth If there are a lot of older people, you will likely see a slower population growth

23 Dependency Load Includes people age 15 and under and those 65 and over This is because these age groups do not usually form part of the labour force and depend on others for support Ex. Working people pay more taxes(i.e. income tax) to meet the health care needs of the elderly and schooling needs of the young


25 There are 4 Phases that a Population can go through, depending on the rate of births and deaths. Phases of Population

26 Stage 1 Expansive Concave sides. High birth rate. High death rate. Short life expectancy. Rapid fall in each upward age group due to high Death Rate.

27 Stage 2 Stable Straight sides. Still high birth rate. Falling death rate. Slightly longer life expectancy. Fall in Death Rate so more people living into middle age.

28 Stage 3 Stationary Convex sides. Declining birth rate. Low Death rate. Long life expectancy. An increasing proportion of the population is in the 65+ age group.

29 Stage 4 Declining Convex sides. Low birth rate. Low death rate. Longer life expectancy. Higher dependency ratio.

30 What stages would these pyramids be in?

31 Now complete the task at the bottom of the sheet

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