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2 Appearance Personality
When describing a person, there are several aspects you can mention. The main ones are: Appearance Personality

3 But there is a lot more you can say to offer a complete picture.
You can also mention: 1. Clothes 4. Hobbies 2. Behaviour 5. Occupation 3. Habits 6. Biographical details

4 Hair Eyes Build Complexion Mouth Nose Face Hairstyle Dress Age
If yoy want to talk about someone’s appearance, here are some important aspects you could mention: Hair Eyes Build Complexion Mouth Nose Face Hairstyle Dress Age

5 When dealing with personality, there are many possible adjectives to choose. Here are just a few of them: Generous Selfish Kind Rude Outgoing Shy Hardworking Lazy Humble Arrogant Moody Optimistic Impulsive

6 Avoid using VERY before adjectives all the time
Avoid using VERY before adjectives all the time. Choose another option from the list instead: really quite rather a little / a bit pretty slightly extremely absolutely

7 He’s quite tall He’s rather tall
Notice that RATHER is used before negative or surprising characteristics, whereas QUITE is used before positive ones! He’s quite tall means that he’s taller than average He’s rather tall means his height is not quite right.

8 Add any other details that you consider relevant (nationality, attitude,, etc) and include, if you wish, your personal opinion about the person. Are you ready???

9 Let’s try with this funny guy!
I am a such a sweet caring person. Everybody loves me! I’m always so kind and generous… I am really tall, about 6 feet. I’m thin, handsome and always wear dark clothes. My favourite occupation is cheating people, I’m just great at it! As you can see, this a rather personal description. How would you describe him?


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