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1 Fermentation

2 Step 1: Glycolysis Where? In cytoplasm What happens?
Mitochondria Glucose C6H12O6 C C ATP ATP C C En-zyme C C Where? In cytoplasm What happens? A) Glucose (from our food) is broken down into 2 pyruvates B) 2 ATP molecules released for cellular processes

3 What’s after Glycolysis?
ATP fermentation No O2 O2 ATP

4 Step 2: Fermentation During prolonged exercise, the oxygen you inhale mainly goes to your brain. Your muscles are now lacking oxygen. Yeast perform alcoholic fermentation to make bread. Why isn’t bread alcoholic? How to relieve sore muscles: Massage Bananas Stretch after Hydrate Alcohol evaporates in the baking process Muscle cells perform fermentation to keep you going! Two Types of Fermentation (both anaerobic): A) Lactic Acid fermentation Performed by animals when muscles are not receiving oxygen Lactic acid waste created B) Alcoholic fermentation Performed by yeast, some plants, bacteria Alcohol & CO2 waste created

5 Lactic Acid vs. Alcoholic Fermentation
glycolysis glycolysis Lactic acid Alcohol + CO2 Lactic acid fermentation Alcoholic fermentation Lactic Acid Alcoholic Location: Cytoplasm Amount of ATP created: Zero The Point? Make molecules to restart glycolysis Waste: Lactic acid Location: Cytoplasm Amount of ATP created: Zero The Point? Make molecules to restart glycolysis Waste: Alcohol and CO2

6 (anaerobic respiration)
Where? In the mitochondria Steps? Kreb’s cycle and electron transport chain What happens? Pyruvate converted into 34 ATPs With oxygen present Glycolysis: -- In the cytoplasm -- Glucose is split into 2 pyruvate -- 2 ATP created If oxygen is lacking Fermentation (anaerobic respiration) Where? In the cytoplasm What happens? Pyruvate is broken into either lactic acid or alcohol Molecules to restart glycolysis created (No ATP) Glycolysis restarts

7 Recap Name the two types of fermentation.
How much ATP does glycolysis create? How much ATP does fermentation create? Which molecule is broken down during glycolysis? A buildup of which molecule causes sore muscles? Which waste molecules are created by alcoholic fermentation? Is fermentation aerobic or anaerobic? What does this mean? Why is aerobic respiration preferred vs. fermentation?

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